Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earhquake Engineering

Translated title: COMPDYN 2013

Abstract eng:
COMPDYN 2013, one of the thematic Conferences of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS), is a Special Interest Conference of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) and has been promoted by the European Committee on Computational Solid and Structural Mechanics (ECCSM) of ECCOMAS. The purpose of the Conference is to bring together the scientific communities of Computational Mechanics, Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering in an effort to facilitate the exchange of ideas in topics of mutual interests and to serve as a platform for establishing links between research groups with complementary activities. The communities of Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering will benefit from this interaction, acquainting them with advanced computational methods and software tools which can highly assist in tackling complex problems in dynamic/seismic analysis and design, while also giving the Computational Mechanics community the opportunity to become more familiar with very important application areas of great social interest. The COMPDYN 2013 Conference is supported by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), the European Association for Structural Dynamics (EASD), the European Association for Earthquake Engineering (EAEE), the Greek Association for Computational Mechanics (GRACM) and the John Argyris Foundation. SEECCM III, is a special interest conference of ECCOMAS and IACM. Following the growing success of International and National Conferences on Computational Mechanics worldwide, the National Associations of Computational Mechanics of the South-East European countries decided to launch an initiative to promote achievements in Computational Mechanics in the South-East European Region. The first conference of this series was held at Kragujevac, Serbia in 2006 and the second on the island of Rhodes, Greece in 2009. The purpose of the Conference is to encourage research and development among young researchers, stimulate education in Universities and disseminate modern trends amongst scientists and engineers in the growing field of Simulation-Based Engineering Sciences. The SEECCM III Conference is supported by the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, the University of Kragujevac, Serbia, the Middle East Technical University, Turkey, the Greek Association for Computational Mechanics, the Serbian Association for Computational Mechanics, the

National Technical University of Athens, 2013
Conference Title:
COMPDYN 2013 - 4th International Thematic Conference
Conference Venue:
Island of Kos (GR)
Conference Dates:
12/06/2013 / 14/06/2013
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Contributions to this conference

3-D Convolutional Perfectly Matched Layer Models for Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis in the Finite Element Time-Domain by Xu, B.
A 2-Dof Model for the Dynamic Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Walls in Out-of-Plane Bending by Gabellieri, R.
A Bayesian Model Updating Procedure for Dynamic Health Monitoring by Patelli, E.
A Case Study of Collapse During the 2009 L'aquila (Italy) Earthquake by Mulas, M-G.
A Combined Particle-Element Method for Explicit Dynamic Computations by Beissel, S.
A Comparative Study Between Acceleration and Energy-Based Seismic Demand Spectra Computed By an Extensive Computer Algorithm on a Grid Computer by Dindar, A-A.
A Comparative Study of Seismic Fragility Estimates Using Different Numerical Methods by Mandal, T.
A Comparison of Two Elastic-Plastic Approaches To Cyclic Soil Modeling by Pisano, F.
A Comprehensive Methodology for the Evaluation of Infrastructure Interdependencies by Solari, D.
A Computational Study of the Injection Therapy for Myocardial Infarction During the Necrotic Stage by Skatulla, S.
A General Framework for Dynamic Substructuring, Review, History and Theory by de Klerk, D.
A Hybrid Displacement Boundary Element Formulation for Reissner Plate With Quadratic Elements by Naga, T.
A Hybrid Finite Volume Extension of the Crouzeix-Raviart Space To General Meshes: Applications To Quasi-Incompressible Linear Elasticity and Stokes Flows With Large Irrotational Body Forces by di Pietro, D.
A Level Set Enhanced Kernel Contact Algorithm for Fragment-Impact Problems by Chi, S-W.
A Macro-Element Model for the Nonlinear Analysis of Masonry Members Including Second Order Effects by Penna, A.
A Method for Wave Propagation Analysis Via Componentwise Partition of Stress Components: Extension To Triangular and Tetrahedral Elements by Cho, S-S.
A Metric Theory of Rate Independent and Rate Dependent Plasticity: Theoretical and Computational Aspects by Panoskaltsis, V.
