Proceedings of the 14th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering

Proceedings of the 14th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Bejing, 2008.

Contributions to this conference

(5)Unique Architectural Forms Enabled by Base-Isolation by Nakai, Masayoshi
2-D Analysis Methods for 2007 Blind Analysis Contest by Ohsaki, Makoto
3-D Analysis Methods for 2007 Blind Analysis Contest by Ohsaki, Makoto
3-D Applied Element Method for PP-Band Retrofitted Masonry by Worakanchana, Kawin
3D Dynamic Tests on 2/3 Scale Masonry Buildings Retrofitted with Different Systems by Dolce, Mauro
3D Temporal Characteristics Analyses for Seismic Responses of Structures by Dai, Junwu
3D Visualization for Earthquake-Induced Site Liquefaction Potential Based on Volume Rendering and GIS Technology by Tang, Hao
3D Wave Propagation Modeling of the 12 05 2008 Sichuan Ms 7.9 Earthquake by Chavez, M.
9000 Optimal Design and Configuration of Seismic Dampers by Wang, Y.Y.
A Breakthrough in Estimating the Seismic Demands of Tall Buildings by Poursha, Mehdi
A Brief Review of Tsunami Characteristics by Ziaeemehr, Nazli
A Broadband Source Modeling of Interplate Earthquakes,Method and Application by Sekiguchi, Haruko
A Case Study Considering a 3-D Pushover Analysis Procedure by Huang, Wei
A Case Study of Performance-Based Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of an Existing Hospital Building in California, U.S. by Huang, Wei
A Case of Structural Design in Which Viscous Dampers are Used to Enhance Earthquake Resisting Performance of a Building by Tokuda, Yukihiro
A Code for Curtain Wall Systems in Seismic Regions by Vlad, Ion
A Combination of EMD and VARMA Model for Structural Damage Detection by Dong, Yinfeng
A Combined Energy Dissipation Device and Its Application on a Weak-Story by Sutcu, Fatih
A Comparative Analysis of Decision Making Methods for the Seismic Retrofit of RC Buildings by Caterino, N.
A Comparative Seismic Performance Assessment and Rehabilitation of Existing School Buildings by Yakut, Ahmet
A Comparative Study of Empirical Models for Landslide Prediction Using Historical Case Histories by Haugen, Ellen D.
A Comparative Study of Thermal and Seismic Behaviour of a Bridge with Traditional and Isolation Bearings by Ghosh, G.
A Comparative Study of the Seismic Analysis of Rectangular Tanks According to Different Codes by Dogangun, Adem
A Comparative Study of the Traditional Performance and the Incremental Dynamic Analysis Approaches ( IDA) by Nicknam, Ahmad
A Comparison Between Large-Size Shaking Table Test and Numerical Simulation Results of Subway Station Structure by Chen, Guo-Xing
A Comparison Between Seismic Behaviors of Earth Dams with Inclined and Vertical Clay Cores-A Numerical Analysis Approach by Karbor-e-shyadeh, A.H.
A Comparison Between the Requirements of Present and Former Romanian Seismic Design Codes, Based on the Required Structural Overstrength by Craifaleanu, Iolanda-Gabriela
A Comparison of Damping Ratio Analysis for Dynamic Foundation Vibration by Hou, Xingmin
A Comparison of Seismic Behavior Between Specially Shaped Column Frame Structure and Rectangular Column Frame Structures by Yang, Pu
A Comparison of Seismic Performance and Vulnerability of Buckling Restrained and Conventional Steel Braced Frames by Badpay, A.
A Complex Modal Superposition Method for the Seismic Analysis of Structures with Supplemental Dampers by Villaverde, Roberto
A Comprehensive Analysis of the Devastating Wenchuan Earthquake of May 12th 2008 by Mohammad Agha, Houssam
A Criterion for Considering Soil-Structure Interaction Effects in Seismic Design of Ductile RC-MRFS According To Iranian Codes by Massumi, Ali
A Damage Scenario for the City of Messina, Italy, Using Displacement-Based Loss Assessment by Teramo,M.S.,
A Design Method for Hysteretic Device Systems by Gleim, S.
