SHS and RHS stainless steel slender beam-columns

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Presented research shows behavior of square hollow section (SHS) and rectangular hollow section (RHS) stainless steel slender members loaded by axial compressive force and bending moment. Numerical parametric study in software Abaqus was conducted. Numerical model validation was made based on the 4 conducted experiments. Results provided by study were compared to the existing design procedures and served as a background for the new interaction factor formulae development. The investigated parameters are mainly the column slenderness, cross-section slenderness, material properties and ratio between the applied axial compressive force and buckling resistance. The new developed design approach is presented in this paper and compared with numerical parametric study results. The comparison shows that the new procedure provides accurate and safe results for all investigated parameters.

Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the Cech Academy of Sciences, Prague
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Conference Title:
Engineering Mechanics 2018
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Svratka, CZ
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2018-05-14 / 2018-05-17
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