Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics and Earhquake Engineering

Translated title: COMPDYN 2009

Abstract eng:
COMPDYN 2009, one of the thematic Conferences of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS), is a Special Interest Conference of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) and has been promoted by the European Committee on Computational Solid and Structural Mechanics (ECCSM) of ECCOMAS. The purpose of the Conference is to bring together the scientific communities of Computational Mechanics, Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering in an effort to facilitate the exchange of ideas in topics of mutual interests and to serve as a platform for establishing links between research groups with complementary activities. The communities of Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering will benefit from this interaction, acquainting them with advanced computational methods and software tools which can highly assist in tackling complex problems in dynamic/seismic analysis and design, while also giving the Computational Mechanics community the opportunity to become more familiar with very important application areas of great social interest. The COMPDYN 2009 Conference is supported by the National Technical University of Athens, the European Association for Structural Dynamics (EASD), the European Association for Earthquake Engineering (EAEE), the Greek Association for Computational Mechanics (GRACM) and the John Argyris Foundation.

National Technical University of Athens, 2009
Conference Title:
COMPDYN 2009 - 2nd International Thematic Conference
Conference Venue:
Island of Rhodes (GR)
Conference Dates:
22/06/2009 / 24/06/2009
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Contributions to this conference

2d modeling of dry joint masonry walls regarded as anisotropic continuous media under horizontal body forces by De Felice, G.
3d irregular spear building's assessment using nonlinear static procedures by Bhatt, C.
3d nonlinear finite element simulations of a rc building mock-up subject to tri-dimensional earthquake by Lebon, G.
A 2.5d coupled fe-be methodology for the dynamic interaction between longitudinally invariant structures and a layered halfspace by Francois, S.
A 3d numerical modeling of shear effects on the cyclic behavior of square hollow piers by Delgado, P.
A comparative study on the response of prismatic and non-prismatic timoshenko beams to accelerating loads by Omolofe, B.
A coupled two-scale computational approach for quasi-brittle out-of-plane structural failure by Mercatoris B. C., N.
A design of multi-channel wireless sensing system for structural monitoring by Casciati, S.
A general energy conserving method for code coupling for structural dynamics by Combescure, A.
A geometric multigrid preconditioner for solving time-harmonic elastodynamics on unbounded domains with perfectly matched layers by Koyama, T.
A high-order doubly asymptotic open boundary condition for scalar waves in a waveguide by Prempramote, S.
A high-order polygonal element in structural dynamics by Song, C.
A monte carlo based method for prediction of extreme response statistics of uncertain structures by Saha, N.
A new discontinuous galerkin solution methodology for solving helmholtz problems by Grigoroscuta, M.
A new fiber element for refined nonlinear modeling of rc frame structures in seismic loading by Jehel, P.
A new method for assessing tortional effects in irregular buildings by Bakas N., P.
A non-linear method for the seismic safety verification of masonry buldings by Butenweg, C.
A nonlocal material model for predicting damage in steel structures under seismic excitation by Velde, J.
A numerical model to predict vibrations due to hst by Romero, A.
A parametric study of tdm's for regular buildings under earthquakes by Paredes M., M.
A predictive model for the seismic safety assessment of school masonry buildings by Bucchi, A.
A probabilistic approach to investigate the uncertainty propagation in wind engineering problems by Petrini, F.
A probabilistic model for the seismic risk of buildings. application to urban areas by Aguilar, A.
A response spectrum method for analysis of bridges crossing faults by Konakli, K.
A rigid body spring model for the study of rocking motion of masonry walls by Pena, F.
A set of vulnerability curves for seismic risk assessment of current buildings in urban zones of iran by Negulescu, C.
A shear-deformable fiber beam-column element for seismic analysis of steel structures by Papachristidis A., G.
A simple approach for reallocating viscous dampers in building structures by Leu L., J.
A simplified energy method for acoustic sources identification by Besset, S.
A simplified procedure to estimate base sliding of concrete gravity dams induced by an earthquake by Basili, M.
A static method for computation of the tilting angle of working vehicles by Marjamaki H., U.
