24th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics - Book of Papers

Abstract eng:
Every four years, the mechanics community from around the world gathers at the Congresses organized under auspices of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM) to discuss science, strengthen relationships, and marvel at the ever-growing applications of this discipline. Following the 23rd IUTAM Congress in Beijing in 2012, Canada had the pleasure of hosting the 24th Congress in Montréal from 21-26 August 2016. The largest congress in the history of IUTAM was delivered successfully with the support of all of you. On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee and the IUTAM Executive Committee, we thank you for joining us in Montréal and hope that you enjoyed the great scientific and social program offered at the Congress. It was our pleasure to host you and we look forward to seeing all of you again at the 25th ICTAM in Milano, Italy in August 2020.

International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2016
Conference Title:
24th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Conference Venue:
Montreal, Canada
Conference Dates:
21/08/2016 / 26/08/2016
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Contributions to this conference

2D versus 1D models for thin film flows (INVITED) by Vila, Jean-Paul
3D DNS of spray formation in gas-assisted atomization by Zaleski, Stephane
3D Flame Characterization via X-ray Computed Tomography by Dunnmon, Jared
3D POD examination of streamwise enstrophy in a stably stratified sphere wake by Gurka, Roi
3D X-ray CT of fatigue damage in fibre composite by Jespersen, Kristine
3D characterization of acoustofluidic force fields in the fN range by Lamprecht, Andreas
3D directional coarsening in single crystal superalloys for multiaxial applications by Le Graverend, Jean-Briac
3D plug formation in T-junctions & complex cross shaped microchannels by Juric, Damir
A 2D multiring simulation of blood flow in arteries by Ghigo, Arthur, R.
A 3-layered non-linear homogenization approach for nanoporous materials by Vairo, Giuseppe
A Biem for Transmission Resonance Problems for Elastic Waveguides by Misawa, Ryota
A Compliant Orthoplanar Spring Based Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester by Dhote, Sharvari
A Discrete Biased Random Walk Model Based on Bacterial Chemotaxis by Goto, Tomonobu
A Discrete Vortex Method for Flapping Foil Power Generator Modelling at Low Reynolds Numbers by Liu, Zhengliang
A FFT method for continuum dislocation mechanics with heterogeneous elasticity (INVITED) by Djaka, Komlan, Senam
A Kinematic Criterion for the Breaking of Shoaling Waves by Itay, Uri
A Lagrange-euler Modelling of Thermovibrational Instabilities in Supercritical Fluids by Amiroudine, Sakir
A Lagrangian closure approximation for homogeneous isotropic turbulence by Okamura, Makoto
A Laplace domain BEM formulation for dynamic problems of anisotropic elasticity by Markov, Ivan
A New Versatile Two-State Five-Parameter Hysteresis Model by Biswas, Saurabh
A New Viscoelastic Constitutive Model of Shape Memory Polymers by Liu, Zishun
A Novel Material Model for the Large-Scale Simulation of Temperature Dependent Inelasticity by Li, Zhen
A Phase Diagram Unifies Energy Dissipation, Kinetics, and Rheology in Inertial Granular Flows (INVITED) by DeGiuli, Eric
A Reduced Control-Oriented Model for Quasi One-Dimensional Flow in Area Varying Channels by Keblawi, Amer
A Self-consistent Model for Nano-metallic-multilayers with He Bubbles by Yu, Long
A Servo-constraint Framework for Control of Various Types of Underactuated Multibody Systems by Seifried, Robert
A Variational Framework for Reactive Flows and Shock Waves by Scholle, Markus
A biomimetic microfluid assay for rapid screening of anti- inflammatory drugs (INVITED) by Kiani, Mohammad
A cell centered finite volume method for solving hyperelasticity equations by Chauvin, Rémi
A cell migration model integrating mechanical stress with biochemical signals by Yuan, Hongyan
A circular inclusion with inhomogeneous imperfect interface in harmonic materials by McArthur, Dan
A class of slip depending surface interactions by Cocou, Marius
A coarse-grained theory to predict particle margination and migration in blood suspensions by Qi, Qin
A comparison between blade element actuator disk and actuator line methods for a tidal turbine by Baratchi, Farhad
A complementary strain energy solution for higher order beam theory by Van Pham, Phe
A computational framework for nonlinear contact between deformable excitable biological cells by Paggi, Marco
A conceptual model for the filtered wall-shear stress statistics in turbulent boundary layers by Diaz Daniel, Carlos
A constant heat flux boundary condition for CFD-DEM simulations by Lattanzi, Aaron
A continuum approach to micro-inertia effects in closed-cell solid foams by Jacques, Nicolas
A continuum model for discrete dislocation dynamics by Zhang, Xiaohan
A crystal plasticity modeling for plane strain deformation of pure magnesium by Song, Weidong
A damped Newton algorithm for computing viscoplastic fluid flows by Pierre, Saramito
A distributed-parameter model of a compressive-mode energy harvester by Yang, Zhengbao
A dynamical study on the north pacific low-latitude western boundary currents by Kong, Linghai
A finite element/quaternion/asymptotic numerical method for the 3D simulation of flexible cables 24th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics by Cottanceau, Emmanuel
A fluid dynamical model for anti-surfactant solutions by Wilson, Stephen
A framework for frequently occurring non-generic degeneracies by Banerjee, Amartya
A full Eulerian method for fluid-structure interaction problems (INVITED) by Takagi, Shu
A fully nonlinear model of a damaged unidirectional metal matrix composite by Mishra, Ashish
A general solution for three-dimensional problems of anisotropic elasticity by Liu, Li-Wei
A gradient damage formulation with transient nonlocal interaction (INVITED) by Poh, Leong, Hien
A homogenized approach for delamination fracture in laminated structures by Massabo, Roberta
A macroscale model of short fiber composite based on x-ray microtomography by Madra, Anna
A mean-field model for trip - algorithms and parameter identification by Petersmann, Manuel
A micro-macro mechanical model for porous rock-like materials with a pressure-sensitive matrix by Shao, Jianfu
A micromechanical damage model for initially anisotropic materials by Welemane, Hélène
A micromechanical damage model for solder joints with an intermetallic compound layer by Keer, Leon
A micromechanical model for strain-induced crystallization in rubber by Linder, Christian
A minimal gradient-enhancement of crystal plasticity theory by Petryk, Henryk
A model for mechanically driven morphogenesis by Epstein, Marcelo
A model for tracheolar flow in insects by Staples, Anne
A model for wall shear stress estimation in abdominal aortic aneurysms using POD by Modarres-Sadeghi, Yahya
A model of poro-mechanical damaging material (INVITED) by Pandolfi, Anna
A modified generalized strain formulation for flexible multibody system modelling by Meijaard, Jacob
A modulo pi temporal phase unwrapping theory in photoelasticity (INVITED) by Wang, Wei-Chung
A multi-scale model for contact mechanics of rough surfaces by Waddad, Yassine
A multi-scale study on adsorption induced deformation of hybrid porous materials by Chen, Mingyang
A new approach to assess the dynamic sliding stability of structures: Application to concrete dams by Renaud, Sylvain
A new elastic theory for nanomaterials and its application by Chen, Shaohua
A new flow control method based on multi-resonance valveless micropump by Hsieh, Ming-Che
A new formalism for identifying wavemaker regions of linear instabilities by Marquet, Olivier
A new formulation for re-centering friction-based isolation systems by Bartosh, Ilona
A new model for the two-fluid laminar classical wake by Hutchinson, Ashleigh
A new model of turbulent mixing by a jet impacting a stratified interface by Herault, Johann
A new time fractional wave propagation in a solid cylinder by Fadodun, Odunayo
A new understanding of aerial undulation in flying snakes by Socha, John
A nonlinear triad interaction source term for wave forecasting models (INVITED) by Toledo, Yaron
A novel microstructurally-based material model to describe passive skeletal muscle tissue by Bleiler, Christian
