Proceedings of the 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering

Proceedings of the 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Lisbon, 2012.
Conference Title:
15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering
Conference Venue:
Lisbon (PT)
Conference Dates:
2012-09-24 / 2012-09-28

Contributions to this conference

1 D Nonlinear Analysis in Time Domain Of Hanyuan City Site Amplification Effect In 2008 Mw8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake by Lu, Tao
1-D Stochastic Site Response Analysis of Soil Deposits with Random Parameters by Tuna, Sahin Caglar
2-D Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Study Transbay Transit Center San Francisco, California by Fernandez, J. A.
2009 Abruzzo Earthquake Reconstruction Plans: A multidisciplinary approach by Biondi, Samuele
2010 E-Defense Four-Story Reinforced Concrete and Post-Tensioned Buildings – Preliminary Comparative Study of Experimental and Analytical Results by Tuna, Zeynep
2011 Sikkim Earthquake: Effects on Building Stocks and Perspective on Growing Seismic Risk by Rai, Durgesh C.
2011 Tohoku, Japan Earthquake Catastrophe Modeling Response by Tabucchi, Taronne
2012 Update of the Campbell-Bozorgnia NGA Ground Motion Prediction Equations: A Progress Report by Campbell, Kenneth W.
2014 Update of the United States National Seismic Hazard Maps by Petersen, M. D.
25 Years of EQ Preparedness in the Russian Federation by Klyachko, Mark
3- Dimensional Modal Summation simulation of 2003 Mw=6.6 Bam Earthquake South Eastern Iran by Gholami, Vahid
3-D Dynamic Analysis of Precariously Balanced Rocks Under Earthquake Excitation by Veeraraghavan, S.
3-D Longitudinal Performance of Rehabilitated Sewer Pipelines Based on Experiments of Actual Pipes and Finite Elements Analysis by Nourzadeh, Danesh
3-D Nonlinear Earthquake Response of R.C. Box Girder Bridges with Expansion Joints and Bearing Devices by Tiliouine, B.
3-D Nonlinear Static Progressive Collapse Analysis of Multi-story Steel Braced Buildings by Tavakoli, Hamid Reza
3-D Seismic Response Analysis of a High-Rise Building in Tokyo, Japan, for the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake by Arata, Tatsuhiro
3-D Seismic Response of Liquefaction-Susceptible Improved-Soil Deposits by Bradley, Brendon A
3D Finite Element Modeling to Study the Behavior of Shape Memory Alloy Confined Concrete by Chen, Qiwen
3D Finite-element Method of Ground Motion Simulation by Ding, Haiping
3D Modelling of Building Pounding Including Diaphragm Flexibility by Cole, Gregory
3D Nonlinear Modeling of Buried Continuous Pipeline Subjected to Ground Compression by Chaudhari, Vasudeo
3D Numerical Simulation of Basin Effects on the Characteristics of Basin-Transduced Rayleigh Waves by Narayan, J. P.
3D bedrock structure of Okayama plain, west Japan, as inferred from gravity anomalies and its relation to damage distribution during the 1946, M8.0, Nankai earthquake by Nishimura, Keiichi
3D numerical simulation of the Site-City Interaction during the 22 February 2011 MW 6.2 Christchurch earthquake by Guidotti, R.
3D numerical simulations in complex near-field geological configurations during the MW 6.3 L’Aquila earthquake by Smerzini, Chiara
3D seismic simulation of RC structures using damage mechanics: An assessment of merits and limitations by Mendes, Luís
A Basic Study to Develop Shipboard and Airborne Gravimeter using a Force-Balanced-Type Accelerometer by Morikawa, Hitoshi
A Body-Fitted Coordinates Based Method for Simulation Earthquake with Inhomogeneous Feature in Space by Li, Yingmin
A Centrifugal Model Test on Seismic Reinforcement for Embankments on Peaty Ground by Kajitori, Shin`Ichi
A Closed-Form Solution of Liquid Sloshing and Dynamic Pressure in Flexible Rectangular Tanks and Comparison with FEM Results by Ghods, Amir Samad
A Collaborative Research Program on Performance-Based Design of Innovative Structural Systems for Earthquake Resistance: An Overview by Goel, S. C.
