Proceedings of the 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering

Proceedings of the 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Santiago - Chile, 2017.
Conference Title:
16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering
Conference Venue:
Santiago (CL)
Conference Dates:
2017-01-08 / 2017-01-13

Contributions to this conference

1d Nonlinear Ground Response Analysis of Soils in Iit Guwahati and Liquefaction Potential Identification by Basu, Devdeep
2015 Gorkha Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance of a Historic Village With Micro Unmanned Aerial Systems by Javadnejad, Farid
2015 Three-Dimensional Shaking Table Test of a 10-Story Reinforced Concrete Building on the E-Defense, Part 2: Specimen Fabrication and Construction, Test Procedure, and Instrumentation Program by Sato, Eiji
2015 Three-Dimensional Shaking Table Test of a 10-Story Reinforced Concrete Building on the E-Defense, Part 3: Base Slip and Base Fixed Test Results by Nagae, Takuya
2015 Usgs Seismic Hazard Model for Induced Seismicity by Petersen, Mark
3-D Base Control Systems for Substation Equipment by Nawrotzki, Peter
3d Dynamic Impedances of Surface Footings on Liquefiable Soil: Equivalent Linear Approach by Mylonakis, George
3d Model Reconstruction Using Aerial Photos and Application To Detection of Buildings Damaged Due To Earthquakes by Sato, Isao
3d Physics-Based Earthquake Scenarios in Istanbul for Seismic Risk Assessment by Smerzini, Chiara
3d Scanning for Structural Monitoring of Historic California Adobe Structures by Saarman, Nicolas Paul
A 3D Macroelement To Model the Seismic Behaviour of Shallow Foundations by Semblat, Jean-Francois
A Bernstein Polynomial Model in Bayesian Inversion of Surface-Wave Dispersion for Earthquake Site Response in British Columbia, Canada by Dosso, Stan E.
A Capacity-Based Seismic Damage Index for Reinforced Concrete Frame Members by Sinha, Ravi
A Case Study of Earthquake Resilience Data Practices: 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquakes Disaster by Poland, Chris
A Cellular Periodic Material Design for Enhanced Seismic Protection of Low-Rise Buildings by Lomiento, Giuseppe
A Combination-Type Earthquake Intensity Measure for Super High-Rise Building by Zhang, Yantai
A Community Resilience Approach To Assessing Transportation Risk in Disasters by Costa, Rodrigo
A Comparative Earthquake Analysis of Structures By a Wave Propagation Method by Carydis, Panayotis
A Comparative Study of Seismic Performances of Plant Facilities Complying With Seismic Design Codes of the Countries of Southeast Asia by Oshima, Masami
A Comparative Study on School Children’s Risk Perception and Disaster Preparedness in Turkey and Japan by Tanırcan, Gülüm
A Comparative Study on the Seismic Vulnerability of 1970s vs Modern Tall Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Buildings by Hutt, Carlos Molina
A Comparison Study of Steel Structures Design Method Based on Chinese and Japanese Building Codes by Feng, Demin
A Comparison Study on the Infrastructure of National Seismic Networks by Kuyuk, H. Serdar
A Concept for Fixing "Heavy" Facades in Seismic Zones by Roik, Matthias
A Critical Review of the Rayleigh Damping Model by Miranda, Eduardo
A Design Procedure for Seismic Upgrading of Existing R.C. Frames By Brbs by Barbagallo, Francesca
A Direct Performance Based Seismic Design Method for Irregular Structures by Coronado, Luis Alberto Montoya
A Discrete Simulation Tool for the Study of Old Masonry Nonlinear Behaviour by Giry, Cedric
A Displacement Based Seismic Design Method Considering Damage Control and Passive Dissipation of Energy for Buildings by Garcia, Francisco Hector Bañuelos
A Double Hyperbolic Model by Yoshida, Nozomu
A Fast and Direct Algorithm for Structural Damage Identification Based on Modified Modal Residual Force by Bagheri, Abdollah
A Fibre-Based Element With Explicit Consideration of Bond-Slip Effects by Sousa, Romain
A Finite Element Analysis Procedure for Earthquake Analysis of Dam-Water-Foundation Rock Systems: Validation of Method for 2D Problems by Chopra, Anil K.
