Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earhquake Engineering

Translated title: COMPDYN 2011

Abstract eng:
COMPDYN 2011 is one of the Thematic Conferences of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS) and a Special Interest Conference of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) It has also been promoted by the European Committee on Computational Solids and Structural Mechanics (ECSSM) of ECCOMAS. Supporting Organizations ● European Committee of Computational Solids and Structural Mechanics of ECCOMAS (ECCSM) ● European Association for Structural Dynamics (EASD) ● European Association for Earthquake Engineering (EAEE) ● Greek Association for Computational Mechanics (GRACM) ● National Technical University of Athens, Greece ● John Argyris Foundation

National Technical University of Athens, 2011
Conference Title:
COMPDYN 2011 - 3rd International Thematic Conference
Conference Venue:
Island of Corfu (GR)
Conference Dates:
25/05/2011 / 28/05/2011
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Contributions to this conference

1D Seismic Response of Soil: Continuously Inhomogeneous Vs Equivalent Homogeneous Soil by Mylonakis, G.
A Case Study of Strengthening of Deficient RC Building with Internal Steel Frame by Ozcelik, R.
A Comparative Study of Force-Deformation Relationship of Frp-Confined Concrete Columns by Erdil, B.
A Comparative Study of Uncertainty Propagation Methods in Structural Problems by Corradi, M.
A Comparison of Methods for Interfacing Nonmatching Meshes in Computational Multiphysics by Felippa, C.
A Computational Framework for the Assessment of Earthquake-Induced Rocking in CIDH Pile Supported Bridges by Sextos, A.
A Detailed 2D Finite Element Model for the Seismic Assessment of Steel Frames with Top-And-Seat Angle with Double Web-Angle Connections by Mahmoud, H.
A Direct Spectral Method for Wave Propagation Modelling by Seriani, G.
A Dynamical Model of a Paper Calendering Unit with Surface Wear by Wiendl, S.
A Fast Method for Computing Convolutions with Structural Green's Function : Application to Tire/Road Contact Problems by Meftah, R.
A First-Order Shear P-Finite Element for Vibrations of Variable Stiffness Composite Laminated Plates by Ribeiro, P.
A Hierarchy of Timoshenko Beam Theories by Sorokin, S.
A Meshless Method for Fluid-Structure Interactions: Application to the Failure Prediction of a Tank Under Impact by Caleyron, F.
A Method for Treating Temporal and Spatial High Gradient Phenomena in the Dynamics of Solids by Park K., C.
A Modified Trunction Method for Pressure Reconstruction in Case of Non Ponctual Impact on An Elastic Plate by Khannoussi F., El
A New Idea for Controlling the Seismic Response of Structures Based on the Use of Inertia Forces by Hosseini, M.
A New Method for Probabilistic Aftershock Risk Evaluation of Damaged Bridge by Alessandri, S.
A New Method of Generation of Nonlinear Normal Modes for Nonlinear Dynamics of Disordered Structures by Facchini, L.
A New Post-Processing Procedure for the Increase in the Order of Accuracy of the Trapezoidal Rule At Time Integration of Linear Elastodynamics Problems by Idesman, A.
A Novel Galerkin Projection Approach for Damped Stochastic Dynamic Systems by Kundu, A.
A Numerical Study on the Behavior of High-Performance Buckling-Restrained Braces by Usami, T.
A Parametric Study for the Investigation of the Effectiveness of Rubber Shock-Absorbers As a Mitigation Measure for Earthquake-Induced Structural Poundings by Polycarpou, P.
A Petrov-Galerkin Formulation for the Alpha-Interpolation of FEM and Fdm Stencils. Applications to the Helmholtz Equation by Nadukandi, P.
A Probabilistic Approach to Fuzzy Methods by Kukova, M.
A Proposal for An Alternative to Seismic Isolation Practice: Implementation in a Seismic Isolated Railway Bridge by Tegou, S.
A Reflection-Transmission Analysis of a Fictitious Domain Method for Wave Scattering by a Sound-Hard Obstacle by Becache, E.
A Rough Collapse Assessment of Earthquake Excited Structural Systems Vulnerable to the P-Delta Effect by Adam, Ch.