A Design Method for Steel Frames Equipped with Buckling Restrained Braces by Dall'Asta, Andrea
A Design Method for the Seismic Upgrade of Existing R.C. Frames by Buckling Restrained Braces by Bosco, Melina
A Design of Tall Building With Semi-Active Base-Isolation System by Shinozaki, Yozo
A Detailed Evaluation of Eurocode and ISO Methodology on Earthquake-Resistant Geotechnical Designs by Wang, Junkan
A Development of Disaster Management Supporting System for Eathquake Taking Road Networks into Account by Mitsunari, Koichi
A Development of the Damper Device Which Used High Damping Rubber to Install in Joints for Wooden Houses by Furuta, Tomoki
A Dialogue Scheme Between Scientists and Engineers to Handle Design Uncertainties in Nuclear Power Plants by Kameda, Hiroyuki
A Direct Boundary Element Method Applied to Study the Seismic Response of Triangular Valleys by Razmkhah, A.
A Discrete Element Approach for the Evaluation of the Seismic Response of Masonry Buildings by Calio', Ivo
A Displacement-Based Analysis and Design Procedure for Structural Walls by Urrego, Hector
A Dynamic Centrifuge Model Test for the Seismic Strengthening of Existing Embankments by the Reinforcement Bar Inserting Method by Hashimoto, H.
A F.E.M. Model for the Evaluation of the Seismic Behavior of Internal Joints in Reinforced Concrete Frames by Manfredi, Gaetano
A Fiber Beam Element with Axial, Bending and Shear Interaction for Seismic Analysis of RC Structures by Mullapudi, Ravi S
A Fibre Beam Column Element for Modelling the Flexure-Shear Interaction in the Non-Linear Analysis of RC Structures by Diotallevi, Pier Paolo
A Field Testing Research on the Characteristics of Negative Skin Friction along Pile Caused by Seismic Subsidence of Loess by Wang, Lanmin
A Formula for Calculating Liquefaction Probability Based on Chinese Seismic Code by Cao, Zhenzhong
A Fundamental Study on Development of a Verification System for Earthquake-Proof Measures for Furniture by Suchi, Kouichi
A Fuzzyfication Procedure for the Identification of Damage Potential in Seismic Accelerograms by Elenas, Anaxagoras
A General Approach for Analysis of Actuator Delay Compensation Methods for Real-Time Testing by Chen, Cheng
A General Boundary Condition in 3D Hybrid Wave Injection Modeling Based on Alterman and Karal (1968) Method by Oprsal, Ivo
A Generation Method of Simulated Earthquake Ground Motion Considering Phase Difference Characteristics by Yamane, Takashi
A Hierarchial System for Training and Awareness Raising at Grass Roots Level: Experiences of NSET from Earthquake-Resistant Housing Reconstruction in Pakistan by Shrestha, Surya N.
A Human Development Approach for the Construction of Safe and Healthy Adobe Houses in Seismic Areas by Blondet, Marcial
A Hybrid Force/Displacement Seismic Design Method for Steel Building Frames by Karavasilis, Theodoros
A Macro Model for Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls Having Various Opening Ratios by Wang, Jiyang
A Mathematical Model for Dynamic Response of a Rigid Block on a Circular ARC Sliding Surface by Yan, Liping
A Matlab-Based Database of Seismic Intensity for Historical Earthquake in North China by Xia, Min
A Measure for Eliminating Instability of the Multi-Transmitting Boundary by Yang, Yu
A Measure of Drift Demand for Earthquake Ground Motions Based on Timoshenko Beam Model by Xie, Junju
A Mechanical Method for the Vulnerability Assesment of Masonry Buildings by Pagnini, Luisa
A Method for Comparison of Recent PSHA on the French Territory with Experimental Feedback by Humbert, Nicolas
A Method of Estimation of Elastic Properties and Thicknesses of Soil Layers Using Vertical Harmonic Loading on Ground Surface and Its Numerical Verification by Saitoh, Shouji
A Methodology for Post-Earthquake Damage Investigation and Safety Assessment of Buildings in Romania, in Euro-Mediterranean and Worldwide Context by Georgescu, Emil-Sever
A Mexican City Case Study (Morelia, Michoacan) about Buildings and Infrastructure Damages from Active Geological Faults by Echeverria-Toriz, Belem T.
