7th European and African Conference on Wind Engineering

Translated title: EACWE 2017

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Welcome to the 7th European and African Conference on Wind Engineering (EACWE 2017). The conference is held at Liège (Belgium), from July 4-7 2017. EACWE 2017 is the 7th in a series of European and African conferences organised on a four-year cycle under the auspices of the International Association of Wind Engineering (IAWE). The first EACWE was held in Guernsey in 1993 and was followed by conferences in Genoa (1997), Eindhoven (2001), Prague (2005), Florence (2009) and Cambridge (2013).

Wind Engineering
l'Association pour l'Ingénierie du Vent
Conference Title:
7th European and African Conference on Wind Engineering
Conference Venue:
Liège (BE)
Conference Dates:
04/07/2017 / 07/07/2017
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Contributions to this conference

2D URANS simulation of aerodynamic loads on a pitching airfoil: Impact of computational parameters by Geng, Feiyu
3DOF galloping analysis based on quasi-steady theory with reference to the aerodynamic stiffness by Macdonald, John
A 100 years of along-wind loading provisions for chimneys by Zurański, Jerzy Antoni
A comparative wind tunnel study of energy harvesting from galloping and wake galloping of square prisms by Hémon, Pascal
A corotational finite element formulation to model galloping vibrations of iced conductors by Foti, Francesco
A force action based interpretation of damping by McNamara, Robert
A full-scale experimental study of freight train aerodynamics by Soper, David
A low Re flow around four side-by-side circular cylinders by Alam, MD Mahbub
A method for estimating extreme wind pressure on independent blocks with short-term time history samples by Yang, Qingshan
A multi-fidelity shape optimization via surrogate modeling for civil structures by Ding, Fei
A new measurement approach to analyse aeolian particle deposition with a 3D photogrammetry technique in the boundary layer wind tunnel by Kalender, Cornelia
A new urban test campaign for numerical uncertainty quantification by Sousa, Jorge
A non-Gaussian probabilistic approach for estimating the equivalent static wind load on structures from unsteady pressure measurements in wind tunnel by Kassir, Wafaa
A novel fully-coupled computational wind-structure interaction approach for the design of added mass dampers by Pentek, Mate
A paramedic study of the effect of a tornado generator’s geometric design on the flow field by Gillmeier, Stefanie
A parametric study of downbursts using a full-scale cooling source model by Savory, Eric
A progressive adoption of CFD for sport engineering: from motorsports to athlete-specific modeling by Marchal, Thierry
A solid-fluid coupling simulation for wind borne debris: auto-rotating flat plate and flying flat plate by Uchibori, Kazuaki
A street canyon vertical mass-exchange model including the influence of upstream flow regime and canyon geometry by Savory, Eric
Added mass and damping modeling for the design of membrane structures based on fullycoupled FSI investigations by AlSofi, Hosam
Adjustment of regulatory documents of the Russian Federation in the field of wind loads on building structures on the basis of learning and adaptation of the Eurocodes requirements by Poddaeva, Olga
Aero-elastic behavior of high-rise buildings under downstream interference effects by Lo, Yuan-Lung
Aerodynamic and hydrodynamics aspects of the operation of trains through floodwater by Baker, Chris
Aerodynamic design of a wind turbine diffuser with openfoam by Sorribes-Palmer, Félix
Aerodynamic force on railway vehicles on an embankment in a turbulent boundary layer flow and a smooth flow by Noguchi, Yuhei
Aerodynamic modification on slender structures for enhancing wind energy harvesting by Hu, Gang
Aeroelastic forces in vortex-induced vibrations: critical analysis based on wind tunnel experiments by Lupi, Francesca
Aeroelastic stability of a two-degrees of freedom system with additive and multiplicative narrow band random noises by Naprstek, Jiri
Amplitude-dependent damping ratio of a cable-suspended roof identified from full-scale data by Chen, Bo
An investigation of tandem cycling aerodynamics by Mannion, Paul
Analysis of drag changes for a cyclist when overtaken by a motorcycle by Blocken, Bert