A novel strategy for compact finite difference evaluation on gpu-accelerated clusters by Trikuta Srinath, Ashwin
A novel topology optimization method for periodical cellular materials by Gao, Jie
A numerical method based on thermo-mechanical coupled material model for simulating Steven test by Lou, Jianfeng
A numerical study of the effect of roughness topology on surface hydrophobicity by Attarzadeh, Reza
A parallel computational framework for simulating fracture in shells by Talamini, Brandon
A phase-field model for fluid driven cracks in porous media by Landis, Chad
A potential-flow model of viscous dissipation for the oscillating wave surger converter by Dias, Frederic
A rate-dependent damage model for elastomers at large strain by Lavoie, Shawn
A reciprocal theorem for convective scalar transfer from a particle in linear flows by Masoud, Hassan
A restricted nonlinear large-eddy simulation model for wall- bounded turbulence by Bretheim, Joel
A second-order method for structural shape optimization with the level-set method by Vié, Jean-Léopold
A shadow PTV technique for particle tracking in an inhomogeneous turbulent flow (INVITED) by Volk, Romain
A slab model for ring rolling by Minton, Jeremy
A strain gradient elasticity theory with independent length scale parameters by Zhou, Shenjie
A study of grain and grain-boundaries based on a gradient crystal-plasticity model by Pouriayevali, Habib
A study of two approaches to higher-order single crystal plasticity (INVITED) by Mayeur, Jason
A study on imperfection sensitivity of pressured buckling of spherical virus shells by Zhang, Lei
A study on variable for estimating maximum power conversion of parametric pendulums by Yokoi, Yuichi
A theoretical model revealing strong strain hardening in gradient nano-grained materials by Li, Jianjun
A theory of strain gradient-divergence plasticity by Borokinni, Adebowale
A two-dimensional double-hertz model for adhesive contact between elastic cylinders by Jin, Fan
A variationally consistent approach to constrained motion by Foster, John
A vibrating membrane model for mitral valve honks by Kay, Edmund
A vortex sheet / point vortex dipole by O'Neil, Kevin
A wavelet-based method with arbitrary high order of accuracy for nonlinear problems in mechanics by Wang, Jizeng
ACEO mixing of fluids in microchannels with asymmetric electrodes by Chen, Han
AFiD: A multipurpose and versatile tool for turbulence simulations by Ostilla Monico, Rodolfo
AVT-251: a parametric study of modified saccon geometry by Maye, Ryan
About the mass flow rate in silos (INVITED) by Maza, Diego
Accelerating Oscillatory Fronts in a Sonic Vacuum with Non- local Interactions by Gendelman, Oleg
Acceleration of car crash simulaions by Fehr, Joerg
Accurate prediction of free edge effect in piezolaminated panels by Kapuria, Santosh
Acoustic bubble metascreen for broadband superabsorption of waterborne acoustic waves (INVITED) by Page, John
Acoustic properties of porous PLA monoliths produced via nonsolvent induced phase separation by Fotsing, Edith, Roland
Acoustical properties of liquid foams (INVITED) by Leroy, Valentin
Acoustophoretic Handling of C. elegans in Microfluidic Channels by Reichert, Peter
Action of the two semi-infinite plates on the elastic layer (INVITED) by Babehsko, Vladimir
Active composites by multi-material 3d printing by Wu, Jiangtao
Active granular monolayers (INVITED) by Ramaswamy, Sriram
Active motion and deformation of liquid crystal elastomers by Cai, Shengqiang
Actuator lifetime predictions for Ni60Ti40 shape memory alloy plate actuators by Wheeler, Robert
Adaptive design process of lattices produced by additive manufacturing by Paquette-Rufiange, Antonin
Adjoint shape optimization based on DNS of turbulent channel flow by Köthe, Thomas
Adjoint-informed ignition characterization by Capecelatro, Jesse
Air entrainment and bubble statistics in three-dimensional breaking waves by Deike, Luc
An Energy-Based Formulation of Equivalent Inhomogeneity for Interphase Models by Altenbach, Holm
An HPC framework for Bayesian uncertainty quantification of flows across scales (INVITED) by Alexeev, Dmitry
An Influence of Cyclic Loading on Stress Component Reduction in the Transversal Direction by Szymczak, Tadeusz
An LCP based approach for the contact mechanics of elastic half spaces by Perez Rafols, Francesc
An analysis of vorticity force versus pressure-friction for incompressible flow by Chang, Chien-Cheng
An analytical model for phase transitions of an SMA wire under uniaxial tension by Song, Zilong
An analytical model for porous single crystals with ellipsoidal voids (INVITED) by Danas, Kostas
An approach to modeling the effect of hydrogen on stress- strain material law by Belyaev, Alexander
An arbitrarily oriented crack problem for a functionally graded coating-substrate structure by Zhang, Li
An automated multiscale simulation of the failure response of adhesive-bonded structural joints by Liang, Bowen
An efficient adaptive rescaling scheme for computing Hele-Shaw problems by Zhao, Meng
An elasticity theory with defects by Zou, Wennan
An enriched finite element method for wave propagation analysis in discontinuous domain by Komijani, Mohammad
An eulerian formulation of soft tissue growth by Rubin, Miles
An experimental and computational study on a NiTi/polyimide Matrix composite interface by Ochoa, Ozden
An experimental investigation on interfacial properties of graphene: Size effect by Xu, Chaochen
An extension of the gurson model involving lode angle by Ahmed, Benallal
An immersed boundary projection method for flow over moving boundaries by Huang, Wei-Xi
An initially cylindrical elastic membrane wrapped around a rigid cylinder by Kolesnikov, Alexey
An integrated temporal multi-scale multi-physics model with damage in multifunctional materials by Guo, Shu
An underwater inertia-based propelled vehicle dynamics and performance by Jarzębowska, Elżbieta
Analysing the fracture behaviour of soft biological membranes by Ehret, Alexander
Analysis for arbitrary misfit dislocations considering interface property by Koguchi, Hideo
Analysis of Heterogeneous Connected Vehicles via Modal Perturbation Method by Orosz, Gabor
Analysis of Mie-Gruneisen equation of state for two- dimensional crystal lattices by Panchenko, Artem
Analysis of Symmetry-breaking and Multi-Bifurcation for Multi-folding Structures by Ario, Ichiro
Analysis of counter-flow convective exchangers using general Graetz modes by Dichamp, Jules
Analysis of cracking in candidate environmental barrier coatings by Sehr, Stephen
Analysis of criterion for kink banding in layered solids by Nakatani, Akihiro
Analysis of forward and backward whirls in drilling by Wiercigroch, Marian
Analysis of mach radiation in an axisymmetric supersonic jet by Fang, Yihong
Analysis of nearshore tsunami wave patterns: solitary waves, N-waves and undular bores. by Zhao, Xi
Analysis of systems with state-dependent delays and applications in metal cutting by Radons, Günter
Analysis of thermal noise in frequency-modulated gyroscopes by Effa, David
Analysis of vehicle handling for front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles by Avedisov, Sergei
Analysis on the strength of rock mass based on fracture fractal evolution by Yu, Guangming
Analytical Inclusion Green Operators in Transversally Isotropic Media by Barboura, Salma
Analytical and numerical tools for relaxation in crystal plasticity (INVITED) by Dolzmann, Georg
Analytical solution of a shock wave in gas sphere in lagrangian coordinates by Shestakovskaya, Elena
Analytical solutions for weakly compressible von Karman vortex streets by Krishnamurthy, Vikas
Analytical solutions of contact problems for bodies with functionally graded coatings by Aizikovich, Sergey
Analytical studies on lamellar-structured composites made by freeze-casting by Rahbar, Nima
Anisotropic damage coupled with plasticity - model development and comparison with experiments (INVITED) by Reese, Stefanie
Annular jet aerodynamic and passive control study by Proper Orthogonal Decomposition by Patte-Rouland, Beatrice
Anomalous Low Friction Coefficient In Dense Suspensions by Clavaud, Cécile
Anomalous scaling law of mechanical properties of cellulose nanopaper by Li, Teng
Apneaic airway gas concentrations during nasal high flow therapy by Van Hove, Sibylle
Appearance of dislocations multiplication in the dynamics of elastic-plastic waves in solids by Kanel, Gennady
Application of Nonlinear Elasticity to Soft Tissue Biomechanics by Ogden, Ray, W.