Accuracy and stability of finite quadratic serendipity elements in dynamic wave propagation problems by Plesek, J.
Adaptive conceptual framework for seismic vulnerability assessment of reinforced concrete buildings in pakistan by Haroon, M.
Adaptive modal pushover analysis (ampa) procedure: application to bridge analysis by Aydinoglu M., N.
Adaptive reliability analysis of regional infrastructure by Haukaas, T.
Adequacy of a single confidence factor to account for epistemic uncertainty in the seismic assessment of existing structures by Franchin, P.
An algorithm for vibration analysis of a torsional system with clearances by Kranjcevic, N.
An answer to a persisting controversy in earthquake resistant design of asymmetric buildings for torsion by Anagnostopoulos S., A.
An efficient domain decomposition finite element method for the parallel solution of porous media problems by Stavroulakis, G.
An efficient finite element formulation for passive vibration attenuation using shunt piezoelectric patches by Deu J., F.
An efficient first-order scheme for searching optimal robust designs by Jensen H., A.
An efficient wave based modelling approach for the steady-state dynamic analysis of two-dimensional solids with holes by Van Genechten, B.
Analysis of earthquake incitement and approximation of elastic spectrum by wavelet transform by Nikolic, Z.
Analysis of subway induced vibrations and investigation of preventive measures for a building structure by Ertugrul O., L.
Analysis of the application of the near-fault ground motion functions by Gyorgyi, J.
Analytical and numerical modeling of hydrodynamic distress of rigid and flexible concrete dams by Papazafeiropoulos, G.
Antiseismic traditional architecture across the world: stone, wood, clay and brick materials by Poursoulis, G.
Application of a mode-based meta-model for the reliability assessment of structures subjected to earthquake excitation by Pichler, L.
Application of fourier transformation and frequency domain to prepare a dynamic test model to determine dynamic properties of buried structure and surrounding soil by Goltabar Roshan A., M.
Applications of seismic interferometry for system identification in earthquake engineering by Safak, E.
Approximate analysis methods and the role of slabs in modeling structural collapse by Williamson, E.
Artificial neural networks in computational earthquake engineering by Naziris I., A.
Assessment and improvement of test data in spacecraft base-driven sine vibration test by Calvi, A.
Assessment of effective parameters on inelastic behavior of cfrp wrapping columns using finite elements method by Danesh, F.
Assessment of the equivalent viscous damping ratio for hybrid wall-to-foundation connections of precast wall panels by Mpampatsikos, V.
Assessment of the seismic capacity of stone masonry walls with block models by Lemos J., V.
Bayesian approach to order selection of arx models with applications to structural health monitoring by Saito, T.
Bayesian neural networks to investigate the effects of corner radius on the performance of frp confined columns by Arangio, S.
Bond graph-based qualitative-quantitative health assessment of structures by Moustafa, A.
Collapse assessment of a 4-story steel moment-resisting frame by Lignos D., G.
Colored noise excitation of engineering structures by Schiehlen, W.
Comparative evaluation of the behavior of structural buildings against seismic loads by Magoula, E.
Comparison of seismic response of a rc frame building of older and modern building practices by Rozman, M.
Comparison of structural seismic response based on real and spectrum compatible near-source ground motion records by Azarbakht, A.
Computation models for assessing dynamic effects on underpasses in high speed railway lines by Cuadrado, M.
Computational investigation of shear wall-frame interaction in strengthening accounting torsional effects by Korkmaz K., A.
Computing the interaction between ultrasonic waves and non-homogeneous adhesion interfaces in layered plates by Leiderman, R.
Constitutive modelling of concrete behaviour: need for reappraisal by Kotsovos M., D.
Constraining paleoseismic pga using numerical analysis of structural failures in historic masonry structures by Hatzor, Y.
Contact analysis in the mixed lagrangian framework by Lavan, O.
Control of torsional vibrations by piezoelectric sensors and actuators by Zehetner, C.
Controlling earthquake response of multi-storey buildings with optimized configurations of seismic isolators at various elevations by Charmpis D., C.