A Model of Ground Structure to Estimate Earthquake Ground Motions Around Hsinchu City, Taiwan on the Basis of Gravity and Microtremor Surveys by Morikawa, Hitoshi
A Multi-Function Unseating Prevention Device for Isolated Bridges by Chang, Dyi-Wei
A Near Real-Time Seismic Consequence Assessment Method Based on Real-Time Seismology by Wen, Zengping
A New Approach for Earthquake Vulnerability and Damage Assessment of a Large Group of Existing Residential Buildings by Offir, Yaron
A New Approach for the Preliminary Seismic Assessment of RC Buildings: P25 Scoring Method by Bal, İ. E.
A New Approach to Numerical Modeling of the Masonry Structures Using Explicit Dynamic Finite Elements Method by Taghi Bekloo, Nima
A New Approach to Rolling-Based Seismic Isolators for Light- To Moderate Structures by Ismail, Mohammed
A New Damage Model for the Seismic Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Frame Strutures by Poljanšek, K.
A New Definition of Strong Motion Duration and Related Parameters Affecting the Response of Medium-Long Period Structures by Taflampas, Ioannis M.
A New Displacement-Based Seismic Design Method for Shear Wall Structures by Deng, Mingke
A New Evaluation of Seismic Hazard for the Central America Region in the Frame of The RESIS II Project by Benito, M. Belén
A New Hybrid Reliability Analysis Method: The Design Point - Response Surface - Simulation Method by Barbato, Michele
A New Implementation of the Multi-Transmitting Formula for Numerical Simulation of Wave Motion by Xie, Zhinan
A New Insight to the Earthquake Input Energy and Its Variation With Building’s Dynamical Characteristics by Hosseini, Mahmood
A New Insurance Loss Model to Promote Catastrophe Insurance Market in India and Pakistan by Zolfaghari, Mohammad R.
A New Magnitude Estimation Method Based on Predominant Period and Peak Amplitude by Li, Shanyou
A New Method for Analyzing the Period-Time Variations of Strong Ground Motions by Kamiyama, Makoto
A New Method for Fast Identification of Liquefied-Soil Site from Surface Acceleration Records by Yuan, Xiaoming
A New Method to Analyze the Tsunami Incitement Process and Site-Selection for Tsunami Observation in Chinese Eastern Sea by Zhu, Yuanqing
A New Methodology for Designing Multi-Story Asymmetric Buildings by Aziminejad, A.
A New Methodology to Evaluate the Seismic Risk of Electrical Power Substations by Hosseini, Mahmood
A New Proposal for Site Classification Based on Ambient Vibration Measurements and the Kiknet Strong Motion Data Set by Cadet, Heloise
A New Rapid Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Method for Turkey by Kaplan, Hasan
A New Round of Updation of Seismic Design Code of China by Wang, Yayong
A New Sensitivity and Reliability Analysis Framework for Structural and Geotechnical Systems by Gu, Quan
A New Simplified Criterion for the Assessment of Field Liquefaction Potential Based on Dissipated Kinetic Energy by Jafarian, Y.
A Nonlinear Dynamic Soil Foundation Interaction Model Using Fiber Element Method and Its Application to Nonlinear Earthquake Response Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridge by Harada, Takanori
A Note on the Accuracy of Seismic Hazard in Peninsular India by Joshi, Ranjeet
A Note on the Stationary Model of Earthquake Induced Ground Motion With a Hu Spectrum by Li, Hongjing
A Novel Approach to Strong Ground Motion Attenuation Modeling by Graizer, Vladimir
A Novel Elastomeric Base Isolation System for Seismic Mitigation of Low-Rise Buildings by Toopchi-Nezhad, H.
A Novel Procedure for Determination of Hydrodynamic Pressure along Upstream Face of Dams Due to Earthquakes by Gogoi, Indrani
A Numerical Analysis Based Substitute Method for Shaking Table Test in Considering of the Soil-Structure Interaction by Wang, Yanru
A Numerical Approach for Liquefaction Potential Definition by Vessia, Giovanna
A Numerical Approach to Consider Effectiveness of TMDs on Nonlinear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Frames. by Shooshtari, Ahmad
A Numerical Model for the Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Three-Dimensional R.C. Frames by Mazza, Fabio
A Numerical Study of Dynamic Behavior of a Self-Supported Sheet Pile Wall by Ueda, Kyohei
A Numerical Study on Seismic Behavior of a Typical Rural House of Iran by Dehghan Banadaki, A.