A Framework for Evaluation of Seismic Upgrading Through Cost-Benefit Analysis by Stojadinovic, Bozidar
A Fundamental Study on Soil Laboratory Testing Method for Nonlinear Seismic Ground Response Analysis by Murono, Yoshitaka
A General Design Method for Buildings With Energy Dissipation Devices by Llera, Juan C. De La
A Genesiz on Earthquake Hazard and Seismic Risk Management Policies of Macedonia by Milutinovic, Zoran
A Ground Motion Simulation Coupled With An Eikonal Solver and Its Application With a Formula Using Isochrones Jumping Intensity by Yamada, Masayuki
A Half Century of Progress in the Seismic Evaluation and Strengthening of Existing Buildings by Saragoni, Rodolfo
A Long-Stroke Semi-Active Mr Damper for Building Control Using Tuned Masses by Weber, Felix
A Low Cost Accelerometer Network for Generation of Shake Maps by Tanircan, Gulum
A Low-Cost Monitoring Platform Based on Wireless Sensor Network To Estimate Seismic Vulnerability Level on Existing Structures by Hernández, Eduardo Ismael
A Method To Include Life-Cycle Analysis in Earthquake Design by Negro, Paolo
A Method for Comparing Psha Results To Historical Observations Using Fragility Curves by Rota, Maria
A Method for Improving the Seismic Performance of RC Moment Frame Buildings by Gutiérrez, Sergio
A Method for Modal Identification of Existing Structures Using Microtremors by Iiyama, Kahori
A Method for Selecting Hazard-Consistent Ground Motions and Estimating Seismic Demand Hazard Curves by Kwong, Neal Simon
A Methodological Approach To Assess Seismic Resilience of City Ecosystems Through the Complex Networks Theory by Fiasconaro, Alessandro
A Methodology for Preliminary Seismic Design of Structures With Or Without Energy Dissipation Devices by Poliotti, Mauro
A Methodology for Seismic Retrofit Using Optimal Control by Shmerling, Assaf
A Modelling Tool for Dynamic Analysis of Masonry Collapse Mechanisms by Mehrotra, Anjali
A Modified Response Spectrum Analysis Procedure To Determine Nonlinear Seismic Demands of High-Rise Buildings With Shear Walls by Najam, Fawad
A Multi-Fiber Timoshenko Beam Finite Element With Embedded Discontinuities for Seismic Nonlinear Calculations by Bitar, Ibrahim
A Multi-Ribbed Composite Wall With Low-Yield Strength Steel for Seismic Mitigation by Liu, Yunhe
A New Approach for Aftershock Hazard Assessment That Takes Into Account Observed Mainshock Demand by Yazgan, Ufuk
A New Buckling Restrained Frame for Reinforced Concrete Frames by Al-Sadoon, Zaid
A New Causality Model for Evaluating the Probability of Human Damage From Injury To Death in Collapsed Building by Nakashima, Tadayoshi
A New Computation of Seismic Hazard for Mexico and Its Application in Seismic Optimal Design by Rocha, Luis Eduardo Perez
A New Energetic-Based Ground Motion Selection and Modification Algorithm by Cimellaro, Gian Paolo
A New Generation of High Damping Natural Rubber Bearings: Material Development, Testing and Applications by Tiong, Patrick
A New Intensity Measure That Accounts for the Effects of Spectral Acceleration, Duration, and Spectral Shape by Eberhard, Marc
A New Methodology for the Optimal Placement of Dampers on Tall Buildings by Brás, Isabel
A New Reliability Method Combining Kriging and Probability Density Evolution Method by Jiang, Zhongming
A New Self-Centering Dissipative Conection for Glued Laminated Timber Frames by Maureira-Carsalade, Nelson
A New Type of Tri-Axial Accelerometers With High Dynamic Range Mems Using for Earthquake Early Warning by Zhu, Xiaoyi
A Next Generation of Damper Seismic Resilient Supertall and Megatall Buildings by Xu, Bo
A Nonlinear Quadrilateral Layered Membrane and Shell Element With Drilling Dof for the Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Wall Systems by Massone, Leonardo
A Novel Friction-Based Passive Control Wall Damper for Seismic Strengthening of Substandard RC Frames by Hajirasouliha, Iman
A Novel Time Continuous P-Galerkin (Tcg) Scheme With 2p-Order Accuracy for Seismic Dynamic Analysis by Xu, Junjie
A Numerical Model for Post-Tensioned Precast Beams With Unbonded Tendons by Martinelli, Luca
A Numerical Study on Effects of Dynamic Input Motion on Response of Tunnel-Soil System by Zhao, Jian
A Possible Revision of the Current Seismic Design Process by Fasan, Marco
A Practical Application of the Nonlinear Substructuring Control Method To Base-Isolated Structures by Enokida, Ryuta
A Practical Method for Strengthening/Repairing Poorly Detailed RC Beam-Column Joints in Developing Countries: Installing Wing Walls To Existing Columns by Takahashi, Susumu