Application of a fully compressible multiphase SPH scheme to hypervelocity impacts by Koren, Barry
Application of an IHB method to the vibration of a dielectric elastomer balloon by Wang, Yin
Application of the integral length-scale approximation to Wall Modelled LES by Rouhi, Amirreza
Application of the tensorial polar decomposition to 2D medium with open and closed cracks by Desmorat, Boris
Approaches for dynamic fracture simulation: r-adaptive material force and phase-field method by Kaliske, Michael
Approximate plastic yield criterion and hardening of porous single crystals by Brenner, Renald
Architected materials: Performance through bistability (INVITED) by Bertoldi, Katia
Are commercial CCD/CMOS cameras trustable for photomechanics? by Ma, Shaopeng
Arrested bubble rise in a narrow tube (INVITED) by Eggers, Jens
Artificial swimmers through shell buckling by Djellouli, Adel
Assessment of material and geometrical parameters influence on IOP changes after injections by Voronkova, Eva
Assessment of numerical modelling for steady jet impingement cooling in different geometries by Ghazihesami, Rouzbeh
Assessment of the strength of nanocomposites based on interface bonding analysis by Ustrzycka, Aneta
Asymmetric bifurcation of FGM microbeam actuated by thermo- electrical loadings by Chen, Xue
Asymmetric surface textures and non-Newtonian fluids for decreased friction by Schuh, Jonathon
Asymptotic analysis of a rotary wave in a cylindrical container by Steinrück, Herbert
Asymptotic approach to flutter control via hysteretic absorbers by Lacarbonara, Walter
Asymptotic states in turbulence: The emergence of universality and intermittency by Donzis, Diego
Asymptotic theories of nonlinear thermoacoustic waves in a gas-filled channel by Sugimoto, Nobumasa
Atmospheric and Cosmic Infrasound Detection Techniques. by Schifferli, Yasna
Atomistic mechanisms of fracture in amorphous lithiated silicon by Ding, Bin
Atomistic simulation of surface cyclic slip irreversibility in FCC metals by Fan, Zhengxuan
Attitude control via structural vibration by Tyrell, Nathan
Auto-generation by interaction of weak eddies by Goudar, Manu
Auxetic effects induced by re-entrant angle and chirality with large deformation by Li, Yaning
Axial dispersion in weakly turbulent flows of viscoplastic fluids by Maleki, Amir
Axially loaded pretwisted nonlinear thin plates: A strain gradient analogy by Kordolemis, Alexis
Axisymmetric self-similar rupture of thin films with general disjoining pressure by Dallaston, Michael
BEM for 3-D wave scattering in general anisotropic fluid- saturated porous media by Furukawa, Akira
BOS and PSV in a supersonic jet by Stern, Catalina
Balancing domain decomposition method on additive Schwartz framework by Yamada, Tomonori
Baroclinically-driven acoustic streaming by Malecha, Ziemowit
Bending capacity of inflated mesh-reinforced-membrane beam by Tao, Qiang
Bi-material plane of John's harmonic material with a point force at interface by Domanskaia, Tatiana
Bi-stability of FGM Cylindrical Shells with Piezoelectric Surface Layers by Nie, Guohua
Biaxial experiments and numerical analysis of stress-state- dependent damage and failure by Brünig, Michael
Bifurcations in rotating plane Couette flow at moderate Reynolds numbers by Nagata, Masato
Big data meets big models: Towards exascale Bayesian inverse problems (INVITED) by Ghattas, Omar
Biochemomechanical poroelastic theory of tumor growth by Feng, Xi-Qiao
Biomechanics and the physiome project by Hunter, Peter
Biomechanics of hepatic cells and engineered construction of liver (INVITED) by Long, Mian
Blasius-type Friction Equation for Yielding Fluids Based on Extended Kolmogorov Microscales by Anbarlooei, Hamidreza
Bone healing in Live Allograft Biological Systems by Budyn, Elisa
Boundary layer fluctuations and their effects on mean and variance temperature profiles by Tong, Penger
Boundary layer receptivity to acoustic noise in transonic flows by Bernots, Tomass
Boundary layer receptivity to transient plasma in m=4.5 airflow by Leonov, Sergey
Boundary layer transition initiated by a random excitation by Gaster, Michael
Boundary layers in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection: The 3D velocity field by Du Puits, Ronald
Boundary-layer stability of a generic reentry capsule with real-gas effects by Di Giovanni, Antonio
Bounds for the plastic strength of polycrystalline voided solids by Idiart, Martin
Bounds on the response of viscoelastic composites in the time domain by Mattei, Ornella
Brittle fracture of hierarchical self-similar honeycombs by Ryvkin, Michael
Brittle-ductile transition in notched nanoscale metallic glass specimens (INVITED) by Narasimhan, R.
Broadband pentamode acoustic cloak using single phase solid by Hu, Gengkai
Broken time-reversal symmetry in beams in longitudinal motion by Trainiti, Giuseppe
Bubble coalescence at any Reynolds number (INVITED) by Lister, John
Bubble oscillating near a deformable sphere in water by Gong, Shi, Wei
Bubble-based Acoustic Micropropulsion: Mixing and Advanced Swimmers by Bertin, Nicolas
Buckling and collapse of the bicycle wheel by Ford, Matthew
Buckling and the rheology of an elastic capsule suspension by Bryngelson, Spencer
Buckling distortion of aluminum plates under non-uniform welding stress field by Zheng, Bin
Bulk Strain Solitons in Lengthy Solids: From Phenomenon to a Work Tool by Samsonov, Alexander
Bypass transition in boundary layers by Henningson, Dan, S
CFD-DEM study of saturated granular media; applications to fault gouge by Dorostkar, Omid
CFD-informed unified closure relation for the velocity of Taylor bubbles. by Lizarraga-Garcia, Enrique
Calibration of tuned mass or inerter based vibration absorbers by Krenk, Steen
Can frequencies be predicted from mean flows? RZIF for thermosolutal convection (INVITED) by Tuckerman, Laurette
Can solid mechanics help in understanding fluid vortices? by Haller, George
Capillary effects and short-scale interaction in a weakly viscous supercritical overfall by Scheichl, Bernhard
Capillary thinning and break-up of particulate suspensions by Harlen, Oliver
Carotid wall stress analysis based on in vivo intravascular optical coherence tomography imaging by Sun, Cuiru
Carving 3D architectures to transform the mechanics and performance of materials by Mirkhalaf, Mohammad
Cascade of vortex knots detected by HOMFLYPT polynomial by Liu, Xin
Catch bonds and mechano-sensitivity of acto-myosin filament networks by Vernerey, Franck
Catenaries in viscous fluid by Hanna, James
Cell alignment fabrication using stretchable hydrogels with programmable strain gradients by Xu, Feng
Cell viability and rapid screening anti-cancer drug based on nanomechanical fluctuation by Wu, Shangquan
Cell-selective electroporation for novel single-cell applications by Espinosa, Horacio
Characterisation of edge conditions in general incomplete contacts (INVITED) by Hills, David