A Parametric Study on RC Existing Buildings to Compare Different Analysis Methods Considered in the European Seismic Code (EC8-3) by Masi, Angelo
A Parametric Study on Seismic Behavior of Continuous Buried Pipelines Due to Wave Propagation by Rahimzade Rofooei, Fayaz
A Parametric Study on Seismic Behavior of One-Story Steel Frames Using Yielding Elements by Mofid, M.
A Performace–Based Design Approach in Turkish Seismic Design Code for Port Structures by Aydinoglu, M. Nuray
A Physical Model for the Evaluation of the Slip Rates of Crustal Faults in Japan by Mahdyiar, Mehrdad
A Potential Well Framework for Nonlinear Seismic Performance by Taylor, Colin A.
A Practitioner’s Perspective on the Benefits and Shortcomings of the Use of Nonlinear Analysis for the Seismic Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Existing Structures by Toranzo-Dianderas, Luis A.
A Preliminary Investigation of the Coseismic Surface-Ruptures for Wenchuan Earthquake of 12 May 2008, Sichuan, China by Hao, Ken Xian-Sheng
A Preliminary Study on Distribution Law of Lateral Earthquake Load Along Slope's Height by Chen, Xian-Mai
A Preliminary Study on the Motion Characteristics of Longmenshan Fault Before and After the M8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake by Jiao, Qing
A Preparation on Practical Seismic Evaluation Method of the Existent Slopes by Hata, Yoshiya
A Probabilistic Performance-Based Approach for Seismic Design of Buckling-Restrained-Braced Frames (BRBF) by Ebrahimian, Hamed
A Procedure for Deriving Analytical Fragility Curves for Masonry Buildings by Rota, Maria
A Procedure for Establishing Fragility Functions for Seismic Loss Estimate of Existing Buildings Based on Nonlinear Pushover Analysis by Duan, Xiaonian
A Procedure for Risk Mitigation of Water Supply System in Large and Populated Cities by Hosseini, Mahmood
A Procedure for the Calibration of Partial Safety Factors for Capacity Models by Alessandri, S.
A Procedure for the Evaluation of Seismic Local Effects in Lombardia (Italy) for Urban Planning by Pergalani, Floriana
A Proposed Framework and Approach to Earthquake Micro-Insurance by Walker, George R
A Proposed Lateral Load Pattern Using Seismic Energy Distribution along the Height of Buildings by Motamedi, Mehrtash
A Rational Approach to Analytical Modeling of Masonry Infills in Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings by Kaushik, Hemant B.
A Rational Strategy for Seismic Retrofitting of RC Existing Buildings by Faella, C.
A Regression Model for Estimating Power Spectral Density Function of Ground Acceleration by Matsuda, Satoshi
A Review of the US-PRC Cooperative Research Program on Earthquake Engineering by Liu, Shih-Chi
A Risk Assessment Method for Traffic Function of Highway Bridges with Earthquake Damage by Sekine, Atsushi
A Risk Management Model for Inter-City Road Systems by Hosseini, Mahmood
A Roller Seismic Isolation Bearing for Highway Bridges by Lee, George
A Seicmic Upgrading Technique for Timber Strucure with Visco-Elastic Tape by Mitsuji, Kazuya
A Service-Oreinted Architecture for Structural Health Monitoring Using Smart Sensors by Rice, Jennifer A.
A Shaking Table Test of Scaled Model for an Emergency Diesel Generator System for Evaluation of Seismic Force Decrease by Using a Spring-Viscous Damper System by Kim, Min Kyu
A Shaking Table Test on Soil-Pipe Dynamical Interface Displacement Research Under Inconsistent Seismic Excitation by Meng, Hai
A Simple Code-Like Formula for Estimating the Torsional Effects on Structures Subjected to Earthquake Ground Motion Excitation by Gasparini, Giada
A Simple Design Method for Yielding Structures Subject to Torsion by MacRae, Gregory.A.