A Multi-Directional Absorbing Layer for Seismic Wave Propagation in Unbounded Domain By Using Heterogeneous Multi-Time Step Subdomain Methods. by Zafati, E.
A New Corotational Element for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of 3D Beams by le, T-'.
A New Coupled X-Fem/ Level-Set Strategy To Solve Contact Problem by Graveleau, M.
A New Performance-Based Design Methodology for Controlled Rocking Steel Frames by Wiebe, L.
A Nonlinear Vehicle Structure Interaction Methodology With Wheel Rail Detachment and Reattachment by Montenegro, P-A.
A Numerical Investigation Into the Behaviour of Flexible Uplifting Structures With Slip-Friction Connectors Under Earthquake Loading by Loo, W-Y.
A Numerical Scheme for Time-Domain FE Analysis of Viscoelastic Structures With Fractional Derivative Constitutive Equations by Deu, J.
A Numerical Study of Subgrade Stiffening As a Mitigation Measure for Railway Induced Vibrations Through 2.5d and 3D Fe-Be Models by Coulier, P.
A Parallel Fully Coupled Approach for Large-Scale Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems by Eken, A.
A Parallel Solution Algorithm for the Contact Simulation of Rough Surfaces With Large Sample Size by Paggi, M.
A Point-Wise Coupled Fem/Rkpm Formulation for Modeling Fragmentation of Concrete Under High Strain Rate Loadings by Wu, Y.
A Poly-Grid Spectral Element Approach for Wave Modeling in Heterogeneous Elastic Solids by Seriani, G.
A Priori Energy Estimates for a Class of Dg Approximations in Elastodynamics by Antonietti, P-F.
A Probabilistic Investigation of the Toppling of Rigid Bodies Experiencing 3D Ground Motions by Chatzis, M.
A Procedure To Select Time-Histories for Shaking Table Tests on Nonstructural Components by Magliulo, G.
A Procedure for Evaluating the Soil-Structure Interaction Effects on the System Period and Damping of Pile-Supported Structures by Medina, C.
A Regularized Newton Method for the Solution of an Inverse Obstacle Scattering Problem in Fluid-Solid Interaction by Barucq, H.
A Sheet Piling Wall As a Wave Barrier for Train Induced Vibrations by Dijckmans, A.
A Simple Approach Towards Further Accuracy in Structural Dynamic Analysis by Soroushian, A.
A Simplified Algorithm for Evaluating the Seismic Return Period of Structural Capacity by Raffaele, D.
A Simplified Methodology To Obtain Reliability Indexes for Calibration of Design Code for Buildings by Perez-Rocha, L-E.
A Stochastic Approach for Assessing Imperfection Sensitivity of Liquid Storage Tanks by Vathi, M.
A Three Dimensional Multiscale Formulation for the Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Masonry Structures by Triantafyllou, S.
A Two-Parameter Family of Timoshenko Dispersion Relations by Sorokin, S.
About Stability of Transverse Vibrations Provided By Longitudinal Step-Wise Loading by Belyaev, A.
About the Identification of Generic Tribological Parameters, Sophisticated Completely Analytical Contact Modelling and the Effective Indenter Concept Applied To a Comprehensive 3D Incremental Wear and Fretting Model for Layered Surfaces by Schwarzer, N.
Accounting for Near-Source Effects in the Displacement Coefficient Method for Seismic Structural Assessment by Baltzopoulos, G.
Accounting for Nonlinear Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction in Earthquake Engineering by Nieto Ferro, A.
Adaptive Regularization, Linearization, and Discretization and a Posteriori Error Control for the Two-Phase Stefan Problem by Yousef, S.
Advances in High-Order Absorbing Boundaries for Elastodynamics by Givoli, D.
Alternative Integrators and Parallel Computing for Efficient Nonlinear Response History Analyses by Mosalam, K.
An Analysis of Methods for Deriving Magnitudes of Historic Earthquakes That Are Based on Physical Principles by Belsham, C.
An Analytical Approach for Assessment of the Effects of Infill Panels in RC Frames by Casolo, S.
An Analytical Technique for the Seismic Response Assessment of Slender Bridge Piers by Tubaldi, E.