Characteristics of eigen-vortical-axis lines by Hasegawa, Hideki
Characterization and prediction of streak breakdown using machine learning by Hack, Philipp
Characterization of damage and failure for nanocrystalline materials by Wei, Yueguang
Characterizing multi-scale interaction in turbulence by Lalescu, Cristian
Chemical affinity tensor and kinetics of stress-assisted chemical reaction front by Freidin, Alexander
Chemo-mechanics theory for amorphous Silicon electrodes by Di Leo, Claudio
Chimera states for coupled pendula by Kapitaniak, Tomasz
Circumnavigating the closure problem of turbulence- A lie symmetry approach (INVITED) by Oberlack, Martin
Cloud formation through isobaric mixing in turbulent Rayleigh- Bénard convection by Shaw, Raymond
Clustering and Entropy Growth of Quasi-geostrophic Point Vortices by Miyazaki, Takeshi
Coalescence Between Two Convex Liquid Surfaces by Jian, Zhen
Coherent structures in wall-bounded turbulence by Jimenez, Javier
Cohesive zone modeling of crack kinking out of an interface by Begley, Matthew
Coiling a fiber inside a drop provides a highly stretchable device by Neukirch, Sebastien
Collapse Vortices and Filaments of Vorticity by Kudela, Henryk
Collective Behaviour of Confined Bacterial Suspensions (INVITED) by Goldstein, Raymond
Collective behaviour of active-particle suspensions (INVITED) by Gompper, Gerhard
Collective motion of microorganisms in complex fluids (INVITED) by Ardekani, Arezoo
Combined Modeling and Experiments Polymeric Gels by Chester, Shawn
Combined experimental and adjoint-based sensitivity analysis in thermoacoustics by Juniper, Matthew
Comparison of methods for discontinuous and smooth inhomogeneous elastostatics by Rezaei Mianroodi, Jaber
Compatibility Conditions in Micropolar Thermoelasticity by Murashkin, Evgenii
Competitive adsorption of gas mixtures in fractal slit nanopores by Shang, Zhihao
Complex Trajectories of Confined Fibers in Viscous Flows by Duprat, Camille
Complex energy landscapes of carbon nanotubes with defects by Lei, Xiao-Wen
Complex network analysis of unsteady fluid flows by Taira, Kunihiko
Components of mean streaming flow in a precessing cylinder at small nuation angles by Albrecht, Thomas
Composites with enhanced conductivity and Young's modulus and desired Poisson's ratio by Zhu, Hanxing
Compressible multimaterial flows by De Brauer, Alexia
Computation of heat flux in the stagnation point for a cold wall with high speed flow by Qu, Qi-Qi
Computation of the starting vortex past a flat plate (INVITED) by Krasny, Robert
Computational Modelling of Light-switchable Surface Topograhies Using Liquid Crystal Polymers by Liu, Ling
Computational challenges towards exa-scale fusion plasma turbulence simulations (INVITED) by Idomura, Yasuhiro
Computational framework for multi-material FSI, shocks, turbulence and fracture by Farhat, Charbel
Computer modeling of dynamics of 3-D elastic solids with coupled fields by Belov, Aleksander
Concepts in mechanics for 3D, bio-integrated electronics by Rogers, John
Concurrent scale interactions in a turbulent shear flow by Buxton, Oliver
Conform to Interface Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement (CISAMR) by Nagarajan, Anand
Conservation and flow of helicity across scales in reconnecting vortex knots and links (INVITED) by Irvine, William
Constitutive model of serrated yielding at extremely low temperatures including radiation damage by Skoczeń, Błażej
Constitutive response of a rare-earth magnesium alloy sheet in monotonic and cyclic loadings by Abedini, Armin
Constitutive theory for mechanochemically-based energy dissipating elastomer by Silberstein, Meredith
Contact between rough surfaces: mechanical and transport phenomena at small scales (INVITED) by Yastrebov, Vladislav
Continuum analysis of precipitation hardening using SGP theory by Asgharzadeh, Mohammadali
Continuum description of Sirmas-Radulescu shock wave instability in dissipative gases by Sirmas, Nick
Continuum model and simulations for microstructural evolution in deformation processes by Bassani, John
Continuum transport of dislocations during shock response of crystals by Luscher, Darby
Contravariant and Covariant Polymers in Elasto-inertial Viscoelastic Turbulence by Horiuti, Kiyosi
Contributions of ECM Constituents to Arterial Wall Mechanics by Zhang, Yanhang
Control of complicated stress oscillations in FGPM thin plates (INVITED) by Ashida, Fumihiro
Control of contact events in active rotor dynamic systems (INVITED) by Keogh, Patrick
Control of crossflow instability using plasma actuators by Wang, Zhefu
Controllable Capillary Flow and Direct Oil Recovery in Carbon Nanotube Sponges by Li, Xiying
Controlling band gaps with geometry in composite elastic meta-structures by Matlack, Kathryn
Controlling crack dynamics using drop impact on cold substrates by Josserand, Christophe
Controlling granular segregation patterns using unsteady flows by Umbanhowar, Paul
Convective instability of the boundary layer under solitary waves by Verschaeve, Joris
Convective vector wave equation of aeroacoustics (INVITED) by Mao, Yijun
Converting strain maps into elasticity maps for materials with small contrast by Bellis, Cédric
Converting wave energy from fluid-elasticity interactions by Nové-Josserand, Clotilde
Copepod escape and relocation jumps in turbulence by Michalec, François-Gaël
Correlated forcing with an active grid to control turbulence by Griffin, Kevin
Coupled damage-plasticity modeling of the inelastic behavior of C45 steel at high temperatures by Abed, Farid
Coupled uniform momentum zones and internal layers in turbulent wall flows by Chini, Greg
Coupling and quenching in dual-front flames by Palecka, Jan
Coupling kinetics of reactively ionic gels by Wang, Pengfei
Coupling of Mechanical and Optical Methods for Simulations and Measurements by Eberhard, Peter
Crack dynamics in brittle crystals at the low energy speed regime by Sherman, Dov
Crack front dynamics by Kolvin, Itamar
Crack growth at nonuniform speed beneath the boundary of a half-plane by Antipov, Yuri
Crack propagation mechanisms in amorphous LiSi alloys: Insights from molecular dynamics by Khosrownejad, Mostafa
Crack tip blunting and cleavage under dynamic conditions by Curtin, William
Crack tip flipping under Mode I/III tearing by Felter, Christian
Cracking the crack: What do we learn from the statistical properties of fracture surfaces? (INVITED) by Ponson, Laurent
Creeping flow around particles in large yield stress Bingham fluids by Frigaard, Ian
Cross plane vorticity distributions in a rectangular wall jet by Panidis, Thrassos, (Thrasyvoulos)
Crutch walking: experiments, mathematical modeling by Formalskii, Alexander
Crystal plasicity FE study of the role of microtexture on Dwell Fatigue Response of Ti-6242 by Ozturk, Deniz
Current challenges in upscaling multiphase flows in porous media using the volume averaging method (INVITED) by Pillai, Krishna, M.