A Simple Evaluation Method for Earthquake Damage to the Quay Walls by Soejima, Michiyo
A Simple Model for Evaluating the Structural Response of Masonry Structures Strengthened with FRP by Grande, Ernesto
A Simplified Non-Linear Spring Approach for Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction by Gandomzadeh, Ali
A Simplified Procedure for Estimating the Inelastic Drift Demands on Frame Structures by Ay, Bekir Ozer
A Simplified Pushover Method for Evaluating the Seismic Demand in Asymmetric-Plan Multi-Storey Buildings by Lucchini, Andrea
A Soil Classification for Seismic Hazard Assessment and Mitigation of the Algarve by Carvalho, J.
A Spectra-Based Multi Modal Adaptive Pushover Procedure for Seismic Assessment of Buildings by Shakeri, Kazem
A Step Towards the Formulation of a Simple Method to Design PP-Band Mesh Retrofitting for Adobe/Masonry Houses by Mayorca, Paola
A Strategy for Identification of Building Structures under Base Excitations by Amato, G.
A Strength Criterion for the Flexural Behaviour of Spandrels in Un-Reinforced Masonry Walls by Cattari, S.
A Strong Motion Simulation Method Suitable for Areas with Less Information on Subsurface Structure by Nozu, A.
A Study and Development of Semi-Active Control Method by Magnetorheological Fluid Damper in Base Isolated Structures by Hori, Norio
A Study for Improving the Total Disaster Reduction Ability of Little Children's Guardians by Abe, Mariko
A Study of the Effect of Infilled Brick Walls on the Behavior of Eccentrically Braced Frames by Saedi Daryan, Amir
A Study on Characteristics of Ground Motion in Permafrost Sites along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway by Wu, Zhijian
A Study on Classification of Landform Based on SRTM-3 for Estimation of Site Amplification Factors in Metro Manila, Philippines by Jeong, Byeong-pyo
A Study on Countermeasures Against Liquefaction-Induced Ground Flow Behind Seawalls by Masanori, Hamada
A Study on Damage Concentration in Low-Rise Steel Moment Frames under Severe Seismic Motions by Bao, Enhe
A Study on Empirical Ground Motion Estimation Introducing Fault Rupture Propagating Effects by Kagawa, Takao
A Study on Evaluation of Risk Factors in Daily Emergency Using the Call-Out Records of the Osaka City Emergency Services by Shigaki, Tomoko
A Study on Evaluation of Seismic Performances of Retrofitting with Siding Board for Existing Timber Buildings by Kohara, Katsuhiko
A Study on Response Duration Time Spectra of Earthquake Motions in Tokyo by Ishii, Toru
A Study on Seismic Behavior and Displacement Control of a Continuous Girder Bridge with Low Friction Sliding Bearing Support by Otsuka, Hisanori
A Study on Seismic Performances of Timber Structures with Moment Resisting Joint by Ishigaki, Hidenori
A Study on Sloshing Frequencies of Fluid-Tank System by Jaiswal, Omprakash
A Study on Software Framework of Structural Health Monitoring System Based on NEESit by Wang, Yanwei
A Study on Structural Performance Considering Connecting Condition of Pillar Type Hysteretic Dampers for R/C Buildings by Matsuura, Tsunehisa
A Study on Structural Timber Bearing Wall with Additional Performances by Kohara, Katsuhiko
A Study on Transportation Activities of Mass Casualties in Earthquake Disaster by Multi-Agent Simulation by Araki, Yasuhiro
A Study on Vibration Performances of Japanese Traditional Timber Buildings Based on Microtremor Measurements by Takahashi, Asuka
A Study on the Behavior of Shear Link Beam Made of Easy-Going Steel in Eccentrically Braced Frames by Sabouri-Ghomi, Saeid
A Study on the Disaster Information Collection Support System, Incorporating Information and Communication Technology by Shibayama, Akihiro
A Study on the Effect of Land Use Control by Active Fault Zoning in Japan by Ohara, Miho Yoshimura
A Study on the Evaluation of the Earthquake Resistant Performance of Mud-Plastered Walls by Nakao, Masato
A Study on the Ground Motion Characteristics of Taipei Basin, Taiwan, Based on Observed Strong Motions and Measured Microtremors by Liu, Ying
A Study on the Influence of Boundary Conditions on Three Dimensional Dynamic Responses of Embankments by Kano, Seiji
A Study on the Long Duration of Ground Motion in The Grenoble Basin,French Alps by Umeda, Naoko
A Study on the Response of Country Rock of Grottoes Reinforced by Prestressed Anchors During Seismic Loadings by Qiu, Rendong
A Study on the Spectrum Shape for Performance Based Design of Taipei Basin by Chiou, Shyh-Bin
A Study on the Statistical Relation Between Mainshocks and Aftershocks in West China and Its Application by Shi, Yucheng
A Study on the Uncertainties in Earthquake Time-Dependent Probabilities in Japan by Mahdyiar, Mehrdad
A Summary View on the Implications of Available Strong Motion Data on Vrancea Earthquakes by Sandi, Horea M.