A Preliminary Investigation of Methods for Generating Fragility Curves for Rocking Bodies by Espinosa, Maria Garcia
A Proposal of An Index Based on Microtremor Measurements To Discriminate Irregularity of Subsurface Boundary by Yamanaka, Hiroaki
A Proposal on the Advanced Simplified Structural Evaluation Method for Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Bangladesh by Nakajima, Yosuke
A Realistic Full Cfrp Retrofit of RC Beam-Column Joints Compared To Seismically Designed Specimens by Melo, Jose
A Reconstruction-Free Sub-Nyquist Sensing Approach for Earthquake Damage Detection Using the Music Algorithm by Tausiesakul, Bamrung
A Record Selection Methodology for Vulnerability Functions Consistent With Regional Seismic Hazard for Classes of Buildings by Vamvatsikos, Dimitrios
A Response Spectrum Method for Surface Strata Site Amplification by Zhang, Haizhong
A Review of the Implementation of Iranian National Building Code: Current Challenges and Future Directions by Ghafory-Ashtiany, Mohsen
A Risk-Targeted Alternative To Deterministic Capping of Maximum Considered Earthquake Ground Motion Maps by Luco, Nicolas
A Rotating Mass Damper for Passive Seismic Control of Rigid-Block Type Equipment Above Isolated Floors by Kalantari, Afshin
A Rubber-Based System for Damage Reduction in Infill Masonry Walls by Dusi, Alberto
A Seismic Assessment and Protection Proposal of a Base Isolation System for Michelangelo's David by Facchini, Luca
A Simple Estimation Method of the Probability Distribution of Residual Deformation of Quay Walls Considering Variation of Earthquake Ground Motion by Nagao, Takashi
A Simplified Evaluation Method for the Seismic Fragility of Subway Stations by Li, Wenting
A Simplified Method for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of RC Buildings With Open Ground Storey by Choudhury, Trishna
A Simplified Preliminary Design Method for Low-To-Medium Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings by Akalp, Selahattin
A Simplified Spectral Method for the Evaluation of Seismic Forces in Highway Bridges With Massive Piers by Léger, Pierre
A Single-Building Comparison With Observed Post-Earthquake Damage: the Case Study of L'Aquila Municipality by Verderame, Gerardo Mario
A Single-Run Multi-Mode Pushover Analysis for Seismic Evaluation of Tall Buildings by Poursha, Mehdi
A Single-Run Story Shear and Torsional-Based Pushover Procedure for Seismic Assessment of Buildings Under Simultaneous Bi-Directional Seismic Excitation by Khansoltani, Elahe
A Site Response Map of Europe by Magistrale, Harold
A Situational Awareness Framework for Improving Earthquake Response, Recovery and Resilience by Hajirasouliha, Dr Iman
A Spectral Acceleration Based Intensity Measure for Seismic Assessment of P-Delta Vulnerable Frame Structures in the Collapse Limit State by Adam, Christoph
A Spectral Intensity Index of Ground Motions for Input Selection With Consideration of Higher Modes Effect for Super High-Rise Buildings by Ji, Shuyan
A Steel Version of the Distributed Knee Brace (Dkb) System Retrofit Option for Soft Story Timber Buildings by Gershfeld, Mikhail
A Step Towards the Implementation of a Smart Health Facility: Vibration-Based Identification and Monitoring of Structures and Equipment by Rainieri, Carlo
A Stochastic Dynamics Approach for Response Determination of Bilinear Hysteretic Systems To Pulse-Like Ground Motions Using Time-Dependent Equivalent Linear Properties by Santos, Ketson Dos
A Structural Insight for the Preservation of Marina City Towers in Chicago by Sumini, Valentina
A Study Into Effects of Plate Stiffeners on the Retrofitted Deep RC Coupling Beams by Bei, Cheng
A Study of Tsunami Evacuation To Tall Buildings in the Coastal Area of Cold Region in Hokkaido, Japan by Saito, Takehiko
A Study of Vulnerability of Emergency Transportation Road Considering the Complex Disasters by Fujiu, Makoto
A Study of the Evaluation Method for Embankment Collapse Risk by Oshima, Ryoji
A Study on Approach for Risk Reduction of Non-Engineered Houses in Japan Through Building Regulation System by Ishiyama, Yuji
A Study on Dynamic Behaviour of Medium-Rise Building With Pile Foundation Supported By Different Diameter Piles by Tojo, Takaki
A Study on Fault Modelling for the Japan Sea Area Based on the Off Shore Faults Research Project by Fujiwara, Hiroyuki
A Study on Progressive Collapse Mechanism and Unseating Failure Control of Concrete Girder Bridges During Earthquakes by Li, Hongjing
