Proceedings of the international conference on numerical analysis and applied mathematics 2014

Abstract eng:
The International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2014 (ICNAAM-2014) has been scheduled to take place at Rodos Palace Hotel, Rhodes, Greece, between the 22nd and 28th of September 2014. The aim of the conference is to bring together leading scientists of the international Numerical and Applied Mathematics community and to attract original research papers of very high quality. More than 1800 papers have been submitted in order to be considered for presentation at ICNAAM- 2014. The selection of the papers included in this Volume was based on an international peer review procedure by at least two independent reviewers.

Numerical Analysis; Applied Mathematics
AIP Publishing LLC
Conference Title:
International conference on numerical analysis and applied mathematics 2014
Conference Venue:
Island of Rhodes (GR)
Conference Dates:
22/09/2014 / 28/09/2014
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Contributions to this conference

(Max,+) model for alignment selection and schedule optimization in a flow network by Quintero, Karla
A CFD study of formation of the intensive mixing zone in a highly non-Newtonian fluid by Dylak, A.
A Fortran test set for boundary value problem solvers by Mazzia, Francesca
A TOF-based automatic passenger counting approach in public transportation systems by Klauser, Denis
A bifurcation analysis of dislocation patterning in the one-dimensional finite domain by Spiliotis, Konstantinos G.
A bivariate analysis of temperature and rainfall series for snowfall return period estimation by Ridolfi, Elena
A brief note on the magnecule order parameter upgrade hypothesis by Schmidt, Nathan O.
A brief review of intermediate controlled nuclear syntheses (ICNS) without harmful radiations by Lanjewar, R. B.
A class of estimators of finite population variance in simple random sampling by Koyuncu, Nursel
A combinatorial proof of a generalized folding lemma by Panprasitwech, Oranit
A comparison among scheduling algorithms in order to improve the air traffic control by Collotta, Mario
A comparison between single site modeling and multiple site modeling approaches using Kalman filtering by Monteiro, Magda
A comparison of parametric curves applied to modeling boundary shapes in boundary problems solved by PIES by Boltuc, Agnieszka
A computational study of some numerical schemes for a test case with steep boundary layers by Appadu, A. R.
A conical interior point method for nonsmooth rigid body dynamics by Kleinert, Jan
A decision process with portfolios for value-at-risks by Yoshida, Yuji
A fast algorithm for the exactly k-digit best rational approximation to a real number by Citterio, Maurizio
A fast parallel gradient algorithm for solving structural inverse gravity problem by Akimova, Elena N.
A firefly dynamic penalty approach for solving engineering design problems by Francisco, Rogério B.
A five dimensional implementation of the flamelet generated manifolds technique for gas turbine application by Donini, A.
A fourth-order energy-preserving exponentially-fitted integrator for Poisson systems by Miyatake, Yuto
A fractional PID controller of an oscillatory system by Valentim, Carlos Alberto
A framework for stochastic simulation of distribution practices for hotel reservations by Halkos, George E.
A fuzzy controller to reduce power consumption in a quadrotor helicopter for environmental monitoring by Pau, Giovanni
A fuzzy neural network for E. coli metabolism by Figueiredo, Daniel
A general approach for efficient embedding of flexible structures in multibody dynamics by Schneider, Fabio
A gimbal platform stabilization for topographic applications by Michele, Mangiameli
A gist of comprehensive review of hadronic chemistry and its applications1) by Tangde, Vijay M.
A helical pipe investigation from a cardiovascular perspective by Totorean, A. F.
A hybrid Navier-Stokes/DSMC simulation for rarefied gas flow for the deposition of nano layers for OLEDs by Farber, K.
A hybrid algorithm with reduction criteria for the bin packing problem in one dimension by Pérez, Joaquín
A logic for robotics? by Madeira, Alexandre
A mathematical model of economic growth connecting demographic setting with controlled migration by Lukina, Alexandra
A method for solving a local boundary problem for nonlinear controlled system by Kvitko, Alexander
A micromechanics-based incremental damage model for carbon black filled rubbers by Jiang, Yunpeng
A mixed-effect state space model to environmental data by Costa, Marco
A model of interaction between anticorruption authority and corruption groups by Neverova, Elena G.
A model study of wind-induced sea level fluctuations in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman by Ketabdari, Mohammad Javad
A multiclass vehicular dynamic traffic flow model for main roads and dedicated lanes/roads of multimodal transport network by Sossoe, K.S.
A multilevel stochastic collocation method for SPDEs by Gunzburger, Max
A new QR factorization method by recursive blocked Gram-Schmidt algorithm and recursive blocked Cholesky factorization by Ozawa, Shinya
A new algorithm for DNS simulations of cavitating flows using homogeneous mixture approach by Žnidarčič, A.
A new approach on the construction of trigonometrically fitted two step hybrid methods by Monovasilis, Th.
A new approach to line – sphere and line – quadrics intersection detection and computation by Skala, Vaclav
A new boundary integral equation for crack problems of the superconducting bulk in applied magnetic field by Zhang, Zhaoxia
A new flux splitting scheme for Euler equations of gas dynamics by Li, Xindong
A new iterative method for linear and nonlinear partial differential equations by Rebenda, Josef
A new kind estimator for the population mean in the stratified random sampling by Özel, Gamze
A new method for testing interaction in different kinds of block designs based on a linear model by Moder, Karl
A new perspective of students allocation satisfaction in engineering courses in Portugal by Oliveira, Raquel
A new semiautomatic interpretation technique for aeromagnetic data by Cooper, Gordon R.J.
A non-local bond-based peridynamic model for elastic behavior and fracture analysis by Huang, Dan
A note on preconditioning for singularly perturbed problems discretized by wavelets by Černá, Dana
A novel approach with non-uniform force allocation for area preservation in spring network models1) by Jančigová, Iveta
A novel boundary element library with applications by Čermák, Martin
A numerical algorithm for solving the Beltrami equation by Porter, R. Michael
A parallel matrix sweep algorithm for solving linear systems with block-fivediagonal matrices by Akimova, Elena N.
A preliminary analysis of rainfall spatial distribution at catchment scale by Rianna, Maura
A preliminary study to increase baggage tracking by using a RFID solution by Collotta, Mario
A proof of a conjecture on monotonic behavior of the largest eigenvalue of a number-theoretic matrix by Altınışık, Ercan
A proof of an identity for a generalization of well-known number sequences by Yaşar, Meral
A queuing model for road traffic simulation by Guerrouahane, N.
A satisficing strategy with variable reference in the multi-armed bandit problems by Kohno, Yu
A simplified model for dynamics of cell rolling and cell-surface adhesion1) by Cimrák, Ivan
A simulation study for the comparison of two popular robust PLSR methods: RSIMPLS and PRM with a robust PCR method in the presence of outliers by Polat, Esra
A simulation-based model for dynamic traffic assignment on guided vehicles by Atmani, Dihya
A single fluid kinetic and continuum model in multicomponent gas mixtures by Dadzie, S. Kokou
A singular perturbation technique for the reconstruction of elastic objects by Leem, Koung Hee
A static analysis of three-dimensional functionally graded beams through hierarchical one-dimensional finite elements by Giunta, G.
A three-dimensional computational model of H2-air premixed combustion in a circular micro-channel for thermo-photovoltaic (TPV) application by Akhtar, Saad
A trigonometrically fitted optimized two-step hybrid block method for solving initial-value problems of the form y″ = f (x, y, y′) with oscillatory solutions by Ramos, Higinio
A tumor-macrophage interaction model with fuzzy initial values by Benli, F. Berna
A unified formula of a series of breather solitons for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation by Liu, Changfu
ADI method for solving the two-dimensional coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equation by Ismail, M. S.
Accumulation effect for water-waves mode trapped in a canal by Durante, Tiziana
Accuracy of Lipschitz classifier ensemble: Confidence sets approach by Timofeev, Andrey V.
Acquisition of competencies in mathematics through games by Ferreira, MariaCristina
Active disturbance rejection controller for chemical reactor by Both, Roxana
Adapting the discrete element method to simulation of acoustic agglomeration of aerosol particles by Kačianauskas, Rimantas
Adaptive control system for gas producing wells by Fedor, Pashchenko
Adaptive model predictive control as a prospect for control of machine tools with significant flexibility by Strakos, Petr
Adjustment of time-series using the modified exponential for turnover forecast by Pater, Liana
Advanced research in the field of instruments for use in the probabilistic study of security by Vătăsescu, Mihail
Aerodynamic and aeroacoustic for wind turbine by Mohamed, Maizi
Aerodynamic study of active flow control using blowing jets over some trailing edge configurations by Isac, A.R.
Affine THDMR on the unit disk by Yaman, İrem
Algebraic analysis of structure-preserving general linear methods by Butcher, J. C.
Alignment of liquid crystal/carbon nanotube dispersions for application in unconventional computing by Massey, M.K.
Alternative method of measuring concentration by Zawistowski, Zygmunt
An activity based costing model for evaluating effectiveness of RFID technology in pallet reverse logistics system by Duraccio, Vincenzo
An adaptive extended finite element method for the analysis of agglomeration of colloidal particles in a flowing fluid by Choi, Young Joon
An algorithm for multiplication of biquaternions by Cariow, Aleksandr
An alternative educational indicator for classifying Secondary Schools in Portugal by Gonçalves, A. Manuela
An analysis of course evaluation questionnaire by machine learning by Sato, Hiroshi
An application of parameter sensitivity analysis for shallow water flow around a pier by Ortleb, S.
An application of the new function method to the generalized double sinh-Gordon equation by Bulut, Hasan
An approach towards adaptivity in wireless sensor networks by Patti, Gaetano
An approximation technique for jet impingement flow by Najafi, Mahmoud
An efficient approach for solving telegraph equation by Koc, Ayse Betul
An efficient mathematical model for a generalized production process by Weng, Wei
An embedded RKN method for the numerical integration of oscillatory problems by Papadopoulos, D. F.
An energy conserving well-balanced scheme for the shallow water equations by Reiss, J.
An implementation of IDRstab with biorthogonality relations for solving linear systems by Aihara, Kensuke
An improved maximum product criterion for three dimensional reconstructions in electromagnetics by Bazán, Fermín S. V.
An improvement to the K-means algorithm oriented to big data by Ortega, Joaquín Pérez
An interpolation problem arising in a coupling of the finite element method with holomorphic basis functions by Gürlebeck, K.
