Proceedings of the 5th Asian-Pacific Symposium on Structural Reliability and its Applications

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The Asian-Pacific Symposium on Structural Reliability and its Applications (APSSRA) is held every four years in between ICASP and ICOSSAR. The first APSSRA was held in Tokyo, Japan in November 1995; the second in Taipei, Taiwan in February 1999; the third in Seoul, Korea in August 2004; and the fourth in Hong Kong in June 2008 The fifth APSSRA will be held in 2012 in Singapore under the theme Sustainable civil infrastructures - hazards, risk, uncertainty The Asia-Pacific region is witnessing unprecedented economic growth, concentration of population in mega-cities, and complexity and scale of infrastructural development. This sea change is taking place under looming global threats such as climate change and scarcity of resources. The development of innovative and sustainable solutions to improve life quality, while reducing hazard and risk and protecting both communities and the environment is the foremost challenge to civil engineers in the new millennium. Risk management using structural reliability or other related concepts is integral to the above challenge not merely as a decision tool but also a communication tool to engage non-engineering stakeholders in the public, government, and industry and between disciplines. We seek to encourage technical exchanges on advancing and closing knowledge gaps in risk and uncertainty with emphasis on sustainable development of civil infrastructures and mitigation of natural disasters.

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Proceedings of the 5th Asian-Pacific Symposium on Structural Reliability and its Applications, Phoon, K.K., Beer, M., Quek, S.T. and Pang, S.D. (eds.), Research Publishing, Singapore