A Study on Pushover Analysis Using Capacity Spectrum Method Based on Eurocode 8 by P, Naveen A
A Study on Response Control Efficacy By Using Rotary Inertia Mass Damper Filled With Magneto-Rheological Fluid by Fujitani, Hideo
A Study on the Interrelation of Seismic Intensity Parameters and Damage Indices of Structures Under Mainshock-Aftershock Seismic Sequences by Plexidas, Alexandros
A Study on the Long Period Ground Motions Observed in Osaka Bay Area by Kagawa, Takao
A Tension-Resistant Device in Base Isolation by Zhou, Ying
A Three-Dimensional Regional-Scale Earthquake Ground Motion Simulation for the Bengal Basin by Taborda, Ricardo
A Time-Domain Method for Response-Spectrum-Compatible Ground Motions Using Autoregressive Models by Shama, Ayman
A Tsunami Propagation Modeling Based on the Adaptive Mesh Refinement by Hayakawa, Toshihiko
Acceleration Response Spectrum: Revisited for Higher Mode Effects by Gunay, Selim
Acceleration Tracking Control for Uniaxial Shaking Tables Considering System Performance and Robustness by Lai, Chin-Ta
Accounting for Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction in the Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Wall Structures on Shallow Foundations by Sotiriadis, Dimitrios
Accuracy of Modal Combination Methods in Seismic Design of Barrel Vault Cylindrical Roof Shells by Dailamani, Shadi Ostovari
Acquiring Rotational Ground Motion From Triggered Seismic Events by Zembaty, Zbigniew
Active Faults At Structure's Foundations: Definition and Its Influence on Hazard Assessment by Strom, Alexander
Adapting Empirical Mmi Formulae Aimed At Developing Early Tsunami Hazard Assessment Charts by Catalán, Patricio
Addressing Boundary Design for Reinforced Concrete Walls, Based on Studies of the 2010 Chile Earthquake by Willford, Michael
Adjusting Portfolio Loss Estimates in Light of Update To the Earthquake Hazard Model in California by Javanbarg, Mohammad
Advanced Building Regulations by Kurita, Satoshi
Advanced Cyber-Physical Test Method for Seismic Assessment of a Retrofitted Motorway Bridge by Taucer, Fabio
Advanced Numerical Models for Seismic Damage Assessment of RC Columns by Pimentel, Mário
Advanced Seismic Upgrading of Existing Bridges With New Adaptive Imso-System for Seismic Response Modification by Ristic, Danilo
Advanced Shake Table Controller Design Using Model Predictive Control Strategy by Lin, Jian-Yuan
Advances in the Definition of Fragility Models for the Development of Risk-Targeted Hazard Maps by Crowley, Helen
Advances on Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis Through the Simulation of Forced Vibration Tests for a Building Model on the Actual Ground by Abiru, Tetsuo
Advocacy for Tsunami Mitigation and Preparedness of U.S. Schools Along the Pacific Rim by Fatima, Shizza
Afps Preliminary Report of the Field Survey in Central Italy, After the Earthquake of August 24 2016 by Dujarric, Celine
After the 2012 Emilia Earthquakes (Italy): the Lessons We Learned by Dialuce, Gilberto
Aftershock Collapse Vulnerability Assessment of An Older Reinforced Concrete Frame by Raghunandan, Meera
Algerian Seismic Building Code: Main Features of the New Draft Rpa 2015 by Belazougui, Mohamed
Alternative Resilience Measures for Urban Systems Subjected To Seismic and Landslide Hazards by Parisi, Fulvio
Ambient Noise Measurements in the City of Lorca (Se Spain) for Seismic Microzonation by Lunedei, Enrico
Ambient Seismic Noise Tomography of the Central Santiago Basin: Preliminary Results by Saez, Miguel
Ambient Vibration Analysis of Heritage Unreinforced Masonry Buildings in Bangladesh by Biswas, B.S.P
Ambient Vibration Test and Seismic Performance Assessment of Portage Creek Bridge by Kaya, Yavuz
Ambient Vibrations Applied To San Marino Historical Building Survey by Albarello, Dario
Amendment Masonry Chapter of Eurocode 8 by Lu, Suikai
Amplification Behavior of Vertical Motion Observed From Downhole Arrays by Tsai, Chi-Chin
An Alternative Amplitude Based National Earthquake Early Warning System by Aktas, Muharrem
An Alternative Procedure for the Seismic Design of Buildings With Rigid Walls and Flexible Diaphragms: Fema P-1026. by Lawson, John
An Alternative Seismic Hazard Definition for Structures Sensitive To Bi-Directional Earthquake Excitation by Sullivan, Timothy
An Analytical Model for Dynamic Response of An Elastic Sdof System Fixed on Top of a Rocking Frame Structure: Development by Stojadinovic, Bozidar
An Application of Frp System for the Flexural Seismic Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Beams by Fernandez-Davila, Vi­ctor I.