Correlation in spectral accelerations of italian ground motion records by Cimellaro G., P.
Coupled problems of wave propagation in materially incompressible saturated soil based on the theory of porous media by Heider, Y.
Coupled vibrations of beams with lateral loads by Voros G., M.
Critical assessment of penalty-type methods for imposition of time-dependent boundary conditions in fem formulations for elastodynamics by Panagiotopoulos C., G.
Damage index assessment of seismic-excited composite frames by Marinopoulou, A.
Damage prognosis of adhesively-bonded joints in laminated composite structural components of unmanned aerial vehicles by Gobbato, M.
Damage-based design earthquake loads for sdof inelastic structures by Moustafa, A.
Data assimilation and reliability estimation of existing rc structure by Yoshida, I.
Data assimilation in structural mechanics using displacement feedback control by Le Tallec, P.
Design and installation of tuned mass dampers into a very slender footbridge across aagade in copenhagen by Saberi, M.
Design of piezoelectric sensor networks for structural monitoring of frame structures by Zellhofer, M.
Detecting the torsional behavior of a tall building by gps receivers by AlSaleh, R.
Determination of orthogonal combination coefficients using inelastic velocity response spectra by Sesigur, H.
Directing energy dissipation in earthquake-soil-structure systems by Jeremic, B.
Discontinuity of structural stability during earthquakes by Gluck, N.
Displacement-based adaptive pushover by Antoniou, S.
Dynamic analysis of rigid bodies on inclined plane surfaces: application to prediction of merchandise response in steel storage racks under earthquake excitation by Sideris, P.
Dynamic analysis of transition zones on high speed railway lines by explicit analysis methods by Ribeiro C., A.
Dynamic characteristics of a tall building during typhoons by Sui-Kui, Au
Dynamic finite deformation viscoelasticity in principal stretches: energy-consistent time integration using mixed finite elements by Muller, M.
Dynamic interaction analysis of high speed train and railway structure including post-derailment behaviour during an earthquake by Tanabe, M.
Dynamic interaction between merchandizes and supporting structure in steel storage racking system by Degee, H.
Dynamic interaction of retaining walls with retained soil and structures by Psarropoulos P., N.
Dynamic response of sdof systems on soil replaced with sand/rubber mixture by Senetakis, K.
Dynamic stability loss and post-critical behaviour of an auto-parametric non-linear system with three degrees of freedom by Naprstek, J.
Dynamic through-the-soil interaction between adjacent piled structures by bem-fem model by Padron L., A.
Earthquake response analyses of buildings considering soil-structure interaction using energy transmitting boundary in the time domain by Nakamura, N.
Ec8-based selection and scaling of accelerograms for assessment of the response of � 5-story, irregular r/c building by Sextos A., A.
Edt: an elastodynamics toolbox for matlab by Schevenels, M.
Effect of bump at expansion joint on dynamic response of twin i-girder bridges under moving vehicle by Ngo-Tran T., L.
Effects of input features in support vector machine based rolling element bearing fault detection and trending by Gryllias K., C.
Effects of seismic incident angle on response of structures under bi-directional recorded and artificial ground motion by Tsourekas A., G.
Energy-based analysis and design of structures under seismic loading by Rosko, P.
Estimating the dynamic instability of oscillators with non-trivial backbones by Vamvatsikos, D.
Estimating the seismic response of base isolated buildings through a response spectrum analysis procedure by Moussa, L.
Estimation of seismic response in planar x-braced multi-storey steel frames by Zotos P., C.
Estimation of the seismic response parameters through the extended incremental dynamic analysis by Dolsek, M.
Estimation of the seismic risk with consideration of capacity degradation over time by Celarec, D.
Eurocode 8: comparison of different methods of analysis for the assessment of existing r.c. frame buildings by Mpampatsikos, V.
Evaluation of an element removal algorithm for shear-critical reinforced concrete frames by Mosalam K., M.
Evaluation of resultant plasticity and fiber beam-column elements for the simulation of the 3d nonlinear response of steel structures by Kostic S., M.