An Easy-To-Implement Computational Method for the Spacecraft Sine Test-Prediction With Particular Emphasis on the Modal Contributions by Nali, P.
An Efficient Numerical Approach for the Parametric Investigation of the Effects of Pounding on the 3D Dynamic Response of Buildings During Earthquakes by Polycarpou, P.
An Experimental Approach for the Characterization and Integration of Sources of Microvibration by Aglietti, G.
An Improved Methodology for the Virtual Point Transformation of Measured Frequency Response Functions in Dynamic Substructuring by van der Seijs, M.
An Innovative Proposal for the Improvement of Durability of Slabs on Soil by Bantias, A.
An Insight Into the Influence of Construction Methods on the Lateral Load Capacity of Drilled Deep Foundations by Bezgin, O.
An Inverse Source Problem for Focusing Wave Energy To Targeted Subterranean Formations by Karve, P.
An Isogeometric Analysis Approach To Model the Aortic Valve Behavior by Auricchio, F.
An Optically Based Assessment of Pedestrian Balance Behaviour While Walking on a Laterally Oscillating Treadmill by Carroll, S.
An Outlook Into Time-Dependent Aftershock Vulnerability Assessment by Ebrahimian, H.
An Unlocked Implicit G1 Continuity Multi Patch B-Spline Interpolation for the Analysis of 3D Kirchhoff Love Rod Elements by Greco, L.
Analysis and Design of Staircases Against Seismic Loadings by Tegos, I.
Analysis of Local Shear Effects in Brick Masonry Infilled RC Frames by Cavaleri, L.
Analysis of Local Site Effects on the Seismic Response of Soil Profiles Using a 1-Directional 3-Component Propagation Model by Santisi D'avila, M-P.
Analysis of Oscillations of One-Dimensional Spatially Periodic Structures. an Unconventional Approach and Some New Effects by Sorokin, V.
Analysis of the Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics of an Elastic Bar With an Attached End Mass by Cunha, A.
Analytical Prediction of the Shear Resistance of Precast RC Pinned Beam-To-Column Connections by Kremmyda, G.
Analytical Procedure for Seismic Assessment of Masonry Buildings With Historical Value by Pardalopoulos, S.
Analytical and Experimental Investigation on the Seismic Efficiency of a New Restraining System for Limiting the Seismic Movements of the Bridge Deck by Tegou, S.
Analytical and Numerical Estimate of Footbridges' Maximum Dynamic Response To Unrestricted Pedestrian Traffic by Tubino, F.
Analytical and Numerical Solutions for the Viscoelastic Flow Around a Rigid Sphere Under the Influence of Shearing by Housiadas, K.
Applicability of Principle of Superposition in Obtaining Horizontal Impedance Functions of Pile Groups Under Soil Non-Linearity by Goit, C.
Applicability of Total Stress Seismic Ground Response Analysis Under Large Earthquakes by Yoshida, N.
Application of Generalized Plasticity Model in Square Cft Column Analysis by Kostic, S.
Application of Hpc To Earthquake Engineering - Seismic Structure Response Analysis and Urban Area Earthquake Simulation by Hori, M.
Application of the EFMM to Fluid-Structure Coupled Analysis and its Parallelization Method by Nagaoka, S.
Application of the Risk-Based Seismic Design Procedure To a Reinforced Concrete Frame Building by Lazar, N.
Applications for Motorised Momentum Exchange Tethers by Cartmell, M.
Applications of Variationally Consistent Selective Mass Scaling in Explicit Dynamics by Tkachuk, A.
Approximated Dynamic Flexibility Applied To Power Flow Mode Computations by Weisser, T.
Approximated Gradient Based Seismic Design of Multiple Tuned-Mass-Dampers for Control of Irregular Buildings by Daniel, Y.
Aspects of Numerical Efficiency for Enhanced Assumed Strain Finite Elements in Explicit Time Integration by Schmied, C.
Aspects of the Modelling and Simulation of Multifunctional Polymers by Steinmann, P.
Assessment and Design of Seismically Isolated Bridges in Proximity of Major Faults and Located on Liquefiable Soils by Ozkaya, C.