Curvature and elliptic instabilities in helical vortices (INVITED) by Le Dizes, Stéphane
Curvature of the transverse arch governs stiffness of the human foot by Mandre, Shreyas
Cyclic loading effects on NiTi alloys under biaxial conditions by Meraghni, Fodil
Cylinder instability in circulation flow bounded by external cylindrical wall by Yudin, Mikhail
DNS assessment of fragmentation model of turbulent cascade by Barge, Alexis
DNS of turbulent flows inside a simplified stage of high- pressure compressor by Poncet, Sebastien
Damage Model for Biological Tissues by Hamedzadeh, Amirhossein
Damage Model of a Particle Reinforced TRIP-Steel Matrix Composite by Kuna, Meinhard
Damage growth in compressive loaded fibre reinforced composites by Larsson, Ragnar
Damage localization for operational modal analysis via random decrement technique by Zhang, Yi
Damage of muscle cells under mechanical and oxidative stresses by Mak, Arthur
Damage-plasticity simulation of a premature failure in FRP strengthened RC beams by Saeedi, Navid
Damping of laminated plates: boundary condition and lamination sequence effects by Abedi, Mehrnoosh
Damping of waves in a layered structure composed of two elastic plates coupled by a viscous liquid by Weder, Mario
Darcy's law and critical pressure drops for yield stress fracture flows by Roustaei, Ali
Data-based Method for Extracting Navigational Leadership Between Two Bats by Roy, Subhradeep
Data-driven optimization of forcing in the resolvent analysis of wall turbulence by Rosenberg, Kevin
Dealing with contact line forces in shallow water models by Villedieu, Philippe
Defect-controlled buckling of depressurized elastic shells (INVITED) by Reis, Pedro
Deflection of a vortex dipole by a flat plate by Nitsche, Monika
Deformable-rigid switch in computational simulation of bus rollover test by Zhou, Wei
Deformation and Fracture of Electromagnetic Thin Films and Laminates under Multi-field Loading by Fang, Daining
Delay effect on motion control of a two-wheeled inverted pendulum by Wang, Zaihua
Density waves in the gravitational flow of grains in narrow pipes by Alvarez, Carlos
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Determining the shedding time of vortices in real-time by Rockwood, Matthew
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Digital Effects in Hardware-in-the-Loop Experiments of Stick-Slip Phenomena by Stepan, Gabor
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Effect of the lubrication film on the droplet dynamics in a Hele-Shaw microchannel by Fullana, Jose, Maria
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Effects of Discreteness on Population Persistence in an Oasis by Berti, Stefano
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Electro osmosis at liquid interfaces by Blanc, Baptiste
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Electrostatic suppression of the Leidenfrost state by Das, Soumik
Electrostatic versus Electromagnetic Micromirror Actuation by Alneamy, Ayman
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Enhanced Sedimentation Beneath Sediment Laden Overflows and Interflows by Davarpanah Jazi, Shahrzad
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Enhanced gas transport during high-frequency ventilation by Leontini, Justin
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Eulerian Method for FSI Based on the Reference Map by Kamrin, Ken
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Evaluation of mechanical contact between metallic surfaces by Csernák, Gábor
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Experimental determination of non-woven bond strength distributions. by Chen, Naigeng
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Experimental research of creep, recovery and fracture processes of asphalt concrete under tension by Teltayev, Bagdat
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Force-induced internalization of magnetic nanoparticles for drug delivery and cell tracking by Bao, Gang
Formation Of Wavy Interfaces In Layered Visco- Hyperelastic Composites by Slesarenko, Viacheslav
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Fracture of soft elastic foam by Ma, Zhuo
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Fracture toughness of LixSi alloys in lithium ion battery by Yang, Hui
Fragmentation and exchanges during planetary core formation by Le Bars, Michael
Fragmentation as an aggregation process by Vandenberghe, Nicolas
Freaky motion of a spinning spheroid induced by a slight break of its axial symmetry by Shimomura, Yutaka
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From the onset of electrospray and disintigration of leaky-dielectric drops to steady cone-jet by Ganan-Calvo, Alfonso
Front roughening of a flame in a discrete source system by Lam, Fredric
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Fully resolved simulation of fluid flow with suspended particles by Prosperetti, Andrea
Functionally-graded and composite shape memory actuation by Tobushi, Hisaaki
Fundamentals of surface growth of solids in nature and technology by Manzhirov, Alexander
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Gas-induced fluidization in water-saturated sands by Vidal, Valérie
Gegenbaur series expansion with interval, fuzzy and random variables by Yin, Shengwen
General algorithm of solution of 2-dimension problems of mechano-diffusion by Zemskov, Andrei
Generalized SFP parameterization for topology optimization including lattice structures by Duysinx, Pierre
Generalized thermoelasticity in framework of peridynamics by Wang, Linjuan
Generalized traction integral equations and viscous erosion by Mitchell, William
Generating Jovian-like zonal jets in a rapidly rotating fluid experiment by Favier, Benjamin
Generation and runup of triple solitary waves on plane slope by Liu, Hua
Geometric Control of Asymmetries in Passive Scalars Advected in Rectangular and Elliptical Pipes by McLaughlin, Richard
Geometric Relation of Vortices of Different Scales in Turbulent Flow by Izawa, Seiichiro
Geometrically controlled dynamics in evaporating sessile drops by Sáenz, Pedro
Geometrically nonlinear theories for curved beams and shells by Liu, Liping
Geometrically nonlinear theory of micropolar elastic thin plates and shells by Sargsyan, Samvel
Geometry and Mechanics of Shell Growth by Holmes, Douglas
Giant Anelasticity and Energy Dissipation in Single-Crystalline Nanowires (INVITED) by Zhu, Yong
Giant Soap Bubbles (INVITED) by Clanet, Christophe
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Global stability and resolvent analysis of sound emission in a high-Reynolds number turbulent jet by Schmidt, Oliver
Gradient based post-buckling optimization of laminates using Koiter's method by Lund, Erik
Granular rheology in bedload transport by Maurin, Raphael
Graphene interactions by displacement-controlled nanoindentation by Liechti, Kenneth
Gravity driven instability in horizontal elastic layers by Mora, Serge
Growth and Departure of Condensation Microdroplets on Superhydrophobic Surfaces by Hao, Pengfei
Growth and mechanical properties of metal nanowhiskers by Richter, Gunther
Hardening Softening Behavior of Antiresonance for Non Linear Torsional Vibration Absorbers by Renault, Alexandre
Harmonic differential quadrature method for nonlinear vibrations of transmission belts by Ding, Jieyu
Harnessing directed buckling for switchable conductive pathway by Yin, Jie
Harnessing structural hierarchy to design lightweight phononic crystals by Wang, Lifeng
Healing capillary films by Fontelos, Marco
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Heat release rate and pressure phase differences inside an aeronautical gas turbine combustor by Kheirkhah, Sina
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Helical turbulence and puff in transitional sliding Couette flow by Kunii, Kohei
Helical-wave instabilities of an annulus flow in a helical magnetic field by Tao, Jianjun
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Hierarchical structure of spatially localized bioconvection of photosensitive microorganism by Iima, Makoto
High Order Global Smoothness Indicator for Improving the Fifth- order Weno-z Scheme by Shen, Yiqing
High Rayleigh number convection with double diffusive fingers by Tilgner, Andreas
High frequency observations of under-ice convection by Yang, Bernard
High strain rate response of carbon nanotubes based elasotmer composites by Chaudhry, Salman
High-frequency martensite reorientation in Ni-Mn-Ga — Temperature rise and its influence by He, Yongjun
High-order shell theory based on the analytical continuum dynamics formalism by Zhavoronok, Sergey
High-order statistics and random additive model for turbulent boundary layers by Meneveau, Charles
High-speed damage visualization and xrd in materials under impact (INVITED) by Chen, Wayne
Higher-order WKBJ correction in spatially-developing open flows by Luchini, Paolo
Higher-order asymptotic homogenization of periodic materials at low scale separations by Mohammed Ameen, Maqsood
Higher-order estimation of limit cycle amplitude in metal cutting by Molnar, Tamas
Highly deployable multifunctional cellular structures with hierarchy by Vaziri, Ashkan
Highly stretchable double-network composite by Feng, Xiangchao
History effects in adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layers by Örlü, Ramis
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Hot-wire spatial resolution effects in measurements of turbulent round jets by Pollard, Andrew
How animals use spanwise flexibility for extreme manoeuvrability by Wong, Jaime
How comparable are the three “canonical” turbulent flows? by Monkewitz, Peter
How do fish hide in the sand? Erosion by an oscillating foil by Morize, Cyprien
Hybrid rans-les simulation of wingtip vortices of an airliner by Paoli, Roberto
Hydraulic fracture and toughening of epithelial cell monolayers by Noselli, Giovanni
Hydraulic fracture in porous media by Liu, Zhanli
Hydraulic fracture propagation under the influence of natural fractures by Remij, Ernst
Hydrodynamic cooperativity and self-organization in active suspensions (INVITED) by Pagonabarraga Mora, Ignacio
