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The Book of Extended Abstracts contains 76 two-page abstracts presented at the 32nd conference Computational Mechanics 2016 , which was held at the Hotel Horizont in Špičák, Czech Republic, on October 31 - November 2, 2016. This annual conference, which was attended by nearly one hundred participants from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and from abroad, was organised by the Department of Mechanics, Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia under the auspices of • Miroslav Lávička, the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, • Jiří Struček, the Vice-President of the Pilsen Region for Education, Sport, Culture and Tourism, • Czech Society for Mechanics, • Czech National Committee of IFToMM, • Central European Association for Computational Mechanics. The main objective of this traditional conference is to bring together academicians, researchers and industrial partners interested in relevant disciplines of mechanics including • solid mechanics, • fluid mechanics and fluid-structure interaction, • mechatronics and vibrations, • thermodynamics, • fracture mechanics, • heterogeneous media and multiscale problems, • dynamics of mechanical systems, • reliability and durability of structures, • mechanics in civil engineering, • biomechanics, • experimental methods in mechanics, to create an opportunity for meeting, discussion and collaboration among the participants.

solid mechanics; fluid mechanics; fluid-structure interaction; mechatronics and vibrations; thermodynamics; fracture mechanics; heterogeneous media and multiscale problems; dynamics of mechanical systems; reliability and durability of structures; mechanics in civil engineering; biomechanics; experimental methods in mechanics
University of West Bohemia, Univerzitní 8, 306 14 Plzeň, Czech Republic
Conference Title:
32nd conference COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS 2016 and the workshop Modelling and Inverse Problems for Heterogeneous Media
Conference Venue:
Špičák (CZ)
Conference Dates:
31/10/2016 / 02/11/2016
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Contributions to this conference