Assessment of Ec 8 Procedures for the Asynchronous Excitation of Bridges Based on Numerical Analysis and Recorded Data by Papadopoulos, S.
Assessment of Reinforced Slopes Instability in View of Semi-Analytical Methods by Tzavara, I.
Assessment of the Reliability of Structural Concretes During Execution Phases by Porco, F.
Assessment of the Rigid Or Flexible Diaphragm Condition for Floor Systems Used in Buildings With Large Plan Aspect Ratios by Tena-Colunga, A.
Assessment of the Seismic Performances of Modern Unreinforced Multi-Storey Clay Masonry Buildings by Degee, H.
Atmospheric Turbulent Flow Solutions Coupled With a Mesoscale Weather Prediction Model by Leblebici, E.
B-Spline Surface Mapping To Describe Aorta Kinematics During Cardiac Cycle by Auricchio, F.
Balancing the Beneficial Contributions of Foundation Rocking and Structural Yielding To Improve Structural Seismic Resilience by Liu, W.
Basic Displacement Functions in Dynamic Analysis of an Arch Dam As a Curved Beam Resting on a Continues Elastic Foundation by Hashemi, A.
Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification of Nonlinear Systems Using Dynamic Measurements From Components and System Tests by Giagopoulos, D.
Behaviour of a Geosynthetic Reinforced Steep Slope Constructed With Cohesive Backfill Under Earthquake Loading by Silva Vieira, C.
Blast Response of Field Objects by Chen, A.
Blood Flow Simulation in the Aorta Passing Through the Aortic Orifice By Virtual Flux Method by Fukui, T.
Bridge-Wizard: Expert System for Finite Element Modeling and Post Processing of Bridge Structures by Sextos, A.
Bridges With Fixities and Bearings Vs Isolated Systems by Mitoulis, S.
Bridges With Simply Supported Decks: a Simplified Vulnerability Assessment by Raffaele, D.
Buckling Analysis of Steel Tubes With Random Geometric Imperfections by Stefanou, G.
Cable-Stayed Bridges Subjected To Near-Fault Vertical Motion by Kuleli, M.
Cessation Flows of Bingham Plastics With Slip At the Wall by Damianou, Y.
Challenges in Space Vehicle Structural Dynamics by Stavrinidis, C.
Characterisation of Walking Loads From Inertial Motion Tracking by van Nimmen, K.
Characterisation of the Aerodynamic Behaviour of the Braga Stadium Suspension Roof From Prototype Monitoring by Caetano, E.
Characterisation of the Aerodynamic Behaviour of the Grande Ravine Viaduct From Prototype Monitoring by Bastos, F.
Characterization and Synthesis of Random Acceleration Vibration Specifications by Wijker, J.
Characterization of the Influence of Rail Wear on Train Dynamics by Lestoille, N.
Coarsened Third Body Grains Accommodate Sliding Between Pure Nanocrystalline Surfaces by Romero, P.
Collapse Capacity Spectra Based on an Improved Intensity Measure by Tsantaki, S.
Collapse Resistance of Seismically Resilient Self-Centering Steel Moment Resisting Frame Systems by Ahmadi, O.
Combined Approximation Method Applied To Reduced Non-Linear Vibroacoustic Problems by Gerges, Y.
Comparative Analysis of Robust Kalman Filtering Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring Purposes by Nasr, D.
Comparative Assessment of Buildings With Pure Steel Or Steel-Concrete Composite Columns Using Structural Design Optimization by Papavasileiou, G.
Comparative Evaluation of Different Damage Measures for R/C Buildings Considering Variable Incident Angles by Morfidis, K.
Comparison of Ec8-Part 1 With the Greek Seismic Code (Eak2000) With Emphasis on the Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings by Plevris, V.
Comparison of a Cantilever Sign Support Response Subjected To Wind Gusts, With and Without a Tmd by Paiva, F.
Comparisons of a Tall Lattice Wind Tower Response With and Without a Tmd by Henriques, J.
Computation of the Isogeometricanalysis Stiffness Matrix on Gpu by Karatarakis, A.