Contributions to this conference

A New Framework for Response Sensitivity Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI) Systems by Gu, Quan
A Novel Approach to Sensitivity Study in Monte Carlo Simulation by Wang, Yu
A Parametric Study on Wind-Induced Vulnerability Assessment of Dockside Container Cranes by Gur, Sourav
A Probabilistic Model for Deterioration Forecasting and Determination of Optimal Intervention Strategies for a Road Link by Lethanh, Nam
A Reliability Analysis Method of Suspension Bridge based on Support Vector Machines by Yu, Xiaolin
A Risk Management Scheme of Rockfall Accidents in Northern Gifu Prefecture Japan by Hara, Takashi
A Two-Stage Bayesian Approach for Ambient Modal Analysis using Wireless Sensor: Case of Separated Modes by Yan, Wang-Ji
Achieving Reliability in the Face of Extreme Uncertainty by Gilbert, Robert B.
An Efficient Interior Point Algorithm for Stochastic Optimization of Dynamical Systems by Jensen, Hector
Analysis of Spatial Variability in Deepwater Geotechnical Data for Foundation Design by Gilbert, Robert B.
Application of AR based Manual to Prevention of Human Error by Tokui, Ryosuke
Application of Sequential Approximate Optimization for Designing Linear Systems Under Gaussian Excitation by Valdebenito, Marcos
Application of Statistical Geo-Sapatial Information Analyses to Outlier Detection by Kim, Hyun-Ki
Approximating Material Loss Behind Inaccessible Structures by Ernsting, Robert A.
Bayesian Ambient Modal Identification: Theory and Practice by Au, Ivan Siu-Kui
Bayesian Post-Processing for Subset Simulation for Decision Making Under Risk by Zuev, K. M.
Calibration of Multiple Resistance Factors for Drilled Shafts in Multiple Strata by Chen, Jie-Ru
Case Study of Interconnected Urban Infrastructure Vulnerability to Hazards by Rein, Alena
Case Study on ASD and LRFD of a Large Diameter Drilled Shaft by Park, Jae Hyun
Comparative Study of Various Vibration-Based Structural Damage Detection Techniques by Roy, Koushik
Consideration of Total Cost Uncertainty in Risk-based Flood Defense System Design by Tung, Yeou-Koung
Constructive Similarity of Soils by Koudelka, Petr
Convolved Orthogonal Expansions on Dynamics and Random Media Problems by Xu, X. Frank
Correlation between Partial Safety Factor and Return Period of Input Motions for Seismic Reliability Design Method of Steel Rigid Frame Piers by Kitahara, Takeshi
Critical Seismic Hazard Assessment by Monte Carlo Simulation by Wang, Jui-Pin
Design of TMD for Damped Linear Systems by Anh, N.D.
Dynamic Analysis of Structures with Uncertain-But-Bounded Parameters by Muscolino, G.
Dynamic Reliability Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbine Systems Considering Rotational Effect by You-Kun, Liu
Effect of Deterioration Models in the Performance of Infrastructure Systems by Sánchez-Silva, Mauricio
Effect of Inaccuracy of Isolation Detailing on Overturning Resistant Capacity of Seismic Isolated Building by Du, Yongfeng
Effect of Spatial Variation of Wind Field on Failure Vulnerability of Container Crane by Gur, Sourav
Effects of Uncertain Soil Properties on the Inelastic Seismic Response of Building-foundation Systems by Bazan-Zurita, Enrique
Efficient Algorithms and Models for Bayesian Updating in Structural Reliabilty by Straub, Daniel
Enhanced Monte Carlo using Two Scaling or Design Factors by Dann, Markus R.
Evaluating Collapse Probability of Mountain Tunnels by Bo, Li
Evaluation of Site Amplifications in the Tokyo Metropolis based on Ground Motion Records and Spatial Geomorphologic Datasets by Maruyama, Yoshihisa
Expanded Reliability-based Design for Spread Foundations by Cao, Zijun
Fast Bayesian Method for Assembling Mode Shapes by Zhang, Feng-Liang
GA Simulation for Grade Adjustment in Limestone Quarries by Chen, Youqing
General and Local Estimation of Local Average of Geotechnical Parameters in Reliability Analysis by Honjo, Yusuke
Human Vulnerability to Dam Break Floods by Zhang, Limin
Hydroelastic Analysis of Pontoon-Type Very Large Floating Structures in Random Seas by Papaioannou, Iason
Influence of Rainfall Infiltration on the Reliability of Expansive Soil Slopes by Dan, Li
Influence of Random Microstructures on the Elastic Properties of Cement Paste by Huang, J.
Influence of Spatial Variability on Slope Failure Analysis by the Shear Strength Reduction Technique by Wengang, Zhang
Interval Analysis for System Identification of Structures in the Presence of Modeling Errors by Zhang, M.Q.
LRFD based on Drift Ratio for Serviceability Limit State of SMRF by Nakao, Mamiko
Liquefaction Index Method: Algerian Cases Studies by Bahi, Fatima Zohra
Macro-Spatial and Inter-Period Correlation of Spectral Acceleration Found In Simulated Ground Motion by Itoi, Tatsuya
Managing Uncertainties in Risk-based Adaptation to Climate Change by Friis-Hansen, P.
Meta-models for Structural Reliability and Uncertainty Quantification by Sudret, Bruno
Microseismicity Induced Structural Health Deterioration: The Case of Koyna Seismic Region, India by Srinivas, T. V. N.
Natural Terrain Landslide Risk Mitigation by Zhang, Limin
Non-Conform View at Eurocode 7-1 and Its Calibration by Koudelka, Petr
Nonlinear Response Analysis of Structures Subjected to Random Ground Motions by Chen, Jianbing
Overall Shear Strength of Soil Mass With Spatial Variability by Ching, Jianye
Overcoming Public and Political Challenges for Natural Hazard Risk Investment Decisions by Corotis, Ross
Parameter Estimation for Infiltration in Unsaturated Soils Using a Bayesian Approach by Zhang, L. L.
Partition-of-Unity Enhanced Polynomial Chaos for Structural Stability Analysis by Gutiérrez, Miguel A.
Path-Based and Cut-Based Recursive Decomposition Algorithms for Network Reliability Evaluation by Liu, Wei
Performance of Subset Simulation Apllied to A Simple System Reliability Problem by Zhang, Jie
Physical Parameters and Damage Location Identification using the Gibbs Sampling by Shukui, Liu