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Intertwined spiraling crack path in perforated sheets by Roman, Benoit
Invariant local flow topology in transition into a vortex and property of its prediction by Nakayama, Katsuyuki
Inversion of hematocrit partition at microfluidic bifurcations by Coupier, Gwennou
Inverstigations on Fatigue Properties of Meshed Gum Metal Plates for Bone Graft Applications by Hamashita, Yuki
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Investigation into the behaviour of the graded cellular foam under impact by Lu, Guoxing
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Large-scale flow modes in turbulent Rayleigh-Bénard convection by Kaiser, Robert
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Laser heating and evaporation of a levitated water drop by Brownell, Cody
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Mist harvesting with vertical fibers by Labbé, Romain
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Mixing in a turbulent multiscale flow by Baj, Pawel
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Modeling of Residually Stressed Materials by Dorfmann, Luis
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Modeling of detonation processes in H2-air mixtures with concentration gradients by Semenov, Ilya
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Modeling of salt and gypsum dissolution processes by Laouafa, Farid
Modeling of shot peen-forming operations using eigenstrains by Faucheux, Pierre
Modeling of size effects in plasticity using field dislocation mechanics by Puri, Saurabh
Modeling of the Chemo-mechanical Behaviors of Reactive Materials by Zhang, Xiaolong
Modeling plasticity-damage coupling in anisotropic titanium & validation by XCMT by Revil-Baudard, Benoit
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Modeling the 3D plastic anisotropy of magnesium AZ31B alloy by Madi, Yazid
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Modelisation and Forecast of Premixed Flames by Almarcha, Christophe
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Modelling and analysis of bridging effect for interface cracks by Perelmuter, Mikhail
Modelling biological phenomena with rocket balloon buzz by Gregory, Alastair
Modelling fiber reinforced composites exhibiting elastoplastic deformation by Bedzra, Rex
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Modelling non-planar vibrations of a string in the presence of doubly curved obstacle by Singh, Harkirat
Modelling of anisotropic fatigue by Kouhia, Reijo
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Modelling of external dynamic of the friction engagement by Nuzhdin, Kirill
Modelling of material uncertainties in long fibre reinforced thermoplastics by Hohe, Jörg
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Modelling the crushing behavior of a ceramic brittle foam by Kraiem, Omar
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Modelling variability in composite fibre reinforcement geometry data by Vandepitte, Dirk
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Monitoring the Viscoelastic Behavior of Complex Fluids Using Multi-Frequency Resonance Tracking by Brack, Tobias
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Motion of an oblate capsule in simple shear flow by Salsac, Anne-Virginie
Movements of Earth’s Surface in a Source Zones of Lithosphere by Satellite Data by Turgumbayev, Arman
Moving grid for large amplitude body motion by Falsafioon, Mehdi
Multi scale modeling of mechanical behaviour of 2D single wall carbon nanotube network by Gupta, Ankit
Multi-Frequency Vortex-Induced Vibrations of a long Cylinder in Shear Flow by Chen, Weimin
Multi-material topology optimization of viscoelastically damped structures. by Van Der Kolk, Max
Multi-pulse chaotic motions of equivalent circular cylindrical shell by Zhang, Wei
Multi-resolution Analysis of the Turbulent Boundary Layer with Orthogonal Wavelet and Pod by He, Guosheng
Multi-scale model of magnetically-driven flows in dead-end channels by Bonnecaze, Roger
Multi-site discrete breathers in finite vibro-impact chain by Grinberg, Itay
Multi-stability and bifurcations of thin bands by Yu, Tian
Multiphysics analysis and design of an air-coupled pzt-based pmut by Ardito, Raffaele
Multiple Designs Approach for Continuum Topology Optimization by Wang, Bo
Multiple bubble propagation modes in elasto-rigid models of airway reopening by Ducloué, Lucie
Multiple families of solutions of secondary instabilities in hypersonic flows by Liu, Jianxin
Multiple necking during biaxial loading of thermoviscoplastic plates by Rodríguez-Martínez, José
Multiscale Modeling of Thermal Wave: From Non-local Continuum to Molecular Dynamics by Akbarzadeh, Hamid
Multiscale Numerical Study on Polycrystalline Ferroelectric Solids by Uetsuji, Yasutomo
Multiscale cohesive zone model of a composite microstructure by Iacobellis, Vincent
Multiscale constitutive modeling on finite strain viscoelasticity of elastomers by Li, Ying
Multiscale investigation of imbibition, drainage and drying in macroporous media by Carmeliet, Jan
Multiscale modeling of DS alloys applied to material element and structural calculations by Cailletaud, Georges
Multiscale modeling using a Dynamic Kriging-based metamodeling technique by Sen, Oishik
Multiscale modelling of carbon nanotube– Reinforced polymer composites by Alian, Ahmed
Multiscale modelling of dynamical systems with friction between randomly rough surfaces by Proppe, Carsten
Multiscale simulation of soap bubbles rupture by Pan, Shucheng
Multiscale traction-separation relations for fiber-reinforced composites by Turteltaub, Sergio
Multistability of a cantilever MEMS/NEMS capacitive switch model by Kalafut, Devin
Nanocomposite microbeams for sensing applications by Formica, Giovanni
Nanomechanical characterization of boron nitride and carbon nanotubes polymer interfaces by Ke, Changhong
Nanotribology Study With T-shape Probe by Atomic Force Microscopy by Yang, Jun
Nanovoid cavitation in Aluminum by Ariza, Pilar
Natural convection in a cubical enclosure with opposing active sectors by Shanmugam, Saravanan
Near-field Equation for Quantitative Evaluation of Fluctuations by Touhei, Terumi
New Scenario of Turbulence Theory and Wall Turbulence by Kambe, Tsutomu
New concept of passive energy dissipating system based on plastic buckling by Abdul-Latif, Akrum
New developments in space- and time-resolved measurements of free-surface water waves (INVITED) by Cobelli, Pablo
New turbulent large-scale magnetic dynamo mechanism by Mizerski, Krzysztof
Non-Washburn imbibition: Modelling results and emerging issues (INVITED) by Shikhmurzaev, Yulii
Non-destructive characterization of heterogeneous solids from limited surface measurements by Goenezen, Sevan
Non-differentiable energy minimization for cohesive fracture by Papoulia, Katerina
Non-equilibrium effects on hypersonic turbulent boundary layers by Kim, Pilbum
Non-ideal shock refraction properties in dense vapours by Alferez, Nicolas
Non-linear Modes of Vibration of Cnts by Ribeiro, Pedro
Non-linear dynamics analysis of a steering gear system with backlashes by Ding, Qian
Non-linear dynamics of a pendulum vibration absorber with a Maglev harvester by Kecik, Krzysztof
Non-linear response of elastic snap-through structures by Wehmeyer, Steven
Non-local vorticity generation by surface roughness in viscoelastic shear flows by Page, Jacob
Non-parallel effects on mode characteristics in hypersonic boundary layers by Han, Yufeng
Non-spherical bubble collapse dynamics in viscoelastic media by Rodriguez, Mauro
Non-stationary coupled electromagnetic elastic oscillations of spherical shells by Tarlakovskiy, Vladimir
Non-stationary processes in nidal zone at sudden appearance of break by Kim, Alexandr
Non-synchronous free oscillations of Ziegler’s column by Mazzilli, Carlos
Nonlinear Acoustics in Brass Instruments by McTavish, James
Nonlinear Electroelastic Deformations of Dielectric Elastomer Composites by Lopez-Pamies, Oscar
Nonlinear Interactions Between Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators at Different Layers of Time by Charlemagne, Simon
Nonlinear Oscillation of a Circular Plate Energy Harvester by Chen, Li-Qun
Nonlinear Oscillations of a Belt Drive by Steindl, Alois
Nonlinear Vibrations of Elastically Supported Cylinder Moving in the Fluid Flow by Pavlovskaia, Ekaterina
Nonlinear Vibrations of a Circular Plate Induced by Mechanical and Thermal Loadings by Warminska, Anna
Nonlinear Wave Transmission in Disordered Periodic Structures by Yousefzadeh, Behrooz
Nonlinear Waves in a Falling Film with Phase Transition by Aktershev, Sergey
Nonlinear analytical – numerical models of solving frictional heat problems by Kuciej, Michal
Nonlinear behaviour of carbon nanotube-based resonators by Farokhi, Hamed
Nonlinear characteristics of dielectric elastomers under electromechanical coupling loading by Lu, Tongqing
Nonlinear coupling between axial and transversal oscillations of shearable beams (INVITED) by Lenci, Stefano
Nonlinear deformation and localized failure of bacterial streamers in creeping flows by Kumar, Aloke
Nonlinear disturbance evolution in supersonic boundary layers on the swept wing by Panina, Alexandra
Nonlinear dynamics of an electro-mechanical system: Numerical and experimental study by Romeo, Francesco
Nonlinear dynamics of flexible multibody systems with uncertain interval parameters by Tian, Qiang
Nonlinear dynamics of frictional slip localization by Putelat, Thibaut
Nonlinear elasticity of biopolymer gels under compression by Xu, Xinpeng
Nonlinear evolution of optimal perturbations to strongly stratified shear layers by Kaminski, Alexis
Nonlinear finite element analysis of adobe structures strengthened by synthetic nylons by Mamaghani, Mohammadhossein
Nonlinear identification of damping in large amplitude vibrations of plates and panels by Amabili, Marco
Nonlinear interaction of the first mode with the second mode by Zhang, Cunbo
Nonlinear mechanics for undergraduates (INVITED) by Wiercigroch, Marian
Nonlinear modes of vibration of vibro-impact duffing oscillators by Urman, David
Nonlinear optimal coherent structures in turbulent channel flow by Farano, Mirko