A Single Mode Energy-Based Pushover Procedure by Manoukas, G.
A Strict Energy-Decreasing Momentum-Conserving Time Finite Element Method for Dynamic Finite Thermoviscoelasticity by Gross, M.
A Study Into Complex, Tape Spring Based, Space Deployable Structures by Walker, S.
A Study of the Influence of the Rigidity of Joints on the Dynamic Response of Steel Structures by Vrakas, A.
A Study on the Effect of Tie Elements: Properties on the Seismic Behavior of Confined Masonry Walls by Using Nonlinear Finite Element Analyses by Ranjbaran, F.
A Targeted Nonlinear Dynamic Procedure to Evaluate the Seismic Performance of Structures by Vamvatsikos, D.
A Two Stage Approach for the Seismic Analysis of Base-Isolated Structures by Muscolino, G.
Accurate Numerical Solutions of Structural Dynamics and Wave Propagation Problems Based on New Dispersion-Reduction Technique and New Two-Stage Time-Integration Technique by Idesman, A.
Adaptive Force-Based Frame Element for Regularized Response by Almeida, J.
Adaptive Time-Frequency Detection and Filtering for Imaging in Strongly Heterogeneous Background Media by Tsogka, Ch.
Advanced Parallel Computing for Explosive Fluid-Structure Interaction by Faucher, V.
Advances in Computational Dynamics: a Unified Approach by Tamma, K.
Adventure Ver.2 : Dynamic and Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis System for Solving Ultra Large Scale Problems in Parallel Environments by Yoshimura, Sh.
An Analytical Approach for the Vulnerability Assessment of RC Buildings Subjected to Earthquake Induced Ground Displacements by Fotopoulou, S.
An Analytical Study on Low Cycle Fatigue Effects in Buckling Restrained Braces by Shemshadian M., E.
An Efficient Beam-Column Element for Nonlinear 3D Frame Analysis by Kostic, S.
An Efficient H-Adaptive Scaled Boundary Element Method for Transient Elastodynamics by Zhang, Z.
An Efficient Meta-Modeling Approach for Natural Frequency Approximation: the Q-Method by Gallina, A.
An Efficient Quadrature Beam Model to Simulate Inelastic Seismic Behavior of Steel Frames by He, R.
An Efficient Use of the Symbolic Spline-Based Differential Quadrature Method in Vibration Analysis of Shells by Krowiak, A.
An Improved Displacement-Based Seismic Design Methodology for Bridges Accounting for Higher Mode Effects by Kappos, A.
An Investigation on the Value-Based Evaluation: Optimum Rehabilitation Process of the Unreinforced Masonry Buildings by Azmoodeh B., Mahzoun
An Overview of the E.C.S.S. Handbook for Spacecraft Loads Analysis by Calvi, A.
Analysis and Computation of Second Order Stochastic Hyperbolic Equations by Motamed, M.
Analysis of the Vehicle-Track-Structure-Soil Dynamic Interaction of Railway Bridges for Hst by Romero, A.
Analytical Displacement-Based Seismic Fragility Analysis of Stone Masonry Buildings by Abo-El-Ezz, A.
Analytical Model Versus Numerical Model in Stress-Strain Analysis of Buried Steel Pipelines Subjected to Fault Displacements by Trifonov, O.
Analytical Model for Predicting the Response of Old-Type Columns Rehabilitated with Concrete Jacketing Under Reversed Cyclic Loading by Thermou, G.
Application of Interval Fields for Uncertainty Modeling in a Geohydrological Case by Verhaeghe, W.
Application of PDS-FEM to Seismic Failure Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Pier by Hori, M.
Applications of Thermodynamically Consistent Time Integrators in Solid, Structural, and Multibody Dynamics by Romero, I.
Approximate Methods for Estimating Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Effects by Ashrafi S., A.
Arlequin Framework for Structural Transient Dynamics by Ghanem, A.
Assessment Approach of Design Procedures Against the Earthquake Hazard Be Means of Design Optimization by Mitropoulou, Ch.