Analysis of the duration of high winds during hurricanes by Kopp, Gregory
Analysis of transmission line structures under moving downburst by Shehata, Ahmed
Application of CFD simulations of Wind-driven rain (WDR) on the new roof extension for San Mames New Football Stadium by Llarena, Javier
Application of surrogate models in the characterization of the aerodynamic response of streamlined bridge decks by Montoya, Miguel Cid
Automatized structural optimization of lattice towers using realistic wind loads by Friehe, Mirko
Benchmark for self-accreditation by Koss, Holger Hundborg
CFD and PIV study of the airflow in and around a saddle-shaped double-roofed stadium by Ramponi, Rubina
CFD simulations of near-field pollutant dispersion with different plume buoyancies by Tominaga, Yoshihide
CFD study towards a solution for wind speed gradient reduction by large wind screens near a car carrier port by Janssen, Wendy
Calculation of the driving rain wall factor using ray-tracing by Tsoka, Stella
Characterization of the shear layer instability on the 2D square prism by Moore, Daniel
Closed-form prediction of the wind-induced fatigue of structures by Repetto, Maria Pia
Comparison between wind tunnel and computational predictions of the shear velocity distribution along a flat roof with solar panels by Ferreira, Almerindo
Comparison of CFD simulations with a benchmark wind tunnel test for wind loads by Bronkhorst, Okke
Computational studies of vortex-induced vibration of a bending 5:1 rectangular cylinder by Nguyen, Dinh Tung
Controlling of sun protecting systems at outside glass facades by wind characteristic method by Ruscheweyh, Hans
Coupled aerodynamic and hydrodynamic response of a long span bridge suspended from floating towers by Wang, Jungao
Cross-Wind load effects on different vehicle body geometries by Bhadra, Kaustav
Debris path in tornado-like vortices by Bourriez, Frederick
Design methods to assess the resistance of offshore wind turbine structures impacted by a ship by Echeverry, Sara
Design of the Citadel of Bonifacio urban area through experimental and numerical assessment of pedestrian comfort by Aguinaga, Sylvain
Determination of aerodynamic damping and vortex-shedding correlation length of wind turbine towers based on wind tunnel experiments with high frequency force balance (HFFB) and forced-oscillations methods by Fontecha, Robert
Dispersion within and above an array pf blocks in a spatially developing boundary layer by Sessa, Vincenzo
Dynamic properties of wind-excited linked tall buildings considering both intra- and interbuilding structural couplings by Song, Jie
Dynamic response of an RC high-rise building under wind load, and energy dissipation systems effect by Gherbi, Aboubaker
Effect of steady stationary laboratory simulated downburst flow on a standard tall building by Jubayer, Chowdhury
Effects of wind-wave misalignment on the dynamic response of an offshore wind turbine in highly nonlinear waves by Mockute, Agota
Evaluation of Wind-induced response predictions of a long-span suspension bridge using full-scale measurements by Fenerci, Aksel
Evaluation of computational domain on CFD simulation of flow in a long street canyon under a perpendicular wind direction by Ai, Zhengtao
Evaluation of damping and natural period of tall RC buildings using full-scale data by Kim, Hongjin
Experimental and numerical aerodynamic optimization of a post-tensioned concrete railway bridge in tandem arrangement with a truss road bridge by Amerio, Luca
Experimental and numerical appraisal of wind-induced noise by Mijorski, Sergey
Experimental and numerical studies on suppression of vortex-induced vibrations of twin box girders by central grids by Zhou, Qiang
Experimental investigation of snow accumulation by Fiebig, Jennifer
Experimental investigation of wind-induced responses considering interference of twin chimney stacks by Li, Mingshui
Experimental investigation on the spatial distribution of wind pressure on building facades. Comparison between time-filtering and area-filtering of wind tunnel data. by Allsop, Andrew
Experimental investigation on the wind force of a scaffolding system by Fang, Fuh-Min
Experimental study on multi-mode rain-wind induced vibrations of a flexible cable by Gao, Dong-Lai
Experimental verification of a generic buffeting load model for high-rise and long-span structures by Srouji, Robin George