Computational Assessment of the Progressive Collapse of a Five Storey Structure Considering Two Different Building Codes by Oliveira, C.
Computational Biomechanics on Blood Flow From Cellular To Organ Scales by Yamaguchi, T.
Computational Modeling of Transport of Cells and Particles in Small Blood Vessels by Isailovic, V.
Computational Modeling of the Waves Propagation in a Block Medium With Viscoelastic Interlayers by Sadovskaya, O.
Computational Modelling of Self-Centering Precast Concrete Walls by Watkins, J.
Computational Simulation of Cross Roll Straightening by Petruska, J.
Computational Simulation of Internal Flow in the Left Ventricular Displacement Pump Model by Tabuchi, T.
Computer Simulation of After Blast Fire in Open Car Park by Malendowski, M.
Computing the Viscometric Functions for Suspensions of Spheres in a Newtonian Matrix by Tanner, R.
Concept of Risk-Based Seismic Design of Buildings Using Methods of Nonlinear Analysis by Dolsek, M.
Conditions for Measuring Seismic Shocks and Their Analysis and Response on Buildings and Industrial Structures by Ziaran, S.
Contact Analysis in Presence of Unidirectional Cylindrical Fibers Within a Matrix and Comparison With the Homogenized Anisotropic Solution by Nelias, D.
Contact Interface Modeling in the Dynamic Response of Rigid Blocks Subjected To Base Excitation by Ardila-Giraldo, O.
Contact-Impact Treatment in Explicit Transient Dynamics Using Isogeometric Analysis With Nurbs by Plesek, J.
Control of the Eigensolutions of a Harmonically Driven Compliant Structure by Peters, H.
Coupling of Finite Elements and Hierarchical Boundary Elements for Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Problems by Coulier, P.
Coupling of Ode- and Dae-Integration With the Time-Stepping Integration Method for Multibody Systems With Impacts and Friction by Esefeld, B.
Cyclic Behavior Modeling of Rectangular RC Bridge Piers Using Opensees by Attarchian, N.
Damage Report With Smartphones During Emilia Earthquake, 2012 by Arcidiacono, V.
Deaggregation of Seismic Safety in the Design of the Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using Eurocode 8 by ZiZmond, J.
Derivation of Fragility Curves for Traditional Timer-Framed Masonry Buildings Using Nonlinear Static Analysis by Kouris, L.
Design Study of Anatomically Shaped Latticed Scaffolds for the Bone Tissue Recovery by Stojkovic, M.
Design and Assessment of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Structures: Efficacy of En1998 Design Procedure by Braconi, A.
Design and Implementation of a Linear Controller on a Reduced Model of a Smart Structure by Ghareeb, N.
Design and Performances of Steel-Concrete Hybrid Coupled Shear Walls in Seismic Conditions by Bogdan, T.
Design and Verification of a Dynamic Experimental Campaign on Anchoring Systems Through Macro and Micro Numerical Models by Mazzon, N.
Design of Dissipative Braces for an Existing Strategic Building With a Pushover Based Procedure by Bergami, A-V.
Design of RC Sections in the Ultimate Limit State Under Bending and Axial Force According To Ec2 by Plevris, V.
Desing of One Storey Building With Precast Concrete Sandwich Panels in Earthquake Regions by Christou, A.
Detailed Component Modelling of a Self-Centering Energy Dissipative Brace System by Erochko, J.
Development of an Efficient Unstructured Finite Volume Solver for a New Conservation Law in Fast Structural Dynamics by Aguirre, M.
Developments and Implementations of Low-Damage Structural Systems for Precast Concrete Buildings: Raising the Bar To Meet Societal Expectations by Stefano, P.
Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for High-Dimensional Fokker-Planck Equations in Stochastic Dynamics by Loerke, F.
Discrete Impedance Matrix for Flexible Surface Foundations by Maravas, A.
Discrete Optimization Approach for Steel Frames and Trusses, Based on Genetic Algorithm by Balea, I.
Dynamic Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Tubular Footbridges Submitted To Human Walking by Debona, G-L.