Assessment of Nonlinear Static Procedures for Estimating the Seismic Perfomance of RC Frames by Fragiadakis, M.
Automatic Local Error Control for 3D Non Linear Transient Dynamics with Multigrid Finite Elements by Combescure, A.
Bayesian Spectral Decomposition Method for Operational Modal Identification in Wireless Sensor Network by Feng, Z.
Behavior of Concentrically Braced Frames with Friction Dampers by Norin F., V.
Bending Cyclic Loading on Pressurized Elbows - Finite Element Analyses by Ferino, J.
Bi-Hierarchical Finite Element for the Analysis of the Non Axisymetric Free Vibration of Shells of Revolution by Ouissi M., N.
Biomechanical Models of Reconstructed Middle Ear by Mikhasev, G.
Blind Prediction of a Full-Scale RC Bridge Column Tested Under Dynamic Conditions by Bianchi, F.
Bracing Configuration in Earthquake Resistant Structure by Sophocleous, A.
Building Performance in the 2010/2011 Canterbury Earthquake Swarm by Ingham, J.
Classification of Seismic Damages in Buildings Using Fuzzy Logic Procedures by Elenas, A.
Co-Rotational Dynamic Formulation for 2D Beams by Le T., N.
Collapse Resistance of Buildings with Large-Scale Magneto-Rheological (Mr) Dampers by Chae, Y.
Combination Coefficients for Yielding Structures Under Tri-Directional Earthquake Excitations by Sesigur, H.
Comparative Assessment on Modeling Approaches for the Seismic Response of RC Shear Walls by Stathi, Ch.
Comparison Between a New External Code Coupler Gc+ Extended in Non-Linear Dynamics and Abaqus/Co-Simulation by Batti, A.
Comparison of Different Nonlinear Static Analysis Used for Seismic Assessment of Existing Buildings by Moshref, A.
Comparison of Seismic Screening Methods for Schools in a Moderate Seismic Zone by Tischer, H.
Comparisons of a Tall Building Wind Response with and Without a Tmd by Ferreira, N.
Composite Materials Technologies in Constructions Structural Retrofitting: New Developments and Applications in Historical Buildings and Applications in Seismic Zone by Credali, L.
Computational Contact Dynamics Including Multiphysics and Multiscale Effects by Popp, A.
Computational Damage Measure for RC Frame Structures Under Seismic Loading by Celik, N.
Computational Efficiency of Progressive Incremental Dynamic Analysis by Brozovic, M.
Computational Issues in the Dynamics of High-Speed Grinding by Steinmann, P.
Computational Stochastic Dynamics Based on Orthogonal Expansion of Random Excitations by Xu X., F.
Computer Modelling and Seismic Performance Assessment of a Byzantine Basilica by Cagnan, Z.
Constitutive Model for Frp and Tie-Confined Concrete by Megalooikonomou, K.
Controlling the Critical Time Step with the Bi-Penalty Method by Hetherington, J.
Coupled Damage-Plasticity Based Constitutive Modeling of Metallic Membrane Element Under Cyclic Loading by Tezer B., Ayhan
Coupled Planar Electromechanical Analysis Based on Finite-Deformation Beam Bending by Sokolov, I.
Cutoff Wave Numbers for Energy-Orthogonal Twenty-Node Hexahedral Elements by Brito, F.
Damage Assessment of Hyperbolic Paraboloidal Shells Using Finite Element Updating by Castro, R.
Damage Detection in Plate Using Gradient Search Sensitivity Method of Fe Model Updating by Soman, R.
Damage Detection of Frame Structures Subjected to Earthquake Loading by Pnevmatikos, N.
Damage Evolution in Steel Structures Under Seismic Excitation by Heinrich, S.
Damage Growth As An Interface Problem : the Thick Level Set (Tls) Approach by Moes, N.
Damage Identification for a Reduced Scale Spatial Steel Frame by Betti, M.
Damage Identification of Monumental Masonry Structures: the Case of Fossanova Gothic Church by Campitiello, F.
Definition of a Prioritisation Procedure for Structural Retrofitting of Italian School Buildings by Borzi, B.