A Combination of the IDA-based Bayesian Probability Network and the Response Surface Method in System Reliability Assessment of Steel Frames by Fereshtehnejad, Seyed-Ehsan
A Combined Phase and Force Compensation Method for Real-time Hybrid Testing by Chen, Pei-Ching
A Comparative Study of Code Provisions for Ductile RC Frame Buildings by Singh, Yogendra
A Comparative Study on Seismic Behavior of Existing Single-span RC Frames Strengthened by Different Methods by Yang, Pu
A Comparative Study on Seismic Retrofitting Methods for Unreinforced Masonry Brick Walls by Amiraslanzadeh, Reza
A Comparative Study on the Seismic Behavior of Ribbed, Schwedler, and Diamatic Space Domes by Using Dynamic Analyses by Hosseini, M.
A Comparison Between American and European Codes on the Nonlinear Static Analysis of RC Buildings by Bhatt, Carlos
A Comparison of Closed-form and Finite-Element Solutions for the Free Vibration Analysis of a Sloping-frame by Nezamolmolki, Davoud
A Comparison of NGA Ground-Motion Prediction Models with Taiwan Models and Data by Chang, Yu-Wen
A Comprehensive Fuzzy Method in Seismic Disaster Prediction of Urban Rail Transit Girder Bridges Based on Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) by Ni, Yongjun
A Consistent Cross-Border Seismic Hazard Model for Loss Estimation and Risk Management in Canada by Thenhaus, Paul
A Countermeasure for Slope Safety Focusing on Earthquake Motion Amplification in Filling Valleys by Tadashi, Ohashi
A Curves Approximated Multiple-Spring Model Seismic Response Simulation for Square-Section Steel Bridge Piers by Dang, Ji
A Cyclic Nonlinear Macro Model for Numerical Simulation of Beam-Column Joints in Existing Concrete Buildings by Hassan, Wael
A Database Integration Approach to Support Earthquake Hazard Assessment and Seismic Retrofit of Buildings by Rihal, Satwant
A Design Procedure for Concrete Rectangular Liquid Storage Tanks Using Generalized SDOF System by Chen, J. Z.
A Disaster-Management Lacuna: People with Disabilities by Sever, R.
A Displacement-Based Multi-Level Seismic Design Method for Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures by Barradas, J. F.
A Fiber Beam-Column Element for Circular Concrete Filled Steel Tube under Torsion by Nie, Jianguo
A Finite Strip Formulation for Nonlinear Free Vibration of Plates by Hashemi, S.
A Framework for Forensic Examination of Earthquake Induced Steel Fracture Based on the Field Failures in the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake by Kanvinde, Amit
A Fundamental Study on Structural Performance of CES Shear Walls with Different Anchorage Condition of Wall Reinforcing Bars by Suzuki, Suguru
A Global Methodology for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment and Retrofit of Existing Bridges adapted to the French Context by Davi, Denis
A Hybrid Empirical-Stochastic Method for Ground Motion Simulation; a Sample Study: The 22 February 2005 (MW 6.4) Zarand (Central Iran) Earthquake by Zafarani, Hamid
A Large Earthquake in Quito (Ecuador) : Ground Motion Simulations and Site Effects by Alfonso-Naya, V.
A Low Cost Retrofit Scheme for Masonry-Infilled Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Frames by Lukkunaprasit, Panitan
A Method for Direct Determination of Inelastic Floor Response Spectra by Vukobratovic, Vladimir
A Method to Determine the Appropriate GMPEs for a Selected Seismic Prone Region by Kale, Ö.
A Methodology for documenting Housing Typologies in the Moderate-Severe Seismic Zones by Cvr, Murty
A Methodology for the Standardization of Information Processing following the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 by Kimura, Reo
A Model for Nonlinear Total Stress Analysis with Consistent Stiffness and Damping Variation by Arefi, M. Jawad
A Model for Seismic Performance Assessment of Bridge Piers by Girard, Alexandre
A NetSLab Based Hybrid Testing System for Multi-story Building Structures under Earthquake Excitation by Guo, Yurong
A New Algorithm for Damage Detection in Simple Span Bridge Piers, Based on Power Spectral Density Function and Cosh Spectral Distance by Ahmadi, Hamid Reza
A New Analytical Model for Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints Subjected to Cyclic Loading by Saito, Takasuke
A New Approach for Consideration of Earthquake Low Cycle Fatigue Phenomena on Reinforced Concrete Frames by Bakhshi, Ali
A New Approach to Building Stock Vulnerability Modeling based on Bayesian Analysis by Yazgan, Ufuk
A New Approach to Modeling Post-Earthquake Shelter Demand: Integrating Social Vulnerability in Systemic Seismic Vulnerability Analysis by Khazai, Bijan
A New Catalogue of Eastern Mediterranean Earthquakes, 2150 BC – 2011 by Cagnan, Zehra
A New Design Procedure for Seismically Isolated Buildings Based on Seismic Isolation Codes Worldwide by Feng, Demin
A New Framework for Earthquake Risk Assessment in Developing Countries by Khan, S. A.