Dynamic Behaviour of Greek Post-Byzantine Churches With Foundation Deformability and Evaluation of Their Earthquake Performance - Experimental Investigation of Stone Masonry Material Properties by Manos, G.
Dynamic Behaviour of Laminated Plates Subjected To Thermomechanical Loads by Turkmen, H.
Dynamic Collapse Analysis of Four-Story Steel Frame Using E-Simulator by Miyamura, T.
Dynamic Computation and Design of a World's Record Death-Ride by Denoel, V.
Dynamic Effect of Railway Vehicle on Seismic Response of Railway Structure by Tokunaga, M.
Dynamic Identification and Evaluation of the Seismic Safety of a Masonry Bell Tower in the South of Italy by Colapietro, D.
Dynamic Loading Factors of Individual Jogging Forces by Racic, V.
Dynamic Materials As Media Natural for Dynamics by Lurie, K.
Dynamic Soil- Pile Interaction for Large Diameter Monopile Foundations by Zania, V.
Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis of a Telescope At the Javalambre Astrophysical Observatory by Francois, S.
Dynamical Behavior of Trains Excited By a Non-Gaussian Vector Valued Random Field by Perrin, G.
Dynamical Characterization of Typical Mexican Colonial Churches by Pena, F.
Dynamics of Marine Stationary Platform Under Action of Horizontal Seismic Loading by Shekhovtsov, A.
Earthquake Analysis of an Old Cyclopean Concrete Dam and Its Seismic Retrofit With Post-Tensioning Anchors. by Maltidis, G.
Earthquake Behavior of Historical Minarets in Istanbul by Cakti, E.
Earthquake Experience of Turkish Precast Industry by Ozden, S.
Earthquake Protection of Historical Buildings According To Prohitech by Mazzolani, F.
Earthquake Response Analyses of Soil-Structure Interaction System Using Nonlinear Energy Transmitting Boundary by Nakamura, N.
Earthquake Soil Structure Interaction for Nuclear Power Plants, Modeling and Computational Issues by Jeremic, B.
Eccentric Steel Buildings Designed for Uniform Ductility Demands Under Earthquake Actions by Kyrkos, M.
Effect of Coupling Excess Pore Pressure and Soil Deformation on the Nonlinear Response by Montoya-Noguera, S.
Effect of Damage on the Dynamic Characteristics of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Cyprus by Votsis, R.
Effect of Near-Fault Ground Motions on Seismic Response of Deep Basement Walls by Amirzehni, E.
Effect of Pounding on the Seismic Response of Two Adjacent Asymmetric Buildings Under Single Uni-Directional Ground Motion by Fiore, A.
Effect of Spatially Variable Ground Motions on the Seismic Fragility of Box Girder Continuous Bridges by Elhowary, H.
Effectiveness and Robustness of a Semi-Active Control Strategy Based on Seismic Early Warning Information by Maddaloni, G.
Effects of "Reinforced"' Infilled Frames on Existing RC Buildings by Fiore, A.
Effects of Artificial Landform Change To Water Pipeline Damage in Sendai City During the 2011 Tohoku Offshore Japan Earthquake by Wakamatsu, K.
Effects of Torsion on the Behaviour of Non-Structural Components Mounted on Irregular Reinforced Concrete Multi-Storey Buildings by Aldeka, A.
Efficient Calculation of the Response of a Structural Acoustic System Under Aerodynamic Excitations by Chronopoulos, D.
Efficient Dynamic Interaction Analysis of High-Speed Train and Railway Structure During an Earthquake by Tanabe, M.
Embankment Dam Stability Analysis Using Fem by Rakic, D.
Embedded Boundary Conditions for Thin Plates by Harari, I.
Emulative Column-Footing Connections for Seismic Design in Accelerated Bridge Construction by Haber, Z.
Envelope Principle in Multi-Mode Pushover Procedure for RC Buildings by Mihanovic, A.
Estimating Roof-Level Acceleration Spectra for Single Storey Buildings by Sullivan, T.
Estimating Thermal Inertia and Temperature Distribution Consistent With Monitored Data From a Railway Bridge by Casciati, F.
