Proceedings of the 3rd International ASRANet Colloquium

ASRANet Ltd.
Proceedings of the 3rd International ASRANet Colloquium, ASRANet Ltd., Glasgow, 2006
Conference Title:
3rd International ASRANet Colloquium
Conference Venue:
Glasgow, (UK)
Conference Dates:
2006-06-10 / 2006-06-12

Contributions to this conference

A Durability model incorporating safe life methodology and damage tolerance approach to asses first inspection period for structures by Xiong, J.J.
A bridge management strategy based on future reliability and semi-Markov deterioration models by Bortot, F.
A complete reliability evaluation of a bulk carrier hull structure, by Debek, P.
A method for the quantification and extension of UK building regulations' requirements for robustness by Canisius, T.D.G.
A new initiation for regulatory reform in marine industry by Kar, A.R.
A simple formula for LRFD using the third-moment method by Zhao, Y.G.
An efficient approach for system reliability-based design optimisation by Aoues, Younes
An efficient method for derivation of probability distribution parameters by Najafian, G.
Analysis of hull girder strength in the damaged condition by Downes, J.
Assessment of ultimate bending moment of ships from a reliability point of view, using independent perturbations method by Toderan, C.
Bayesian updating of the long-term creep deformations in concrete containment vessels by Sudret, B.
Comparison of methods for estimating the fatigue life of a naval frigate by Kent, J.S.
Comparisons of adhesive bonded and welded beams by Hashim, S.A.
Damage assessment of reinforced concrete bridge decks using ADABOOST by Furuta, H.
Design points in directional simulation by Perrin, F.
Development of a time-variant reliability approach for marine structures subjected to corrosion by Cazuguel, M.
Earthquake reliability of gas system under stochastic loads by Alexoudi, M.
Earthquake risk assessment of existing R/C structures in Turkey by Korkmaz, A.
Energy representation of earthquake ground motions for probabilistic seismic hazard analysis by Ohbuchi, M.
Estimating the reliability of transmission line towers by Krishnan, J.
Fatigue reliability of riveted connections in railway bridges by Imam, B.M.
Finding the distribution of bridge lifetime load effect by predictive likelihood by Caprani, C.C.
Fuzzy and stochastic theories and their applications in structural engineering by Kala, Z.
Generalized geometric distribution in structural design practice by Kudzys, A.
Interaction of three interfacial griffith cracks between bonded dissimilar orthetropic half planes by Das, S.
Inverse reliability based design optimization of cantilever retaining walls by Babu, G.L. Sivakumar
Keynote Paper: Application of approximate response functions in structural reliability analysis by Bucher, Christian
Keynote Paper: System reliability revisited by Kiureghian, Armen Der
Keynote Paper: Advances in mathematical-probabilistic modelling of the atmospheric corrosion of structural steels in ocean environments by Melchers, Robert E.
Keynote Paper: Implementation of parametric reliability methods in industrial applications by Lemaire, Maurice
Level III calculations for hardening concrete elements by Ham, H.W.M. van der
Limit loads of stochastically heterogeneous structures by Saffury, J.
Maintenance policy selection based on reliability value analysis by Woods, K.B.W.
Measuring long - term dynamic response of bridges by Pirner, M.
Numerical modelling of ship collision based on finite element codes by Ozguc, O.
Optimisation of the cost of maintaining railway wheels by Austin, J.
Optimum-reliability dimensioning: Cost-based approach by Mencik, J.
Probabilistic fatigue life prediction and risk assessment strategy by Torng, Tony Y.
Probabilistic reliability assessment of a steel frame applying the SBRA method by Marek, P.
Reliability analysis by support vector machine classification by Deheeger, F.
Reliability analysis of earth dams: Case of El Houareb dam – Kairouan – Tunisia by Mrabet, Z.
Reliability assessment of explosion resistant design by Yasseri, Sirous F.
Reliability assessment of highway composite bridges by Rieger, M.
Reliability based optimisation – Application to racking of multi-deck ships by Zanic, V.
Reliability model for human comfort, by Laier, J.E.
Reliability prediction of open jetties under lateral and gravity actions by Kudzys, A.
Reliability sensitivity analysis using polynomial chaos expansions by Hou, G.
Research on uncertainties in ultimate longitudinal strength of cross section of ship’s hull based on non-Linear FEM by Harada, M.
Risk analysis and optimisation of road tunnels by Holicky, M.
Risk analysis for survey optimisation of harbours by Billard, Y.
Risk comparison of natural hazards in Japan by Takada, T.
Risk-based ship design: Concept, methodology and framework by Vassalos, D.
Scenarios for the assessment of the collision behaviour of marine structures by Samuelides, M.S.
Security risks and structural reliability of window glazing subject to explosive Blast loading by Netherton, M.D.
Seismic fragility curves for a welded steel-moment resisting frame by Kazantzi, A.K.
Seismic risk management of buildings considering insurance systems by Kanda, J.
Sensitivity analysis in structural reliability of marine structures by Chakraborty, B.
Socio-economic factors on risk evaluation by Leon, D. De
Some approaches to improve the computational efficiency of the reliability analysis of complex crack propagation problems by Nespurek, L.
Strategic planning of preventative maintenance for reinforced concrete bridges by Tantele, E.A.
Structural computations with uncertain data applied to composite materials by Rollet, Y.
Structural reliability assessment using direct determined fully probabilistic calculation by Janas, A. Petr
Study of same-lane and inter-lane GVW correlation by Enright, B.
Super-duplex stainless steel: A case study of incorporating anisotropic material properties into reliability assessments by Renton, N.C.
The assessment of stress concentrations in a bracket detail by Li, Xu
The model correction factor method: An efficient response surface technique by Garre, Luca
Treatment of the uncertainty in seismic loading through the response surface method by Dymiotis-Wellington, Christiana
Ultimate limit states for steel plate panels and their BS5400-3 and DNV rules predictions by Frieze, Paul
Ultimate strength and reliability analysis of a VLCC by Khan, I.A.
Uncertainty quantification based multi-objective optimisation for crashworthiness design by Sinha, K.
Use of subset simulation to determine design point in reliability analysis by Amatya, S.
Whaleback forecastle for reducing green water loading on high speed container vessels by Pham, X.

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