An interval version of Cauchy’s problem for the wave equation by Szyszka, Barbara
An intrinsically irreversible, neural-network-like approach to the Schrödinger equation and some results of application to drive nuclear synthesis research work by Abundo, Ugo
An inverse fourth order sturm-liouville problem by Böckmann, Christine
An optimized two-step hybrid block method for solving general second order initial-value problems of the form y″ = f (x, y, y′) by Ramos, Higinio
Analysis of a non-linear parabolic ODE via decomposition by Najafi, Mahmoud
Analysis of elastic waves in blocky media using the equations of Cosserat continuum by Sadovskaya, Oxana V.
Analysis of free convection in the stagnation point of a three-dimensional body immersed in a nanofluid by Zhao, Qingkai
Analysis of the symmetries and conservation laws of a Gardner equation by Bruzón, M. S.
Analysis of transverse shear strains in pre-twisted thick beams using variational asymptotic method by Ameen, Maqsood M.
Analytic investigation of bioconvection in an unsteady squeezing flow of nanofluid between parallel plates by Raees, Ammarah
Analytical and numerical solutions to rotating variable thickness disks for a new thickness profile by Eraslan, Ahmet N.
Analytical and numerical treatment of singular linear BVPs with unsmooth inhomogeneity by Burkotová, J.
Analytical solutions for a family of Vlasov equations within relaxation time approximation by Curilef, Sergio
Analytical study of uniform flow past a two-layer spherical obstacle by Zhao, Longhua
Anisotropy investigation of a core image using the two-dimensional anisotropic wavelet transform by Gaci, Said
Anomalous states from a classical Hamiltonian: Electric dipole in a magnetic field by Atenas, Boris
Applicability of contemporary ceramic bricks for the reconstruction of historical masonry by Kulovaná, Tereza
Applicability of lattice Boltzmann method in simulation of drops and bubbles formation and transport by Rahni, M. Taeibi
Application of GPU and parallel programming on grid methods by Kuzmin, Victor Yu.
Application of Hotelling’s T2 charts in monitoring quality parameters in a drinking water supply system by Costa, Mafalda T.
Application of committees of neural networks for conceptual cost estimation of residential buildings by Juszczyk, Michał
Application of fuzzy expert opinions to intensity evaluation and direction identification of cause – effect relations between factors organized by influence network by Ginda, Grzegorz
Application of honeypots in IPv6 networks by Sochor, Tomas
Application of implicit-explicit general linear methods to reaction-diffusion problems by Zhang, Hong
Application of multi-objective nonlinear optimization technique for coordinated ramp-metering by Salem, Habib. Haj
Application of prime numbers to solve complex instances of the bin packing problem by Rosa, Rafael De la
Application of resistivity monitoring to evaluate cement grouting effect in earth filled dam by Kim, Jin-Mo
Application of shell theories for simulation of intraocular pressure changes after injection by Bauer, Svetlana M.
Application of the Jacobian-Free Newton-Krylov method for multiphase pipe flows by Krasnopolsky, B.
Application of the Lichtenecker’s mixing rule in modeling the thermal properties of autoclaved aerated concrete by Fiala, Lukáš
Application of the lattice of the power set to solve the 0/1 knapsack problem by Zavala-Díaz, J. C.
Application of the two-hemisphere model supported by BrainTool: Football game simulation by Nikiforova, Oksana
Applications of generalized finite difference method in fluid-rigid body interaction problems by Wu, Di
Applying ETL fuzzy filter for data warehouse size minimization by Zacek, Jaroslav
Approximate solution of Kuramoto–Sivashinsky equation using reduced differential transform method by Acan, Omer
Approximating performance measures of radio admission control model for non real-time services with maximum bit rates in LTE by Shorgin, Sergey Ya.
Approximation of stochastic equilibria for dynamic systems with colored noise by Bashkirtseva, Irina
Assessment of RANS based models in a supersonic flow by Soni, R. K.
Asynchronous time integration of parabolic problems in composite media by Beneš, Michal
Attainability analysis in stochastic controlled systems by Ryashko, Lev
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children. A statistical approach by Grilo, Luís M.
Automated language symbolization and conceptualization in human - computer communication by Kollár, Ján
Automatic calibration of rainfall-runoff models and its parallelization strategies by Vavrik, Radim
Automatic data understanding: The tool for intelligent man-machine communication by Homenda, Wladyslaw
Automatic harmonization model using expert system with fuzzy knowledge and supervised learning by Rybnik, Mariusz
Axisymmetric large deflection analysis of a circular plate with a ring support by Altekin, Murat
BIBD, Hadamard matrices and new technological devices: Applications to QR codes by Oliveira, Teresa A.
Bayesian comparison of Kalman filters with known covariance matrices by Dokoupil, Jakub
Bending of five-layer beams with crosswise corrugated main core by Magnucka-Blandzi, Ewa
Bending of five-layer beams with lengthwise corrugated main core by Magnucka-Blandzi, Ewa
Bid assessment with the use of fuzzy sets theory by Leśniak, Agnieszka
Bivariate Kumaraswamy distribution with an application on earthquake data by Özel, Gamze
Blobby quaternion model of human joint limits by Szczęsna, Agnieszka
Blow-up time for a problem of heat transfer with coefficients depending on their formation mechanisms by Deviaterikova, E.
Bohr-like black holes by Corda, Christian
Bohr-like black holes by Corda, Christian
Bootstrap performance profiles in stochastic algorithms assessment by Costa, Lino
Border zones between numerical and experimental investigations by the modelling of rain-wind induced vibrations by Seidel, Christian
Bose-Einstein correlation within the framework of hadronic mechanics1) by Burande, Chandrakant S.
Boundary problem in a system with global FCFS and presorting by Mélange, Willem
Bounds for the cumulative conditional expectation function by Fernández, M.
Bounds for the distance Estrada index of graphs by Altındağ, Ş. Burcu Bozkurt
Boussinesq and kinematic wave equation based catchment transport model by Kuraz, M.
Bringing together manual and automated code assessment by Pribela, Ivan
Broadband enhanced transmission through a single aperture based on actively loaded SRR by Monti, A.
Buckling and post-buckling of the von Mises planar truss by Kala, Zdeněk
Calibration of Maidment’s formula coefficients for runoff velocity by Orlando, D.
Can economic growth be acceptable if environmental issues are considered? Economic consequences in the EU countries by Grochová, Ladislava Issever
Capillary transfer coefficient in diffusion equation derived from a known solution by Škripková, L.
Category of Lie-Santilli isogroups1) by Moskaliuk, S.S.
Causal cognition and spam classifier by Taniguchi, Hidetaka
Causal cognition in game tree search by Oyo, Kuratomo
Characterization of a lime-pozzolan plaster containing phase change material by Pavlíková, Milena
Classical principles in molecular logic by Costa, Diana
Classification of evolution equations possessing two-soliton solutions and lax pairs by direct methods by Burde, Georgy I.
Classification of terrorism risk by multidimensional statistical methods by Marek, Sedlačík
Collocation – A powerful tool for solving singular ODEs and DAEs by Weinmüller, E. B.
Combining gait optimization with passive system to increase the energy efficiency of a humanoid robot walking movement by Pereira, Ana I.
Combining multivariate Markov chains by García, Jesús E.
Compact splitting multisymplectic scheme for the coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations on unbounded domains by Dai, Zhaohui
Comparative characteristics and selection of optimal filtering algorithm signal using LabVIEW software package by Maslov, A. A.
Comparative investigation of different numerical features of SPH method for simulation of free surface flow by Abtahi, Shahryar
Comparison study of micro-algorithms for lighting comfort by Llamas, T. J. Barrón
Complex network theory criterion to distribute fuel breaks for the hazard control of fire spread in forests by Evaggelidis, Ioannis N.
Comprehensible presentation of clone detection results by Fördős, Viktória
Compressive strength of deteriorated historic masonry based on measurements by Sykora, Miroslav
Computation of eigenvalue problems with anisotropic diffusion operators by Huang, Weizhang
Computation of phase transformations, strains and stresses fields during multipass superficial hardening process with tempering by Kulawik, Adam
Computational stochastic model of ions implantation by Zmievskaya, Galina I.
Computer intensive methods for improving the extremal index estimation by Gomes, Dora Prata
Computer modeling of properties of complex molecular systems by Kulkova, E.Yu.
Computerized classification system for the identification of soil microorganisms by Kruk, Michał
Concept of the interval modelling the boundary shape using interval bézier curves in boundary problems solved by PIES by Zieniuk, Eugeniusz
Conceptual optimization using genetic algorithms for tube in tube structures by Pârv, Bianca Roxana
Confidence bands in Kendall plots by Bianchi, M. C. C.
Configure and refactor cloud applications with Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Microsoft Azure using Aspect.NET by Safonov, Vladimir O.
Construction of P1 gradient from P0 gradient by averaging by Kunovský, Jiří
Construction of strong stability preserving general linear methods by Izzo, Giuseppe
Control of confidence domains in the problem of stochastic attractors synthesis by Bashkirtseva, Irina
Control of simulation of a particle accelerator as a spatially distributed system by Andrianov, S.
Control strategy optimization of HVAC plants by Facci, Andrea Luigi
Control with expenditure criteria in rotational motion of the satellite moving along a circular orbit by Babadzanjanz, Levon K.
Convergence of the Hundsdorfer–Verwer scheme for two-dimensional convection-diffusion equations with mixed derivative term by Hout, Karel in ’t
Convergence of two relaxed alternating methods by Cheng, G.H.
Convergence orders in length estimation for exponential parameterization and ε-uniform samplings by Kozera, R.
Correction of steel casing effect for density log using numerical and experimental methods in the slim borehole by Hwang, Seho
Coupled thermo-mechanical analysis of Charles Bridge by Krejčí, T.
Criticism of generally accepted fundamentals and methodologies of traffic and transportation theory by Kerner, Boris S.
Curried propositional calculus and the matrix representation by Kamiura, Moto
DSMC models for H2O condensation process by Bykov, Nikolay Y.
Data modelling and ontological semantics by Telnarova, Zdenka
Defining shape of membership function for Mamdani’s Fuzzy Inference System within park & ride share modelling by Szarata, Andrzej
Design and development of a portable projection and natural interface device for virtual games applied to physiotherapy by Lopes, Orlando
Design and realization of MTM-inspired absorbers using graphite resistive sheets by Barbuto, M.