Nonlinear optimal streaks induced by free-stream disturbances in flow over a thin flat plate by Mao, Xuerui
Nonlinear panel flutter at variable transonic flow speed by Vedeneev, Vasily
Nonlinear response of shells conveying pulsatile flow by Tubaldi, Eleonora
Nonlinear rotor motion: Influence of thrust bearings on subsynchronous oscilations by Zhao, Xiaonan
Nonlinear spatio-temporal dynamics of an elastic panel in uniform laminar flow by Gottlieb, Oded
Nonlinear system identification of mechanical interfaces based on wave propagation by Moore, Keegan
Nonlinear temporal dynamics of axisymmetric wavepackets in subsonic jets by Lusseyran, François
Nonlinear vibration and sound radiation from skin/core debonded sandwich plates by Qu, Yegao
Nonlinear vibration control of a rotating composite beam with an embedded active element by Warminski, Jerzy
Nonlinear vs. linear supercritical dead water by Grue, John
Nonliner Dynamics of Gearboxes with Flexible Friction Clutch by Drozdetskaya, Olga
Nonliner vibrations of FGM shallow shells subjected to random excitation in thermal environment by Farid, Mehrdad
Nonsmooth modal analysis of piecewise-linear impact systems by Thorin, Anders
Nonuniform domain switching for interfacial crack subject to two- parameter crack tip fields by Xia, Xiaodong
Normal inverse gaussian PDF of velocity increments in a turbulent heated jet by Brahimi, Malek
Novel type of tuned mass damper with inerter by Perlikowski, Przemyslaw
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Robust stability of milling processes by Hajdu, David
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Simulation of an unappended axisymmetric submarine hull during unsteady pitching by Doyle, Rob
Simulation of flow field inside a coral colony by Hossain, Md, Monir
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Sizescale Effects in Bending Flexibility of Phosphorene and its 2D Allotropes by Verma, Deepti
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Sound transmission through composite sandwich plate with pyramidal truss cores by Wang, Dong-Wei
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Stability of a Non-Newtonian Flow down an Incline by Dagois-Bohy, Simon
Stability of flow in a diverging-converging channel at moderate amplitudes of corrugation by Gepner, Stanislaw
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Statistical normality of homogeneous isotropic turbulence by Tatsumi, Tomomasa
Statistically augmented boundary conditions for statistically equivalent RVEs by Kubair, Dhirendra
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Steady electrorotation of a drop in a constant electric field by Tyatyushkin, Alexander
Steady thermal convection in a rotating horizontal annulus by Kozlov, Victor
Steady transonic dense gas flow past a two-dimensional compression/expansion ramp by Kluwick, Alfred
Steady-state numerical modeling of size effects in wire drawing by Juul, Kristian
Stereoscopic particle image velocimetry for the study of turbulent flow in a packed bed of spheres by Lundström, Staffan
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Stiffness threshold of randomly distributed carbon nanotube networks by Pan, Fei
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Strange attractors observed in electrostatic MEMS actuators by Abdel-Rahman, Eihab
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Stress Fields Induced by Dislocation Loops in Isotropic Cunb Film-substrate System by Wu, Wenwang
Stress field around an elliptical hole with surface tension in an anisotropic half-plane by Dai, Ming
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Strongly versus weakly non-local dislocation transport and pile- up by Svendsen, Bob
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Structure of the airflow above surface gravity waves by Buckley, Marc
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Study of shock wave/boundary layer interactions on high-pressure capturing wings by Cui, Kai
Study of the electromechanical behavior of metals using a microdevice method by Kang, Wonmo
Study of wave propagation in poroviscoelastic solid using boundary element approach by Ipatov, Aleksandr
Study on Fatigu Characteristics of Honeycomb Sandwich Panels by Maruta, Tomohiro
Study on desigining the superior crushing response of lightweight egg-box panel by Kento, Okui
Study on vibration characteristics of the inflatable boom filled with gas by Ma, Ruiqiang
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Subgrid-scale modeling of relaminarizing mixed convection in a vertical channel by Wetzel, Tim
Supercomputations of low-Prandtl-number convection flows by Schumacher, Jörg
Suppression of the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability by Rotation by Scase, Matthew
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Surface effects in the pure bending problem in the theory of elastic materials with voids by Solyaev, Yury
Surface loading of layer-substrate system under plane- strain condition with surface effects by Vasu, Thamarai, Selvan
Surface waves in a square container due to its resonant horizontal elliptic motion by Funakoshi, Mitsuaki
Surface waves on levitating liquid by Perrard, Stéphane
Sweeps and ejections in ZPG and strong APG turbulent boundary layers by Maciel, Yvan
Swelling induced burst in hyperelastic spheres and cylinders by Pence, Thomas
Swimming Mechanicsms of Janus Micromotors: From Self- diffusiophoresis to Bubble Propulsion by Silber-Li, Zhanhua
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Switching sensitive and insensitive responses in a piecewise smooth rubbing rotor system by Jiang, Jun
Symbolic Computations: Changing the teaching paradigm for continuous mechanics by Constantinescu, Andrei
Symmetry-breaking in a three-nanomechanical- resonator array for mass detection by Lamarque, Claude, Henri
Symmetry-induced dynamic localization in lattice structures by Perchikov, Nathan
Synchronization of self-induced friction oscillators by Stefanski, Andrzej
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Synchronized Frequency Conversion in Nonlinear Lattices by Moleron, Miguel
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T-stress and mismatch constraint for a blunted creep crack by Liu, Yinghua
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The fluid dynamics of the chocolate fountain: An engaging project by Wilson, Helen
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The inertial subrange in turbulent pipe flow (INVITED) by Morrison, Jonathan
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Theory of margination in blood and other multicomponent suspensions by Graham, Michael
Thermal conductivity estimation of nanocomposites with randomly distributed inclusions by Arif, Abul-Fazal
Thermally Activated Mechanisms in the Dislocation Plasticity at Variant Strain Rates by Tang, Xiaozhi
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Time-domain NAH as a means to prevent exposition to harmful industrial impact noises by Attendu, Jean-Michel
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Topology Optimization for Additive Manufacturing: Considering Support Structures by Qian, Xiaoping
Topology Optimization in Nano-Scale for Generation of New Graphene-Like Materials by Burczynski, Tadeusz
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Topology optimization for transient thermo-mechanical problems by Van Keulen, Fred
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Topology optimization using Bernstein basis polynomials by Lambe, Andrew
Topology/sizing optimization of aicraft structural components by Chedrik, Vasily
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Total Energy Equivalence in Constitutive Modelling of Multidissipative Materials by Ryś, Maciej
Tough Adhesion of Hydrogels by Zhang, Teng
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Towards optimal crêpe making by Sellier, Mathieu
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Transient dynamics of elastic hele-shaw cell due to external forces by Tulchinsky, Arie
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Transient responses of a forced triple-well potential system with fuzzy uncertainty by Hong, Ling
Transition radiation in continua excited by a moving load by Metrikine, Andrei
Transition to Turbulence in Plane Couette-Poiseuille Flow by Klotz, Lukasz
Transition to spontaneous directional flows in confined active fluids by Saintillan, David
Transition to turbulence in reciprocating channel flow by White, Christopher
Transition waves in periodic multi-stable mechanical systems by Kochmann, Dennis
Transitioning rate sensitivities across multiple length scales in crystal plasticity by Knezevic, Marko
Translation of two encapsulated bubbles in an ultrasound field by Liu, Yunqiao
Transonic airfoil buffet: A decade of research at ONERA (INVITED) by Jacquin, Laurent
Transport equation for the concentration gradient by Beaudoin, Anthony
Transport of particles by internal waves by Horne Iribarne, Ernesto
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Turbulent drag reduction using liquid-infused surfaces by Smits, Alexander
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Turbulent mixing in strongly stratified shear flows by Salehipour, Hesam
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Turbulent/non-turbulent Interface in Transitional and Turbulent Boundary Layers by Lee, Jin
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Two Possible Excitations for the Bristle Robot by Majewski, Tadeusz
Two scale analysis of the fatigue of shape memory alloys by Constantinescu, Andrei
Two-Domain Model of Volumetric Actuators by Lengiewicz, Jakub
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Two-dimensional wakes of an oscillating cylinder at low Reynolds number by Yang, Wenchao
Two-point statistics in the log-law region in DNS of turbulent channel flow by Kaneda, Yukio
Two-scale topology optimization based on Moving Morphable Components (MMC) by Cheng, Gengdong
Two-scale, FE-FFT- and phase-field-based computational homogenization by Kochmann, Julian
Ultra-High Ductility of TRIP-Assisted Seels Modelled by Gradient Plasticity (INVITED) by Massart, Thierry, J.
