On the Seismic Design of One-Story Precast Structures for P-Delta Effects

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P-Δ effects can reduce the seismic safety of structures under seismic actions and they can be vital for one-story precast buildings because of the large flexibility of columns. According to European building code, P-Δ effects can be taken into account by following some design requirements. Such requirements can significantly influence the design of the structures since they may provide the amplification of the seismic demand by means of the stability factor as well as the oversizing of the elements. This study investigates the influence of P-Δ effects on the seismic performance of precast one-story structures. An extensive parametric study is performed on one-story precast structures by varying some geometric features of the structure and the seismicity level of the site. Nonlinear dynamic analyses are performed by using Newmark’s method on all the case studies and the results of the first order and second order analysis are compared and discussed. Moreover, different design approaches are adopted in order to assess the Eurocode provisions for P-Δ effects. The results of the nonlinear dynamic analyses demonstrate that the overstrength, due to seismic detailing of columns and the materials overstrength, induces very low ductility demand for the structures. Indeed, even if P-Δ effects are totally neglected in the design phase, the overstrength due to other code prescriptions (e.g. minimum longitudinal reinforcement ratio) can still induce low ductility demand. Moreover it is demonstrated that the code prescriptions on P-Δ effects do not generally increase the structural safety and an alternative design approach is proposed, which gives both safer and cheaper structures than the ones currently designed according to Eurocodes.

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Conference Title:
16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering
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Santiago (CL)
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2017-01-09 / 2017-01-13
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