A Technique for Empirical Estimation of Non-Stationary Site Effects of Ground Motions Using the Meyer-Yamada Wavelet by Akazawa, Takashi
A Thought Generated from the Recent Wenchuan Earthquake in China - Proposing a Low Cost, Total Collapse Reduction Design for Old Reinforced Concrete, Low-Rise Buildings That are Not Required by Law for Retrofitting by Chang, I-Kwang
A Trial Design of Steel Framed Office Building Based on an Optimum Design Method by Keii, Michio
A Two-Step Method for Structural Parameter Identification with Unknown Ground Motion by Wang, Xiang-Jian
A Unified Form for Response of 3D Generally Damped Linear Systems Under Multiple Seismic Loads Through Modal Analysis by Chu, Yi-Lun
A Uniform Storey Ductility Demand Seismic Design Method for Buildings by Ma, Hongwang
A Unique Tsunami Generator for Physical Modelling of Violent Flows and Their Impact by Allsop, William
AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings by Malley, James O.
AMD Based Active Structural Vibration Control Using H∞ Robust Design by Huo, Linsheng
ATC-63 - Recommended Methodology for Quantification of Building System Performance and Response Parameters by Kircher, Charles A.
Acceleration Records in Recent Earthquakes and Structural Response Values by Inukai, Mizuo
Accounting for Inelastic Response of URM Buildings in Acceleration Demands on Face-Loaded Walls by Menon, Arun
Accounting for P-Delta Effects in Structures When Using Direct Displacement-Based Design by Pettinga, Didier
Accuracy of Seismic Treatments Assessments Using Source Models by Aptikaev, Feliks F.
Accuracy of Time Integration Procedures for Seismic Response of Linear Oscillators by Arias, Juana
Acquisition and Processing of Time-History Records from Shaking Table Tests on Masonry Specimens by Rinaldis, Dario
Active-Passive Seismic Isolation System for Monocrystal Pullers by Furukawa, Hironori
Actual Application of Ubiquitous Structural Monitoring System Using Wireless Sensor Networks by Kurata, Narito
Adaptive Element Free Galerkin Method Applied to Seismic Response Analysis of Liquefiable Soil by Jie, Ying
Adequacy of the EC8-Part 3 Proposed Confidence Factors for the Assessment of Existing RC Structures by Romão, X.
Advancement in Modeling of RC Shear Walls by Galal, Khaled
Algorithm for Improving the Accuracy of Newmark Integration Method in the Study of Elastoplastic Oscillations by Craifaleanu, Andrei
Alternative Studies of Water Transmission Pipelines Crossing the Hayward Fault by Sadden, Brian
Aluminium-Steel Energy Dissipators for Passive Protection of Structures by Diaferio, M.
Ambient Vibration Analysis of a Highway Bridge with Subspace Method and Frequency Domain Decomposition by Xing, Shutao
Ambient Vibration Measurement and Earthquake Resistant Behavior Analysis on a Two-Tower Tall Building with Enlarged Base by Zhou, Y.
Ambient Vibration Tests Used to Evaluate Seismic Properties of a Mexican Concrete Dam by Juarez, Miguel M.
Amplification Properties of Developed Residential Land for Main Shock and Three Aftershocks by Takahara, T.
An Analytical Model for Composite Steel Plate Wall by Sun, F.F.