An Approximate Approach for Efficient Stochastic Incremental Dynamic Analysis by Kougioumtzoglou, Ioannis
An Attenuation Relationship for Deep-Focus Earthquakes Around the Ogasawara Islands, Japan by Kubo, Hisahiko
An Economic Sliding Isolation System for Light Frame Residential Structures by Jampole, Ezra
An Efficient Detection Method of the Peak Frequency of Microtremor H/V Spectral Ratio Using a Low-Pass Filter by Yagi, Satoru
An Efficient Three-Dimensional Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis for Incident Plane Waves by Chen, Shaolin
An Enhanced Displacement-Based Element To Account for Tension Shift Effects by Almeida, Joao
An Equivalent Design Method To Improve Seismic Performance of Step-Terrace RC Moment Frames By Viscous Dampers by Shi, Chongbo
An Evaluation of Seismic Recovery Curve Considering the Product Stock and Damage Correlation by Nakamura, Takaaki
An Evaluation of Stress-Softening Behaviour of Hdnr Bearings on the Seismic Response of Base-Isolated Structures by Ahmadi, Hamid
An Evaluation of the Critical Section on Beam-Column Joint of Reinforced Concrete Frame With Non-Structural Walls by Kabeyasawa, Toshikazu
An Experimental Investigation Into the Use of Particle Tuned Mass Damper by Lu, Zheng
An Experimental Investigation and Modelling of Shear Behaviour of Vertical Joints Between Precast Panels by Biswal, Aparup
An Experimental Study of Buckling Restrained Brace With Inspection Windows by Liu, Yi
An Experimental Study of RC Columns With Captive Column Shear Failure Repaired By Cfrp by Avşar, Özgür
An Experimental Study on Out-Of-Plane Deformations of Rectangular Structural Walls Subject To In-Plane Loading by Dhakal, Rajesh
An Experimental Study on Reduction of Seismic Sloshing in Floating Roof Tanks By Using a Suspended Annular Baffle (Sab) by Goodarzi, Mohammad Ali
An Experimentally Validated Modelling Technique for Thin RC Sandwich Walls Under Seismic Loadings by Trombetti, Tomaso
An Explicit Quadratic Alpha Numerical Integration Algorithm for Force-Based Hybrid Simulation by Forouzan, Bahareh
An External Bracing System for the Retrofit of R.C. Frame Buildings: Modal Properties and Seismic Response by Gioiella, Laura
An Improved Analytical Model for Laterally Oscillating Piles by Mylonakis, George
An Improved Design Methodology for Seismic Isolation Systems Using Nonlinear Response Spectra by Aiken, Ian
An Improved Macroelement Model Accounting for Energy Dissipation in Flexural Failure Modes of Masonry Walls by Penna, Andrea
An Incremental Pushover Based Method for the Evaluation of Seismic Capacity of Building by Nuti, Camillo
An Innovative Seismic Protection System for Existing Buildings: External Dissipative Towers by Carbonari, Sandro
An Innovative and Simplistic Reinforcement Detail for Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams by Choi, Young-Jae
An Interdisciplinary Approach for Regional Seismic Damage Estimation by Sisman, Fatma Nurten
Analisys of the Behavior of a Flexible Building With Single and Double Seismic Isolation by Seguin, Carlos Eugenio
Analyses of Earthquake Records on 2 Concrete Japanese Dams by Robbe, Emmanuel
Analyses on the Effectiveness of Structural Measures on Frame Beam End for "Strong Column and Weak Beam" Failure Mode by Xia, Hongliu
Analysis of Base Isolated Liquid Storage Tanks With 3D Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis as Well as Simplified Approaches by Mykoniou, Konstantinos
Analysis of Degree of Regional Health Considering Disaster Risks by Takayama, Jyunichi
Analysis of Diaphragm Seismic Design Forces in Two 5-Story Miniature Steel Frame Buildings Tested in Shaking Table by Blandon, John
Analysis of Electric Circuit in 1000kv Uhv Substation on Anti-Seismic and Wind-Resistance Performance by Sun, Yuhan
Analysis of Full-Scale Building Collapse Test Using Fiber Hinge Element Considering Two-Directional Column Deteriorations by Kazuhiko, Kasai
Analysis of Geotechnical Data and Ambient Noise Records To Assess Site Response in Viña Del Mar (Chile). by Alguacil, Gerardo
Analysis of Magnitude-Spatial Trends of Induced Seismicity in Oklahoma, Usa by Toro, Gabriel
Analysis of Precast Segmental Concrete Columns With Unbonded Post-Tensioned Tendons Under Cyclic Loading by Hao, Hong
Analysis of Punta Negra Dam Using Generalized Plasticity Model and the Material Point Method by Rodari, Ruben
Analysis of Seismic Performance of Confined Masonry Buildings During the Wenchuan Earthquake by Lihong, Xiong
