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The proposed paper deals with the seismic vulnerability assessment of the old historic centre of Scanno, in the Italian Abruzzi region. A predictive model, calibrated on [...]
The paper deals with an old problem of praxis. Structures, in general, are exposed to random excitations, which generate normal and torsional stresses. While an estimatio [...]
The pan and tilt devices (P&TD) are often used for placement of camera and antenna systems which must track moving objects (targets) precisely and speedily in many ap [...]
The paper deals with practical experience with measurement of acoustic power of the model - annular plate – while using plate absorptive dampers of the same area dimens [...]
Paper is focused on comprehensive solution of probabilistic integrity assessment of pressure vessels. Engineering criteria was fully respected during solution, however fr [...]
Slender structures exposed to wind influences are subjected to a random component of the pressure generated by a fluctuation part of the wind velocity. The structure it [...]
Friction influence in analysis of a single degree of freedom oscillatory system (SDOF) is either neglected or accounted for by analytical methods, assuming steady state h [...]
Lateral seismic reactions and their impact to supporting structures piers and piles of highway arc bridge are analysed. Due to the fact that not accurate values of soil p [...]
Building structures in the vicinity of above-ground or underground transport lines are loaded by vibrations excited by the passage of motor vehicles or trains. These vibr [...]
Checking analyses of large steel tanks with fluid have been carried out within the frame of the project of completion of Units 3 a 4 of the nuclear power plant Mochovce. [...]
Flexural vibrations of rotating disk contain forward and backward traveling waves can be excited at certain speed of rotating disk also by a standing constant single poin [...]
Impact of the military or civil aircraft on the containment of nuclear power plants of new generation stall be solved mandatory as the part of the Final Safety Analysis R [...]
The paper describes a new method of analysis of the non-stationary response of a bridge model subjected to the wind load. The analysis is based on the decomposition of th [...]
Dušek, D.
This paper deal with possibilities of using of an array of resonators for decomposition of any non-stationary signals. A basic mathematical model composed from resonators [...]
The paper provides a support for the wavelet based approach for the analysis of the linear MDOF systems subjected to non-stationary excitation, as was proposed by [Basu a [...]
Fischer, C.
Seismic random processes are characterized by high non-stationarity and, in most cases, by a marked variability of frequency contents. The widely used hypothesis modelli [...]
Fischer, Cyril
Seismic random processes are characterized by high non-stationarity and, in most cases, by a marked variability of frequency contents. The widely used hypothesis modellin [...]

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