A New Ground Motion Prediction Equation Applicable Up to Mw9 Based on Data From the 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake by Morikawa, Nobuyuki
A New Hysteresis Model Based on an Integral Type Deformation-History for Elastomeric Seismic Isolation Bearings by Kato, Hiroto
A New Method for Assessing the Seismic Risk Index of Urban Fabrics by Hajibabaee, Meghdad
A New Method for Dynamic Impedance of Foundation on Saturated Poroelastic Soil by Chen, Shaolin
A New Method for Reducing Dimensionality of Finite Fault Inverse Problem in Time Domain by Ansari, Anooshiravan
A New Online Intensity Data Point Database for Portugal by Batlló, Josep
A New Procedure for Selection and Modification of Strong Ground Motion for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis by Nooraie, Mohammad
A New Seismic Design Method for Railway Structures Considering Total Cost by Sakai, Kimitoshi
A New Structural Modification Approach for Seismic Protection using Negative Stiffness Device by Pasala, Dharma T. R.
A New Tsunami Intensity Scale proposed after the Tsunamis of 11 Mar. 2011, Japan & 26 Dec. 2004, Indian Ocean by Lekkas, Efthymis
A New Uplift Foundation Analysis Model to Simulate Dynamic Nonlinear Soil-Structure-Interaction by Zhou, F.
A Novel Approach for the Assessment of Ecological and Social Sustainability of a RC Building Accounting for Seismic Risk by Menna, C.
A Novel Composite Emergency Bridge for Disaster Rescue by Yeh, Fang-Yao
A Novel Method Combined GM (1, N) Model with Site Correction for Seismic Intensity Intensity Rapid Estimation by Wang, Qian
A Novel Post-Earthquake Damage Survey Sheet: Part I- RC Buildings by Taskin, Beyza
A Novel Post-Earthquake Damage Survey Sheet: Part II- Masonry Buildings by Guler, Kadir
A Numerical Evaluation of Seismic Response of Shallow Soil Deposits by Babaee, S. M.
A Numerical Investigation on Different Methods Retrofitting on the RC Exterior Beam-Column Joints Under Axial and Cyclic Loads Using FRP sheets by Esfahani, Ali Dalalbashi
A Numerical Model for Capturing the In-Plane Seismic Response of Interior Metal Stud Partition Walls: Preliminary Coupled Analysis by Wood, R. L.
A Numerical-Substructure-Based Approach for the Synthesis of Substructurability and Exact Synchronisation Controllers by Tu, Jia-Ying
A Output-Based Approach for the Control of Dynamically Substructured Systems with Real-Time Finite Element Substructures by Tu, Jia-Ying
A Parametric Assessment of 3D Pushover Analysis Methods in RC Structures with Plan Irregularites by Fiouz, A. R.
A Parametric Study Involving Passive and Semi-active Control Schemes for Earthquake Protection of Buildings by Ferreira, F.
A Performance Modeling Strategy based on Multifiber Beams to Estimate Crack Openings in Concrete Structures by Medjahed, A.
A Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Method to Estimate Downtime in Critical Facilities by Porter, K. A.
A Physical Modeling Study on the Dynamic Response of Flexible Retaining Walls with Deformable EPS inclusion by Ertugrul, Ozgur L.
A Precast Concrete Roof Bracing System for Industrial Buildings by Angel, Nelson
A Prediction Model for Ductile Fracture of Steel Bridge Piers by Kang, L.
A Preliminary Study of Strong Motion Records in the Sapporo Metropolitan Area during the 2010 Central Ishikari Earthquake by Shigefuji, Michiko
A Preliminary Survey of Seismic Provisions in Canadian Construction Codes and Standards by Onur, T.
A Procedure for the Design of Viscous Dampers to Be Inserted in Existing Plan-Asymmetric Buildings by Landi, L.
A Proposal for Seismic Design of Geosynthetic Reinforced Steep Slopes by Vieira, C. S.
A Proposal for the Seismic Strengthening of Existing Bridges by Tegos, I. A.