Analysis of Seismic Response of Passive Tank of a New Generation Nuclear Power Plant by Jiang, Bingrui
Analysis of Shear-Dominated RC Columns Using the Nonlinear Truss Analogy by Girgin, Sadik Can
Analysis of Soundness of Bridges Affected By Environmental Factors by Nakayama, Shoichiro
Analysis of Steel Tanks in Chile Subduction Earthquakes by Saragoni, Rodolfo
Analysis of Strong-Motion Accelerograph Records of the 16 April 2016 Mw 7.8 Muisne, Ecuador Earthquake by Saragoni, Rodolfo
Analysis of Substandard RC Buildings Strengthened With An Innovative Post-Tensioned Metal Strapping Technique by Hajirasouliha, Iman
Analysis of Tank Rocking Motion Based on a Spring-Mass-Rigid-Body Combined Model and Magnification Factor by Okui, Daisuke
Analysis of Telecommunication Conduit Damages in the Great East Japan Earthquake, and Effective Lining Repair Technology by Zhang, Qiusong
Analysis of a Shear Wall Reinforced Concrete Building Heavily Damaged During the 2010 Chile Earthquake by Sepulveda, Claudio
Analysis of the Household Food Stocks for Disaster by Osawa, Shuji
Analysis of the Relationship Between Empirical Damages and Repair Costs on RC Private Buildings After L'Aquila Earthquake by Dolce, Mauro
Analysis of the Seismic Performance of a Strengthened Pagoda Temple During Gorkha Earthquake by Planas, Brian
Analysis of the Start of Evacuation By People Inside a Building During the 2014 Iquique Earthquake Tsunami by Dohi, Yuji
Analysis on Damage of the Existing Seimic Isolation Bridge Due To the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake by Takahashi, Yoshikazu
Analysis on Seismic Performance of Building With Viscous Dampers Considering Soil-Structure Dynamic Interaction by Li, Peizhen
Analytical Considerations for Reinforced Concrete Walls in the Design Practice in Chile by Rojas, Fabian
Analytical Content Vulnerability Assessment Methodology for Earthquake Catastrophe Models by Pang, Weichiang
Analytical Fragility Curves of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Chile by Saitua, Felipe
Analytical Fragility Research on RC Frame-Core Tube Structures With An Optimum Intensity Measure by Zhang, Yixin
Analytical Methods To Assess the Collapse and Damage of Reinforced Concrete Wall Buildings by Jünemann, Rosita
Analytical Model for Seismic Assessment of Nonstructural Partition Walls With Returns by Rahmanishamsi, Esmaeel
Analytical Model for Slab-Column Connections Subjected To Cyclically Increasing Drifts by Muttoni, Aurelio
Analytical Prediction of the Seismic Behavior of RC Columns With a Lumped Plasticity Model Including Shear Forces by Osorio, Edison
Analytical Seismic Fragility Analysis of Bridges Excited By Near-Fault Pulse-Like Ground Motions by Lu, Dagang
Analytical Simulations on Structural Experiments of One-Story One-Bay R/C Moment Resisting Frames With Non-Structural Walls by Sanada, Yasushi
Analytical Study of Residential Masonry Chimneys During Recent California Earthquakes by Mcdonald, Brian
Analytical Study of the Evaluation Procedure and Effect When Base-Isolated Building Collides With Retaining Wall by Tojo, Takaki
Analytical Study on Collapse-Resisting Capacity of Vertically Irregular Steel Moment Frames by Shahini, Marzie
Analytical Study on Damping Effect of Building Considering Dynamical Interaction Between Soil and Building by Inubushi, Tetsushi
Analytical Study on Fragility Evaluation Against Fault Displacement for Nuclear Power Plant Buildings by Kanechika, Minoru
Analytical Study on Simple Modeling for Lateral Resistance of Retaining Wall in Collision With a Base-Isolated Structure by Miyamoto, Yuji
Analytical Study on the Collision Load Distribution Between a Large Vessel and a Cable Stayed Bridge Tower Due To Tsunami by Nagahara, Toshiyuki
Analytically Derived Seismic Fragility Curves and Damage Assessement of Masonry Buildings by Remki, Mustapha
Analyzing Life Restoration Processes of Victims in Temporary Housing and How Public Aid Should Function-survey From the East Japan Earthquake- by Koumoto, Hiroko
Anchorage Strength Estimation on Raking-Out Failure of 90-Degree Hooked Beam Bars in R/C Rectangular Column by Mori, Mayu
Anchored Piles in Deep Excavations: a Case Study by Candia, Gabriel
Ancient Measures Taken for Disaster Mitigation by Arun, Gorun
Ann Control of Building Frames for Future Earthquakes by Datta, Tushar
Annotation of Image Data From Disaster Reconnaissance by Dyke, Shirley J.
