Engineering Mechanics 2012

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The objective of the 18th conference is to provide a forum for researchers to discuss the state-of-the-art in Mechanics of Solids, Fluids and Thermomechanics, this particularly in connection with problems under investigation in the Czech Republic. Problems of Engineering Mechanics related to the contemplated topics can be discussed, and their solutions presented, during the sessions of the Conference, held at the Hotel of the ŽĎAS, a.s., situated in the beautiful countryside of the Žďár Highlands. EM2012 aims to provide an forum for researchers, industry practitioners, engineers and postgraduate scholars to promote, exchange and disseminate knowledge and experiences of the most recent results and advances in a wide range of topics in Engineering Mechanics.

Engineering Mechanics; Biomechanics; Fluid Mechanics; Kinematics; Mechatronics; Thermomechanics; Dynamics; Fracture Mechanics; Mechanics of Solids; Reliability of Structures; Historical Structures


Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, AS CR
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Engineering Mechanics 2012
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Svratka (CZ)
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Contributions to this conference

A numerical study of the bicycle helmet drop test by Krupička, O.
Active vibration control of a cantilever beam by Tůma, J.
Aeroelastic certification of light sport aircraft according "LTF" regulation by Čečrdle, J.
An enhanced numerical solution of Blasius equation by means of the method of differential quadrature by Guran, A.
Analysis of deflection of reinforced concrete elements after demoulding by Frantová, M.
Analysis of measured and computed force effects in tractor’s three-point linkage during tillage by Porteš, P.
Analysis of vulnerability of cultural heritage against floods by Nedvědová, K.
Aplication of high-resolution X-ray radiography for monitoring the penetration depth of consolidants in natural building stones by Krejci, F.
Applicability of existing indexes of non-proportionality of damping in case of theoretical model of slender structure with installed TMD by Hračov, S.
Application of chaotic dynamics in natural and technical sciences by Kratochvíl, C.
Application of dynamic relaxation method in analysis of cable membrane structures by Šobra, K.
Application of sensitivity analysis in design of characteristics of damping joints in locomotive running gear by Zelenka, J.
Applied method for design optimization of hydrostatic guideway on real machine tool by Mareš, M.
Artificial ant colony method for state-space exploration by Věchet, S.
Assessment of fatigue of railway bridge by Stachová, P.
Assessment of model uncertainties in the analysis of reinforced concrete structures by Sýkora, M.
B-spline finite element method in one-dimensional elastic wave propagation problems by Kolman, R.
BEM shape optimization of a hole in composite for minimum lagrangian by Prochazka, P.
Bending of functionally graded circular plates with piezoelectric layer by the MLPG method by Staňák, P.
Blast performance of FRC composites by Foglar, M.
Branch and bound method for global optima of size optimization benchmarks by Pospíšilová, A.
Changes in physical properties of wood damaged by activities of wood-damaging fungi by Frankl, J.
Characteristic of damage to the structural element by creating its “degradation profile” by Frankl, J.
Collision of a rotating spherical particle with flat wall in liquid by Lukerchenko, N.
Comparative acoustic analysis of plane double-wall and multilayered sandwich baffles by Karczmarzyk, S.
Comparative study on numerical and analytical assessment of elastic properties of metal foams by Koudelka, P.
Comparison of approaches to prevention of injuries, accidents and incidents between the Czech Republic and Russia by Mukhametzianova, L.
Comparison of composite material degradation assesment methods using acoustic analysis and laser vibrometry by Fíla, T.
Comparison of implicit-gradient damage-plastic models by Horák, M.
Comparison of two possible approaches to inverse Laplace transform applied to wave problems by Adámek, V.
Compensation of irregular motion of a machine tool feed drive axis by Moravec, J.
Complex model of the lower urinary tract by Brandner, M.
Computational homogenization of acoustic problem in perforated plates by Lukeš, V.
Computational study of sludge pump design with vortex impeller by Červinka, M.
Computationally efficient algorithms for evaluation of statistical descriptors by Havelka, J.
Computer simulation of musical singer’s voice based on MRI and acoustic measurements by Radolf, V.
Crack analysis in magnetoelectroelastic solids by Krahulec, S.
Creep size evolution of cement paste prepared from portland cement with content of fly ash by Padevět, P.
Cyclic loading of masonry walls and its anti seismic strengthening by Wünsche, M.