Development and application of a thermal lattice Boltzmann scheme by Kravets, Bogdan
Development of a system-level model for fuel cell power units operated with syngas by Minutillo, Mariagiovanna
Development of numerical-analytical method for calculating potential flow around 2D-body by Frolov, Vladimir
Differences between ITIL® v2 and ITIL® v3 with respect to service strategy and service design by Jašek, Roman
Differences between ITIL® v2 and ITIL® v3 with respect to service transition and service operation by Jašek, Roman
Different methods of determination of the fuzzy value in contractor prequalification model by Plebankiewicz, Edyta
Differential evolution for the derivation of Runge Kutta pairs by Famelis, Ioannis Th.
Dimensions of invariant measures for continuous random dynamical systems by Bielaczyc, Tomasz
Discrete analogs of the comparison theorem and two-side estimates of solution of parabolic equations by Matus, P. P.
Discrete element analysis on the discharge rate of elongated particles by González-Montellano, Carlos
Discrete hypercomplex function theory and its applications by Kähler, Uwe
Distribution function for the ratio of two normal random variables by Oliveira, Amílcar
Distribution of constrained maximum coordinates by Tláskal, Martin
Domain decomposition methods to solve reaction-diffusion problems in a sectorial domain by Chokri, Chniti
Drag force simulation in explosive volcanic flows by Zeidan, D.
Dynamic analysis of girder bridge based on electrical sensor data by Yoon, Hyuk-Jin
Dynamic modeling of interregional migration processes in the Ural Federal District (Russia) by Nikonov, Oleg I.
Dynamic response of pile in elasto-viscoplastic soil by load-transfer methods by Hu, Feng
Dynamic states of a unidirectional ring of chen oscillators by Carvalho, Ana
Dynamics of coinfection of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis with exogeneous reinfection by Carvalho, Ana
Dynamics of magnetic particles in microfluidic channels by Gusenbauer, Markus
Ecology versus economic growth in europe: How to improve relative efficiency? by Grochová, Ladislava Issever
Economic environmental and structural analysis of green bridges by Žák, Jaroslav
Eddy resolving simulations in aerospace by Tucker, P.G.
Educational influences of choice of first programming language by Ivanović, Mirjana
Effect of cation type on chloride binding in building stones by Pavlíková, Milena
Effect of drag models on the accumulation of heavy particles in a circular bounded vortex flow by Ku, X.
Effect of jet pulsation on film cooling effectiveness at the leading edge of a symmetrical turbine blade model by Fadéla, Nemdili
Effect of structural damping on vibration of a truck-mounted telescopic crane by Sochacki, Wojciech
Effect of submerged breakwater geometry on free surface by SPH by Safaei, Aliakbar
Effective closed form mathematical approach to determine kinetic constants of NR vulcanized with sulphur and accelerators at different concentrations by Milani, Gabriele
Effective electromagnetic and thermoelastic properties for multi-phase composites based on the generalized M-T method by Zhang, Zhichao
Effectiveness of vendor managed inventory approach in a two-stage supply chain when demand rates are static by Rahim, Mohd Kamarul Irwan Abdul
Effects of dynamic quarantine and nonlinear infection rate in a model for computer worms propagation by Pinto, Carla M.A.
Effects of hotel characteristics on room rates in Porto: A hedonic price approach by Castro, Conceição
Efficiency assessment of wind farms: A two-stage approach by Vaz, C. B.
Efficient accurate non-iterative breaking point detection and computation for state-dependent delay differential equations by Eremin, A.
Eigenvalue computation of totally nonnegative upper Hessenberg matrices based on a variant of the discrete hungry Toda equation by Sumikura, Ryo
Eigenvalue problem of the Liouvillian of open quantum systems by Hatano, Naomichi
Elastic response of heat generating rod at a variable generating rate by Eraslan, Ahmet N.
Elastic-plastic deformations of a beam with the SD-effect by Pavilaynen, Galina V.
Electrochemical model of polyaniline-based memristor with mass transfer step by Demin, V.A.
Electromagnetic scattering problems -Numerical issues and new experimental approaches of validation by Geise, Robert
Energetic BEM-FEM coupling for the numerical solution of the damped wave equation by Aimi, A.
Energy conservation issues in the numerical solution of Hamiltonian PDEs by Brugnano, Luigi
Energy conservation law for the turbulent motion in the free atmosphere by Kaliyeva, K.
Error analysis in the hardware neural networks applications using reduced floating-point numbers representation by Pietras, Marcin
Estimating the impact of adding sensor nodes to biomedical wireless sensor networks by Abreu, Carlos
Estimation of cost and revenue functions for reforestation system in Drahanska highlands by Hampel, David
Estimation of marker placement based on fiducial points for automatic facial animation by Peszor, Damian
Estimation of variance components in normal linear mixed models with additivity by Ferreira, Dário
Evaluating the safety risk in relation to the energetic field by Vătăsescu, Mihaela
Evaluation of optimal rain gauge network density for rainfall-runoff modelling by Montesarchio, Valeria
Evaluation of some convolution sums by Kendirli, Barış
Evaluation of the project timeliness with fuzzy constraints by Ibadov, Nabi
Evolutionary derivation of quadratic symplectic Runge–Kutta–Nyström methods by Tsitouras, Ch.
Evolutionary search for automated generation of EQ-algebras by Habiballa, Hashim
Exact analytical representation of fiber stress tensor based on angular integration (AI) through cellular level probabilistic equations by Çoban, Gürsan
Exact mapping from singular value spectrum of a class of fractal images to entanglement spectrum of one-dimensional free fermions by Matsueda, Hiroaki
Exact solutions of nonlinear Schrödinger’s equation by using generalized Kudryashov method by Pandir, Yusuf
Existence of regular factors in star-free graphs by Kotani, Keiko
Experimental analysis of fire resistant composite containing fine ceramic powder by Holčapek, O.
Experimental and numerical analysis of tensegrity structures by Wagner, Nikolai
Experimental and theoretical study on melting kinetics of spherical aluminum particles in liquid aluminum by Ramírez-Argáez, Marco
Experimental approaches for the development of gamma spectroscopy well logging system by Shin, Jehyun
Experimental determination of the grain growth kinetics during solidification of eutectic Al-Ni alloy using a simplified mathematical procedure by Gonzalez-Rivera, C.
Experimental study of flow in a tank stirred by a Rushton impeller by Chara, Z.
Experimental three-point bending of sandwich beam with corrugated core by Grygorowicz, Magdalena
Expert system for selection of human resources in ERP system by Walek, Bogdan
Exploiting environmental computation in a multi-agent model of slime mould by Jones, Jeff Dale
Exponential estimators of finite population variance in simple random sampling by Koyuncu, Nursel
Exponential fitting techniques for the solution of stiff problems with explicit methods by Montijano, J.I.
Exponential parameterization and ε-uniformly sampled reduced data by Kozera, R.
Exponentially fitted fifth-order two-step peer explicit methods by Calvo, M.
Extreme value analysis of the sea levels in Venice by Caeiro, Frederico
Fast means: Enhancing the K-means algorithm by accelerating its early classification version by Mexicano, A.
Fast multirate numerical integration scheme for large-scale traffic simulation by Kurtc, Valentina
Finite element analysis of an extended end-plate connection using the T-stub approach by Muresan, Ioana Cristina
Finite sample behaviour of classical and quantile regression estimators for the Pareto distribution by Caeiro, Frederico
Fixed point problem associated with state-dependent impulsive boundary value problems by Rachunková, Irena
FlightGear application for flight simulation of a mini-UAV by Vogeltanz, Tomáš
Fluctuation removal around spectral and temporal constancy limits via use of an extended space expectation value weight function for singular quantum systems by Kalay, Berfin
Fluid-structure interaction during the water entry of flexible cylinders by Panciroli, R.
Forecasting time series combining Holt-Winters and bootstrap approaches by Costa, Marco
Fractional order IMC based controller for time delay systems by Muresan, Cristina I.
Framework for scheduling and resource management in time-constrained HPC application by Portero, Antoni
Free surface modeling in OWC chamber with parabolic side walls using 3D BEM by Hasanabad, Madjid Ghodsi
Free vibrations of perforated thin plates by Smirnov, Andrei
Front-tracking lattice Boltzmann simulation of a wedge water entry by Zarghami, Ahad
Functional body mesh representation - a simplified kinematic model by Skurowski, Przemysław
Functional variable method for the nonlinear fractional differential equations by Bekir, Ahmet
Further results on order statistics and products of functions of independent generalized beta random variables by Brilhante, M. Fátima
Fuzzy analysis of project duration in situations of risk by Gładysz, Barbara
Fuzzy analysis of serviceability limit state of slender steel beam under bending by Kala, Zdeněk
Fuzzy based audit of operating systems by Masar, Juraj
Fuzzy cognitive map reconstruction - dynamics vs. History by Homenda, Wladyslaw
Fuzzy model for fluidized bed assisted drag finishing by Giannini, Oliviero
G0 - and G1 -degree reduction of disk Bezier curves by Rababah, Abedallah
GA application with hybrid encoding for QoS routing by Maniscalco, Vincenzo
GPU accelerated flow computation by the streamfunction-velocity (ψ-ν) formulation by Kalita, Jiten C
GPU implementation of physarum cellular automata model by Dourvas, Nikolaos I.
GPU-based simulation of the two-dimensional unstable structure of gaseous oblique detonations by Teng, H.H.
Gait analysis and machine learning classification on healthy subjects in normal walking by Shirakawa, Tomohiro
Game-theoretic model of inspection by anti-corruption group by Alferov, G.V.
Gas dynamics in strong centrifugal fields by Bogovalov, S.V.
Generalized Cauchy-Riemann-type operators and some integral representation formulas by Bolívar, Yanett
Generalized Helmholtz’s theorem by Markov, V.V.
Generalized Krein parameters and some theorems on strongly regular graphs by Vieira, Luís António de Almeida
Generalized hyperbolic harmonic functions in the plane by Eriksson, Sirkka-Liisa
Generative electronic background music system by Mazurowski, Lukasz
Genetic algorithm applied to the stabilization control of a hexarotor by Artale, Valeria
Genetic algorithm for flexible job shop scheduling problem - A case study by Guevara, Gabriela
Genetic algorithms for two dimensional bin packing problem by Volna, Eva
Global vs. local nonlinear optimization techniques for human-like movement of an anthropomorphic robot by Silva, Eliana Costa e
Global well-posedness of Cauchy problem for damped multidimensional generalized Boussinesq equations with special nonlinear term by Lijian, Zhang
Growing geometries (tattooing mushrooms) by Schubert, Theresa
Hadronic nuclear energy: An approach towards green energy by Sarma, Indrani B. Das
Hamiltonian structures of wave-type equations compatible with the finite element exterior calculus by Yaguchi, Takaharu
Hartley-Ross type estimators in simple random sampling by Kadilar, Cem
High reynolds number hybrid RANS/LES modeling with turbulent time scale bounding by Krastev, V. K.