Ultrasonic Force Potential Wells for Trapping Arrays of Single Cells - One Cell Per Well (OCPW) by Neild, Adrian
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Uncertainty quantification for a class of vibratory MEMS gyroscopes by Asokanthan, Samuel
Understanding Prismatic Dislocation Loops in Mg by means of large-scale ab-initio simulations by Ponga, Mauricio
Underwater superhydrophobiciy: Fundamentals and applications (INVITED) by Duan, Huiling
Unfolding process of coiling fibers made by instability-assisted fused deposition modeling by Zou, Shibo
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Uniform or localized pure bending deformation of superelastic NiTi thin wires by Favier, Denis
Unifying different measurements of dynamic friction by McKay, Andrew
Universal correlation between stiffness and volume for cells (INVITED) by Weitz, Dave
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Universal meshes for a crack with triple junctions by Shen, Yongxing
Universal rescaling of drop impact on smooth and rough surfaces by Bonn, Daniel
Unlocking Dynamic Friction: the Frictional Frequency Response by Cabboi, Alessandro
Unraveling texture, triaxiality and anisotropy effects in hcp polycrystals by Joshi, Shailendra
Unsteady Kutta condition and vortex-sheet generation by Mohseni, Kamran
Unsteady boundary-layer separation at finite and infinite Reynolds numbers by Cassel, Kevin
Unsteady heat conduction processes in a harmonic crystal with a substrate potential by Babenkov, Mikhail
Unsteady shock wave reflection from concave surfaces by Alzamora Previtali, Federico
Use of natural instabilities for enhancement of flow mixing in annuli by Seddighi, Amirreza
Use of student competitions to reinforce the learning experience in freshman mechanics education by Gilchrist, Michael
Using inflexion points to stabilize boundary layers by Healey, Jonathan
Using piezoelectrics to electrically transfer momentum from a shock wave (INVITED) by Lynch, Christopher
Utilization of Self-Excited Oscillation for Mass Sensing in Liquid by Endo, Daichi
Validation and verification of a non-rigid part inspection method by Sattarpanah Karganroudi, Sasan
Variability of earthquake slip and arresting depths in fault models by Jiang, Junle
Variational phase field models for ductile fracture at finite strain (INVITED) by Miehe, Christian
Velocity measurements in draining foam films (INVITED) by Cantat, Isabelle
Velocity-weakening behavior of granite and gabbro at temperature up to 600 degrees C (INVITED) by Fialko, Yuri
Vibration and damping characteristics of sandwich beam with fiber felt core by Zhang, Qiancheng
Vibration energy localisation in inhomogenous beam structure by Ben Lassoued, Mohamed, Amin
Vibration of a Simply Supported Circular Plate under Moving Points Loads by Rai, Amit
Vibration of doubly tapered laminated composite beams by hierarchical FEM by Fazili, Amin
Vibration of rotating multiscale nanocomposite cantilever beams by Rafiee, Mohammad
Vibro-impact dynamics in systems with trigger of couped three singular points by Hedrih, Katica, (Stevanovic)
Violent elastic-plastic wave interactions by Thomson, Stuart
Virtual materials testing by Matous, Karel
Viscoelastic and empirical models compared in context of flows in extruders by Descher, Stefan
Viscous Rayleigh-Taylor instability with and without the diffusion effect by Xie, Chenyue
Viscous dissipation impact on pressure loss in compressible lubricants by Codrignani, Andrea
Viscous-inviscid interaction and boundary-layer separation in transonic flows (INVITED) by Ruban, Anatoly
Visualization of conventional and combusting subsonic jet instabilities by Grek, Genrich
Void collapse and hot spot formation in shocked HMX: A large- scale molecular dynamics study by Zhou, Tingting
Void growth and coalescence in irradiated materials by Hure, Jeremy
Voltage-induced buckling and wrinkling in a dielectric elastomer by Zhu, Jian
Vortex Deformation on Two-dimensional Turbulence Affected by Polymers (INVITED) by Hidema, Ruri
Vortex Statistics from Vorticity Local Properties by Elsas, José, Hugo
Vortex and wake interactions of multiple oscillating foils for energy harvesting by Franck, Jennifer
Vortex formation and transport from a rotating plate in still fluid by M, M., Jimreeves
Vorticity dynamics of maneuver locomotions of the three dimensional bionic fish by Xin, Zhiqiang
Wake deviation of a flapping foil: A symmetry-breaking bifurcation by Jallas, Damien
Wake stiffness and its application: Tethered cylinders and flying snakes by Nave, Gary
Wall-media interactions in vibrationally fluidized granular flows by Da Silva Maciel, Lucas
Wall-pressure coherence beneath a low Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer by Van Blitterswyk, Jared
Water Droplet Impingement Erosion: Testing, Mechanisms and Improved Representation by Medraj, Mamoun
Water level extremes at the Baltic Sea coast by Soomere, Tarmo
Wave Propagation in Lattice Metamaterials with Viscoelastic Inertial Resonators by Gambarotta, Luigi
Wave induced fluctuations in the gas-phase of a stratified air/water pipe flow by Ayati, Anis
Wave modulation: the geometry, kinematics, and dynamics of surface-wave packets by Pizzo, Nicholas
Waves in a heated liquid layer covered by insoluble surfactant (INVITED) by Nepomnyashchy, Alexander
Well-posed continuum modelling of granular flow by Barker, Thomas
Wetting Dynamics on under-liquid substrates by Mitra, Surjyasish
Wetting transition of submerged structures under hydrostatic and flow conditions by Xiang, Yaolei
What is the role of blood elasticity in the formation of CFL in microvessels? (INVITED) by Dimakopoulos, Yannis
What trefoil reconnection says about Navier-Stokes regularity by Kerr, Robert
Why Laguerre tessellations are good approximations of foams by Liebscher, André
Why we need more degrees of freedom (INVITED) by Revzen, Shai
Wrinkling behavior of an inflated dielectric elastomer balloon by Qu, Shaoxing
Yield criteria for matrix and composite materials under static and dynamic loading by Daniel, Isaac
Yield surface effects on stability and failure by Scherzinger, William
Yield-strain-energy is a better discriminator of hip fractures than BMD by Luo, Yunhua
Zona pelucida as a mechano-responsive polymer by Hedrih, Andjelka
Zonal flows in Rayleigh-Bénard convection by Goluskin, David
a study on particle stress evolution in biaxial test by Cheng, Zhuang
slip-weakening laws and apparent static friction coefficient by Barber, James
stationary control of floating airport in waves by Xia, Shuyan
theory of nanoindentation for multiferroic materials by Chen, Weiqiu
“Turbulent Spot” Deep Inside the Turbulent Boundary Layer with Exascale Simulation by Wu, Xiaohua

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