Probabilistic Analysis of Excavation-Induced Basal Heave-a Case Study by Tang, Yu-Geng
Probabilistic Characterization of B1 for Nuclear Pipe Bends Subjected to Internal Pressure with In-Plane Closing Moment by Roy, Pronab
Probabilistic Disaggregation Model with Application to Natural Hazard Loss Estimation of Portfolios by Custer, Rocco
Probabilistic Hazard Model of Inelastic Oscillator based on Equivalent Linearization Technique by Kojima, Sayo
Probabilistic Liquefaction Potential Evaluation Considering Soil Spatial Variation by B., Vivek
Probabilistic Modelling of Updating Pile Capacity Prediction for Offshore Structure using Proof Loads and Survived Piles by Sidi, Indra Djati
Probabilistic Response Analysis of Tall Buildings Subjected to Long Predominant Period Ground Motions by Iancovici, Mihail
Probabilistic Sea-Level Rise Hazard Analysis by Lin, Ting
Probability Density Evolution Method for Uncertainty Propagation in Nonlinear Stochastic System by Li, Jie
Propagation of Uncertainties through Robust Simulation and Future Research by Taylor, Craig
Proposal of Simplified Method to Evaluate the Seismic Behavior of High Voltage Electrical Equipment in Order to Carry Out Seismic Risk Studies of Lifeline by Mena-Hernández, U.
Quantitative Estimation of Energy Harvesting Bridge using Piezoelectric Material by Choi, Moon Seock
Quantitative Evaluation of Walking Disability using Singular Value Decomposition by Jiang, Yinlai
Recursive Approach of Eigenvalues of Random Structure by Dahai, Wang
Reliability Analysis for the Geogrid-Reinforced Unpaved Roadway System by Huang, Wen-Chao
Reliability Analysis of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Segmental Wall Under the Constrain of Maximum Wall Face Displacement by Liu, Chia-Nan
Reliability Analysis of Shield Tunnel Segment Joints by Huang, Hongwei
Reliability Analysis of Shield Tunnel in Twolayered Ground by Zhang, Dongming
Reliability Analysis using Evolutionary Algorithm and Importance Sampling by Nakatsu, Koichiro
Reliability Assessment of Nuclear Containment Structure Prestressed by Unbonded Tendons by Choi, Moon Seock
Reliability Evaluation of Axial Bored Pile Bearing Capacity in City of Jakarta by Lastiasih, Yudhi
Reliability Evaluation of Laterally Loaded Deep Foundation by Haldar, Achintya
Reliability Evaluation of Steel Compression Members Designed with AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Code by Mohseni, Mehdi
Reliability based Optimization of Mechanical Components Under Fatigue by Beaurepaire, P.
Reliability based Optimization of base Isolated Building Under Stochastic Earthquake Load Considering Random System Parameters by Mishra, Sudib Kumar
Reliability-Based Design of Base Stability for Wide Excavations in Clay with Consideration of Model Bias by Wu, Shih-Hsuan
Risk Assessment of Building Damage Potential Adjacent to a Braced Excavation by Tang, Yu-Geng
Risk Assessment of Climate Adaptation Measures for Australian Housing Subject to Extreme Wind Events by Stewart, Mark G.
Risk Evaluation and Reliability-Based Design of Earth-Fill Dams for Overflow Due to Heavy Rains by Nishimura, Shin-Ichi
Robust Estimation of Engineering Parameters by Akkaya, Aysen D.
Robust Optimization of Structural Risks Under Epistemic Uncertainties by Beck, André T.
Role of Systemic Risk in Regional Ecological Long-Term Threats Analysis by Kostyuchenko, Yuriy V.
Roles of FORM, System-FORM, SORM, and RSM in Geotechnical Reliability Analysis by Low, B.K.
Seasonal Effect in the Reliability Analysis of Offshore Structures by Yi, Zhang
Seismic Hazard Assessment based on a Random Field Model by Yucemen, M. Semih
Seismic Hazard Re-Analysis of Taiwan with the Consideration of Model Parameter Uncertainty by Chang, Yu-Wen
Seismic Risk Assessment of Large Dams by Kostov, Marin
Significance of Direct Displacement Measurement based Health Monitoring by Nishitani, Akira
Simulation and Application of Spatiallyvarying Non-Stationary Subsurface Motions by Dinh, Nguyen Van
Sparse Collocation based Stochastic Finite Element Method for Reliability Analysis of Pile Settlement by Huang, Shuping
Spatial Uncertainty Analysis in Fe Problems using Interval Fields by Moens, David
Spectral Reflectance Indices as Indirect Indicators of Ecological Threats by Kostyuchenko, Yuriy V.
Statistical Modeling of Joint Probability Distribution using Copula: Application to Probabilistic Pile Settlement Analysis by Li, Dian-Qing
Statistical Study on Evaluating Bridge Health Index based on Bridge Inspection Database by Otake, Yu
Stochastic Analysis of Confined Seepage under Hydraulic Structures by Ahmed, Ashraf A.
Stochastic Analysis of Laterally Loaded Pile using Artificial Neural Networks by Chan, Chin Loong
Stochastic Fluctuation under Incremental Loading considering Coupling of Randomness and Nonlinearity by Wen-Liang, Fan
Structural Monitoring with Inspection Robot by Nitta, Yoshihiro
Study of Influence of Subbase Compaction on Strength of Concrete Mat Foundations by Method of Critical Stochastic Inputs by Ashkinadze, Konstantin
Symplectic Geometry Spectrum of the El Salvador Earthquake(2001) Signals by Min, Lei
System Reliability Analysis of Main Girder on Hydraulic Steel Gates by Li, Dian-Qing
Target Probabilitiy of Failure for Quay Wall Foundation from LCC Analysis by Yoon, G.L.
Terror, Security, and Money: Assessing the Cost-Effectiveness of Critical Infrastructure Protection by Stewart, Mark G.
Uncertainties in the Estimation of the Torsion Effect in Buildings Subjected to Seismic Loading by Bensaibi, Mahmoud
Uncertainty Analysis of Bearing Capacity of Soils Obtained from Field Plate Load Tests by Dasaka, S.M.
Updating the Seismic Reliability of Existing RC Bridge Piers in an Aggressive Environment using Ground Motion Information by Akiyama, Mitsuyoshi
Vibration of Wind Turbines Under Seismic Excitations by Basu, Biswajit
Worst-Scenario of Deficiency of Structural Elements in Plastic Limit Analysis by Kanno, Yoshihiro

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