High-frequency combination coding-based steady-state visual evoked potential for brain computer interface by Zhang, Feng
High-order time-stepping for nonlinear PDE through rapid estimation of block Gaussian quadrature nodes by Lambers, James V.
Higher order matrix differential equations with singular coefficient matrices by Fragkoulis, V. C.
Highly stable multivalue numerical methods by D’Ambrosio, Raffaele
Historical remarks on exponential product and quantum analysis by Suzuki, Masuo
Homotopy analysis method - A new analytic approach for highly nonlinear problems by Liao, Shijun
Homotopy analysis method for the convection flow in two rotating disks filled by a nanofluid containing both nanoparticles and microorganisms by Li, Jiaojiao
Hybrid BiCR methods with a stabilization strategy for solving linear equations by Abe, Kuniyoshi
Hybrid methods for solving nonlinear ODE of the first order by Ibrahimov, Vagif
Hybrid slime mold - containing systems for unconventional computing by Berzina, Tatiana
Hydraulic control of culvert on floodplain simulation by Manciola, Piergiorgio
Hydromechanical modelling with application in sealing for underground waste deposition by Hasal, Martin
Hygric properties of sandstones as a function of porosity by Koňáková, Dana
ITIL® and information security by Jašek, Roman
ITIL® – General overview by Jašek, Roman
Icing modelling in NSMB with chimera overset grids by Pena, D.
Ideal plastic deformation of thick-walled tubes by Nepershin, Rostislav I.
Identifiability and controllability of a dynamic system under restriction on measuring errors by Chashnikova, Valentina
Identification of coherent structures in a supersonic flow past backward facing step by Arya, N.
Identification of material characteristics in non-stationary heat and mass transfer by Vala, J.
Identification of parameters of discrete-continuous models by Cekus, Dawid
Impact analysis performance injection in polymer composites processing shrinkage by Gnatowski, Adam
Implementation of collective communication in Kaira by Böhm, Stanislav
Implementation of hybrid total FETI (HTFETI) solver for multi-core architectures by Říha, Lubomír
Implementation of taylor collocation and adomian decomposition method for systems of ordinary differential equations by Bildik, Necdet
Implementation of the plasticity solver in the PermonCube software package by Markopoulos, Alexandros
Implementing semantically rich business vocabularies in CASE tools*) by Skersys, Tomas
Implicit three-step methods with phase-lag and its derivatives equal to zero for the numerical solution of the Schrödinger equation and related problems by Alolyan, Ibraheem
Improvement of a Sinc-collocation method for Fredholm integro-differential equations by Okayama, Tomoaki
Improvement of load balancing mechanism in multi-core architectures over high availability technique by Kurti, Arsen
Improving efficiency of hydrodynamic modelling using adaptive mesh refinement by Ales, Ronovsky
Improving the ADACOR2 supervisor holon scheduling mechanism with genetic algorithms by Barbosa, José
In-situ analysis of hygric performance of piaristic monastery building by Pavlík, Zbyšek
Individual and moving range control charts in the production of olive oil by Grilo, Luís M.
Industrial controlling process using the remote industrial automation trainer PAIR by Silva, M.
Influence of cancer location, sex and country on the death age by Areia, Aníbal
Influence of changes in initial conditions for the simulation of dynamic systems by Kotyrba, Martin
Influence of metakaolin additive and basalt fibers on the mechanical properties of fire resistant composites by Marcel, Jogl
Influence of non-axisymmetric material anisotropy on FSSW static strength by Fanelli, Pierluigi
Influence of outside air relative humidity on interior humidity including economical aspects by Bednářová, Petra
Influence of pre-stress fields on electric properties of semiconductor nanowires by Zhu, Linli
Influence of technical parameters of overpasses on wildlife migrations and economic aspects by Kateřina, Myšková
Influence of thermal conditions on accelerated boundary layer subjected to a wall heating by Sakhnov, Alexey Yu.
Influence of unsteady flow on the aerodynamics and aeroacoustics of vertical axis wind turbines by Dumitrache, A.
Information utilization in the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm on noisy landscapes by Ozawa, Yuta
Informational sensitivity as algorithm’s complexity function characteristic by Kiktenko, Anastasia
Initial boundary value problems for mechanochemical corrosion of a thick spherical member in terms of principal stress by Sedova, Olga S.
Intelligent shoe system: A self-powered wearable device for personal localization by Collotta, Mario
Interaction of solitons by simulating the relative forced motion for submerged cylinders in shallow water by Ren, Kang
Interdendritic spacing in growth processes with a mushy layer by Alexandrov, D. V.
Introducing support for Erlang into SSQSA framework by Tóth, Melinda
Introduction to modelling of natural deduction based on fuzzy type theory by Rombová, Zuzana
Invariance of Furihata’s discrete gradient schemes for the Webster equation with different Riemannian structures by Ishikawa, Ai
Inverse problem for the quadratic pencil of the Sturm-Liouville equations by Panakhov, Etibar S.
Inversion of the Riemann-Liouville integral operator and application to Abel equation1) by Vainikko, Gennadi
Investigation of flow around a circular cylinder in laminar and turbulent flow using the Lattice Boltzmann method by Hamane, Dawoud
Investigation of influence of fibres layout in composite specimens on their strength with cellular automata method by Aniszewska, Dorota
Investigations on the mechanical behavior of nanowires with twin boundaries by atomistic simulations by Tian, Xia
Iso-hypernumbers, Iso-Hv-numbers by Vougiouklis, T.
Isomorphism classification of infinite Sierpiński carpet graphs by D’Angeli, Daniele
Isopermutation group by Muktibodh, A. S.
Iterative domain-specific language development with YAJCo parser generator by Jaroslav, Porubän
JSBSim library for flight dynamics modelling of a mini-UAV by Vogeltanz, Tomáš
Kernel methods in dual frame surveys by Rueda, María del Mar
Knowledge integration for scientific classification and computation by Rückemann, Claus-Peter
LES of turbulent channel flow with realistic rough walls by Marchis, Mauro De
Landscape disruption effects in a meta-epidemic model with non-steady state demographics and migrations saturation by Aimar, Veronica
Large deformations of elastic vessels under atherosclerotic conditions by Assemat, Pauline
Large-eddy simulation of heavy particle dispersion in wall-bounded turbulent flows by Salvetti, M.V.
Laser scanner data processing and 3D modeling using a free and open source software by Gabriele, Fatuzzo
Lattice Boltzmann investigation of ferrofluid jet evolution in external magnetic fields by Falcucci, Giacomo
Launching the chaotic realm of iso-fractals: A short remark by O.Schmidt, Nathan
Lie-Santilli admissibility on non square matrices by Vougiouklis, T.
Limb volume measurements for the assessment of lymphedema. Methodological issues by Sfetsioris, Dimitris
Limit state of plastic layer compressed by rigid dies by Maksimova, Ljudmila A.
Limit theorems for statistics with random sample sizes by Grigoryeva, M. E.
Limiting states of plastic materials by Bukhanko, Anastasia A.
Linear and nonlinear vibrations control of a two member column by means of piezoceramic element by Sokół, Krzysztof
Linear regression on the characterization of elements of natural origin and possible implications in the use of ground by Oliveira, Teresa
Local stress analysis of red blood cells in shear flow1) by Tóthová, Renáta
Long-term resistance of HPC to action of deicing salts by Reiterman, Pavel
Long-term time-series prediction using radial basis function neural networks by Alexandridis, Alex
Long-time numerical energy preservation for oscillatory differential equations by Hairer, Ernst
Magnus expansion method for solving singularly perturbed turning point problems having boundary layers by Köme, Sure
Management of investment risks in the pension systems of OECD countries and Russia by Nepp, Alexander N.
Mapping resonance regions in loop networks with spatio-temporal symmetry by Russo, Lucia
Material-based non-neural analogues of lateral inhibition: A multi-agent approach by Jones, Jeff Dale
Mathematic interpolation methods - support for an efficient 3D modeling of landslides in the context of displacements monitoring by Alionescu, Adrian
Mathematical and numerical analysis of the waves motion in electrically conducting incompressible fluid by Kholodova, S.
Mathematical and numerical modelling by Magnucka-Blandzi, E.
Mathematical and physical modelling of the dynamic electrical impedance of a tooth by Giannoukos, Georgios
Mathematical and statistical analysis of the effect of boron on yield parameters of wheat by Rawashdeh, Hamzeh
Mathematical cartography based on georeferencing maps by Moscovici, Anca-Maria
Mathematical methods for rotorcraft DC engine-propeller characterization by Alaimo, Andrea
Mathematical model and software complex for computer simulation of field emission electron sources by Nikiforov, Konstantin
Mathematical model of heterogeneous structure of stem cells dynamics by Rusinov, M.
Mathematical modeling concerning the cumulative influence of the alloying elements for aluminum alloy 6082 on the physical and mechanical characteristics by Bularda, Nicoleta
Mathematical modeling concerning the influence of chemical composition of the 6082 aluminum alloy on physical and mechanical characteristics by Bularda, Nicoleta
Mathematical modeling of a metal foam as an elastic-plastic continuum with changing resistance by Sadovskii, Vladimir M.
Mathematical modeling of a mushy layer at the inner core boundary of the Earth. Part 1. Analytical solutions by Alexandrov, D. V.
Mathematical modeling of a mushy layer at the inner core boundary of the Earth. Part 2. Theoretical description by Alexandrov, D. V.
Mathematical modeling of three-layer circular plate under uniformly distributed load (pressure) by Magnucka-Blandzi, Ewa
Mathematical support for three-dimensional transformation points from geocentric reference system in local reference system by Rusu, Georgiana
Mathematical, theoretical and experimental confirmations of IRS and IBS by R.M. Santilli by Kohale, Ritesh L.
Maximizing vector distances using differential evolution—Relation to data redundancy by Kolarik, Martin
Mechatronic architectures by Alexandru, Constantinescu
Meshless local Petrov-Galerkin method with moving least squares approximation for transient thermal conduction applications with variable conductivity by Karagiannakis, N. P.