Evaluation of the seismic response of conical steel tanks using the equivalent model technique by Sweedan A. M., I.
Evidence-based identification of weighting factors in bayesian model updating using modal data by Goller, B.
Exact solution of the bending vibration problem of fgm multilayered sandwich beam with variation of material properties by Murin, J.
Experimental and numerical analysis of the dynamic characteristics of a bridge pier model by Terzi V., G.
Experimental and numerical investigation of a reinforced concrete building designed for gravity loads only by Fragiadakis, M.
Experimental identification of turbulent fluid forces applied to fuel assemblies using an uncertain model and estimation of the fretting-wear by Batou, A.
Experimental parameter calibration, uncertainties propagation and parameter sensitivity of a phenomenological model for elastomeric bearings by Casarotti, C.
Exploring the limits and extending the borders of structural health monitoring by De Roeck, G.
Exploring uncertainties in probabilistic seismic hazard analysis through a stochastic source-to-site seismic model by Belsham C., S.
Fatigue lifetime estimation in structures using ambient vibration measurements by Papadimitriou, C.
Finite element analysis of buried pipelines under seismic-fault displacement by Vazouras, P.
Finite element formulations for structural-acoustic internal problems with poroelastic treatment by Larbi, W.
Finite element model updating of an experimental vehicle model using measured modal characteristics by Giagopoulos, D.
Finite element modelling of structural concrete by Cotsovos D., M.
Fire induced progressive collapse of tall buildings by Usmani A., S.
Frp seismic retrofit for insufficient lap-splice: large scale testing of rectangular hollow section bridge piers by Peloso, S.
Generalised fragility curves for bridges, for arbitrary angle of incidence by Moschonas I., F.
Global collapse of seismic excited non-deteriorating frame structures vulnerable to p-delta effects by Adam, C.
Ground vibration induced by moving trains on ballasted and rigid tracks using a periodic boundary element formulation by Millan M., A.
High-order absorbing boundaries: recent extensions and improvements by Givoli, D.
Hoo control for active vibration suppression in smart structures using nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization by Moutsopoulou A., J.
Horseracing simulation algorithm for evaluation of small failure probabilities by Katafygiotis L., S.
Identification of dynamic models of metsovo (greece) bridge using ambient vibration measurements by Panetsos, P.
Identification of non-linear aeroelastic models from experimental data: methods and applications by Bottasso C., L.
Identification of the damage evolution in a benchmark steel-concrete composite structure during pseudo-dynamic testing by Bursi O., S.
Impact load in parking steel column: code review and numerical approach by Ferrer, B.
Impact oscillator based suspension system for a reaction wheel by Aglietti G., S.
Implementing an improved bouc-wen model to account for plasticity postulates by Charalampakis A., E.
Importance sampling using adapted process for hysteretic structures by Au S., K.
Important issues and suggested best practices in simulating structural collapse due to earthquakes: modeling decisions, model calibration, numerical solution algorithms, and uncertainty propagation by Haselton C., B.
Improving the dynamic behaviour of adjacent buildings by connecting them with fluid viscous dampers by Hadi M. N., S.
In plane seismic response of unreinforced masonry walls: comparison between detailed and equivalent frame models by Calderini, C.
Incremental inverse iteration for the nonlinear eigenvalue problem in structural dynamics by Prabel, B.
Influence of non-structural walls and timber ceilings on the global dynamic behavior of a historic residential masonry building by Achs, G.
Influence of soil non linearity in the dynamic response of high speed railway track by Costa P., A.
Influence of the steel concrete bond-slip on the seismic behavior of rc structures by Davenne, L.
Information theory for stochastic modeling of uncertainties in high dimension. application to a new construction of the challenging inverse problem relative to the generation of accelerograms associated with srs by Soize, C.
Integrated soil-structure fragility analysis method by Hashemi, A.
Interaction of a lined tunnel with the surrounding non-linear ground due to a vertical shear wave by Maranha J., R.
Intrinsic dissipation for an anisotropic 3d delay damage model - application to reinforced concrete structures under impact loadings by Chambart, M.