Anova Based Grouping of Bridge Classes by Desroches, Reginald
Anti-Seismic Systems: Worldwide Application and Conditions for Their Correct Use by Clemente, Paolo
Applicability of Modal Response Spectrum Analysis on Rocking Structures by Kollár, László
Application of Active Base Isolation System Using Absolute Vibration Control Technology by Sano, Takeshi
Application of H/V Method in a Small-Scale Basin by Yushi, Wang
Application of Hvsr for Site Characterization: State-Of-The-Art by Hunter, James
Application of Inertial Mass for a 2-Dof Mass-Varying Structure by Miki, Hiroshi
Application of Local-Deformation Based Design Method To Various Steel Frames by Takeda, Tadahisa
Application of Mtmd on High-Rise Porcelain Cylindrical Electrical Equipment by Bai, Wen
Application of New Stress Test Concepts To Critical Infrastructures. the Case of Thessaloniki Port in Greece. by Pitilakis, Kyriazis
Application of Performance-Based Seismic Design To Tall Ordinary Shear Wall Buildings in Low To Moderate Seismicity Region by Kim, Taejin
Application of Seismic Margin Assessment in a Multiple-Function Nuclear Facility by Chen, Jason
Application of Spatial Auto-Correlation Method for Site Effect Evaluation by Hayashi, Koichi
Application of Viscous Dampers for Prevention of Pounding in Adjacent Reinforced Concrete Buildings by Aydin, Ersin
Application of a New Methodology of Seismic Torsion Design To a Multi-Story Building Structure by Hwang, Kyung Ran
Application of a Recently Proposed Displacement-Based Assessment Procedure for Plan Asymmetric RC Wall Buildings by Beyer, Katrin
Application of the Fema-P58 Methodology for Regional Earthquake Loss Prediction by Zeng, Xiang
Applications and Challenges of Strong Motion Instruments in Strong Motion Observation by Yu, Haiying
Applications of Modern Technologies for the Seismic Assessment of Heritage Constructions in Peru by Aguilar, Rafael
Applications of Refraction Microtremor Done Right, and Pitfalls of Microtremor Arrays Done Wrong by Pancha, Aasha
Approximate Method for Performance-Based Seismic Assessment of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames by Lignos, Dimitrios
Architecture and Base Isolation by Guisasola, Adriana
Are Residents of Seattle Ready for 'The Big One'? An Intervention Study To Change Earthquake Preparedness by Rossetto, Tiziana
Asce 41 Predicted Performance of Newly Designed Brbfs by Speicher, Matthew
Assesment of the Collapse Risk of Infill Walled Buildings by Moehle, Jack
Assessing Potential Tsunami Hazards in Colombia by López, Diego Fernando Peña
Assessing Tsunami Risk To Karachi Port Through Simulation of Currents That Were Reportedly Produced There By the 1945 Makran Tsunami by Lodhi, Hira
Assessing the Aftershock Collapse Safety of Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings With Infills by Burton, Henry
Assessing the Damage Potential of Injection-Induced Earthquakes in the Central and Eastern U.S. by Nemser, Eliza
Assessing the Seismic Hazard in Northwestern Peru by Knudsen, Keith
Assessment Survey of Public School Buildings After August 2016 Italy Earthquake: Preliminary Results by Nuti, C.
Assessment and Modelling of Seismic Behaviour of Glazed Curtain Walls by Zoppo, Marta Del
Assessment and Restoration of An Earthquake-Damaged Sports Stadium in New Zealand by Barnett, Jonathan
Assessment of Analysis Methods for Linear and Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interaction in View of Increasing Seismic Intensity and Foundation Uplift by Makrypidi, Theodora
Assessment of Collapse Potential of Steel Plate Shear Walls Having Infill Plates Designed Using Two Different Philosophies by Bruneau, Michel
Assessment of Dynamic Soil Properties Effects on the Triggering of Slope Instabilities by Ghossoub, Akram
Assessment of Ground Motion and Correlation With Damage in Buildings, 2010 Chile Earthquake by Bonelli, Patricio
Assessment of Post-Disaster Community Infrastructure Services Demand Using Bayesian Networks by Ghosh, Siddhartha
Assessment of Seimic Vulnerability of Historic Buildings Based on Their Current Condition Captured By Laser Scans and Retrofit Strategies by Takhirov, Shakhzod
Assessment of Seismic Design Coefficients for Different Structural Systems of Buildings by Ashri, Abdelrahman
Assessment of Structural Performance Based on An Energy Balance Approach by Wong, Kevin
Assessment of Three Viscous Damping Methods for Nonlinear History Analysis: Rayleigh With Initial Stiffness, Rayleigh With Tangent Stiffness, and Modal by Morris, G. Robert
Assessment of the Degree of Soil Stiffening From Stone Column Installation Using Direct Push Crosshole Testing by Wotherspoon, Liam
Assessment of the Probability of Collapse of Structures During Earthquakes by Miranda, Eduardo
Atc-58-Ii Further Development of Next Generation Performance-Based Design Criteria by Dwelly-Samant, Laura
Atc-92 Comparison of U.S. and Chilean Building Code Requirements and Seismic Design Practice 1985–2010 by Wyllie, Loring