Design Optimization of Foundation for Rotating Machinery Against Standing-Wave Vibration in a Building by Niu, B.
Design of a Tall Building in the Framework of Performance-Based Wind Engineering by Ciampoli, M.
Detailed FEM Modelling of Stone Masonry Arch Bridges Under Road Traffic Moving Loads by Costa, C.
Detection of Interlaminar Cracks in Composite Structures with the Use of Piezoelectric Sensors and Thermography by Kedziora, P.
Developing Fragility Curves for a Typical Pile-Supported Wharf Structure by Shafieezadeh, A.
Developing Fragility Surfaces for More Accurate Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Masonry Buildings by Gehl, P.
Development and Application of Damage Spectra to Evaluate the Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Greece by Karbassi, A.
Development of Nonlinear Hysteresis Model for Concrete Filled Steel Tube Column by Kwak H., G.
Development of a Family of Unconditionally Stable Explicit Direct Integration Algorithms with Controllable Numerical Damping Using Discrete Control Theory by Chen, Ch.
Dimensional Stability Loss in Structures Subject to Random Vibration by Edeson, R.
Direct Displacement-Based Seismic Assessment of Multi-Span Simply Supported Deck Bridges by Cardone, D.
Discrete Equivalence Principle for Model Order Reduction of Dynamic Structures by Corbaci F., K.
Dispersion Errors of B-Spline Based Finite Element Method in One-Dimensional Elastic Wave Propagation by Kolman, R.
Dissipative Steel Supports of Industrial Equipment by Hoffmeister, B.
Distribution of Seismic Earth Pressures on Rigid Retaining Walls by Ghazavi, M.
Disturbance Sources Modeling for Analysis of Structure-Borne Micro-Vibrations by Aglietti G., S.
Dynamic Analysis of Irregular Stone Masonry Walls with Rigid Block Models by Lemos, J.
Dynamic Analysis of Liquefied Natural Gas Tanks Seismicly Protected with Energy Dissipating Base Isolation Systems by Gregoriou, V.
Dynamic Analysis of Plates and Beams by Gfdm by Urena, F.
Dynamic Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction At High-Tech Facility by Persson, P.
Dynamic Biaxial Plastic Buckling of Stainless Steel Thin Tubes by Ishell, A.
Dynamic Characteristics of Structures with Viscoelastic Dampers Modeled by Means of Generalized Rheological Models by Lewandowski, R.
Dynamic Collapse Simulation of Flexible Multibody Systems with Plasticity Effects by Makinen, J.
Dynamic Effects of Railway Traffic Due to Lateral Motion in Long Viaducts with High Piers by Goicolea J., M.
Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of Earth Masonry Structures Based on Experimental Material Data by Illampas, R.
Dynamic Interaction of Slip Displacement Accumulation in a Two-Block Newmark Model by Zania, V.
Dynamic Load Allowance for Reinforced Concrete Bridges by Wekezer, J.
Dynamic Loads Due to Synchronous Rhythmic Activities of Groups and Crowds by Racic, V.
Dynamic Performance of Existing High-Speed Railway Bridges Under Resonant Conditions, Retrofitted with Fluid-Viscous Dampers Supported on Clamped Auxiliary Beams by Lavado, J.
Dynamic Rupture Modelling on Unstructured Meshes Using a Discontinuous Galerkin Method by Pelties, Ch.
Dynamic Shape Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Frame Structures Using the Inverse Finite Element Method by Gherlone, M.
Dynamic Soil - Structure Interaction Issues in the Seismic Design of Retaining Walls and Bridge Abutments by Psarropoulos, P.
Dynamic Wind Analysis Parameters for the Parabolic, Elliptical and Hyperbolic Cross Section Tall Buildings by Mohee F., M.
Dynamics of Marine Stationary Platform Under Action of Horizontal Seismic Loading by Shekhovtsov V., A.
Dynamics of a Precast System for High-Speed Railway Tracks by Vale, C.
Earthquake Resistant Design of Masonry Structural Systems by Giannopoulos, I.
Effect of Higher Order Shear Deformation on the Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Laminated Composite Plate Under In-Plane Loads by Ammash, H.