Metamodeling of laser cutting by Eppelt, Urs
Micromechanical analysis of unidirectional fiber-reinforced composites by Ajugia, Mayank N.
Microstructural computational modelling of soft tissues by Tomic, Aleksandar
Microwave active sensors and river basin hydrology by Prodi, Franco
Mimetic spectral element methods by Gerritsma, Marc
Mineral classification map using MF and SAM techniques: A case study in the Nohwa Island, Korea by Son, Young-Sun
Minimization of number of setups for mounting machines by Kolman, Pavel
Mixed finite element formulation of the compressible charged porous media by Malakpoor, K.
Mobile app development in HTML5 by Xanthopoulos, Spyros
Model validation of Rayleigh’s problem for oscillating finite plate by Sin, V. K.
Modeling and stability analysis of HIV-1 as a time delay fuzzy T-S system via LMIs by Abbasi, R.
Modeling of damage due to shrinkage in autoclaved aerated concrete by Koudelka, T.
Modeling of interaction of electromagnetic waves with small non-spherical particles having fractal surface by Budniy, Kirill
Modeling of piezocomposites using variational asymptotic method by Agrawal, Shashank
Modeling of the reversible effect of the axial strain on the critical current of superconducting REBCO films by Zhu, Guang
Modeling the experiments in an oscillating cylinder viscometry by Elyukhina, Inna
Modeling, research and development the technology of cooling of turbine engine blades by Kovalnogov, Vladislav N.
Modelling expected defense specific inflation by Holcner, Vladan
Modelling for self-optimization in laser cutting by Hermanns, Torsten
Modelling of pore growth in char particles by an octree-based 3D PLIC method by Wittig, K.
Modelling of the normal elastic dissipative interaction of a S. Aureus Bacterium by Jasevičius, Raimondas
Modelling of volatility in monetary transmission mechanism by Dobešová, Anna
Modelling spot welded joints in elastic-plastic field by Fanelli, Pierluigi
Modification of the computational model of coupled heat and moisture transport: The transition between the liquid and gaseous phases of water by Ďurana, Kamil
Modified line integral methods for conservative problems with multiple invariants by Brugnano, Luigi
Modulation effect with global ambiguity in 2-dimensional random walk by Sakiyama, Tomoko
Modulation of dental root surface area through GLMs. Clinical applications by Pereira, José António
Moisture and salt transport coupled with damage mechanics by Kruis, J.
Moisture diffusivity of wood by Jerman, Miloš
Monte Carlo renormalization group studies of the Baxter-Wu model in the presence of an external magnetic field by Velonakis, Ioannis N.
Movement of dunes in a circular pipe by Chara, Z.
Multi-dimensional explicit solutions of the diffusion-absorption equation1) by Khedr, Waleed S.
Multiphase convective flow with steady sedimentation and equilibrium condensation by Zatevakhin, Mikhail A.
Multiphase flow modeling based on the hyperbolic thermodynamically compatible systems theory by Romenski, E.
Multiple integral computations using Taylor series by Chaloupka, Jan
Multiple iso-integrals by Georgiev, S.
Multispectral image filtering using the mean shift algorithm by Zghidi, Hafed
Multistep block method for solving vanishing delay differential equations by Majid, Zanariah Abdul
Nanoengineered polymeric capsules for bio-computing by Erokhina, Svetlana
New exact solutions of the space-time fractional potential Kadomtsev-Petviashvili (pKP) equation by Pandir, Yusuf
New experimental support to Santilli’s mechanism of IsoRedShift (IRS) in “heavy ions and dust free” medium by Dhoble, Sanjay J.
New results on the cauchy problem for a class of hyperbolic equations in the half-space by Barbagallo, Annamaria
New trends in Taylor series based computations by Kocina, Filip
Non contact measurement of thread’s holes using video systems by Sorea, Sorin
Non parametric granger causality EEG analysis of a visual 1-back-matching discrimination task in children by Protopapa, F.
Non-equilibrium one-temperature reaction rates by Kolesnichenko, Evgeniy G.
Nonlinear membrane inverse finite elements by Alioli, Mattia
Nonlinear optimization for human-like synchronous movements of a dual arm-hand robotic system by Gulletta, G.
Notes on power of normality tests of error terms in regression models by Střelec, Luboš
Novel Mössbauer experiment in a rotating system: Extra energy shift confirmed by Kholmetskii, A. L.
Novel chemical species of Santilli’s magnegas in hadronic chemistry1) by Zodape, Sangesh P.
Numeric modelling of the temperature distribution of moulded piece in the simulation of injection molding process by Gnatowski, Adam
Numerical analysis of direct punch with a view to velocity and level of training by Lapkova, Dora
Numerical analysis of heat transfer around 2D circular cylinder in pulsation inflow by Gnatowska, Renata
Numerical analysis of randomly forced glycolitic oscillations by Ryashko, Lev
Numerical analysis of sandwich beam with corrugated core under three-point bending by Wittenbeck, Leszek
Numerical analysis of the efficiency of film cooling of surface streamlined by supersonic disperse flow by Kovalnogov, Vladislav N.
Numerical analysis of the temperature stratification of the disperse flow by Kovalnogov, Vladislav N.
Numerical analysis of wind flow and erosion in flow around the bump terrain by Gnatowska, Renata
Numerical and experimental investigation of the pressure drop in packings of spherical and non-spherical particles by Vollmari, Kevin
Numerical assessment of Dirac equation system by means of homotopy analysis method by Panakhov, Etibar S.
Numerical calculations for Heisenberg ferromagnet on honeycomb lattice using Oguchi’s method by Mert, Gülistan
Numerical estimation of phase transformations in solid state during Yb:YAG laser heating of steel sheets by Kubiak, Marcin
Numerical evaluation of equivalent material properties in the extruded aluminum panel for urban railway vehicle car bodies by Lee, Woo Geun
Numerical infinitesimals for solving ODEs given as a black-box by Sergeyev, Yaroslav D.
Numerical investigation of a continuous screening process by the discrete element method by Kruggel-Emden, Harald
Numerical investigation of heat transfer in air cooled permanent magnet electrical machines by Abdelhakim, Lotfi
Numerical investigation of influence of leaflet calcifıcation on aortic valve hemodynamics by Amindari, Armin
Numerical investigation of molten glass in a square cavity using finite element method by Duong, Thanh Tung
Numerical investigations on dynamic stall control with passive elements by Frunzulica, Florin
Numerical modeling of failure modes in bolted composite laminates by Nerilli, Francesca
Numerical modeling of pulsed laser-material interaction and of laser plume dynamics by Zhao, Qiang
Numerical prediction of energy consumption in buildings with controlled interior temperature by Jarošová, P.
Numerical research of the optimal control problem in the semi-Markov inventory model by Gorshenin, Andrey K.
Numerical simulation of flow around obstacles using lattice Boltzmann method by Benamour, M.
Numerical simulation of fluid flow around free vibrating wind turbine airfoil by Bekhti, Ahmed
Numerical simulation of nonlinear thermo-magneto-electric coupling effect in ME laminates by Zhou, Hao-Miao
Numerical simulation of scattering of acoustic waves by inelastic bodies using hypersingular boundary integral equation by Daeva, S.G.
Numerical simulation of turbulent heat transfer close to the critical point by Boersma, B.J.
Numerical solution of 2D wet steam flow with non-equilibrium condensation and real thermodynamics by Hric, V.
Numerical solution of a two-asset option valuation PDE by ADI finite difference discretization by Hout, Karel in ’t
Numerical solution of generalized Burgers-Fisher equation by exponential cubic B-spline collocation method by Dag, I.
Numerical solution of nonlinear fractional boundary value problems1) by Pedas, Arvet
Numerical solutions of a class of second order boundary value problems with Robin conditions by Abushammala, M.
Numerical solutions of linear and nonlinear Lane-Emden type equations by using magnus expansion method by Köme, Cahit
Numerical studies on the performance of a flow distributor in tank by Shin, Soo Jai
Numerical study of a Vlasov equation for systems with interacting particles by Herrera, Dianela
Numerical study of convergence of nonlinear models of the theory of shells with thickness decrease by Kabrits, Sergey A.
Numerical study of motion response of a floating body using SPH method by Ketabdari, Mohammad Javad
Numerical study of thermal effects in the hydrodynamic behavior of textured journal bearings by Tala-Ighil, N.
Numerical study on turbulent mixing process in cross-flow type T-junction by Abbes, Azzi
Omni vehicle dynamics model: Object-oriented implementation and verification by Kosenko, Ivan
On a spread model for portfolio credit risk modeling by Esquível, Manuel L.
On blow-up for a generalized heat inequality by Galakhov, E.
On computing eigenvalues of Lamé equation and zeros of Whittaker function by matrix method by Asai, Nobuyoshi
On control of continuous dynamical polysystems in discrete times by Khryashchev, S. M.
On discontinuous Dirac systems with eigenvalue dependent boundary conditions by Panakhov, Etibar S.
On discrete model of particle migration on regular networks by Yaroshenko, A.M.
On ergodicity bounds for an inhomogeneous birth-death process by Zeifman, Alexander I.
On first integrals of ODEs admitting λ-symmetries by Kozlov, Roman
On implementation of EM-type algorithms in the stochastic models for a matrix computing on GPU by Gorshenin, Andrey K.
On initial-boundary value problem for nonlinear viscoelastic wave system with damping and source terms by Wang, Yanjin
On joint stationary distribution in exponential multiserver reordering queue by Pechinkin, Alexander V.
On linear isometries on non-Archimedean generalized power series spaces by Ziemkowska, Agnieszka
On local fractal functions in banach spaces by Massopust, Peter
On modified quaternionic analysis, gradient dynamical systems and Kolmogorov equations in R3 by Bryukhov, Dmitry
On one boundary problem for nonlinear controlled system by Yakusheva, Daria B.
On optimal coefficient in augmented Lagrangian method for saddle point problem by Dłużewska, Felicja Okulicka-
On order flow toxicity by Chertok, A.
On perturbation bounds for a queueing model with group services by Zeifman, Alexander I.
On reducibility of linear markov switched difference equations by Carkovs, Jevgenijs
On relative controllability of delayed difference equations with multiple control functions by Pospíšil, M.
On sharp and highly manageable asymptotic approximations for instances of the Meijer G function by Coelho, Carlos A.