Introduction of fragility surfaces for a more accurate modeling of the seismic vulnerability of reinforced concrete structures by Gehl, P.
Investigation of auto-correlation function and mathematic expected value to determine the maximum response of the structure due to random earthquake loading by Mirza, A.
Investigation of interaction between human gait and elastic bridge by Valasek, M.
Investigation of material quality effect on seismic performance of existing r/c buildings by Bal I., E.
Investigation of the robustness of pso algorithms in reliability optimal design problems by Dimou, C.
Isogeometric methods in structural dynamics and wave propagation by Hughes T. J., R.
Itm-based fsi-models for applications in room acoustics by Buchschmid, M.
Lateral strength of multi-storey masonry walls with openings and reinforcements by Como, M.
Mechanical behavior under seismic loading of masonries including non-convex contact surfaces by Bohatier C., E.
Method for determining margins in multidisciplinary space systems design by Thunnissen D., P.
Mitigating the effects of fault rupture by Zania, V.
Model of analysis for earthquake resistant dual systems by Sophocleous, T.
Model reduction and uncertainties in structural dynamics by Schueller G., I.
Model verification in dynamics through strict upper error bounds by Waeytens, J.
Modeling issues in nonlinear dynamic finite element analysis of steel-concrete composite frame structures subjected to seismic excitation by Zona, A.
Modeling of spatial fluid filled pipe systems containing both straight and curved segments using boundary integral equations by Soe-Knudsen, A.
Modeling of the dynamic behavior of brick veneer subjected to earthquake ground motions by Okail H., O.
Modeling the dynamic process of tsunami earthquake by liquid-solid coupling method by Yong-en, Cai
Modeling the lateral pedestrian force on rigid and moving floors by a self-sustained oscillator by Trovato, A.
Modeling uncertainties for local nonlinearities: application to the drill-string dynamics by Ritto T., G.
Modelling a string with varying length using the finite element method by Rogers K., S.
Modelling gradual spread of inelastic flexural, shear and bond-slip deformations and their interaction in plastic hinge regions of r/c members by Mergos P., E.
Modelling product variability and data uncertainty in structural dynamics engineering: overview of achievements of the mc-rtn maduse by Vandepitte D. V., H.
Modelling the voice production process using a nonparametric approach by Cataldo, E.
Modified metropolis-hastings algorithm with delayed rejection for high-dimensional reliability analysis by Zuev K., M.
Multi-objective structural optimization based on the particle swarm optimization method by Plevris, V.
Multiscale approach with uncertainty for nonlinear inelastic behavior of heterogeneous material and related size effect by Ibrahimbegovic, A.
Near-source directivity effects on medium-long period structures by Spyrakos C., C.
Nearb-opcm3274: shake table test of an r.c. building designed for gravity loads only, seismic response and frame-panel interaction by Lanese, I.
New inverse model of magnetorheological dampers for semi-active application on a 3d base-isolated structure by Bahar, A.
New method for modeling of arch dams as series of cantilever beams that rests on elastic foundations with time-domain dam-reservoir system by Hashemi, A.
New proposal for dynamic factors for en 1991-2 ultimate and serviceability states verifications on highspeed railway bridges by Pereira, M.
Non linear analysis of soil liquefaction phenomena in the cariaco basin (venezuela) by Lopez-Caballero, F.
Non-linear behavior of unreinforced masonry walls with different iranian traditional brick-work settings by Mirshahzadeh, L.
Non-local computational homogenization of periodic masonry for the in-plane analysis of shear walls by Bacigalupo, A.
Nonlinear dynamic analysis of earth-retaining diaphragm-walls by Franchin, P.
Nonlinear dynamic analysis of timoshenko beams by Sapountzakis E., J.
Nonlinear dynamic behavior of a portal frame under support excitation by Brasil R., M.
Nonlinear dynamic response variability of frames with stochastic non-gaussian parameter uncertainty by Stefanou, G.
Nonlinear ground and structural response variability due to soil response modeling uncertainty by Wei, Li
Nonlinear inelastic seismic response of slender bridge pier on surface foundation by Gazetas, G.