A Proposed Methodology for Seismic Evaluation and Strengthening of Existing School Buildings in the Sudan by Sobaih, Mohamed
A Prototype of Strong Ground Motion Prediction Procedure for Intraslab Earthquake based on the Characterized Source Model by Iwata, T.
A Quantification Model for Crack Propagation of R/C Members under Earthquake Loading by Takahashi, Noriyuki
A Rapid-Visual-Screening Methodology for the Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Historic Brick-Masonry Buildings in Vienna by Achs, Günther
A Real-Time Stochastic Wave-Type based Model for Prediction of Strong Ground Motion by Khameneh, Amin Zahedi
A Real-time Correction Method in Rapid Assessment of Seismic Intensity Distribution by Weixiao, Xu
A Recursive Division Stochastic Strike-Slip Seismic Source Algorithm Using Insights from Laboratory Earthquakes by Siriki, H.
A Retrofitting Framework for Pre-Northridge Steel Moment-Frame Buildings by Bjornsson, Arnar
A Review of Seismic Hazard Description in US Design Codes and Procedures—An Update by Beavers, James
A Review of the Nonlinear Static Assessment Procedure in the Turkish Earthquake Code by Bal, Ihsan Engin
A Review on Challenges in Mitigation the Impacts of Geological Hazards Associated with Earthquake in Iran by Hosseini, Kambod Amini
A Robust Algorithm for Earthquake Detector by Jiang, Wenxiang
A Sampling Method for the Probabilistic Seismic Safety Assessment of Buildings by Marques, Mário
A Sensitivity Analysis of Amplification Factor of Peak Ground Acceleration by means of Neural Network and Time History Analysis: A Case Study by Heidari, Mojtaba
A Set of Eurocode 8-Compatible Synthetic Time-Series as Input to Dynamic Analysis. by Laurendeau, Aurore
A Shake table test of typical Mediterranean reinforced concrete structures by Morillas, L.
A Simple Approach for Determining Contact Length between Frame and Infill of Brick Masonry Infilled R/C Frames by Maidiawati, A.
A Simplified Approach for the Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of R.C. Bridges with Simply Supported Deck by Fiore, Andrea
A Simplified Constitutive Model for Reinforced Concrete Interfaces under Cyclic Loading by Moradi, Alireza
A Simplified Pseudo-Dynamic Method of Reinforced Retaining-Wall Subjected to Seismic Loads by Tafreshi, Seyed Naser Moghaddas
A Simulation of Three Dimensional Shaking Table Tests on a Full-Scale Four-Story Reinforced Concrete Building by Liu, Yihuan
A Simulation on Tsunami Evacuation Using a Multi Agent System -The Relationship between Evacuation Behavior and Tsunami Victims by Yamabe, Yuichiro
A Site Response Map of the Continental U.S. by Magistrale, H.
A Statistical Analysis of Completeness of Earthquake Data around Dehradun city and its Implications for Seismicity Evaluation by Gupta, Sushil
A Statistical Analysis of the Response of Tall Buildings to Recorded and Simulated Ground Motions by Jayaram, Nirmal
A Steel Database for Modeling Post-Buckling Behavior and Fracture of Concentrically Braced Frames Under Earthquakes by Lignos, D. G.
A Stochastic Simulation Based Approach for Seismic Loss Analysis and Probability Function Computation by Cheung, S. H.
A Study of Seismic Strengthening Behavior for the Dry-wall with Mortar-filling System in Taiwan by Yao, George C
A Study on Characteristics of Ground Motion during the 2011 Off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake by Dohi, Hiroshi
A Study on Damping Correction of Response Spectrum for Long Period and High Damping Range by Arakawa, Tetsuya
A Study on Dynamic Behavior of Nikken Sekkei Tokyo Building Equipped with Energy Dissipation Systems when Struck by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake by Harada, Hiroaki
A Study on Earthquake Response Considered Vibration Characteristics of Superstructure and Substructure of Seismically Isolated Buildings by Moriizumi, Eriko
A Study on Effect of Using Reinforcing Lateral Arch-Trusses on the Seismic Behavior of Barrel Vault Structures by Hosseini, M.
A Study on Evacuation Behaviors in the 2011 Great Japan Earthquake by Yun, Nam Yi
A Study on Mechanical Properties of Steel Ring Dampers by Kalantari, Afshin
A Study on Moment Resisting Behavior of Mortise-Tenon Joint with Dowel or Split Wedge by Sakata, Hiroyasu
A Study on Multi-level Control System for Unseating Failure Prevention of Concrete Girder Bridges during Earthquake by Sun, G.