On some interpolation properties in locally convex spaces by Pater, Flavius
On some numerical scheme of solving diffraction problem on open and closed screens by Ryzhakov, Gleb V.
On spectral properties of a fourth-order boundary value problem with impulse by Faydaoglu, Serife
On the Janko group J4 generated by (2, 3, t) generators1) by Ali, Faryad
On the Rutherford-Santilli neutron model1) by Burande, Chandrakant S.
On the applicability of thin spherical shell model for the problems of mechanochemical corrosion by Pronina, Yulia G.
On the application of multistep methods to solving some problems of communication by Ibrahimov, Vagif
On the deficiency of some estimators constructed from samples with random sizes by Bening, Vladimir E.
On the detailed multidimensional modeling of HT PEM fuell cells and stacks by Krastev, V. K.
On the enumeration of rigid hypercompositional structures by Massouros, Christos G.
On the estimation of the attainability set of nonlinear control systems by Ekimov, A.V.
On the improvement of convergence rate of difference schemes with high order differences for a convection-diffusion equation by Berikelashvili, Givi
On the influence of wall roughness in particle-laden flows by Milici, Barbara
On the instability of the three dimensional rectangular duct flow using the energy gradient method by Nourazar, S. S.
On the proportion of non uniform reported p-values by Brilhante, M. Fátima
On the robust guidance of users in road traffic networks by Farhi, Nadir
On the solutions of nonlinear Boussinesq differential equations by Bildik, Necdet
On total variation flow in L1 with L∞ exponent and Neumann boundary conditions by Wunderli, Thomas
On-board diesel autothermal reforming for PEM fuel cells: Simulation and optimization by Cozzolino, Raffaello
One method of constructing manufactured solutions to 2D hydrodynamics Euler equations by Ruili, W.
One-way fixed effects ANOVA with missing observations by Nunes, Célia
One-way random effects ANOVA with random sample sizes: An application to a Brazilian database on cancer registries by Capistrano, Gilberto
Online climatic database for in-depth numerical analysis of building performance: Design of the code and example of application by Ďurana, Kamil
Optimal control of a repowered vehicle: Plug-in fuel cell against plug-in hybrid electric powertrain by Tribioli, L.
Optimal linear growth of MHD flow in a square duct by Hu, J.
Optimal water distribution in a Sierpinski type network by Montesarchio, Valeria
Optimization of synthesis protocols to control the nanostructure and the morphology of metal oxide thin films for memristive applications by Baldi, G.
Options of system integrated environment modelling in the predicated dynamic cyberspace by Janková, Martina
Organic memristive device as key element for neuromorphic networks by Erokhin, Victor
PSO algorithm enhanced with Lozi Chaotic Map - Tuning experiment by Pluhacek, Michal
Parallelization of the 3D SIP algorithm by Dierich, F.
Parameters describing the coupled water and nitrate transport and storage in materials of historical masonry by Fořt, Jan
Parameters estimation of equations of chemical kinetics and mathematical biology in the case of incomplete experimental data by Fedotov, I.
Partially-averaged Navier-Stokes simulation of the flow around simplified vehicle by Krajnović, S.
Pattern formation using L-systems: A case study in forming Neyname’s words by Dehshibi, Mohammad Mahdi
Pedestrian detection and tracking using modified SURF algorithm by Jang, Miso
Performance comparison of methods for design of experiments for analysis of tasks involving random variables by Šmídová, Magdalena
Performance evaluation of OpenFOAM on many-core architectures by Brzobohatý, Tomáš
Performance of Multi-chaotic PSO on a shifted benchmark functions set by Pluhacek, Michal
Performance of hp-adaptive strategies for elliptic partial differential equations by Mitchell, William F.
Performance prediction of the river craft using numerical approach by Kamarlouei, Mojtaba
Performance study and flow analysis of an annular multi-nozzle macrobenthos sampler by Li, Xiang
Phase space reconstruction and estimation of the largest Lyapunov exponent for gait kinematic data by Josiński, Henryk
Phoneme discrimination using a pair of neurons built from CRS fuzzy logic gates by Šuch, Ondrej
Physarum plasmodium perceives ambiguous stimulus as either attractant or repellent by Yamachiyo, Masaki
Physics of the rupturing mechanism for HP memristor in flux mode by Secco, Jacopo
Phytoplankton analysis of Portuguese reservoirs: A cluster analysis with R by Correia, Aldina
Piezoelectric energy harvesting from raised crosswalk devices by Ticali, Dario
Play style classification of the strong mahjong players by Sato, Hiroshi
Polarization of photons in matter–antimatter annihilation1) by Moskaliuk, S.S.
Polymeric systems for bio-inspired information processing by Erokhin, Victor
Polynomial extensions on a pyramid in three dimensions by Yang, Yang
Power consumption analysis for data centers with independent setup times and threshold controls by Hu, Jianan
Preface of the “11th symposium on clifford analysis and applications” by Guerlebeck, K.
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Preface of the “2nd edition of mathematical problems in engineering” by Collotta, Mario
Preface of the “2nd symposium on computational and analytical techniques for solving coupled multiphysics problems” by Zhou, Youhe
Preface of the “2nd symposium on latest advances in inverse problem and its application in physical science” by Liu, Jun
Preface of the “3rd symposium on dynamics of complex systems & networks: Modelling, computational analysis and control” by Siettos, Constantinos I.
Preface of the “3rd symposium on numerical methods of boundary value problems (BVPs): Analysis, algorithms and real world applications” by Sayfy, Ali
Preface of the “3rd symposium on statistical inference in linear models” by Carvalho, Francisco
Preface of the “4th symposium on computer languages, implementations and tools” -SCLIT 2014- by Budimac, Zoran
Preface of the “4th symposium on distribution theory, estimation and inference” by Coelho, Carlos A.
Preface of the “Computational modeling and experimental assessment of transport processes in building materials and their multi-layered systems” by Černý, Robert
Preface of the “Fifth international workshop on iso-, geno-, and hypermathematics” by Corda, Christian
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Preface of the “Fourth ICNAAM symposium on recent developments in Hilbert space tools and methodology for scientific computing” by Demiralp, Metin
Preface of the “II mini symposium on symmetry methods and applications for differential equations” by Bruzón, Maria Santos
Preface of the “Mini-symposium on mechanics of thin-walled structures” by Tovstik, Petr Evgenevich
Preface of the “Minisymposium on advances in iterative/semi-analytical methods for ordinary differential equations and their applications in engineering problems” by Atay, Mehmet Tarik
Preface of the “Minisymposium on boundary value problems and integral equations with applications” by Setukha, A.V.
Preface of the “Minisymposium on high accuracy solution of ordinary and Partial Differential Equations” by Gupta, Murli M.
Preface of the “Minisymposium on modern methods for solving problem of control and modeling of physical, biological and socio-economic processes” by Kvitko, Alexander N.
Preface of the “Minisymposium on theory and application of matrix equations” by Kyrchei, Ivan
Preface of the “Minisymposium particle-based multiscale analysis” by Kačianauskas, Rimantas
Preface of the “Second symposium on computational and applied sciences” by Zahra, Waheed K.
Preface of the “Second symposium on highlights in copula modeling” by González-López, V. A.
Preface of the “Second symposium on numerical calculations on theoretical magnetism” by Mert, Gülistan
Preface of the “Second symposium on physical-chemical gas-dynamics: Non-equilibrium processes modeling and simulation” by Gorbachev, Yuriy
Preface of the “Seventh symposium on recent trends in the numerical solution of differential equations” by Brugnano, Luigi
Preface of the “Symposium on adaptive materials, devices and systems towards unconventional computing and robotics: Modeling and implementation” by Iannotta, Salvatore
Preface of the “Symposium on analysis and design of multi-functional composite structures” by Gupta, Ramesh
Preface of the “Symposium on analytical approaches for nonlinear differential equations modeling complex natural phenomena & advanced technological processes” by Liao, S.J.
Preface of the “Symposium on application of fuzzy logic and neural networks in construction management” by Plebankiewicz, Edyta
Preface of the “Symposium on applied mathematics to computer science” by Sanahuja, Silvia M.
Preface of the “Symposium on applied problems in probability theory and mathematical statistics related to modeling of information systems (APPT+MS)” by Zeifman, Alexander
Preface of the “Symposium on border zones between experimental and numerical application including solution approaches by extensions of standard numerical methods” by Ortleb, S.
Preface of the “Symposium on computational intelligence: Theory and applications on mathematical modeling, optimization and control” by Alexandridis, A.
Preface of the “Symposium on computational methods for stochastic models” by Phung-Duc, Tuan
Preface of the “Symposium on dependable mechatronic systems” by Machado, José
Preface of the “Symposium on development and application of high-order methods for computational fluid dynamics” by Lu, Ping
Preface of the “Symposium on dynamical systems applications” by Pinto, Carla M.A.
Preface of the “Symposium on engineering problems of plasticity” by Nepershin, Rostislav I.
Preface of the “Symposium on environmental impact on the degradation of historical masonry: Computational simulations and experimental measurements” by Zmeskal, Oldrich
Preface of the “Symposium on exponential product and quantum analysis” by Suzuki, Masuo
Preface of the “Symposium on fractal analysis and harmonic analysis” by Su, Weiyi
Preface of the “Symposium on graphs” by Petrović, Vojislav
Preface of the “Symposium on high performance computing in engineering and environmental sciences” by Kozubek, Tomas
Preface of the “Symposium on initial boundary value problems (IBVP) and its applications” by Faydaoğlu, Şerife
Preface of the “Symposium on mathematical methods in economics and engineering” by Lemle, Ludovic Dan
Preface of the “Symposium on mathematical modeling of nonhomogeneous complex systems” by Galakhov, Evgeny
Preface of the “Symposium on mathematical modelling of economic systems II” by Hampel, David
Preface of the “Symposium on mathematical optimization in modern medicine and engineering” by Pater, Flavius
Preface of the “Symposium on modeling, simulation and optimization of transportation networks” by Farhi, Nadir
Preface of the “Symposium on modelling and simulation in computer sciences and engineering” by Miranda, Francisco
Preface of the “Symposium on modelling of biological cells, fluid flow and microfluidics” by Cimrák, Ivan
Preface of the “Symposium on multi-scale computational modelling and simulation for complex materials (fluid and solid)” by Tran-Cong, Thanh
Preface of the “Symposium on multi-scale mathematical and numerical analysis of involution-constrained PDEs” by Lukyanov, Alexander A.