An Analytical Model for RC Columns Subjected to Combined Loadings Including Torsion by You, Young-Min
An Application of Seismic Financial Risk Assessment of Three-Span Continuous Rigid Frame Bridge by Zhang, Kai
An Application of the Response Surface Metamodel in Building Seismic Fragility Estimation by Towashiraporn, Peeranan
An Assessment of Damage Potential and of Building Performance Demands for Romanian Vrancea Earthquakes by Craifaleanu, Iolanda-Gabriela
An Attempt to Prediction Torsional Motion from Translational Ones by Nouri, Gholam Reza
An Dynamic Corner Frequency Based Source Spectral Model by Tao, Xiaxin
An Early-Stage Design Procedure for Circular Tunnel Lining under Seismic Actions by Bilotta, Emilio
An Efficient RPIM for Simulating Wave Motions in Saturated Porous Media by Chen, Shaolin
An Elasto-Plastic Dynamic Constitutive Model Based on Sub-Loading Surface Theory and Application on Soil Liquefaction by Li, Li-Yun
An Energy Based Method for Seismic Evaluation of Structures by Leelataviwat, Sutat
An Estimation Method of Frequency Response Functions and Its Application to Microtremor by Nakamura, Masataka
An Estimation of Strong Motions in the Damaged Areas for the Recent Destructive Earthquake in Japan Using Ground Motion Data from Aftershock Observations by Motoki, Kentaro
An Evaluation of Epistemic and Random Uncertainties Included in Attenuation Relationship Parameters by Humbert, Nicolas
An Evaluation of a Simplified Analysis Model for the Earthquake Response of a Coal Fired Boiler and its Steel Support Structure by Cruz, Ernesto F.
An Experimental Study of Repair and Strengthening of Earthquake Damaged Brick Arch by Shih, Chung-Hsien
An Experimental Study on Beam-Column Connections with Precast Concrete U-Shaped Beam Shells by Park, Hong-Gun
An Experimental Study on External Forces on Pile Group from Flowing Liquefied Soil by Takahashi, Hiroyuki
An Experimental Study on Full Scale Shaking Table Test of Conventional Wood House by E-Defense by Mori, Takuro
An Experimental Study on Inelastic Response Behavior of Steel Frame with Exposed-Type Steel Column Base under Axial Loading by Ito, Takumi
An Experimental Study on MTMD to Improve Structural Performance under Dynamic Loading by Handayani, N.
An Experimental Study on Rocking Response of Bridge Spread Foundations by Hung, Hsiao-Hui
An Experimental Study on Vertical Load Resistance of CFT Column-Flat Plate Joints by Yamaguchi, T.
An Explicit Finite Element Method for Dynamic Analysis in Fluid Saturated Porous Media Considering the Coupling Mass by Zhao, Chenggang
An Explicit Method for Numerical Simulation of Wave Equations by Liu, Heng
An Extensive Validation Exercise on Simplified Methods for the Seismic Performance Evaluation of RC Frame Building by Borzi, Barbara
An Improved Multimodal Procedure for Deriving Pushover Curves for Bridges by Paraskeva, Themelina S.
An Improved Numerical Time-Domain Approach for the Dynamic Dam-Foundation-Reservoir Interaction Analysis Based on the Damping Solvent Extraction Method by Li, Jianbo
An Improved Procedure for Capacity Design of Vertical Boundary Elements in Steel Plate Shear Walls by Berman, J.W.
An Innovative Design Strategy for Seismic Retrofitting of a High-Rise Steel Building in Kaoshiung by Wang, Y.Y.
An Innovative Isolation Bearing with Shape Memory Alloys by Attanasi, Gabriele
An Innovative Method for Evaluating the Dynamic Response of Inelastic Structures with Frequency-Dependent SSI by Saitoh, Masato
An Innovative Shape Memory Alloy Damper for Passive Control of Structures Subjected to Seismic Excitations by Ren, Wenjie
An Inproved Elasto-Plastic Spectrum for the Seismic Behavior Assessment and Design of Shear Wall Structures by Zhang, Hongmei
An Integrated Methodology for Damage Identification in Existing Buildings Using Optimal Sensor Placement Techniques by Gundes Bakir, Pelin
An Investigation about the Soil-Structure Interaction Effects on Sloshing Response of the Elevated Tanks by Livaoglu, Ramazan
An Investigation into the Effect of Drainage on Large Slope Failure During Earthquakes by Nakamura, Atsushi
An Investigation into the Pseudostatic Analyses of the Kitayama Dam Using FE Simulation and Observed Earthquake-Induced Deformations by Akhlaghi, Tohid
An Investigation of FRP Composite Steel Shear Walls (CSSW) under Cyclic Loading on Laboratory by Hatami, Farzad
An Investigation of Seismic Retrofit of Columns in Buildings Using Concrete Jacket by Gnanasekaran, K.