A Study on People`s Awareness of Earthquake Early Warning before and after the 2011off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake, Japan by Ohara, Miho
A Study on Seismic Evaluation for Pile-Supported Building with Reusing Existing Piles by Shoji, Michito
A Study on Seismic Response of Buildings in Sendai during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake by Goto, Wataru
A Study on Simplified Evaluation Method for Seismic Retrofit of Existing Wooden Houses by Yamada, Akira
A Study on Steel Moment Resisting Frames with Setbacks: Dynamic properties by Montazeri, S. M.
A Study on Structural Performance of Steel Foundation- wooden Column Connection for Temporary Houses by Kambe, W.
A Study on Variance of Maximum Responses of Elastoplastic Structure Subjected to Artificial Earthquake Ground Motions by Ichihashi, Ichiro
A Study on Vertical Distribution of Shear Force Coefficient for Seismic Design of Seismically Isolated Buildings by Kobayashi, Masahito
A Study on the Accuracy of a Static Analysis Method for Cut and Cover Tunnels by Kawanishi, Tomohiro
A Study on the Behavior of Seismically Engineered Ceiling Systems of Large Open Structures Subjected to Earthquake Excitations by Watakabe, Morimasa
A Study on the Effect of Bracing Arrangement in the Seismic Behavior Buildings with Various Concentric Bracings by Nonlinear Static and Dynamic Analyses by Amini, Amir Moein
A Study on the Estimation Method for Underground Structure Using Microtremors and its Application to the Osaka Plain by Tobita, K.
A Study on the Influence of Non-Structural Member Timber Staircases on Seismic Performance by Shimizu, Hidemaru
A Study on the Reduction Effect for Seismic Isolation System of Nuclear Power Plant by Lee, H. -P.
A Study on the Regional Customize of Modern Construction Methods in Urbanizing Developing Countries by Maeshima, Ayako
A Study on the Response Characteristics of a High-Rise Building Built on the Reclaimed Land along the Osaka Bay by Akizuki, Yuta
A Summary of Strong Ground Motions Observed in the Canterbury, New Zealand earthquake Sequence by Bradley, Brendon A
A Survey on the Parameters Affecting the Vulnerability of Urban Fabrics to Earthquake in Tehran by Hosseini, Kambod Amini
A Theoretical Approach for the Prediction of the Rotational Capacity of Steel Column Base Joints by Latour, Massimo
A Time-Domain Approach for the Performance-Based Design of Tall Buildings by Iancovici, Mihail
A Tutorial on Improving the Seismic Performance of Stone Masonry Dwellings: A Compendium of Worldwide Experiences by Bothara, Jitendra
A Two-Ring Energy Dissipating Device with Similar Behaviors in Tension and Compression to Create Buckling Resistant Braces by Hosseini, M.
A Type of Buckling Restrained Brace for Convenient Inspection and Replacement by Wu, An-Chien
A Uniform Framework of Seismic Vulnerability Assessment and its Application in Seismic Risk Analysis of European Countries by Lai, Tao
A Unique Liquefaction Case Study from the 29 May 2008, Mw6.3 Olfus Earthquake, Southwest Iceland by Green, R. A.
A Way to Measure the Level of Response for Medium to Large Earthquakes and Provide a Disaster Emergency Planning in a Region by García, Hugón Juárez
A comparison between existing tsunami load guidance and large-scale experiments with long-waves. by Lloyd, Tristan
A comparison of analytical approaches for the assessment of seismic displacements of geosynthetically reinforced geostructures by Tsompanakis, Yiannis
A comparison of the performances of various ground–motion intensity measures by Buratti, N.
A complete simplified framework in determination of seismic racking response of shallow buried structures by Ozcebe, Ali Guney
A flexibility based beam-column element capable of shear-flexure interaction by Su¨rmeli, M.
A framework to assess the impact of seismic shocks on complex urban critical infrastructure networks by Kongar, Indranil
A general introduction of the earthquake early warning system in Wenchuan, China by Wang, Tun
A horizontal test and its simulation analysis of the abutment model with backfill soil by Kajita, Yukihide
A hybrid control strategy for the seismic retrofitting of irregular RC buildings irregular RC buildings 1 by Venanzi, Ilaria
A hybrid method of simulating broadband ground motion: A case study of the 2006 Pingtung earthquake, Taiwan by Yen, Y. T.