Preface of the “Symposium on numerical methods for linear algebra and approximations” by Hosoda, Yohsuke
Preface of the “Symposium on numerical optimization and applications” by Pereira, Ana I.
Preface of the “Symposium on operational research and applications” by Ferreira, Fernanda A.
Preface of the “Symposium on optimization algorithms for discrete problems” by Ortega, Joaquín Pérez
Preface of the “Symposium on phase transitions of the Baxter-Wu model and other models with triple-spin interactions” by Velonakis, Ioannis N.
Preface of the “Symposium on recent advances in statistics” by Koyuncu, Nursel
Preface of the “Symposium on recent mathematical approaches & applications in geosciences” by Farfour, Mohammed
Preface of the “Symposium on robotic control, decomposition method and numerical analysis in applied mathematics” by Najafi, Mahmoud
Preface of the “Symposium on some new trends in nonlinear differential equations” by Bildik, Necdet
Preface of the “Symposium on state of the art of mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, optimization and control of hybrid renewable energy systems (wind power / photovoltaic energy )” by Dumitrache, Alexandru
Preface of the “Symposium on statistical modelling and biometrical applications” by Oliveira, Teresa A.
Preface of the “Symposium on stochastic & random partial differential equations with applications” by El-Beltagy, Mohamed
Preface of the “Symposium on structure-preserving integrators for differential equations” by Celledoni, Elena
Preface of the “Symposium on the numerical solution of differential equations and their applications” by Kalogiratou, Z.
Preface of the “Symposium on theoretical and computational modeling of biomembranes” by Kubica, K.
Preface of the “Symposium on theoretical and numerical modeling of systems with long range interactions” by Curilef, Sergio
Preface of the “Third minisymposium on mathematical modeling in hydrology: Novel insight in hydrological modeling” by Ubertini, Lucio
Preface of the “Virtual symposium on bezier curves and surfaces” by Rababah, Abedallah
Preface of the “Workshop on numerical and symbolic computation in surface and curve modeling” by Kozera, Ryszard
Preface of “The fourth symposium on advanced computation and information in natural and applied sciences” by Rückemann, Claus-Peter
Preface to the 9th international symposium on numerical analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer - Numerical fluids 2014 by Zeidan, Dia
Preliminary multivariate analysis of the Harvard spectral classification of the H-R diagram main sequence stars by Janošek, Michal
Preprocessing of 3D scanned images for facial animation on the basis of realistic acquisition by Pęszor, Damian
Prestack reverse time migration for 3D marine reflection seismic data by Jang, Seonghyung
Privatization in an international mixed duopoly with environmental taxes by Ferreira, Flávio
Program complex for fluid dynamic problems simulation on GPU-based computer systems by Davydov, Alexander A.
QR codes and Java applied to physiological data acquisition in biomedical engineering education by Barros, Carla
Qualitative dynamics and numerical evidences in a business-cycle model with non-concave production function and variable population growth rate by Mammana, Cristiana
Quantum analysis applied to thermo field dynamics on dissipative systems by Hashizume, Yoichiro
Quenching time for nonlinear heat transfer model and its simulation by Xiuyan, Peng
RDF graph-based formal system in relation to the Sowa’s conceptual graph by Žáček, Martin
Radial integration method in quaternion function theory and its applications by Grigoriev, Yu.
Real time transferring of field data into a spatial DBMS for management of emergencies with a dedicated GIS platform by Michele, Mangiameli
Real-time control of urban drainage system: Optimization of spillways by Spina, S.
Real-time dynamic information to road-users: New challenges for urban road network management strategies by Charansonney, Luc
Recent advances in the numerical solution of Hamiltonian PDEs by Brugnano, Luigi
Recent progress of quantum annealing by Suzuki, Sei
Reconstruction of perturbed pressure field in a hydraulic turbine by reduced order modeling techniques by Bistrian, Diana Alina
Rectangular Bézier patches in identification of 3D smooth boundary shape in the PIES method for potential problems by Szerszen, Krzysztof
Reduced differential transform method for (2+1) dimensional type of the Zakharov–Kuznetsov ZK(n,n) equations by Acan, Omer
Reduced differential transform method for improved Boussinesq equation by Servi, Sema
Reducing WSN simulation runtime by using multiple simultaneous instances by Pinto, Pedro
Refutational provability and fuzzy description logic by Habiballa, Hashim
Relating air pollution and respiratory diseases occurrences by Teodoro, M. F.
Relation of normalized difference vegetation index with some spectral bands of satellite images by Herbei, Mihai Valentin
Relaxation approximations to second-order traffic flow models by high-resolution schemes by Nikolos, I.K.
Reliability and sensitivity analysis of welded shell tanks for crude oil storage by Kala, Zdeněk
Reliability block diagrams based analysis: A survey by Hasan, Osman
Reliability of existing clay masonry structures by Jana, Markova
Representation numbers of some quadratic forms of discriminant - 75 by Kendirli, Barış
Representation of the local error for higher-order exponential splitting schemes involving two or three sub-operators by Auzinger, Winfried
Representing massive gravitons, as a way to quantify early universe magnetic field contributions to space-time, created by non linear electrodynamics by Beckwith, Andrew Walcott
Representing subgrid stress with cinlar velocity field in large eddy simulation by Kara, Rukiye
Reversible logic gates on Physarum Polycephalum by Schumann, Andrew
Revised Ansatz for ball-shape valve hydraulic force analysis by Matyas, Alpar
Ribosomal DNA analysis by Wavelet Transform by Maggi, Norbert
Risk assessment of demolition activity with the help of explosives by Vătăsescu, Mihail
Santilli’s detection of antimatter galaxies: An introduction and experimental confirmation by Bhujbal, P. M.
Santilli’s hadronic mechanics of formation of deuteron1) by Dhondge, Sudhakar S.
Selection of pose configuration parameters of motion capture data based on dynamic time warping by Switonski, Adam
Self-consistent approach to solving the 1D Thomas-Fermi equation using an exponential basis set by Badri, Hamid
Semi-analytical model for non-spherical particles by Kačianauskas, Rimantas
Separate node ascending derivatives expansion (SNADE) for univariate functions: Conceptuality and formulation by Demiralp, Metin
Separate node ascending derivatives expansion (SNADE) for univariate functions: Node optimization via partial fluctuation suppression by Gürvit, Ercan
Separate node ascending derivatives expansion (SNADE) for univariate functions: Polynomial recursions, remainder bounds and the convergence by Baykara, N. A.
Separate node ascending derivatives expansion (SNADE) for univariate functions: Univariate numerical integration by Baykara, N. A.
Shear deformable deformation of carbon nanotubes based on a new analytical nonlocal Timoshenko beam nodel by Zhang, Jianming
Short-term recursions for fractional differential equations by Aceto, Lidia
Simulation of long period fibre gratings and applications by Baptista, Fábio D.
Simulation of random cracking of heterogeneous matrix reinforced by the ribbed bar by Lukoševičienė, Ona
Simulation of the interaction of electromagnetic waves with dispersed particles in the propagation of breather in the surface layer of a liquid medium by Zabolotin, V.V.
Simulations and numerical model of steel hardening process by Domański, Tomasz
Simultaneous diagonalization of various size matrices by Maehara, Takanori
Single and multi destinations trees for routing applications by Maniscalco, Vincenzo
Slug capturing scheme for gas-liquid pipe flows based on two-pressure two-fluid model by Shaposhnikov, D.
Software for service life assessment of historical buildings: Implementation of coupled heat, moisture and salt transport model by Maděra, Jiří
Software for the occupational health and safety integrated management system by Vătăsescu, Mihaela
Solutal separation in a binary nanofluid due to thermodiffusion by Saghir, M.Z.
Solution of Troesch’s problem using fixed-point iteration with embedded green’s functions by Sayfy, A.
Solution of a quadratic nonlinear problem with multiple scales Lindstedt-Poincare method by Pakdemirli, Mehmet
Solution of second order quasi-linear boundary value problems by a wavelet method by Zhang, Lei
Solution of the system of Cauchy-type singular integral equations of the first kind by third- and fourth- kind Chebyshev polynomials by Duru, Hatice Kübra
Solving boundary layer problem using fifth order block method by See, Phang Pei
Solving elastoplastic problems with different preconditioners by Cermak, Martin
Solving multidimensional nonlinear perturbed problems using interval Newton methods by Kamel, Islam R
Solving nonlinear space-time fractional differential equations using the exp-function method by Güner, Özkan
Some convergence results for inexact Radau IIA methods applied to evolutionary PDEs by González-Pinto, S.
Some efficient one-point variants of Halley’s method, with memory, for solving nonlinear equations by Ramos, Higinio
Some problems of optimal control of two parallel FIFO-queues by Sokolov, Andrew V.
Spatial distribution of climate indices in the Iberian Peninsula by Andrade, C.
Specifics of plants identification in man-machine systems by Galina, Pikina
Specifying structural constraints of architectural patterns in the ARCHERY language by Sanchez, Alejandro
Splitting methods for controlled vessel offshore operations by Høiseth, Eirik Hoel
Stability analysis of a two-stage optical buffer by Rogiest, Wouter
Stability analysis of macrophage-tumor interaction with piecewise constant arguments by Bozkurt, Fatma
Stability of geometrically nonlinear pre-stressed column loaded by a force directed towards the positive pole partially lying on Winkler elastic foundation by Szmidla, Janusz
Stabilizability of planar affine systems with control singularities by Golubev, Alexey E.
Stabilized and reliable numerical scheme for a fully discrete Allen-Cahn equation on a smooth domain by Chin, Pius W. M.
Standard electromagnetically driven cosmology coupled with fermionic source1) by Mello, M. M. C.
Statics and dynamics of a rod under axial compression by Belyaev, Aleksandr K.
Statistical analysis of the mechanical properties of injection molded photoluminescent polymers by Trovalusci, Federica
Statistical decision functions based on bans by Grusho, Alexander A.
Statistical models for categorical data: Brief review for applications in ecology by Ramos, M. Rosário
Stiffened shell of minimal weight in buckling problems by Filippov, Sergei B.
Stochastic response surface methodology: A study in the human health area by Oliveira, Teresa A.
Stress stage influence on diffusion process in materials by Indeitsev, D.
Structural health monitoring through fiber Bragg grating strain sensing by Panciroli, R.