DES simulation of separation control for flow over hump by Hyhlík, T.
Dependence of saltation parameters on bed roughness and bed porosity by Kharlamova, I. S.
Design and use of novel compression device for microtomography under applied load by Fíla, T.
Design of universal control unit for brushless dc motors by Toman, J.
Determination of burst pressure of thin-walled pressure vessels by Gajdoš, Ľ.
Determination of mechanical properties from microcompression test by Truhlář, M.
Development and modeling of a biomechatronic sensor effector boot device by Platonov, A.
Digital image processing of structure response by Petřík, M.
Discrete topology optimization of planar Cable-Truss structures based on genetic algorithms by Finotto, V. C.
Dynamic behaviour of locomotive with axle-mounted traction motors by Michálek, T.
Early defect detection of acetabular implants by Kytýř, D.
Effect of linseed oil on the mechanical properties of lime mortars by Nunes, C. P.
Effect of patch repair on fatigue behavior by Benachour, M.
Eigenvibration of road bridges: measurement and numerical analysis by Kruis, J.
Energy sensitive X-ray imaging with pixel stack detector by Žemlicka, J.
Enigma of submerged fence skin friction sensor by Tesař, V.
Estimation of the critical time step for explicit integration by Plešek, J.
Evaluation of wedge-splitting test results from quasi-brittle prismatic specimens using the double-K fracture model by Havlíková, I.
Expansion limit estimation of pistol hollow point bullet penetrating the block of substitute material by Hub, J.
Experiment E6/0,2 with lateral passive pressure rotation about the toe by Koudelka{}, P.
Experimental and numerical verification of vortex induced vibration of hangers on the footbridge by Urushadze, S.
Experimental device for testing of servomechanisms of the passive optoelectronic rangefinder by Čech, V.
Experimental investigation of air pressure and acoustic characteristics of human voice. Part 1: measurement in vivo by Horáček, J.
Experimental investigation of pedestrian level winds using multiple measuring methods by Zacho, D.
Experimental measurement of full-field strains in the vicinity of U-notch in ductile material by Jandejsek, I.
FEM simulation of an integrated longitudinal and tangential wave probe by Hora, P.
FEM simulation of high velocity shock waves in fiber reinforced composites by Žmindák, M.
Fatigue crack growth and delamination in fiber metal laminate (glare) during loading with positive mean stress by Chlupová, A.
Fatigue under fretting conditions by Španiel, M.
Finite element contact-impact algorithm in explicit transient analysis by Gabriel, D.
Flow based vibrations of sluice gates – physical and numerical modelling by Brouček, M.
Flow conditions in the last stage during idling operation and low output of 1000MW turbine by Tajč, L.
Flow visualization in control valve with profiling cone by Bednář, L.
Force-torque control methods for industrial robots by Flekal, L.
Fracture properties of cementitious composites reinforced with carbon nanofibers/nanotubes by Hlaváček, P.
Frictionless contact of elastic bodies: comparison of treatment in finite element analysis and isogeometric analysis by Kopačka, J.
Generalized linear model with aero-elastic forces variable in frequency and time domains by Náprstek, J.
Hierarchical multiscale modelling of porous media with applications in biomechanics by Cimrman, R.
Homogenized phononic plates and wave dispersion by Rohan, E.
Hydraulic design of inducer by Stejskal, J.
Identification of parameters for models of ductile damage by Růžička, J.
Implementation of direct numerical simulation of viscous incompressible flow by Beňo, M.
Indirect determination of material model parameters for single trabecula based on nanoindentation and three-point bending test by Zlámal, P.
Influence of geometric parameters on the stiffness of traditional dovetail timber joint by Kunecký, J.
Influence of the geometric configurations of the human vocal tract on the voice production by Vampola, T.
Influence of the synthetic jet on the flow around the hump by Skála, V.
Influence of water temperature on heat transfer coefficient in spray cooling of steel surfaces by Chabičovský, M.
Input shaping control of electronic cams by Beneš, P.
Instability of the swirling flows with/without cavitation by Rudolf, P.
Introduction of the analytical turbulent velocity profile between two parallel plates by Štigler, J.
Investigations of orthotropic decks by Urushadze, S.
Kinematical excited vibration of the nuclear fuel assembly by Zeman, V.
LTB resistance of beams influenced by plastic reserve or local buckling by Koleková, Y.
Laboratory optical measurement of model blade vibration under rotation by Pešek, L.