Experimental wind tunnel tests and numerical analysis of the aerodynamic behaviour of a high tapered obelisk by Amerio, Luca
Extensive wind tunnel measurements to explore the conditional expected load method by Blaise, Nicolas
Field measurements of wind-driven rain: verification and expansion of site wind conditions by Chiu, Vincent
Field monitoring of the forth road bridge by Owen, John
Fluid-structure interaction analysis of high-rise building with inner balcony and corner cut by Hasama, Takamasa
Flutter and galloping of bridge decks with roadway wind barriers by Buljac, Andrija
Flutter suppression using a magnetic vibration absorber by Malher, Arnaud
Forces and pressure distributions on building facades with a screen: experimental twodimensional studies. by Giachetti, Andrea
Full scale investigation of wind loads on a light weight building-integrated photovoltaic system by Geurts, Chris
Galloping instability of a stay cable attached with a viscous damper by Nguyen, Cung
Identification of a slight vortex induced vibration episode at the Grande Ravine Viaduct by Bastos, Fernando
Identifying aerodynamic derivatives of a slotted box girder in a forces vibration set up using a harmonic and arbitrary motion by Skyvulstad, Henrik
Improvement of pedestrian level wind comfort near complex of high-rise buildings in Warsaw by using wind protection shields by Flaga, Andrzej
In-line oscillation characteristics of two square cylinders in a tandem arrangement by Matsuda, Kazutoshi
In-situ measurements of wind action on scaffoldings by Jamińska-Gadomska, Paulina
Indoor tests for the aeolian vibration of transmission lines by Peng, Tian
Inflatable walls for wind tunnels by Flamand, Olivier
Inflow uncertainty definition for atmospheric flows in rural and urban environments by García-Sánchez, Clara
Influence of background winds and storm motion on downburst outflow by Romanic, Djordje
Interference effects between two elliptic towers: wind tunnel experiments combined with CFD analyses by Franek, Michal
Interference of vortex-induced vibration and galloping of a rectangular cylinder in turbulent flow by Mannini, Claudio
Investigation of crosswind-induced load effects on free-standing lattice towers by Calotescu, Ileana
Investigation on damage and intervention costs induced by thunderstorm-like winds on tall buildings by Caracoglia, Luca
Jules Verne 2.0, renewal of a large wind tunnel facility by Palier, Pierre
Large eddy simulation of a cross-ventilated building: validation and impact of inflow generators by Vasaturo, Raffaele
Large eddy simulation of pressure fluctuations on a surface-mounted cube by Guichard, Romain
Large eddy simulations for wind loads assessment: benchmark on a high-rise building by Ricci, Mattia
Large-eddy simulations of flow around a high-rise building: Validation and sensitivity analysis on turbulent statistics by Okaze, Tsubasa
Large-eddy simulations of the atmospheric boundary layer for calculating wind loads on buildings by Lamberti, Giacomo
Lessons learned from testing of a transmission line model at the WindEEE dome under simulated downbursts by Elawady, Amal
Measurement of the wind tunnel simulated boundary layer characteristics using shortrange WindScanner Lidars by Zasso, Alberto
Measurements of low-frequency wind spectral properties relevant to design of long-span bridges by Cheynet, Etienne
Measuring wind with micro planes by Watkins, Simon
Method for preliminary design of a viscous damper system, applied to a tall building by Duflot, Philippe
Methods of increasing the accuracy of the simulation of wind effects based on preliminary statistical analysis of the frequency of occurrence of different wind forces in the directions by Poddaeva, Olga
Modeling of vortex-induced vibrations of an elongated rectangular cylinder through wakeoscillator models by Marra, Antonino Maria
Natural ventilation energy saving potential by CFD by Stathopoulos, Theodore
Nonlinear behavior of high-rise steel building under wind effect taking into account soilstructure interaction by Bougherra, Souhaib
Numerical analysis of aerodynamic forces acting on a couple of cyclists in cross wind conditions by Malizia, Fabio
Numerical analysis of drag of different cyclist positions for hill descent by Blocken, Bert
