Dynamic compression of polyethylene foam with trapezoidal cross-section

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In packaging the cushioning materials are used, for product protection from shock. The most commonly used protections are rib structures with trapezoid cross-section made from PE foam. The paper concerns about analysis of rib shape influence on the dropping platen maximal acceleration, during impact with cushioning material. The research was conducted for various side wall inclination angle of ribbed sample, foam thickness and free fall height of dropping platen. The research results show that using sample with trapezoidal cross-section, the higher acceleration is obtained than in the case of cuboidal samples of the same volume.

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Cech Academy of Sciences, Prague
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Conference Title:
Engineering Mechanics 2018
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Svratka, CZ
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2018-05-14 / 2018-05-17
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