Estimation of Effective Stiffness of Infill Panels At Damage Limitation Limit State for Low- and Mid-Rise Infilled RC Frames by de Risi, M-T.
Estimation of Road Profile With Multibody Dynamic Analysis and Disturbance Observer by Shiiba, T.
Estimation of the Behavior Factor of Steel Storage Pallet Racks by Adamakos, K.
Evaluating the Post-Earthquake Accessibility of Hospitals for Mitigation Strategy Decision Support By Fragility and Connectivity Modelling by Kongar, I.
Evaluation of Damage in Reinforced Concrete Columns Under Biaxial Loading by Rodrigues, H.
Evaluation of Welding Residual Stress in Stainless Steel Pipes By Using the Lcr Ultrasonic Waves by Javadi, Y.
Evaluation of the Effect of Modeling Uncertainties on the Seismic Response of Existing Masonry Buildings by Rota, M.
Excitation of Parametric Resonance in Micro Beams By Joule's Heating by Sibgatullin, T.
Experiences in Modeling Wind Loading on Photovoltaic (Pv) Modules and Solar Collectors by Hemmati, A.
Experimental Cyclic Tests of Hollow Piers With Different Retrofit Strategies by Delgado, P.
Experimental Evaluation of the Out-of-Plane Behaviour of Traditional Stone Masonry Buildings in Azores, Portugal by Arede, A.
Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Behaviour of Cantilever Retaining Walls by Kloukinas, P.
Experimental Research of Shear Strength Models for Reinforced Concrete Members by Syntzirma, D.
Experimental Research on the Capacity of Bridge Shear Keys by Mitoulis, S.
Experimental Study and Numerical Response Prediction of a Steel Moment-Frame With Taking Fatigue Damage Into Account by Saranik, M.
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Mr Dampers by Braz-Cesar, M.
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Pressurized Pipe Fittings Under Strong Cyclic Loading Conditions by Varelis, G.
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Rectangular R/C Beams Retrofitted Against Shear Utilising Frp Strips by Manos, G.
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Seismic Behavior of Rectangular Tunnels in Soft Soils by Tsinidis, G.
Experimental and Numerical Study of RC Columns Under Biaxial Loading: As Built by Silva, J-P.
Explicit and Implicit Coupling of Flow and Deformation in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Simulation by Salimzadeh, S.
External Coupling of FE Codes for Structural Dynamics by Brun, M.
Fast Detection of Chaotic Or Regular Behavior of Double Pendulum System: Application of the Fast Norm Vector Indicator Method by Dumitru, D.
Fast Multipole Accelerated Boundary Element Method for Problems in an Elastic Half-Space by Chaillat, S.
Fem-Mps Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis by Naoto, M.
Finite Element Formulation for an Arch Structure Formed By Using Built-Up Beams Element by Nouchi, E.
Finite Element Model Updating of a Footbridge Based on Static and Dynamic Measurements by Solis, M.
Finite Element Model Updating of a Real Structure Based on a Multi-Objective Optimization Approach by Morga, M.
Finite Element Modeling of "Rocking Walls"' by Belleri, A.
Finite Element Modeling of Linear Elastodynamics Problems With Explicit Time-Integration Methods and Linear Elements With Reduced Dispersion. Comparative Study of Different Finite Element Techniques Used for Elastodynamics. by Idesman, A.
Finite Element Simulation of Quake Proof Experiments of Quake Proof Experiments of Concrete-Steel Frame Connection With Stud Bolts Using Adventure_Solid Ver.2 by Yoshimura, S.
Flapping Thin Airfoil Interacting With the Ground by GulCat, u.
Formulation of a Stochastic Semi Analytical Finite Element Method for Uncertain Media by Bouchoucha, F.
Four-Field Interactions in the Structural Analysis of Multilayered Smart Plates and Shells by Brischetto, S.
Fragility Curves for Assessing the Seismic Vulnerability of Gravity Quay Walls by Miraei, M.
Fragility Curves for Risk-Targeted Seismic Hazard Maps by Ulrich, T.
Free Vibration Analysis of Circular Plates Using the Nonclassical Shells Theories by Bauer, S.