Aerodynamic design of the propeller for low-speed indoor UAV by Klesa, J.
Analysis of stress concentration near graphite particles in globular graphite cast iron by Vaško, M.
Approaches to the computational modelling of the mechanical systems with cables by Polach, P.
Assessment of flutter origin in simplified blade cascade with prescribed harmonic motion by Bublík, O.
CFD method of prediction of turbine blade flutter by Klečková, J.
Calculation of locomotive traction force in transient rolling contact by Voltr, P.
Calculation of the sound power in the inlet of the aero-engine based on the analytical prediction by Bartošák, M.
Comparison of local and global critical time step size estimators in explicit dynamics by Mračko, M.
Computational aspects of RBFN meta-models for reliability problems by Lepš, M.
Computational simulation of additional effects in the sealing gap by Nováková, N.
Contribution to the analysis of higher dimensional dynamical systems by Rosenberg, J.
Control synthesis of a planar multi-level manipulator by Beneš, P.
Creep-fatigue behaviour of steel P 91 by Janoušek, J.
Damage prediction with coupled fatigue and creep mechanism applied on generator turbine by Had, J.
Design of open combustion chamber for LIF measurements by Kouba, J.
Determination of velocity of propagation of Lamb waves in aluminium plate using piezoelectric transducers by Lášová, Z.
Dimensioning of the take-up bar on a weaving loom using Winkler’s model of soil by Žák, J.
Dynamic properties of a turbine blade couple: Analysis of the contact force effects by Brůha, J.
Dynamics of a parallel multilevel mechanism by Hajžman, M.
Effect of a soft tissue on vocal tract acoustic resonance properties in vocal exercises using phonation into tubes by Radolf, V.
Eigenfrequency analysis of nuclear reactor with clearances in couplings by Zeman, V.
Experimental analysis of railway vehicle passing over turnout frog by Hába, A.
Experimental analysis of steering shaft with focus on the strength of the bonded joint by Padovec, Z.
Experimental investigation of phonation using artificial models of human vocal folds and vocal tract by Horáček J, .
Experimental redundantly actuated cable-driven manipulator by Kraus, K.
FE modelling of the influence of the lamina propria properties on the vocal folds vibration and produced sound for specific Czech vowels by Hájek, P.
Finite element analysis of supracondylar periprosthetic femoral fracture treatment by Jansová, M.
Frame elements with embedded discontinuities for modelling hinges in reinforced concrete prismatic elements by Juárez-Luna, G.
Free vibration modal spectrum of planetary gearing box by Půst, L.
Friction and fretting wear coefficients between the key and the groove in the lower part of the WWER 440-213 reactor pressure vessel by Pečínka, L.
Hierarchical numerical modelling of porous media in SfePy by Cimrman, R.
Influence of geometric configuration of the acoustic-structural system on deformation characteristics by Štorkán, J.
Influence of random factors on pipeline systems by Valkovič, V.
Influence of the velopharyngeal opening on human voice quality by Vampola, T.
Interaction of the rigid journal with incompressible fluid by Havlášek, M.
Investigation of aeroelastic bridge instabilities using the multidimensional FokkerPlanck equation and wind-tunnel experiment by Král, R.
Measurement of the end point by laser tracker which is mounted on a slide by Kovář, F.
Microscopic structural analysis of biological tissues and biomaterials by Tonar, Z.
Modeling of drive of cable driven mechanism by Zavřel, J.
Modelling of wave propagation in phononic plates in frequency and time domain by Rohan, E.
Modelling vibration sources of rotating device using MSC.ADAMS by Sapietová, A.
Multiscale modeling of ionic transport in deformable porous media by Turjanícová, J.
Non-uniform torsion modal analysis of thin-walled open cross-sections with effect of axial force by Murín J, .
Numerical analysis of a pedestrian to car collision: Effect of variations in walk by Špička, J.
Numerical and experimental study of induction bending of large diameter pipes by Sága, M.
Numerical simulation of a human body in aircraft crash scenarios by Lindstedt, L.
Numerical simulation of free surface flows using a three-equation model for two-phase flows by Plánička, S.
Numerical simulations of flow induced vocal folds vibrations by Sváček, P.
Numerical solution of 3D flow through turbine cascade using modified EARSM model by Holman, J.
On stability of 2D flow-field by Uruba, V.
On the application of LU-SGS scheme for turbomachinery flows by Fürst, J.
Parametric CFD analyses of coolant flow in nuclear reactor VVER 440 by Kutíš, V.
Planar mechatronic structures with distributed collocated actuators and sensors by Šika, Z.
Search algorithm for centerlines inside complex branched channels by Hynek, P.
Semi-automatic finite element mesh generation using medical imaging data by Lukeš, V.
Simple parallel implementation of an implicit CFD solver using the Schwarz domain decomposition method by Pecka, A.
Simulation model of seat with implemented pneumatic spring with consideration of variable pressure in air reservoir by Tran Xuan, T.
Simulations of terminal ballistics phenomena by Špirk, S.
Single core model in VPS with respect to non-linear static, crashworthiness and internal acoustic by Pašek, M.
Some results of simulations of flows with internal permeable walls by Louda, P.
Statics and dynamics of cable structures by Dupal, J.
Stress distribution in pelvic floor structures depending on real fetus head molding and trajectory during vaginal delivery by Havelková, L.
Stress – strain analysis of cranial implant by Chámřád J, .
Structural dynamic modification of the vibrating beam structures by Naď
Subcritical micro-crack growth in particulate ceramic composite with residual stresses by Náhlík, L.
Surface sensitivities computation for turbine blades using OpenFOAM by Moravcová, F.
The flow field and the pressure drop in multiple stenoses by Kašpárek, M.
The influence of residual stress on fracture behavior of the CRB test specimen by Poduška, J.
The influence of the slenderness ratio of the composite beam on its bending stiffness by Zavřelová, T.
The use of the Chebyshev interpolation in elastodynamic problems by Hora, P.
Validation tests for gravity casting simulations by Lobovský, L.
Vibration analysis of visco-elastically coupled beams by Hračov, Š.
Vibration of turbine rotors considering foundation excitation by Červená, O.
Wang tiles with adaptive edges in material engineering by Šedlbauer, D.
Whirl flutter optimisation-based solution of twin turboprop aircraft using full-span model by Čečrdle, J.
Yaw dampers in construction of rail vehicles by Kohout, M.

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