Nonlinear macroelements for performance-based design applications of pile-supported wharves by Assimaki, D.
Nonlinear nonparametric system identification method with broad applicability by Lee Y., S.
Nonlinear nonuniform torsional vibrations of bars by bem by Sapountzakis E., J.
Nonlinear response of superstructures influenced by frequency-dependent oscillations in impedance functions of pile groups embedded in a layered soil by Saitoh, M.
Numerical analysis and seismic design of shallow tunnels in soft alluvial deposits by Pitilakis, K.
Numerical analysis of byzantine church models by Kokalanov, G.
Numerical analysis of the mechanical behavior under seismic loading of discrete element structures: application to 3d fractured rock masses, and large stone course buildings by Vinche M., A.
Numerical modelling of dynamic fracture by Armero, F.
Numerical modelling of vibrations from a thalys high speed train in the groene hart tunnel by Gupta, S.
Numerical prediction of blast-induced wave propagation in the soil by Desmet, B.
Numerical simulation of behaviour of gusset plate connections in concentrically braced frame under the cyclic loading by Wijesundara K., K.
Numerical strategies for structural robustness assessment by Giuliani, L.
Ohba ohashi pile-supported bridge experiment revisited: paradoxes and new interpretations by Sakellaraki, E.
On particle finite element methods (pfem) in dynamic solid mechanics problems by Oliver, J.
On seismic assessment of rc buildings - a case study of an actual irregular structure by Kreslin, M.
On structural damage processes of storm and earthquake-induced low-cycle fatigue by Kraetzig W., B.
On the beneficial role of pile and soil inelasticity on the seismic performance of bridge piers by Gerolymos, N.
On the construction of fragility curves using approximation methods by Le, Thien-Phu
On the dynamic interaction between the ground and a group of structures subjected to seismic disturbances by Uenishi, K.
On the identification of pyrotechnic shocks applied to complex structures, using a medium-frequency dedicated method by Bezier, G.
On the influence of warping, shear and longitudinal displacements on the nonlinear vibrations of beams by Stoykov, S.
On the numerical modeling of ground and foundation performance under severe seismic shaking and liquefaction by Bouckovalas, G.
On the optimal tuning of tuned mass dampers in structural systems by Rizzi, E.
On the suitability of proposed equivalent linear elastic models for multi-story seismically isolated buildings by Mavronicola E., A.
On the use of viscous dampers for the protection of monuments by Chrysostomou C., Z.
On transmission of vibro-acoustic energy in spatial elastic piping systems by Sorokin S., V.
Optimal design of seismic isolators for museum artifacts by Peppas N., D.
Optimally designed pile foundations by Letsios, C.
Optimum building design based on energy dissipation by Mitropoulou C., C.
Parameter identification of large scale magnetorheological dampers in a benchmark building by Bahar, A.
Parameters influencing the dynamic response of rigid block assemblies in numerical simulations by Papaloizou, L.
Parametric instability of a wheelset of high-speed train caused by the spatial periodicity of a railway track by Metrikine A., V.
Performance uncertainty estimation using simplified methods of analysis by Fragiadakis, M.
Performance-based analysis of concrete and steel-concrete composite box-girder bridges by Tondini, N.
Periodic steady state response of complex finite element models using multi-level substructuring by Theodosiou, C.
Phononic band gaps in 2d finite media using inertial amplification by Hulbert G., M.
Post damage assessment of the l' aquila, abruzzi april 6, 2009 earthquake by Camata, G.
Practical aspects related to the retrofit of railway bridges under high-speed traffic by Martinez-Rodrigo M., D.
Prediction of collapse of structures under earthquake excitations by Krawinkler, H.
Probabilistic damage assessment of a seven-story reinforced concrete shear wall building by means of bayesian fe model updating by Lombaert, G.
Propagation of epistemic uncertainty in the fragility function used for bayesian estimation of failure probability by Vaidogas E., R.
Protection of mediterranean historical structures against earthquakes using fragility curves by Syrmakezis C., A.