Effect of Vertical Ground Motion on Seismic Behaviour of Storage Rack Systems by Tezer, O.
Effect of the Type of Track on the Dynamic Behaviour of High Speed Railway Bridges by Proenca J., M.
Efficient Model Updating of the Goce Satellite Based on Experimental Modal Data by Goller, B.
Elasticity and Elasto-Plasticity 2D Problems Addressed Via a Novel Finite Particle Formulation by Asprone, D.
Energy-Consistent Time-Integration for Dynamic Finite Deformation Thermo-Viscoelasticity by Kruger, M.
Enhanced 3D Fiber Beam-Column Element with Warping Displacements by Corvec V., Le
Enhanced Monte Carlo for Reliability-Based Design and Calibration by Naess, A.
Equivalent Damping Ratios for Irregular in Height 3D Concrete/Steel Structures Under Seismic Excitations by Papageorgiou, Ath.
Error Estimation and Improvement of Convergence for a Time Stepping Algorithm Based on a Finite Element Approach in Time by Ostermann, D.
Estimation of the Seismic Reliability of Buildings Using Incremental Dynamic Analysis Method of the Secant Stiffness Degradation Index (Idam-Ssdi). Part Ii by Ortega M. A., Montiel
Evaluation of Energy Dissipation Capacity of Steel Frames with Steel Shear Walls by Dinu, F.
Evaluation of Response of An Isolated System Based on Double Curved Surface Sliders by Pavese, A.
Evaluation of Static Pushover Methods for Performance-Based Optimum Seismic Design by Lagaros, N.
Evaluation of a Modified-Ssap in Estimating Seismic Demands of a Torsionaly Flexible Building by K. M., Ebrahimi
Evolutionary Optimization of Compensators to Improve Earthquake Resistance by Steinbuch, R.
Experimental Investigation About the Influence of the Use of Glue in Joints in Lightweight Structures by Montero J., Negreira
Experimental Modal Analysis and Fatigue Assessment on the Lagoscuro Viaduct by Lippi, F.
Experimental Study on the Seismic Behavior of Shell-Base Connections in Large Storage Tanks by Cortes, G.
Experimental Validation of a 2.5D FEM-BEM Model for the Assessment of Vibrations Induced by Traffic by Costa P., Alves
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Non-Seismic Reinforced Concrete Frames Strengthened with Concentric Steel Braces by Dubina, D.
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Performance of Shear Deficient RC Beams Strengthened with Nsm Gfrp Reinforcement Under Cyclic Loading by Hawileh, R.
Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Drop Tests of Corrugated Cardbaord Packaging Using An Analytical Homogenized Model by Hammou A., D.
Experimental and Numerical Study of the Behavior of High Dissipation Metallic Devices for the Strengthening of Existing Structures by Karalis, A.
Explicit Calibration and Simulation of Stochastic Fields by Low-Order Arma Processes by Krenk, S.
Extension of the Pufem to Elastic Wave Propagation in Layered Media by Laghrouche, O.
Extensions of the Generalized-Alpha Method to Multi-Time-Step Integration in Structural Dynamics by He, L.
FEM Modelling of a Hydraulic Cylinder Under Dynamic Load by Marjamaki, H.
Fast Seismic Performance Assessment of RC Frame Structures with Consideration of Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainties by Utilizing Pbee Toolbox and Web Application for Prediction of IDA Curves by Celarec, D.
Faster Time Integration Analysis for Buildings Structural Systems Subjected to Three-Component Earthquakes by Bahar, O.
Fatigue Assessment of Panaro Bridge: Preliminary Results by Lippi F., V.
Fedeaslab - a Matlab Toolbox for for Instruction and Research in Nonlinear Analysis for Earthquake Engineering by Filippou, F.
Filter Failure Analysis for the Swap Instrument on Board of Proba2 by Jonckheere, S.
Finite Element Analysis of Buried Steel Pipelines Under Strike-Slip Fault Displacements by Vazouras, P.
Finite Element Model Validation and Predictions Using Dynamic Reduction Techniques by Papadioti D., Ch.
Finite Element Modelling of Yielding Shear Panel Device for Passive Energy Dissipation by Hossain Md, R.