A linear sampling method for inverse scattering elastodynamics problems in the time domain by Manshadi, Hadi Dehghan
A macro-element approach for modeling the nonlinear behaviour of monumental buildings under static and seismic loadings by Caliò, Ivo
A methodology for an efficient three-dimensional (3D) numerical simulation of earthquake-induced pounding of buildings by Polycarpou, Panayiotis
A methodology for measuring the quality of probabilistic seismic hazard predictions in the SIGMA project framework by Bosco, B.
A methodology for the seismic risk mitigation based on mechanical models: The case of reinforced concrete schools in Genoa (Italy) by Cattari, Serena
A methodology to couple vulnerability and condition of buried pipes in seismic risk assessment: Application to a subsystem of the Lisbon wastewater system by Sousa, Vitor
A multipurpose method for seismic vulnerability assessment of urban areas by Dolce, Mauro
A new approach for the Seismic Isolation Methods for Ancient Statues Displayed in Base Isolated Museums by Castiglioni, Carlo
A new approach to evaluate failure behavior of reinforced concrete beam-column connections under seismic loads by Somma, Giuliana
A new earthquake resistant abutment as means to reduce the seismic demand of a railway bridge by Mitoulis, S. A.
A new rotational friction damper for vibration mitigation of reinforced concrete structures by Monir, Habib Saeid
A numerical model for push-over analysis of RC structures with plate roofs. by Gugliotta, G.
A performance-based method for seismic evaluation of masonry walls strengthened with RC layers by Ghiassi, Bahman
A procedure of displacement-based seismic design Applied to urban bridges of Mexico City by Vargas, Darío Rivera
A procedure to design girder bridge deck subjected to in-plane actions by Mezzina, Mauro
A risk- and cost-related approach for the global seismic safety assessment of existing buildings by Romão, Xavier
A seismic risk study in Málaga city’s historical centre (Southern Spain) by Goded, Tatiana
A shallow-flow model for the propagation of tsunamis over mobile boundaries by Conde, D.
A simple computational tool for the verification of concrete walls reinforced by embedded steel profiles. by Bogdan, T.
A simplified approach for evaluating seismic-induced actions on non-structural components in buildings by Martinelli, E.
A simplified method for analyzing structural hysteretic energy based on multiplex modal pushover analysis by Xiao, Mingkui
A simplified procedure for the evaluation of the energy dissipation in out of plane mechanisms of masonry building by Neri, Fabio
A spatially smoothed seismicity forecasting model for MW = 5.0 earthquakes in northern Algeria and Morocco by Pelaez, Jose A.
A spectrum-compatibility method for deriving earthquake-induced displacements of unstable slopes by Bozzano, F.
A strategy for the seismic vulnerability assess of heritage architecture by Gattesco, Natalino
A study on Seismicity of Eastern Alborz from October, 2009 to Jaunary, 2010 based on local network by Hamzehloo, Hosseyn
A study on earthquake-resistant reinforcement using ground solidification body for underground structure by Urano, K.
A study on reinforcement arrangement of the corner segment for a composite arched shielded tunnel by Sato, K.
A study on self-sufficient buildings against disaster: Survey of hospital facilities in Japan by Inagaki, K.
A study on the correlation between dissipated hysteretic energy and seismic performance by Kazantzi, Athanasia
A survey in finding relations in order to calculate natural impulsive and convective mode frequencies in above-ground cylindrical steel storage tanks by Valaei, Ali
A system for interdisciplinary assessment of earthquake effects on buildings and infrastructures by Dragomir, Claudiu-Sorin
A three-dimensional extension of the Ramberg-Osgood model. Comparison with other formulations by Chitas, Pedro
A three-tier procedure for the seismic evaluation of school buildings in Eastern Canada by Nollet, Marie-José
A time-domain coupled scaled boundary isogeometric approach for earthquake response analysis of dam-reservoir-foundation system by Lin, Gao
A trial of quantitative evaluation on the difference in estimated seismic ground motions using microtremor measurements by Sumi, Reo
A ‘Shim-less’ Slotted Bolt Energy Dissipating Connector by Loo, W.