Pzt control of edge debonding in dynamically loaded concrete structures strengthened with composite materials by Providakis C., P.
Quantification of modeling uncertainties for collapse assessment of structural systems under seismic excitations by Zareian, F.
R&d on control of vibrations under covicocepad during 2007-2008 by Barros R., C.
Rate dependent moment-curvature relations for the progressive collapse analysis of rc structures by Santafe, B.
Rc hollow-pier modelling and shear influence on the cyclic numerical response by Arede, A.
Real time prognosis model to generate the near field earthquakes signal by Khameneh A., Z.
Reconstructing dynamic moving loads using an extended dynamic programming algorithm and eigenvalue reduction by Lourens, E.
Reduction and recovering method of frame structures into a single degree of freedom system by Sugiyama, K.
Reduction of dynamic systems and subsystems by Givoli, D.
Reliability analysis applied on lebanese slopes subjected to seismic loads by Massih D. Y., A.
Reliability analysis of bridge models with elastomeric bearings and seismic stoppers under stochastic earthquake excitations by Perros, K.
Reliability decomposition of dynamic wind load on structures by Bertero R., D.
Reliability of non-linear systems subjected to dynamic excitation by Pradlwarter H., J.
Resonant damping of flexible structures by Krenk, S.
Response of buildings to ground movements: considerations about the numerical modeling by Arangio, S.
Retrofit yield spectra for the seismic upgrading of existing rc buildings by Thermou G., E.
Retrofitting reinforced concrete structures with frp: numerical simulations using multifiber beam elements. by Desprez, C.
Robust numerical analysis of rc structures under cyclic displacements by Spiliopoulos K., V.
Robust stochastic design of viscous dampers for base isolation applications by Taflanidis A., A.
Seepage-stress-damage coupling analysis of hydraulic tunnel due to its liner cracking by Ren, Qingwen
Seismic analysis of a concrete face rockfill dam by Arici, Y.
Seismic assessment and rehabilitation of historical unreinforced masonry (urm) buildings in istanbul by Hancilar, U.
Seismic assessment of an overpass bridge with a torsional fundamental mode by Kappos A., J.
Seismic assessment of base isolated structures using n2 method by Kilar, V.
Seismic assessment of bridges with different configuration, degree of irregularity and dynamic characteristics using multimodal pushover curves by Paraskeva T., S.
Seismic assessment of existing rc structures: non linear analyses of different building typologies by Berto, L.
Seismic behaviour of the walls of the parthenon-a numerical study by Psycharis I., N.
Seismic bridge response with non-linear soil-structure interaction by Chouw, N.
Seismic design of buildings with energy dissipation devices by Barron, R.
Seismic design of industrial facilities by Meskouris, K.
Seismic isolated multi-storey structures over the height by Pamboris, G.
Seismic performance of metallic braced frames by pushover analyses by Braz-Cesar M., T.
Seismic performance of unreinforced and confined masonry structures: shear resistance and displacement capacity by Tomazevic, M.
Seismic reliability analysis of corroded reinforced concrete bridge piers in a life-cycle perspective by Frangopol, D.
Seismic response of geosynthetic reinforced soil structures by Tzavara, I.
Seismic response of moment resisting frames through incremental dynamic analysis by Asgarian, B.
Seismic response of sliding structures by Tsompanakis, Y.
Seismic response of the 35m high masonry chimney of the allatini complex by Stylianidis, C.
Seismic safety analysis of historical masonry structures using a damage constitutive model by Juan, Murcia-Delso
Seismic safety of reinforced concrete framed buildings designed according to ec-2 and ec-8 by Barbat A., H.
Seismic verification method for thin-walled circular steel bridge piers under bi-directional cyclic loading by Kulkarni N., G.
Seismic vulnerability assessment of the della valle viaduct by Camata, G.
Seismological scenario-based envelope function for stochastic modelling of seismic signals by Sgobba, S.
Sequentially linear analysis as a pushover analysis tool for masonry structures by Rots J., G.
Simple formulas for the estimation of maximum rotational response of one-storey asymmetric systems under seismic excitation by Gasparini, G.