Numerical analysis of forced convective heat transfer coefficients at the facades of a lowrise building: influence of wind direction by Iousef, Samy
Numerical analysis of the aerodynamics of cyclists during team time trial rotation by Druenen, Thijs van
Numerical and wind-tunnel evaluation of ventilation conditions in a real compact heterogeneous urban area by Antoniou, Nestoras
Numerical modeling of ice accretion shape due to freezing precipitation on engineering structures by Szilder, Krzysztof
Numerical modeling of urban microclimate in a real compact area in the Mediterranean region: impact of urban morphology by Palusci, Olga
Numerical modelling of wind-blown rain on railway station platforms and mitigation through canopy design by Flynn, Dominic
Numerical simulation of WINDEEE dome downburst for open terrain using physical roughness elements by Ibrahim, Ibrahim
Numerical simulation of the torsional stall flutter of a parabolic trough solar collector by Andre, Michael
On the fluid dynamics of circular cylinders with span-wise waviness by Zhang, Kai
On the influence of the shape of buildings in urban wind energy harvesting by Vita, Giulio
On the use of Irwin probes to measure wall shear street in rectangular ducts of variable section using Openfoam by Faria, Raquel
Optimum design of cable stayed bridges with single box deck considering aeroelastic and structural constraints by Montoya, Miguel Cid
Overall wind loads on large duo-pitch multi-span greenhouses by Bronkhorst, Okke
Peak negative pressure coefficients on low-tilted solar arrays mounted on flat roofs: The effects of building size and model scale by Kray, Thorsten
Peak response of HAWTs to wind and seismic actions by Avossa, Alberto Maria
Precursor simulation for LES validation study of the Michelstadt case by Franke, Jörg
Preliminary investigation to assess the application of ductility-based design approach for high rise buildings under extreme wind loads by Elezaby, Fouad
Pressure distribution over a typical low-rise building under laboratory simulated tornado vortices by Refan, Maryam
Probabilistic optimization of a suspension bridge deck considering correlation among wind related random variables by Kusano, Ibuki
Problems and challenges when estimating extreme wind speeds by Naess, Arvid
Proper orthogonal decomposition of random pressure fields acting on tall buildings by Vacca, Luca
Quantification of effect of inclined webs on flutter performance of box girders by Wang, Qi
Quantitative relationship between surface roughness parameters obtained from building information database and wind turbulence near the ground surface by Sasaki, Ryoji
RANS turbulence model form uncertainty quantification for the flow around a wall-mounted cube by Zeoli, Stéphanie
Recent advancement in the extraction of Equivalent Static Wind Loads by Patruno, Luca
Reducing losses due to crop lodging by Baker, Christopher
Revisiting the London wind climate by Hackett, Daniel
Role of low-frequency vortices on dry galloping of inclined stay cable by Katsuchi, Hiroshi
Sensitivity test of different inflow conditions for CFD simulations of wind flow in urban areas by Ricci, Alessio
Similarity criteria for the sectional model of three conductors bundle of power lines at their aeroelastic vibrations by Flaga, Andrzej
Statistical analysis of extreme wind speed due to thunderstorm outflows by Zhang, Shi
Steady RANS simulation of the homogeneous neutrally stratified atmospheric boundary layer by Cindori, Mihael
Study of RANS simulation of ABL flow over complex terrains - comparison with LIDAR monitoring at Xiao-Ping-Ding by Li, Yi-Chao
Study on extraction parameters of flutter derivatives for the development of a time-domain formulation of self-excited forces by Maheux, Sébastien
Tacoma Narrows Bridge flutter - Theory, experiment and full-scale observation by Rønne, Maja
The Louis Vuitton Foundation and its design under turbulent wind by Goyet, Vincent de Ville de
The New Hong Kong wind code by Allsop, Andrew
The Third Bosphorus Bridge: from a cardboard model to reality by the way of the wind tunnel laboratory by Goyet, Vincent de Ville de
The Third Bosphorus Bridge: its behavior under wind during different erections stages and the final configuration by Goyet, Vincent de Ville de
The Third Bosphorus Bridge: the aerodynamic stability of the steel segments during lifting operations by Goyet, Vincent de Ville de