ANN-cum-Fuzzy Control of Seismic Response using MR Dampers by Das, Diptesh
About Permissible Damage Degree and Structural Seismic Safety by Klyachko, Mark
About Regional Standard “Buildings, Structures, and Safety Requirements Under Tsunami Impact” by Nudner, Igor
About regional standard “Macroseismic scale” by Klyachko, Mark
Abutment Reactions and Higher Modes of Transverse Vibration of Continuous Bridges by Corte, Gaetano Della
Accelerated Bridge Construction in High Seismic Regions by Use of Precast Concrete Girders by Werff, J. Vander
Acceleration-Based Design of Low-Rise Based-Isolated Buildings by Zuñiga, Oscar
Accounting for Horizontal Reinforcement in FE Modeling of RC Shear Walls using Cyclic Softened Membrane Model (Case Study of a Full Scale Shaking Table Test) by Soltani, H.
Accounting for Progressive Damage in Large Scale Seismic Risk Assessment of RC Buildings by Miglietta, P. C.
Accumulated Losses from Sequences of Earthquakes: Implications for Risk Modeling by Cousins, Jim
Accuracy of Nonlinear Static Analysis in Seismic Behavior of Irregular Steel Framed Bridges with Inclined Legs by Rahai, A. R.
Accuracy of combination rules for MDOF and SDOF Systems by Reyes-Salazar, Alfredo
Accurate application and higher-order solutions of the SAC/FEMA probabilistic format for performance assessment by Vamvatsikos, Dimitrios
Accurate inelastic structural analysis schemes for high-rise structures under earthquake excitations base on ABAQUS platform by Teng, Jun
Adaptation of Energy Principles in Seismic Design of Turkish RC Frame Structures. Part I: Input Energy Spectrum by Okur, A.
Adapting DDBD for the design of Frame-Wall Structures with Hybrid-Rocking Joints by Abellán, A. R. Roldán
Adaptive Pushover Analysis for RC Buildings Considering Generic Frames by Bindhu, K. R.
Added mass model for vertical circular cylinder partially immersed in water by Lozzo, Enrico Da
Advanced Method for Seismic Upgrading of Bridges Based on CET Bridge Diagnosis Concept–Initial Phase 1 by Ristic, D. N.
Advances in Performanc Based Design by Endurance Time Method by Mirzaee, Amin
Advances in the Development and Application of Large Scale Experimental Methods in Earthquake Engineering through the EU FP7 SERIES Project by Taylor, Colin A.
Aftershock Fragility Curves and Tagging Assessments for a Mainshock-Damaged Building by Raghunandan, Meera
Aftershock Fragility Curves for Damaged Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Buildings by Jeon, Jong-Su
Allied Performance of Hospital Lifelines and Emergency Actions during East Japan Earthquake by Takeda, Y.
Alternative Choices and Criteria for Seismic Strengthening by Calvi, G. M.
Aluminium Shear Yielding Damper (Al-SYD) as an Energy Dissipation Device in Truss Moment Frames (TMFs) by Sachan, Ankit
Ambient Vibration Measurements for Estimation of Site Fundamental Periods – Case History of the City of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico by Suarez, L. E.
Ambient Vibration Testing of Historical Monuments within Monastery Complex St. Marry Perivleptos in Ohrid by Krstevska, Lidija
Ambient noise study over a gas field in Qeshm Island by Gerivani, H.
Ambient-noise surveys to characterize soils in the Lower Tagus Valley for the evaluation of earthquake scenarios by Teves-Costa, Paula
Amplitude Dependent Dynamic Characteristics of a Damaged 9-story Building During the 2011 off the Pacific Coast Tohoku Earthquake by Motosaka, Masato
An Alternative Procedure for Seismic Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings by Naeim, Farzad
An Analysis of a Variety of Steel Structures under Impact Loads by Alimohammadi, Afsoun
An Analytical Approach to Seismic Response Determination of Rectangular Tanks Considering Backfill and Fluid Interactions by Livaoglu, Ramazan
An Analytical Idealization of Longitudinal Bar Pull-out Effect for Seismic Response Analysis of Bridges by Sasaki, Tomohiro
An Approach to Estimate Layered Medium by Applying Green’s Function to SPAC Method by Zhang, Xin-Rui
An Assessment of the Relevance of Parameters Used for Ground Motion Frequency Content Characterization with Application to Vrancea Subcrustal Earthquakes by Craifaleanu, Iolanda-Gabriela
An Attempt to Replicate the So-Called “Trampoline Effect” in Computational Geomechanics by Asaoka, Akira
An Earthquake Risk Management Master Plan for Mumbai: Risk Assessment and its Mitigation by Sinha, Ravi
An Earthquake Risk–Sensitive Model for Spatial Land-Use Allocation by Motamed, H.
