Limit strength of the reinforced concrete rotary kiln supports under time-variable load

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The study discusses the issues of resistance of reinforced concrete support for a clinker rotary kiln under the constraints of deformation of a rotary drum shell due to thermal impact of the kiln feed on a refractory lining and thus the rotary drum shell. The frequency of support vibrations is low and similar to the rotation frequency of the rotary drum. Any deformation of the shell results in incorrect operation of the open gear which is a component of the rotary kiln drive. It is a kinematic pair consisting of a toothed ring, mounted on the rotary drum shell and a pinion coupled via a flexible coupling with an output shaft of a reduction gear. The frequency of those constraints is higher, similar to the open gear mesh frequency. Variable clearance, both inter-teeth and tip clearance, mainly due to synchronous precession of the toothed ring and wear of the meshing teeth surface induces the rotary drum vibrations, which are transferred to the support via a ring - roller system.

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Cech Academy of Sciences, Prague
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Conference Title:
Engineering Mechanics 2018
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Svratka, CZ
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2018-05-14 / 2018-05-17
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