The aerodynamic flow beneath a high speed train: A numerical and experimental analysis by Flynn, Dominic
The calculation of train stability in tornado winds by Baker, Christopher
The effect of the span-wise width of diffusion in the wind tunnel measurement for evaluating the effective stack height by Ono, Hiroki
The effect of urban geometry of London on pedestrian level wind speeds - A quantitative analysis by Tsichritzis, Leonidas
The effects of green features on natural ventilation in buildings by Mak, Cheuk Ming
The effects of lift-up design of high-rise buildings on the pedestrian-level wind environment by Zhang, Xuelin
The safety of pedestrians, cyclists and high sided vehicles in urban areas in windy conditions by Baker, Christopher
The use of CFD vs. wind tunnel testing in wind microclimate assessments by Jayyaratnam, Krishan
Threats to people and infrastructure in Poland caused by tornadoes based on the past observations by Chmielewski, Tadeusz
Time domain modelling of self-excited aerodynamic forces for bridge decks. An experimental study by Øiseth, Ole
Towards accurate performance prediction of a vertical axis wind turbine operating at different tip speed ratios by Rezaeiha, Abdolrahim
Turbulence effects on the post-critical response of flutter-based generators by Pigolotti, Luca
Turbulence structures around the Rock of Gibraltar by Hii, Elvin
Uncertainty quantification of an integral model and a CFD model to predict natural ventilation in Stanford’s Y2E2 building by Lamberti, Giacomo
Unsteady forces on flat-plate and panel due to a sudden variation of the wind direction by Amandolèse, Xavier
Unsteady pressure distributions on a 4:1 rectangular cylinder: comparison of numerical and experimental results using decomposition methods by Guissart, Amandine
Vertical mean wind profiles identification using Wind Lidars: an application to the area of Lamezia Terme by Demartino, Cristoforo
Vortex induced vibrations on circular structures: Numerical modeling of aerodynamic loads. by Winkelmann, Ulf
Wind field characteristics at Hardanger Bridge site: comparison of wind tunnel terrain model tests with full-scale measurements by Lystad, Tor Martin
Wind flow patterns around scaffoldings from full-scale measurements by Jamińska-Gadomska, Paulina
Wind flow potential above noise barriers for urban wind turbine applications near highways by Chrysochoidis-Antsos, Nikolaos
Wind force coefficients for H.P.-shaped solid and porous canopy roofs by Uematsu, Yasushi
Wind loads on external sun blinds: a case study by Geurts, Chris
Wind loads on solar arrays mounted on flat roofs by Wang, Jingxue
Wind tunnel experiments of cross-ventilative cooling in a generic isolated building with heated wall by Kosutova, Katarina
Wind tunnel measurements and comparisons with coding for a coke warehouse by Ogueta-Gutiérrez, Mikel
Wind tunnel study of interference effects between twin chimney stacks on spatial distribution of wind loads by Zeng, Jiadong
Wind tunnel testing of bridge deck section models with a new forced vibration rig by Siedziako, Bartosz
Wind tunnel tests and numerical investigation in order to optimize the system of demolition of a nuclear power plant chimney by Esposito, Maria
Wind tunnel tests and performance improvement of a conveyor suspension bridge by Dorigatti, Francesco
Wind tunnel tests of aerodynamic and aeroelastic interference phenomena of overhead electrical conductors bundle for different cases of their ice / frost / snow covers by Flaga, Andrzej
Wind tunnel tests to study the wind loads on and reduce the ballast needed for solar energy systems on flat roofs by Uffelen, Marcel van
Wind turbulence measurements above the sea in an open fjord inlet using long-range synchronized lidars by Cheynet, Etienne
Wind-driven reliability analysis of temporary structures using full-probabilistic method by Lonfils, Timothée
Wind-induced damage loss estimation in tall buildings accounting for directionality effects by Ierimonti, Laura
Wind-induced foliage dynamics by Tadrist, Loïc
Wind-induced structural forces on L-shaped low-rise buildings with hip roofs by Shao, Shuai
Wind-induced vibrations of torsionally coupled systems with soil-foundation-structure interaction by Liu, Ming-Yi
rotational stability of a stochastic oscillator by Vanvinckenroye, Hélène

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