Studies and researches on the measurement and 3D integrated control of complex components from automotive industry by laser scanning by Voicu, Adrian-Cătălin
Studies on the new fuels with Santilli magnecular structure and their industrial applications by Pandhurnekar, Chandrashekhar P.
Study of combustion of coal with magnegas as additive for improved combustion efficiency: A review of present scenario and future scope1) by Wazalwar, Sachin S.
Study of the influence of soft ferromagnet location and dimensions on the levitation performance for maglev systems by Huang, Chenguang
Study of thermal properties of insulating materials by Zmeskal, Oldrich
Study on possible trajectories and impacts with earth of antimatter bodies in the solar system according to isodual theory of antimatter by Bartoli, Simone Beghella
Sub-harmonic resonances of periodic parameter excited oscillators with the absolute value items by Cui, Jifeng
Survivability design for a hybrid underwater vehicle by Wang, Biao
Symmetry analysis of a generalized Fisher equation by Gandarias, M.L.
Synchronization in asynchronous cellular automata evaluated by local active information storage by Mutoh, Anri
Synergies from using higher order symplectic decompositions both for ordinary differential equations and quantum Monte Carlo methods by Matuttis, Hans-Georg
Telemaintenance and teleservice oriented design of dependable mechatronic system in automotive industry by Constantin, Anghel
Temperature boundary conditions for ATES systems by Birhanu, Z. K.
Ternary systems based on PVDF, BaTiO3 and MWCNTs: Fabrication, characterization, electromagnetic simulation by Cacciotti, Ilaria
Testing and acceleration of the conservative projection method for solving Boltzmann kinetic equation by Tcheremissine, F.G.
Testing equality of selected parameters in particular nonlinear models by Doudová, Lucie
The Bernoulli-Euler and Timoshenko theories in the context of research on the characteristic curves of column with different boundary conditions by Uzny, Sebastian
The analysis of the exact solutions of the space fractional coupled KD equations by Demiray, Seyma Tuluce
The analyze of the dynamic performances of two maximum power point tracking algorithms for photovoltaic systems by Crăciunescu, Aurelian
The application of second derivative methods to solving Volterra integro-differential equations by Imanova, Mehriban
The arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) modeling of a vapor bubble growth in a microtube by Jafari, R.
The circular representation of 2 FIFO-queues in single level memory by Sokolov, Andrew V.
The compressive buckling and size effect of single-walled carbon nanotubes by Sun, Yuzhou
The construction of the finite-difference method and application by Ibrahimov, Vagif
The convergence of the h-p version of the finite element method with quasi-uniform meshes in three dimensions by Zhang, Jianming
The currency risk management in the real sectors of the economy based on volatility by Medvedeva, Marina A.
The demand for military spending in NATO member countries by Odehnal, Jakub
The discrete minimum constraint removal motion planning problem by Gorbenko, Anna
The effects of variable thermal conductivity on boundary layer flow embedded in a porous Cu-nanofluid medium by Li, B.
The evolution of ordering strategies under Damaged Beer Game by Sato, Hiroshi
The evolution of the market share of competing brands modeled with Markov chains by Pater, Liana
The experimental study on the standing solitary waves by Li, Xiaochen
The extended B-spline collocation method for numerical solutions of Fisher equation by Ersoy, O.
The finite element implementation of a K.P.P. equation for the simulation of tsetse control measures by Childs, S. J.
The impact of air flow to the distribution of heat transfer coefficient on circular cylinder by Beran, Pavel
The impact of stone shape to the thermal stress of ashlar masonry by Beran, Pavel
The influence of chemical composition upon the hardness of brake shoes meant for rolling stock by Pascu, Liviu
The influence of correlation between initial axis curvature and cross-section rotation on the beam static resistance by Valeš, Jan
The lattice Boltzmann method and the problem of turbulence by Djenidi, L.
The light rays analogue of a static black hole1) by Bittencourt, E.
The mathematical model of a steady flow through a plane profile cascade with an arbitrarily large inflow – Existence of a weak solution by Neustupa, T.
The metastable flow through adiabatic and diabatic coiled capillary tubes by Zareh, M.
The n-th stationary KdV equation and the monodromy by Matsushima, Masatomo
The network model of electroporation by Kubica, Krystian
The problem of robot swarms control with only global signals by Gorbenko, Anna
The role of crystallite withdrawal rate and external sources on nucleation and growth of crystals by Alexandrov, D. V.
The scour prediction of non-contact trencher with numerical method by Yuan, Qingqing
The selection of construction sub-contractors using the fuzzy sets theory by Krzemiński, Michał
The semi-lagrangian algorithm based on an integral transformation by Shaydurov, Vladimir
The shallow water equations as a hybrid flow model for the numerical and experimental analysis of hydro power stations by Ostermann, Lars
The solution of a string model by adomian decomposition method by Demir, Duygu Dönmez
The sphericity versus equivariance-equicorrelation test by Marques, Filipe J.
The stability of geometrically nonlinear Euler’s column at stepped variable of flexural rigidity by Szmidla, Janusz
The statistical evaluation of thermal resistance and price of bitumen waterproofing sheets by Jan, Plachý
The stefan problem on evaporation of a volatile component in the gas-melt-solid system by Malygin, A.P.
The stokes flow with friction by Kučera, Radek
The study on knowledge transferring incentive for information system requirement development by Li, Yang
The type-2 fuzzy logic control of the induction motor by Rafa, Souad
The use of experimental design to find the operating maximum power point of PEM fuel cells by Crăciunescu, Aurelian
The use of fuzzy case-based reasoning in estimating costs in the early phase of the construction project by Zima, Krzysztof
Thermal fluid-structure-interaction - Experimental and numerical analysis by Gleim, Tobias
Thermal insulating plasters and their hygric properties by Čáchová, Monika
Thermal optimization of steel at continuous casting by Lăscuţoni, Alina
Thermo-elastic failure simulation of 3-D orthotropic composites by XFEM by Pathak, Himanshu
Thermo-statistics of rotating 2D non-screened plasma under an imperfect magnetic confinement by Ordenes-Huanca, C.
Thermomagnetic instability and correlated deformation in the type-II superconducting films by Jing, Ze
Thin-walled tube plastic crash in bending by Nepershin, Rostislav I.
Third-order BVPs: Fixed-point iteration scheme by Khoury, S.
Three different models for non-equilibrium condensation of steam in a nozzle by Halama, J.
Three dimensional numerical simulation of water entry problem by Facci, Andrea Luigi
Threshold-based queuing system for performance analysis of cloud computing system with dynamic scaling by Shorgin, Sergey Ya.
Time minimizing transportation problems with partial limitations of transported amount for transport participants by Kolman, Pavel
Toeplitz matrices used to solve Volterra-Fredholm integral equations with Carleman Kernel by Alhazmi, Sharefa Eisa Ali
Towards a realistic fruitfly wing model with flexibility by Trong, N. T.
Traffic flow on a road network using a conserved higher-order model by Lin, Zhi-Yang
Trajectory reconstruction using personalized routing over a graph by Ospina, Edison C.
Tridiagonal kernel enhanced multivariance products representation (TKEMPR) for outer product sums: Arrowheading EMPR for kernel (AEMPRK) by Okan, Ayla
Trigonometrically fitted two step hybrid methods for the numerical solution of the Schrödinger equation by Kalogiratou, Z.
Turbulence models in CFD simulation of low-Reynolds number airfoils flow by Bogos, Stefan
Turbulent combustion modeling with fully coupled fully implicit compressible solver by Kalpakli, B.
Two definitions of fake Lax pairs by Butler, Samuel
Two-dimensional depth-averaged model simulation by Avramenko, Anna
Two-dimensional hydrodynamic model for traffic flow simulation using parallel computer systems by Chechina, Antonina A.
Two-dimensional model of plate made of anisotropic inhomogeneous material by Tovstik, Petr E.
Uncertainty analysis for hydraulic fracturing modeling in porous media containing oil and gas by Lukyanov, A. A.
Unification of control in P2P communication middleware: Towards complex messaging patterns by Iakushkin, Oleg
Unified continuum damage model for matrix cracking in composite rotor blades by Pollayi, Hemaraju
Uniform coverings of 2-paths in the complete bipartite directed graph by Kobayashi, Midori
Use of OpenMP to parallelise a one-dimensional multiphase flow code by Kalogerakos, Stamatis
Using disdrometer measured raindrop size distributions to establish weather radar algorithms by Adirosi, E.
Using mathematical algorithms for classification of LANDSAT 8 satellite images by Herbei, Mihai Valentin
Using neural networks to model self-immune disease in terms of the alterations of the dynamic electrical impedance by Giannoukos, Georgios
Using stochastic activity networks to study the energy feasibility of automatic weather stations by Cassano, Luca
Using the artificial neural networks in the modelling of the induction heating by Wróbel, Joanna
VAM applied to dimensional reduction of nonlinear multifunctional film-fabric laminates by Kshirsagar, Alap
Variance-based sensitivity indices for stochastic models with correlated inputs by Kala, Zdeněk
Variation of chlorophyll content in sunflower under the influence of magnetic nanofluids by Pîrvulescu, Amedeu
Verification of MPI applications by Meca, Ondřej
Verification of functional a posteriori error estimates for an obstacle problem by Harasim, P.
Verification of the numerical codes for modelling of gas dynamics in strong centrifugal field by Bogovalov, S.V.
Vibrations of a floating beam on marine waves1) by Sabaneev, Valentin S.
Virus propagation in a SIQR model with impulse quarantine by Pinto, Carla M.A.
Viscoelastic multicomponent fluids in confined flow-focusing devices by Gupta, A.
Void-creating algorithm in OPS/OBS: Mind the gap by Hautegem, Kurt Van
WCSPH simulation of solitary wave interaction with a curtain-type breakwater by Ketabdari, Mohammad Javad
Wave simulation in a numerical wave tank, using BEM by Alamian, Rezvan
Wavelet method for viscoelastic fractional derivative model by Wang, Xiaomin
Weight optimization of large span steel truss structures with genetic algorithm by Mojolic, Cristian
Weighted finite element method of high degree of accuracy for Dirichlet problem with singularity by Rukavishnikova, E.I.
Whispering gallery modes in oblate spheroidal cavities: Calculations with a variable stepsize by Amodio, P.
µ-diff: A matlab toolbox for multiple scattering problems by disks by Thierry, Bertrand
ψ-hyperholomorphic functions and an application to elasticity problems by Gürlebeck, Klaus
ℬ-matrices and its applications to linear models by Carvalho, Francisco

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