Mathematical modelling of a damping element working on the principle of squeezing two layers of normal and magnetorheological oils arranged in series and its application for vibration attenuation of a rigid rotor

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In this paper there is proposed a new concept of a damping device working on the principle of squeezing two lubricating layers that are formed by normal and magnetorheological oils mutually separated by a movable ring. Unlike to previous solutions, the magnetorheological layer decreases the total amount of damping and this decrease can be controlled according to the current operating conditions. In the developed mathematical model the normal and magnetorheological oils are represented by Newtonian and Bingham materials respectively. A big advantage of the proposed damping element is that it does not require a complicated and expensive control system for its operation.

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, AS CR, Prague
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Conference Title:
Engineering Mechanics 2012
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Svratka (CZ)
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12/05/2014 - 15/05/2014
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