An Earthquake Warning System Based on the Response of Buildings by Zhang, Pengcheng
An Efficiency Substructure Method for Nonlinear SSI Analysis of Large-scale Concrete Structures in Time Domain on the ANSYS Platform by Li, Jianbo
An Efficient Method for Optimal Performance-Based Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures by Hajirasouliha, I.
An Efficient Parameter for Prediction of the Nonlinear Lateral Behavior of Deformation-Controlled RC Columns by Moghaddam, Hasan
An Empirical Evaluation of Long-Period Earthquake Motion for Building Design by Okawa, I.
An Energy Spectrum Method for Collapse Evaluation of RC Moment Frame Structures by Liao, Wen-Cheng
An Evaluation of Experimental Requirements for Seismic Qualification of Substation Components and Recommendations for New Edition of Test Standard by Takhirov, Shakhzod
An Evaluation of Shear Strength of RC Frame with Old Masonry Wall by Jeong, Si-Jeong
An Evaluation on Seismic Behavior of VRF Damper by Shaking Table Test by Jang, Jeong-Hyun
An Examination of Seismic Responses of Soft Grounds and a Highway Embankment in 2003Tokachi-Oki Earthquake by Nishimoto, Satoshi
An Experimental Investigation into the Use of Buffered Particle Dampers by Lu, Zheng
An Experimental Study of a Seismic Retrofitting Method with Framed Steel Brace Systems Partially and Concentrically Jointed with Anchors by Harayama, Ken
An Experimental Study on Countermeasure for Mitigating Tsunami Effect on Highway Bridge by Zhang, Guangfeng
An Experimental Study on Full-scaled Steel - Wooden Hybrid Shear Walls by Li, L.
An Experimental Study on Seismic Behavior of Shear Friction Damper using Shaking table Test by Park, Eun-Soo
An Experimental Study on Seismic Performance of Battered Pile Foundation in Soft Ground by Tomisawa, Koichi
An Experimental Study on the Effect of Opening on Confined Masonry Wall under Cyclic Lateral Loading by Suarjana, Made
An Experimental Study on the Out-Of-Plane Stability of Reinforced Masonry Shear Walls Under In-Plane Reversed Cyclic Loads by Azimikor, N.
An Experimental and Analytical Study in Reinforced Concrete Frames with Weak Beam-Column Joints by Bayhan, Beyhan
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Vulnerability functions for buildings due to liquefaction by Cazares, Ulises
Vulnerability of Historic Hydraulic Structures of Shushtar City from a Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering View Point by Barjasteh, Arash
Vulnerability of New Zealand Ports to Natural Hazards by Ragued, Bilel
Vulnerability of traditional wooden shrines located at Yurihonjo, Japan by Yamada, Yuta
Vulnerability to Progressive Collapse of Seismically Designed Reinforced Concrete Framed Structures in Romania by Marchis, Adrian
Wandering of the modal parameters in existing building: application to structural health monitoring and seismic vulnerability analysis. by Gueguen, Philippe
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Wavelet and HHT Based Identification of Different Levels of Inelastic Action in RC Structures by Montejo, Luis
Weak Panel Zone Design in Steel Gabled Frames by Shi, Yundong
Web-based Quick Estimation System of Strong Ground Motion Maps Using Engineering Geomorphologic Classification Map and Observed Seismic Records by Matsuoka, Masashi
What Are Recorded in a Strong-Motion Record? by Chiu, H. C.
What Emergency Mapping Team revealed in terms of Emergency information processing after 2011.3.11 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan by Hayashi, Haruo
What we have forgotten about Earthquake Engineering. by Santa-Ana, Perla R.
Why Schools are Vulnerable to Earthquakes by Rodgers, Janise
Wire-rope Bracing System with Central Cylinder, Finite Element Based Application by Fanaie, Nader
Wood Beton ARIA® a new wood-concrete structural wall: Seismic performances by Spatti, Giovanni
Worldwide CATDAT Damaging Earthquakes Database in conjunction with - Presenting Past and Present Socio-Economic Earthquake Data by Daniell, J. E.
Yield Surface of Each Story for Inelastic Analysis of Frames under Horizontal Force and Torsion by Minatogawa, Ryo
iShake: The Reliability of Phones as Seismic Sensors by Dashti, Shideh
“Soft Story” and “Weak Story” in Earthquake Resistant Design: A Multidisciplinary Approach by Guevara-Perez, L. Teresa

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