Large-scale micro-finite element simulation of compressive behavior of trabecular bone microstructure by Jiroušek, O.
Lattice modeling of concrete fracture including the effect of material spatial randomness by Eliáš, J.
Lifetime prediction of wind loaded mast and towers with respect to lateral and longitudinal wind spectrum by Pospíšil, S.
Limit states of concrete structures subjected to environmental actions by Teplý, B.
Local integral formulations for thin plate bending problems by Sátor, L.
Long-term monitoring of mechanical damage on the historical structures by Zíma, P.
Low cycle fatigue and analysis of the cyclic stress-strain response in superalloy Inconel 738LC by Tobiáš, J.
Macro-mechanical properties of nanotextiles on PLGA base - tensile strength by Křelinová, V.
Mass lumping methods for the semi-loof shell element by Sháněl, V.
Material non-linear beam element with shear capacity by Kabeláč, J.
Material parameters of cement and alkali activated fly ash concrete mixtures laboratory measurements and numerical simulation by Šejnoha, M.
Mathematical modelling of a damping element working on the principle of squeezing two layers of normal and magnetorheological oils arranged in series and its application for vibration attenuation of a rigid rotor by Zapoměl, J.
Measurement of strains in concrete by interferometric fibre optic sensors by Jiroutová, D.
Measuring of wheel–rail adhesion characteristics at a test stand by Voltr, P.
Mechanical design of the active orthosis by Ripel, T.
Mechanical properties of cement paste with various content of fly ash after 6 months by Zobal, O.
Method for constrained designs of experiments in two dimensions by Myšáková, E.
Methodology for determination of moisture distribution by Skramlik, J.
Micromechanics-based models of cocciopesto mortars by Nežerka, V.
Mixed-mode higher-order terms coefficients estimated using the over-deterministic method by Šestáková, L.
Mobile robot tracking using image processing by Krejsa, J.
Modeling of fiber bridging in multiply-cracking mortar by Přinosil, M.
Modeling of fresh concrete flow using XFEM by Kolařík, F.
Modeling of macroscopic elastic properties of aluminium foam by Králík, V.
Modelling of ductile fracture for sub-sized three-point-bend geometry by Stratil, L.
Modelling of fatigue failure of gears with thin rim by Ševčík, M.
Modelling of the ceiling slab from the hollow core panels in ansys program by Kršík, J.
Mondis: knowledge-based system of failure of historical constructions by Valach, J.
Motion capturing control for parallel kinematics robot by Augste, J.
Motion of rotating spherical particles touching a wall by Chára, Z.
Natural ashlars of historical monument – modern methods of data processing and storage by Bednarik, M.
New approaches to assessment of stress and strain fields with application of PhotoStress method by Trebuňa, F.
New designs of external fixators for treatment in traumatology by Frydrýšek, K.
Non-Newtonian effects of pulsatile blood flow in a realistic bypass graft geometry by Vimmr, J.
Non-linear finite element analysis of circular reinforced concrete columns retrofitted by steel jackets by Guran, A.
Numerical analysis of a bridge pier subjected to truck impact by Jiříček, P.
Numerical analysis of coupled heat and moisture transfer based on Künzel model by Kruis, J.
Numerical analysis of fractured femur with internal osteosynthesis by Kunášek, V.
Numerical analysis of thermal fields in the insulated cover of tire curing presses by Hynek, M.
Numerical modelling of engineered cement-based composites by Vorel, J.
Numerical modelling of the reinforcement corrosion by Koteš, P.
Numerical prediction of parasitic energy dissipation in wedge splitting tests on concrete specimens by Veselý, V.
Numerical simulation and experiment swith the profile NACA 0012 by Chládek, Š.
Numerical simulation of 3D glass sagging process by Matoušek, I.
Numerical simulation of transitional flows with laminar kinetic energy by Fürst, J.
Numerical simulation of two-phase flowin a low pressure steam turbine stage by Halama, J.
On applications of distributions to analysis of circular plate design elements by Sobotka, J.
On effective implementation of the non-penetration condition for non-matching grids preserving scalability of FETI based algorithms by Brzobohatý, T.
On-line correction of robots path based on computer vision by Selingerova, S.
Open source FEM-DEM coupling by Stránský, J.
Optimal semi-active preview control of a quarter car model with magnetorheological damper with respect to tire lift off by Havelka, F.