Footbridge Lateral Vibrations Induced by Synchronised Pedestrians: An Overview on Modelling Strategies by Venuti, F.
Fragility Assessment of RC Frames Collapse Capacity by Gkimousis, I.
Fragility Curves for Typical Multispan Simply Supported Bridge Classes in Moderate Seismic Zones: Pre- and Post-Seismic Design Considerations by Ramanathan, K.
Free Vibration Problem of Prsi Bridges: Analytical Solution and Parametric Analysis by Tubaldi, E.
Free Vibration and Earthquake Behavior of Solar Power Plant Chimneys by Lang, Ch.
Full-Scale Shake Table Experiments and Vibration Tests for Assessing the Effectiveness of Textile Materials for Retrofitting Masonry Buildings by Michelis, P.
Full-Waveform-Based Inversion for Site Characterization: Theory, Numerical Simulations, and Physical Experiments by Kucukcoban, S.
Further Developments of the System Equivalent Reduction Process for Finite Element Models Validation of Spacecrafts by Manconi, E.
Fuzzy and Fuzzy Stochastic Methods for the Numerical Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures Under Dynamical Loading by Steinigen, F.
Generalized Fragility Curves for Bearing-Supported Skew Bridges, for Arbitrary Angle of Incidence of the Seismic Action by Moschonas, I.
Gravity Load-Designed Concealed Wide Beam-Narrow Column Connections: Experimental Assessment of Seismic Response by Elsouri, A.
Hermite Polynomial Chaos Expansion Method for Stochastic Frequency Response Estimation Considering Modal Intermixing by Yu, H.
High Continuity Second-Order Homogenization of In-Plane Loaded Periodic Masonry by Bacigalupo, A.
High Order Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Elastodynamics by Rabinovich, D.
High Strength Steel for Seismic Resistance of Beam to Column Connections by Ozkula, G.
High-Precision Fe-Analysis for Seismic Collapse Simulation of Steel Building Frames by Yamashita, T.
High-Speed Railway Tracks of a Surface, Bridge and Tunnel Line and Some Effects on the Train-Induced Bridge and Ground Vibrations by Auersch, L.
Hybrid Laplace-Time Domain Approach for Nonlinear Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Problems by Ferro A., Nieto
Hybrid Mathematical-Informational Modeling of Structural Systems by Elnashai, A.
Ice Induced Vibrations of Flexible Offshore Structures: Comparison and Sensitivity Analysis of Existing Phenomenological Models by Hendrikse, H.
Identification and Sizing of Defects in Pipelines by the Wave Finite Element Method Using Torsional Guided Waves by Kharrat, M.
Identification of Properties of Stochastic Dynamic Elasto-Plastic Systems by Matthies H., G.
Impact Modeling by Manifold Approach in Explicit Transient Dynamics by Saksala, T.
Impact and Explosive Loads on Concrete Buildings Using Shell and Beam Type Elements by Bermejo, M.
Implementation of Fracture Mechanics Concepts in Dynamic Progressive Collapse Prediction Using An Optimization Based Algorithm by Tubul, D.
Implementation of a Bio-Inspired Two-Mode Structural Health Monitoring System by Lin T., K.
Imposing Constraints on Surfaces with Embedded Finite Element Methods by Dolbow, J.
In-Plane Behavior of Reiforced Masonry Walls: Experimentally Based Modelling by Mosele, F.
In-Plane Design Loads for Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of Walls in Unreinforced Masonry Buildings by Ingham, J.
Incremental Dynamic Analysis and Pushover Analysis. a Probabilistic Comparison by Vargas Y., F.
Industrial Steel Pipe Systems Under Seismic Loading: a Comparison of European and American Design Codes by Dijkstra G., J.
Inelastic Seismic Behavior of Kinematically Irregular Single-Story Buildings by Moon D., S.
Inelastic Seismic Shear in Multi-Storey Cantilever Columns by Fischinger, M.
Inertial Amplification and Dynamic Instability for Enhanced Dynamic Response of Structural Systems by Hulbert, G.
Influence of Openings on the Seismic Performance of Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames with Masonry Walls by Stavridis, A.