Free Vibrations of Non-Isotropic Thin Plates With Cutouts by Lebedev, A.
Free Vibrations of Perforated Thin Plates by Smirnov, A.
Free Vibrations of a Cylindrical Shell Made of an Anisotropic Material by Tovstik, P.
Full Scale Seismic Response Simulation of Nuclear Power Plant Using K-Computer by Yoshimura, S.
Full-Scale Testing of a Model Structure in Euroseistest To Study Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction by Pitilakis, K.
Fundamental Study on Evaluating Rock Slope Stability By Vibration Measurements Using Remote Vibration Measuring System by Minoura, S.
Further Developments in a Load History Generator To Couple Epic and Ls-Dyna by Littlefield, D.
Generating Embedded Rebar Elements for Large-Scale RC Models by Markou, G.
Generation of Incoherent Ground Motions for Soil-Structure Interaction Applications by Tran, P.
Generation of Near-Fault Response Spectrum of a Large Dam, Using the Spectral-Element Method and a Hybrid Simulation Technique by Zafarani, H.
Generation of Response Spectrum Compatible Accelerograms Using the Maximum Entropy Principle by Batou, A.
Gradient-Based Study on Seismic Performance Reduction of Steel Braced Frames Due To Irregular Brace Over-Strength Distributions by Dall'Asta, A.
Graphical Modal Analysis and Earthquake Statics of Linear One-Way Asymmetric Single-Story Structure by Faggella, M.
Heterogeneous Constitutive Modeling and Material Damping in Reinforced Concrete Frame Elements in Seismic Loading by Jehel, P.
Heuristic Approach in Structural Strength Evaluation and Retrofitting of Existing Buildings in Seismic Areas by Gluck, N.
Hierarchic Isogeometric Analysis for Shell Structures by Ramm, E.
Hierarchical Optimization of Laminated Fiber Reinforced Composites by Ferreira, R.
High-Precision Finite-Element Analysis of Rubber Bearing for Base-Isolation of Building Structures by Ohsaki, M.
High-Speed Train Passage Effects in Buildings: Vibration Assessment and Isolation by Romero, O-A.
Homogenization of Composite Materials With Energetic Interfaces by Chatzigeorgiou, G.
How To Quantify the Vibration Reduction of Railway Tracks by Auersch, L.
Human Induced Vibrations in a Pedestrian Timber Bridge by Casciati, S.
Hybrid Scheme for Simulation of Seismic Wave Propagation in Presence of Anisotropy by Lisitsa, V.
Identification of Reinforced Concrete Beam Parameters Using Inverse Modeling Technique and Measured Dynamic Responses for Structural Health Monitoring by Waeytens, J.
Identifying the Damping Contribution of Building Components Based on Measured Top Vibration by van den Berg, R.
Impact of Seismic Codes on Building Performance in the Caribbean by Redmond, L.
Implicit Integration Method of Shape Memory Alloys Constitutive Model by Dunic, V.
Improved Physical Modeling of Rock Impacts on Protection Barriers Using a General Contact Algorithm by Escallon, J.
Improved Procedure for Design and Evaluation of Structures: Single-Degree-of-Freedom Bilinear Systems by Chikh, B.
Improving the Accuracy of a Finite-Volume Method for Computing Radiative Heat Transfer in Three-Dimensional Unstructured Meshes by Lygidakis, G.
Improving the Seismic Performance of Existing Old Pilotis Type Buildings By Strengthening Only the Ground Story by Antonopoulos, T.
Inclusion of Geometric Nonlinearity in Calculating Seismic Building Frames by Martinez, V-J-M.
Infinite Periodic Structure of Lightweight Elements: Representation of Wave Propagation by Domadiya, P.
Influence of Blade Structural Deformation on Wind Turbine Rotor Performance by Kalkan, A.
Influence of Code-Based Record Selection Methods on the Seismic Assessment of Existing Steel Buildings by Araujo, M.
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in-Plane Behaviour of Masonry Infills Within Multi-Storey R/C Frames Subjected To Seismic Type Loads and Their Utilization in Retrofitting by Manos, G.

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