Backbone Model for Masonry Infill Walls in Steel Frames Based on the Governing Failure Mode by Shakeri, Kazem
Base Isolation From a Historical Perspective by Carpani, Bruno
Base-Isolated Intermodal Transportation Center Serves Dual Purpose as Emergency Response Nerve Center by Wang, Michael
Baseline Effect on the Estimation of Crustal Displacement Using Gps Kinematic Relative Positioning by Moya, Luis
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Investigation of the Use of the Residual Drift for Post-Earthquake Assessment of Damaged RC Structures by Wang, Jianze
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Utilization of Cybershake Earthquake Simulations for Building Performance Assessment by Lin, Ting
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Validation of a Coupled Fe-Be Model of a Masonry Building With In-Situ Measurements by Lourens, Eliz-Mari
Variation in Seismic Performance of Bridges Caused By Riverbed Scour by Chiou, Ding-Je
Variation of Damping Reduction Factors Used in Design of Isolated Structures Due To Ground Motion Directionality by Özdemir, Gökhan
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Vcharacteristics of Seismic Response of Stepped Building Supported By Stepped Foundation on Hillside by Liu, Liping
Velocity Structure Modeling of Beppu Basin, Japan by Hayashida, Takumi
Verification for Improvement of Crowd Evacuation Conditions By Evacuation Guidance During Tsunami Disaster by Matsumoto, Shogo
Verification of Drift Demands in the Design of RC Buildings With Masonry Infills by Morandi, Paolo
Verification of Seismic Response Reduction By Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of a Mid-Story Isolation With a Magnetorheological Rotary Inertia Mass Damper by Mukai, Yoichi
Verification of Subsurface S-Wave Velocity Structure Model in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Using a Dense Seismic Array by Nagano, Shuichi
Vertical Motion Effects on Suspended Ceilings by Chen, Weichung
Vibration Control of a Cluster of Buildings Through the Vibrating Barrier by D'Amico, Laura
Vibration Mitigation in Bridges Using Integrated Semi-Active Control Concepts by Dorka, Uwe E.
Viscous Damping in Elastic Seismic Response by Bernal, Dionisio
Volumetric Loss Estimation for Buildings Collapsed in Earthquake by Okada, Shigeyuki
Vs30-κ Relationship Implied By Ground Motion Models? by Kottke, Albert
Vulnerability Assessment of Historic Structures in Kathmandu, Nepal by N., Maskey Prem
Vulnerability Assessment of Large Building Stocks - Lessons From the Seramar Project by Schwarz, Jochen
Vulnerability Assessment of Multi-Hazard Exposed Building Types - An Ems-98 Based Empirical-Statistical Methodology by Maiwald, Holger
Vulnerability Assessment of RC Frames Based on Alternative Intensity Measures Considering the Characteristic of Pulse-Like Ground Motions by Xu, Chao
Vulnerability Curves for Algiers Masonry Structures by Bensaibi, Mahmoud
Vulnerability Estimates of Earthquake Damaged Water Supply Systems by Markov, Ivan
Vulnerability of Buildings With Irregularity Due To Out-Of-Plane Offsets in Mexico by Alcantara-Lagunas, Pablo
Vulnerability of Historical Masonry Structures Through Probabilistic Analysis and Forensic Investigation by O'Donnell, Andrew
Wall-Slab-Gravity Columns Interaction in Multi-Storey Shear Wall Buildings by Dhakal, Rajesh
Water Tank Damage Due To the Great East Japan Earthquake and Its Relationship With Strong Ground Motion in Vast Areas by Inoue, Ryosuke
Watt’s Linkage Based High Sensitivity Large Band Monolithic Seismometers and Accelerometers for Geophysics and Seismology by Barone, Fabrizio
Wave Passage Effects on Torsional Response of Symmetric Buildings in the Near-Fault Region by Meza-Fajardo, Kristel
Wave Passage and Incoherence Effect on Dynamic Response of a Pre-Stressed Viaduct Under a Natural Earthquake by Fabijanska-Kopacz, Maria
Wave Propagation and Source Models Compatible With Strong Motion Applications by Anderson, John
Wavefield Characteristics and Coherency of Seismic Ground Motion From a Rock Site At Argostoli, Greece by Svay, Angkeara
Wavelet Spectrogram Analysis of Surface Wave Method for In-Situ Attenuation and Damping Ratio of Soft Soil by Rosyidi, Sri Atmaja P.
Web Application for Generation of Shake Map: a Case Study on Vijayawada City, India by Kumar, Ramancharla Pradeep
Web Application for Post-Earthquake Occupancy Assessment and Pre-Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment of Buildings by Bhalkikar, Aniket
What Makes for a Seismically Resilient Urban Society? by Booth, Edmund
When Adding Epistemic Uncertainty To a Lognormal Fragility Function, How Should We Increase the Median? by Porter, Keith
Wire-Mesh and Mortar Confined Masonry as Seismic Resistant System for Houses Up To Two Stories by Paredes, Patricio
“Anti-Catastrophe” Concept in Japanese Seismic Design Codes by Nozu, Atsushi

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