Influence of Steel Mechanical Properties on Ebf Seismic Behaviour by Badalassi, M.
Influence of Type of Wave and Angle of Incidence on the Seismic Response of Pile Foundations and Pile Supported Structures by Zarzalejos J., M.
Influence of the Fluid-Structure Interaction on the Modal Analysis, and on the Dynamics of Composite Monofin: Optimization of Propulsion by Mahiou, B.
Influential Parameters for the Design of Nonstructural Components in Multi-Story Buildings by Sadeghzadeh-Nazari, M.
Innovative Computing Environment for Fast and Accurate Prediction of IDACurves by Perus, I.
Innovative Multifunctional Reinforcement Technology for Masonry Buildings: Numerical Validation and Damage Detection Investigation by Fuggini, C.
Integrated System for Earthquake Impact Assessment by Lin S., L.
Integrating Theoretical, Numerical and Experimental Techniques to Master the Structural Dynamics of Aerospace Structures by Ewins, D.
Integration of An Improved Interface Tracking Algorithm Into Dysmas by Littlefield, D.
Integration of Geometry and Finite Elements in the Analysis of Nonlinear Systems by Shabana, A.
Intensity Parameters As Damage Potential Descriptors of Earthquakes by Elenas, A.
Interface Treatment in Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction by Kloppel, Th.
Interpretation of Records From Temporary and Permanent Instrumentation to Identify the Dynamic Response of a Historical Building to Seismic Actions by Rinaldis, D.
Intra-Event Spatial Correlation of Ground Motion Using L'aquila Earthquake Ground Motion Data by Cimellaro G., P.
Introducing a New Scaling Method for Near-Fault Ground Motions Based on the Root-Mean-Square of Spectral Responses by Yahyaabadi, A.
Investigation of Coupling Between External and Parametric Resonances in Small Sagged Inclined Cables by Douthe, C.
Investigation of the Dynamic Response of the Evripos, Cable-Stayed Bridge in Greece, Under Asynchronous Ground Motion Record by Karakostas, Ch.
Investigation of the Sliding Response of a Rigid Body System Subjected to Uni-Direction Horizontal Dynamic and Earthquake Excitations by Manos, G.
Isogeometric Analysis: Toward Integration of CAD and FEA by Hughes, Th.
Issars: An Integrated System for Structural Analysis and Earthquake Records Selection by Katsanos, E.
Joint Estimation of States and Input in Linear Structural Dynamics by Lourens E., M.
Kernel Density Estimation Techniques for Seismic Hazard Analysis of South India by Ramanna, Ch.
Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frames with Openings by Asteris, P.
Mass, Stiffness and Damping Identification of a Two-Story Building Model by Guida, D.
Mass-Stiffness Templates for Media Interface Treatment by Felippa, C.
Mathematical Modelling of Irreversible Deforming, Micro- and Macrofracture of Rock in the Vicinity of a Borehole in Its Dynamical Unloading by Kiselev, A.
Maxwell Nonlinear Slider Model for Seismic Response Prediction of Semi-Active Controlled Magneto-Rheological Dampers by Chae, Y.
Mean and Variability Response Functions for Stochastic Systems Under Dynamic Excitation by Papadopoulos, V.
Mitigation of Flanking Noise in Double-Plate Panel Structures by Periodic Stiffening-Finite-Element Analysis in the Low-Frequency Range by Domadiya P., G.
Modal Analysis of the Fgm Beams with Spatial Variation of Material Properties Under Longitudinal Variable Elastic Winkler Foundation by Murin, J.
Model Uncertainties in Smart Sructures by Moutsopoulou A., J.
Modeling Energy Dissipation: a Paradigm for Performance-Based Engineering of RC Moment-Resisting Frame in Seismic Loading by Jehel, P.
Modeling the Bond-Slip Behavior of Confined Large-Diameter Reinforcing Bars by Murcia-Delso, J.
Modelling Issues on Seismic Assessment of Irregular RC Structures by Sousa, R.
Modelling Moving One-Dimensionalwaveguides Using Waves and Finite Element Analysis by Manconi, E.