Optimization of concentrating structures for river regulation with the use of CFD by Fošumpaur, P.
Partial safety factors for evaluation of existing bridges according to Eurocodes by Koteš, P.
Predicting self-compacting concrete shrinkage based on a modified fuzzy logic model by Silva, W. R. L. da
Prestressed concrete sleeper under extreme loading conditions by Sýkorová, J.
Problems of producing test samples from callus dental by Topoliński, T.
Reinforced elements of structures from the glued laminated timber with high performance lamella by Melzerová, L.
Relationship between fatigue life and structure of human trabecular bone by Topoliński, T.
Reliability assessment of industrial heritage buildings by Sýkora, M.
Resistance of concrete with fly ash content under the RWS curve fire loading by Šejnoha, M.
Resonance behaviour of spherical pendulum – influence of damping by Fischer, C.
Scalable algorithm for non-linear problems of solid mechanics by Dobiáš, J.
Sedimentation of dilute suspension in intermediate region by Vlasák, P.
Sensitivity analysis of small punch test by Hůlka, J.
Sequential designs of experiments for sampling-based sensitivity analysis by Kučerová, A.
Shape optimization by particle swarm algorithm utilizing isogeometric analysis by Pospíšilová, A.
Short-span railway composite bridges: test and rating by Benčat, J.
Simulation of flight control of a hummingbird like robot near hover by Karásek, M.
Simulation of pitting formation in gearing by Jurenka, J.
Simulation of the behaviour of a 3D link of a knitted fabric made of Ni-Ti to the mechanical loading by Kafka, J.
Simulation of vehicle track dynamic loading by Chalupa, M.
Singular cases of planar and spatial parallel manipulator by Brezina, L.
Software prediction of non-stationary heating of shell moulds for manufacture of artificial leathers by Hušek, M.
Stress wave propagation in the Institute of Thermomechanics by Okrouhlík, M.
Structure of flow fields downstream of two different swirl generators by Štefan, D.
Structures with "ugli" imperfections by Baláž, I.
Study of computational efficiency of numerical quadrature schemes in the isogeometric analysis by Rypl, D.
Symbolic analysis of a mechatronic drive using the program SAMD by Kalous, J.
Testing of mechanical properties of natural stones used as a building material by Hasníková, H.
The boundary between linearity and nonlinearity of the dynamics of gear drives by Ahmedov, O.
The criterion of choosing the proper seeding particles by Novotný, J.
The determination of the kinematic quantities by using the high-speed DIC method by Huňady, R.
The development of the size of fracture energy of cement paste with fly ash in the time by Padevět, P.
The inverse kinematics of n-serial robotic chain in different quadrants of working space by Bobovský, Z.
The laminar flow solution in the plane by eigenmode expansion by Krausová, H.
The methodology of fatigue test simplification by Vágner, J.
The probabilistic calculating of fatigue crack propagation using FCProbCalc program by Krejsa, M.
The secular equation for surface waves in 2D anisotropic elastodynamics by Červ, J.
The self-excited vibration of the NACA0015 profile by Vlček, V.
The study of mechanics of deformation behaviour of service robots gripping systems by Horák{}, M.
The study of polymeric hollow fiber heat exchangers by Astrouski, I.
The use of rubber vibro-base isolation to decrease structure dynamic response by Makovička, D.
Time-discrete integration of finite deformation by Fiala, Z.
Transmissibility of suspended seat loaded with passive mass and with human driver – discussion by Apetaur, M.
Trapped vortex ring by Tesař, V.
Turbulences in artificial boundary layer of fotovoltaic power plants by Tesár, A.
Two-scale modelling of strongly heterogeneous continua using the homogenization approach by Rohan, E.
Unsteady measurements of aerodynamic characteristics of the airfoil by Rozehnal, D.
Use of electro-magnetic damping for vibration control by Stein, G. J.
Utilization of instant reality software for motion visualization by Hrbáček, J.
Validation of the point-mass modelling approach for fibres in the inverted pendulum model by Polach, P.
Variants of Navier-Stokes equations by Pochylý, F.
Verification of rapid method for determining the S-N curve in limited life region by Strzelecki, P.
Vibrations of the slender rod induced by the turbulence in the coolant flow by Pečínka, L.
Wire glass in building construction by Vokáč, M.
X-ray observation of the loaded silicate composite by Vavřík, D.

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