Simplified analysis of pcbs response to random vibrations by Amy, R.
Simulating the use of rubber shock absorbers for mitigating poundings of seismically isolated buildings during strong earthquakes by Polycarpou, P.
Simulation of earthquake ground motions with seismic physical characteristic by Du , Chengbin
Soil structure interaction model for colosseo in rome in view of dynamic characterization by Cerone, M.
Some ideas on time integration for the simulation of the dynamic response of soft materials by Ryckman, R.
Spatial component analysis of 3-d displacement and storey-drift envelopes of r.c. buildings under seismic loads by Pardalopoulos S., J.
Stability analysis of non-prismatic columns by Asgarian, B.
Stabilized finite element methods for elastic waves by Harari, I.
Static and dynamic analysis of revitalised office building from 70's in poland by Blaszczynski T., Z.
Stochastic seismic analysis of structural systems vibrating under spectrum compatible excitations by Cacciola, P.
Stochastic sensitivity analysis: an essential tool for optimal design of dynamical systems under uncertain loading by Jensen H., A.
Structural dynamics under consideration of imprecise probability by Sickert J., U.
Structural model updating using vibration measurements by Papadimitriou, C.
Structural reliability analysis using the dp-rs-sim method by Barbato, M.
Structural reliability assessment with the aid of neural networks by Fragiadakis, M.
Structural reliability of buried networks in a heterogeneous and aleatory environment subjected to seismic actions by Elachachi S., M.
Study of qualitative effects of different infill types on seismic response modification of rc buildings by Idrizi I., S.
System and damage identification studies of a seven-story reinforced concrete building structure subjected to shake table tests by Conte J., P.
Target control for mechanical systems dynamics with a posteriori error computation by Johansson, H.
The determination of the damping parameter of soils with the sasw method by Badsar S., A.
The dynamic and earthquake response of a greek post-byzantine basilicas by �anos G., C.
The dynamic effect of the train-bridge interaction on the bridge response by Liu, K.
The effect of diaphragm wave propagation on the analysis of pounding structures by Cole G., L.
The fictitious domain method and applications in wave propagation - part i by Becache, E.
The fictitious domain method and applications in wave propagation - part ii by Becache, E.
The impact of using scaled ground motion records for seismic capacity assessment by Zacharenaki, A.
The influence of the supporting manner to the dynamic behavior of the complex mechanical systems by Trisovic, N.
The next generation computational technology for nonlinear dynamics with finite deformation and contact/impact by Tamma K., K.
The role of uncertainty in aeolian risk assessment by Petrini, F.
The secondary bifurcation of a noisy aeroelastic model by Popescu C., A.
The torsion effect on buildings subjected to seismic load by Bensalah M., D.
Time delay and saturation capacity interaction in the control of structures under seismic actions by Pnevmatikos N., G.
Time-variant spectral characteristics of nonstationary random processes: an application to structural reliability and earthquake engineering by Barbato, M.
Towards a reliable prediction of the seismic behaviour of historic structures: the importance of structural survey by Vintzileou E., N.
Two benchmark problems for testing accuracy and stability of finite element solutions to wave propagation by Gabriel, D.
Two-dimensional numerical modeling of light-frame wood structures for seismic collapse assessment by Christovasilis I., P.
Using model classes in system identification for robust response predictions by Beck J., L.
Vibration and stability analysis of non prismatic timoshenko beams on elastic foundation by Asgarian, B.
Vibration behaviour of trusses at conceptual design stage, under pedestrian loading and using morphological indicators by Vandenbergh, T.
Vibration control of high-speed railway bridges using non linear viscoelastic dampers by Moliner, E.
Vibration reduction of a structure using viscoelastic dampers installed by cables by Choi, H.
Visual and instrumental monitoring of base isolated buildings constructed in armenia and evaluation of the performance of their isolation systems by Melkumyan M., G.
Wave modeling by a direct discrete formulation by Seriani, G.
Wave propagation in axisymmetric structures from finite element analysis by Manconi, E.
Wave propagation in helically wire-reinforced pipes by Manconi, E.

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