Modelling the Junction Between Plate and Beam in a Floor Construct by Sjostrom, A.
Multiscale Rkpm Formulation for Modeling Penetration of An Ultra High-Strength Concrete Material by Roth, M.
Near-Optimal Bilinear Fit of Capacity Curves for Equivalent Sdof Analysis by Luca F., De
Negative Stiffness Device for Seismic Protection of Structures - An Analytical and Experimental Study by Sarlis, A.
Neural Network Based Semi-Active Control Strategy for Structural Vibration Mitigation with Magnetorheological Damper by Bhowmik, S.
New Method for Providing Favorable Seismic Performance in Panel Zone Regions of Moment Resisting Connections of Beams to Flanged Cruciform Column Section by Mirghaderi, R.
New Sensitive Inverse Eigenvalue Method for Optimising Dynamic Behaviour of Steel Structures by Maliki, M.
Non Linear Analysis of Steel Storage Racks Submitted to Earthquake Loading - Assessment of the Interstorey Drift Sensitivity Coefficient and of Its Use in Simplified Analyses by Degee, H.
Non-Conforming Spectral Approximations for the Elastic Wave Equation in Heterogeneous Media by Mazzieri, I.
Non-Linear Dynamic Behaviour of a Ball Vibration Absorber by Naprstek, J.
Non-Linear Experimental Modal Analysis and Application to Satellite Vibration Test Data by Link, M.
Non-Periodic Homogenization of the Elastic Wave Equation for Wave Propagations in Complex Media by Capdeville, Y.
Non-Stationary Problems of Elastic Waveguides with Inclusions by Indeitsev, D.
Nonclassical Models in the Shell Theory with Applications to Multilayered Nanotubes by Bauer, S.
Nonlinear Analysis of R/C Panels by a Two Parameter Concrete Damage Model by Tesser, L.
Nonlinear Deformation of An Inflatable Anisotropic Toroidal Membrane by Filippov, S.
Nonlinear Dynamic Behaviour of a Saddle Form Cable Net Modeled by An Equivalent Sdof Cable Net by Vassilopoulou, I.
Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Dissipative Devices for Seismic Resistant Steel Frames: Experimental Behaviour and Numerical Simulation by Kanyilmaz, A.
Nonlinear Effects in Elastic Flexural - Torsional Vibrations of Beams of Arbitrary Cross Section by Sapountzakis, E.
Nonlinear Modal Analysis of Aerospace Structures by Peeters, M.
Nonlinear Modeling and Analysis of R.C. Spatial Frames to Study the Effects of the Vertical Component of Near-Fault Ground Motions by Mazza, F.
Nonlinear Seismic Analysis and Fatigue-Accumulated Damage of Steel Frames with End-Plate Bolted Connections by Saranik, M.
Nonlinear Viscoelastic Analysis of a Pneumatic 2D Structure Interposed Between a Couple of Rigid Moving Planes by Simone A., De
Normalized Domination Selection Criteria for Differential Evolution Algorithms in Constrained Optimization for Seismic Engineering by Avakian, J.
Numerical Analysis of the Two Basic Collapse Mechanism of a Typical Colonial Facade by Casolo, S.
Numerical Investigation of the Seismic Behaviour of Connections of Ancient Colonnades by Dasiou M., E.
Numerical Modelling of a Geosynthetic Reinforced Steep Slope Subjected to Seismic Loading by Vieira, C.
Numerical Simulation of Adjacent Bridge Structures with Nonlinear Sfsi by Chouw, N.
Numerical Simulation of Bridge Piers' Seismic Behavior: a Blind Prediction Methodology by Pouca N., Vila
Numerical Simulation of Unreinforced Masonry Walls Subject to Dynamic Out-Of-Plane Loading by Reindl, L.
Numerical Simulation of the Dynamic and Earthquake Behaviour of Greek Post-Byzantine Churches with and Without Base Isolation by Manos G., C.
Numerical Simulations of the Warth Bridge Seismic Response by Delgado, P.
Numerical Solution of the Fokker-Planck Equation by Finite Difference and Finite Element Methods - a Comparative Study by Pichler, L.
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