An Investigation on Seismic Analysis of Shallow Tuneels in Soil Medium by Bolouri Bazaz, Jafar
An Objective Seismic Damage Index for the Evaluation of the Performace of RC Buildings by Vielma, J.C.
An Open Platform Framework for Simulation of Earthquake Engineering Damage by Wang, Zifa
An Outline and Benefit of Research Collaboration between NEES and E-Defense by Nakashima, Masayoshi
An Outline of Damages to School Buildings in Dujiangyan by the Wenchuan Earthquake on May 12, 2008 by Kabeyasawa, Toshimi
An Overview of Chinese Demonstration Projects on Seismic Safety of Rural Dwellings by Wang, Lanmin
An Overview of Pushover Procedures for the Analysis of Buildings Susceptible to Torsional Behavior by Baros, Dimitrios K.
Analysies of the Bam Earthquake,SE Iran,on 26 December 2003 by Azadmanesh, Azizollah
Analysis and Simplified Design of Precast Jointed Ductile Connections by Palermo, A.
Analysis for Earthquake-Resistant of Bridge Structure Subjected Two Earthquakes by Liu, Chunguang
Analysis of Aseismatic Reliability for Gas Pipeline Network System in Large-Scale Gas Field by Liu, Wu
Analysis of Beam-Column-Gusset Components in 5-Story Value-Added Frame by Kaneko, Kensaku
Analysis of Carbon Fiber Sheet Retrofitted RC Bridge Columns by Gallardo-Zafra, Richelle M.
Analysis of Damage to an SRC Apartment Building Due to the Fukuoka Prefecture West Offing Earthquake by Ishimura, Mitsuyoshi
Analysis of Influence Factors for Earthquake-Induced Differential Settlements of Buildings by Meng, Shangjiu
Analysis of Non-Linear Dynamic Response of Structures Subjected to Synthetic Accelerations by Aknouche, Hassan
Analysis of Ordinary Bridges Crossing Fault-Rupture Zones by Goel, Rakesh K.
Analysis of Pile Equivalent Anchorage Length for Elevated Pile Caps Under Lateral Load by Mi, Zhou
Analysis of Pressurized Horizontal Vessels under Seismic Excitation by Di Carluccio, Antonio
Analysis of Recorded Responses of Super Tall Buildings in California During Distant Large Distant and Moderate Close Earthquakes by Huang, Moh
Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Hollow Piers Behavior: Benefits of FRP Confinement by Lignola, Gian Piero
Analysis of Seismic Characteristics of Chinese Ancient Timber Structure by Xu, Minggang
Analysis of Seismic Energy Response and Distribution of RC Frame Structures by Chang, Lei
Analysis of Seismic Mitigation Elastic-Plastic Passive Control for Continuous Beam Bridge by Qi, Xing-Jun
Analysis of Seismic Response Control for Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge under Traveling Wave Input by Qi, Xingjun
Analysis of Seismic Response and Catastrophic Behavior on Suspended Structure Systems by Wang, Xueqing
Analysis of Seismic Response of Fully Grouted Reinforced Concrete Masonry Shear Walls by Shedid, M.T.
Analysis of Seismic Response of the “Mratinje” High Arch Dam by Pejovic, Radenko
Analysis of Site Effects and Their Correlation with Damage Distribution Observed During the Colima (Mexico) Earthquake of January 21, 2003 by Navarro, M.
Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Seismic Activity in Northern Algeria by Bellalem, Fouzi
Analysis of Stairwells Performance and Damage During Wenchuan Earthquake by Li, Bixiong
Analysis of Structures Controlled with a New Variable Damping Semi-Active (VDSA) Device by Cundumi, Orlando
Analysis of Surface Wave Propagation Based on the Thin Layered Element Method by Nakagawa, Hiroto
Analysis of the Effect of Wenchuan Earthquake on Qiaoqi Dam by Xiong, Kun
Analysis of the Process of Providing Public Support Programs for Damaged Dwelling Restoration: A Case Study of Recent Earthquake Disasters by Kishie, Shigekawa
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“The Influence of Tunnels on the Nearby Buildings under Seismic Loadings Conditions”, Case Study: Shiraz Underground-Iran. by Azadi, Mohammad

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